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Wax_melts-best wax meltsHome fragrances and scents are not a new thread of discussion. Similar acting products have been around since ancient times, especially for the high class who wanted to go the extra mile and treat their rooms with a good aroma. Since fragrances used to be an expensive lux, not everyone could afford them.

We are living in the 21st century now, though, and most of the things are affordable by most social groups, the list includes wax home fragrances. With plenty of choices on fragrances, the long list includes most of the fruits, even tea and bamboo trees without forgetting to mention the sweet and lovely biscuits flavor or one of the most beloved – Rose.

Since the menu of choices is long and that can be confusing at times and can slip to an appropriate choice pretty easily, I have decided to turn my focus on a list of 5 best wax melts available in the market. A wax melt is half a luxury and half a necessity, and one shall not deny to yourself. Certainly not the ones below. Let’s have a close look!


10 Best Wax Melts in 2019

1. TRAPP Lemongrass Verbena Home Fragrance

TRAPP Lemongrass Verbena Home Fragrance-5 Best Wax Melts

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An amazing melt by one of the most beloved brands in the industry, TRAPP didn’t disappoint its fans. Except for the lovely Asian Lemongrass, they also have Brazilian Verbena and hints of Vanilla.

Fresh Breeze

The water scent of the same brand provides a massive reminiscence of the beach, like the feeling of a fresh breeze that relaxes you. An amazing hint of fresh flowers, that gives your home a fresh and clean aroma.

Free of Open Flame Disturbance

You don’t have to worry if you are in a place where open flame is not appropriate, or a strong aroma that will disturb others – this melt is a perfect fit. It goes on well for both men and women. Take this to avoid the long-lasting conflict of which aroma should be in place.

Cost and Value

These melts come as 2.6 ounces with a total of 9 pieces. Great value for money and one you should consider. It comes with a reasonable price and one that will not keep you away.


  • Fresh breeze feeling
  • Lovely water scent
  • Affordable
  • The hint of fresh flowers
  • Not disturbing to those around you


  • The fragrance doesn’t last long
  • Light aroma

2. Hosley Fresh Bamboo Scented

Hosley Fresh Bamboo Scented-5 Best Wax MeltsHosley Fresh Bamboo Scented-5 Best Wax Melts

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Coming as silk smooth cubes, providing a fresh and natural smell of bamboo will make your house smell like a garden full of trees and you are living in the wild. Let’s have a look at some of its most important features you should know about these melts.


This fragrance lasts long and you don’t have to worry to change it every few hours. Lasts quite a while, and this is something everyone loves to hear when seeking a wax melt.

Clean sweetness

It provides a wonderful fresh clean scent with a lovely clean hint of sweetness. It gives your house a smell of a fresh cleanness, you don’t want to deny to your home.

Cost and Value

Overall Hosley Fresh Bamboo Scented Melt is great value for money, it comes with a reasonable price and a recommended one if you like fresh aromas and you love bamboo and natural scents in general. Great product and affordable one.


  • Silk smooth cubes
  • Natural aroma
  • Provides fresh cleanness scent to your home
  • Long-lasting
  • Clean sweetness


  • Light aroma
  • Fragrances smell starts to fade away every hour more

3. Shortie’s Candle Company Pure Highly Scented

Shortie’s Candle Company Pure Highly Scented-5 Best Wax Melts

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Made in USA product from a well-known brand. Shortie’s Candle Company is already a go-to for many. This time they came with a guaranteed non-toxic wax melt, containing natural and essential oil. Let’s have a look at its most important features below.

Highly Scented

A massively strong scent, and that for good, that spreads kindly through all the house as it is high-scented. It also works perfectly in all wax or oil warmers, making your job easy, so you don’t have to choose the perfect fit, before buying one.


You will need only 1 cube in the warmer and that will be just enough, as the cubes are larger than they look or you may expect. The pack sums up a total of 6 ½ ounces and lasts quite a while. One block solely, it lasts from 8 to 10 hours. That’s a lot, indeed.

Cost and Value

All of their flavors provide a strong, yet very sweet scent and you will want to buy them again and again. They also provide a great customer service that will not leave you disappointed if anything goes wrong with the transaction or the product itself. Overall a great product and excellent value for the money paid.


  • Well-known brand
  • Highly scented
  • Long-lasting
  • Strong and sweet scent
  • Great company customer service


  • The carnations scent is not as strong smell as expected
  • Lavender doesn’t spread wide

4. Better Homes and Gardens Vanilla Cookie Crunch

Scentsationals and Better Homes and Gardens Vanilla Cookie Crunch-5 Best Wax Melts

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A product made in the USA and a scent not many have encountered. One of the lovely products in the market certainly. Show love to yourself with this relaxing, distinctive fragrance very hard to find. Second to none.

Powerful Fragrance

As it is inherited by the long and rich tradition, usage of fragrances influence human psyche and emotions, and this fragrance is a powerful example. Relaxing and relieving, a scent you don’t want to change again.

Memory Affection

Most of the other fragrances have the natural ability to affect your memory, this one is on top of that list. It affects your memory by its strong, yet well-balanced scent that you will love. The different scent has different “powers” as some have the ability to relate to people, flower or even events. Bring back the good old times!

Cost and Value

When it comes to pricing – if you compare the quality of this wax fragrance to ist price, I can call nothing but a mere bargain. And that’s hot it is, indeed. The wax takes almost a day to warm up, later on, to fill all your house with this delicious aroma. An amazing value for money, and a purchase you will never regret you did. Ever.


  • Unique and distinctive scent
  • Relaxing and comforting
  • Delicious aroma
  • A bargain
  • An aroma that fills all your house


  • Some find it too strong for them
  • No other con about it is reported

5. Glade Lavender & Peach Blossom

Glade Wax Melt Refill-5 Best Wax Melts

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An awesome smell for your home, one I proudly represent before you. Glade is one of the most well-known brands in the industry with various fragrances made of high-quality oils. A new fragrance is promoted every season, for a limited time only.


Over 10h lasting of each wax melt total over 80h amazing fragrance for your home ambients. A consistent fragrance, which keeps its smell even after the warmer is turned off.

No Greasy Hands

Different from other wax products which are made of poured wax, which is pretty normal, this wax melt is made of pressed wax, preventing greasy or oily hands when touching it. Each of the melts is packed separately, making it a better and easier experience to start wax melting with.

Cost and Value

The good about this product is that you get exactly what you see and read. All the fragrances from Glade smell easy and sweet and are very easy to clean up, and they include Gourmet/Peach Blossom, Blue Odyssey, and Lavender. What else could one ask for?


  • Made of pressed wax
  • Long-lasting
  • Each melt is packed separately
  • Very reasonable price
  • Easy to clean up


  • Lavender not from the best choices
  • It starts a bit too strong, however, later on, to balance perfectly

6. Pet House Fresh Citrus

One Fur All Pet House Wax Melts

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Pet House is a brand whose top concerns are offsetting pet odors and maintaining freshness through powerful odor neutralizers. Their adorable wax melts are packaged in paw-shaped pieces and are non-toxic, an important aspect in a home that houses pets. Eco-friendliness is important to Pet House. Plus, these wax melts have a serious fan base.

Maintains Freshness

One happy customer said that the citrus scent is “in no way” overpowering. Customer reviews consistently give good marks on the efficacy of this product. Pet House says this is because they use the highest quality fragrances and essential oils, along with a leading powerful odor neutralizer.


These wax melts are made from hand-poured, completely natural soy wax. This non-toxic wax is touted to be paraffin-, allergen- and dye-free. As always, soy wax is a renewable product.

Cost and Value

This is a great value for the money spent because All Fur One, the company that makes Pet House products, uses a proprietary blend of top ingredients from eco-friendly sources. You cannot get better quality than you can from this brand.


  • 18 different scents, including such blends as “Wildflower” and “Moonlight”
  • Wax melts in mostly every wax warmer
  • Full money back satisfaction guarantee
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Uses a leading odor neutralizer


  • Not highly scented but subtle
  • Pricey, but worth the money considering the ingredients used

7. Febreze with Gain


Febreze Wax Melts Air Freshener Variety Pack Fresh-Pressed Apple, Hawaiian Aloha, Moonlight Breeze and Gain Original Scents

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For self-appointed “Gainiacs,” these melts deliver the citrus scent of freshly laundered clothes past the laundry room. It come in packs of six highly-scented cubes. Febreze claims this product doesn’t just mask odors but rather it cleans them.

Signature Scent

These waxen cubes deliver the highly recognizable scent of Gain detergent. The scent has come to equal clean for many people. Gain is known to cling to fabric and keep it smelling fresh even when clothes are dirty. With these wax melts, Febreze transfers that scent to your home.

Cleans Odors

Wax Melts with Gain not only disguise odors but eliminates them altogether by cleaning them with Febreze technology. They release a light citrus scent that lasts for hours.

Cost and Value

For coming in packs of six, the price is right on the level with other, equally popular brands. You get two well-renowned brand names in one fantastic product.


  • Scented with a fragrance that has come to equal clean
  • Also comes in “Moonlight Breeze”
  • Lasts for many hours
  • Has the ability to eliminate pet odors
  • Two highly identifiable brands


  • Different scent than the plug-in
  • Scent is said not to last past the average time

8. Febreze Unstopables

Febreze Unstopables Wax Melt Air Freshener, SHIMMER and FRESH scents

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Why the word “unstoppable” is misspelled, I’ll never know, but I can tell you all about these Febreze wax melts. Their motto is “bolder, stronger, and lasts even longer.” They come in both Shimmer and Fresh scents in packs of four.


This wax melt immediately declares extra and super from its packaging. If you’re tired of subtlety, this melt might be just the ticket. Users claim it smells like fresh laundry, fabric spray, and all that is clean and good.

Long Lasting

Users declare that Febreze Unstopable scents last up to two or three days. That’ DAYS, folks. They’re made for large rooms and entire houses. These melts top the charts on staying power.

Cost and Value

Sure, this product costs a little more. But the powerful and effective scents, added to their quality of being surprisingly and extraordinarily long lasting. Quite a value with a set of 4 melts. You might get up to a week and a half of scent.


  • Strong, vigorous scents
  • Long lasting
  • Staying power
  • Highly complimented
  • Fresh smelling


  • Few choices (only two)
  • Soft melts, difficult to break into pieces
  • Headache-inducing

9. Country Jar Mango and Tangerine Soy

Country Jar Mango and Tangerine Soy Wax Melts

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Country Jar is a company that has earned its place on this list. It has a favorable fan base who seem genuinely pleased with discovering these wonderful was melts among the bigger brands. They deliver the goods.


These wax tarts have the reputation of lasting three days easy. I’ve read a few accounts of customers who say their Country Jar melts have lasted for a whopping five days. And I thought I was impressed with Febreze Unstopables.

A Value

The price cannot be beat for what you get. And what you get is a well-made product that delivers on its promises. It’s subtle, complex blends last and last.

Cost and Value

Amazon is now having a sale on the entire inventory of Country Jar products. Buy two melts, get one free. That on top of a very low price to begin with for six melts practically screams value.


  • Made with all-natural soy grown in the USA
  • Deeply complex blends of tropical scents
  • Exotically fragrant
  • Super long lasting: up to 8 hours per day for 3 days
  • Well madeCons:
  • Difficult to clean up
  • Doesn’t smell like the candle version

10. Candle Warmers Hot Apple Pie

Candle warmers etc 2.5 oz wax melt 3-pack, hot apple pie

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These wax melts are a little bit different than the others on the list. The melts are made from paraffin rather than soy wax. Paraffin wax, when melted, is purported to afford the “strongest possible fragrance experience.” All six melts are very inexpensive. It’s easy to see why they are popular!


Tart, green apples in a flaky apple pie warmed from the oven! The only thing more I can ask for is a side of vanilla bean ice cream!

Alternative to Soy Wax

Made with 100% paraffin wax, Candle Warmers wax melts cleanly and safely release rich fragrance into your home. The use of paraffin wax is also linked to a more intense sensual experience through higher concentrations of perfume and essential oil.

Cost and Value

This brand of candles and wax melts are a good choice when you are just starting out on your journey of the senses. They are low-priced enough to fit any budget.


  • Melts quickly
  • Cheaper to buy online than in stores
  • Draws Compliments
  • Protective packaging
  • Subtle, accurate scent


  • “Waxy,” weak fragrance
  • Lacks intensity

Our Conclusion 

Here it goes and we are at the end of another best 5 hand-picked products, this time on wax melts. I would be very happy to know that my list of suggestions actually helped you out and connected you with your favorite product and wax melt. As with other categories and products, the category of max melts in itself has many fake products which will do nothing but burn your money away.

I want you to avoid that and choose the best products, the best quality out there that comes with the best price. Take your time and choose the best fragrance that fits for you and your home, simultaneously I wish you to enjoy it, whatever you decide on.

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Wax Melts

Waxing Nostalgic

orange blossoms-best wax melts

Orange Blossoms

In March of every year, I would make it a point to drive down the avenues that bordered my city’s orange groves. The car’s open windows would let the aromatic breeze in, quickly enveloping me in the blissful fragrance of thousands upon thousands of orange blossoms at once. The bouquet of those blossoms impressed their mark upon my memory. It is the scent of both nostalgia and promise. I have since moved away from those orange groves, and my Marches are now filled with the scent of bougainvillea and fast rain. Luckily for me, I can still have that southern California spring delivered inside of my house via scented wax melts. I need no further encouragement to indulge my senses.

Summer’s Renewal

spring bloom-best wax melts

Spring Bloom Scents

Here and now is an especially great place and time to try wax melts. Or, if you already use them, to mix up and experiment among different brands and scents. What better time to do this than in summer? All-day sunshine and early-worm, twittering birds encourage us to meet our loftier ambitions with renewed well-being. Wax melts can bring summer into your home. They can transform your rooms by replacing that gloomy winter atmosphere with summer’s lively spirit. Flowers can flood your living space: honeysuckle, wisteria, and lilac. Oh, and orange blossom, don’t forget that one. The perfume of flora isn’t the only scent that wax melts can deliver. The more subtle melts are excellent at maintaining a fresh atmosphere and an environment that is odor-free. If you own dogs or love cats, there are melts that can neutralize the air and free you from pet smells.

Sensual Decadence

roses-best wax melts

See Rose Scented Wax Melts

From “Fresh Cut Roses” to “Bamboo Watermint” (two scents by brand One Fur All), there is an enormous variety of new scents of which to be aware. Innovation and better quality in modern scents have turned the usual vanilla and pumpkin spice scents that we are used to on their ear. Shortie’s Candle company boasts a large variety of options along with their trademark “high scent throw,” which is how far a warmed wax melt’s scent can travel. Wax melt companies have many categories of scents: floral, fruity, earthy, tropical, woodsy, and so on. Under each category, you will discover exotic, highly-scented fusions next to your usual single note staples. In addition to the simple charms of “Apple Harvest” and “Iced Mint Lavender,” you will find such exceptional scents as “Pinyon and Patchouli” and “Pepperberry Spice.” There are a long list of sweets and baked good aromas to make us capitulate and blow off our diets: Caramel Apple Cider, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Butter Pecan Pie are but a few. You can diet tomorrow.

Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic

non toxix wax melt-best wax melts

See Non-Toxic Wax Melts

Nostalgia fodder and luscious, unique fragrances aren’t the only improvements in the current world of wax melts. Melts are now created using materials that are non-toxic and eco-friendly: natural soy wax (a renewable source) or food-grade natural paraffin wax. Most wax melts are dye-, petroleum-, and allergen-free. Do you recall that bougainvillea I mentioned earlier? Well, to glory in that seasonal perfume usually means you must also cope with a red, runny nose. Wax melts can come in a close second for that particular sensual experience. You needn’t take to your bed unless you want to.

The Candle Comparison

Scented candles-best wax melts

See Scented Candles

Wax melts are a comparably better choice than candles in many important ways. For one, they are cheaper. They are less costly due to more burn time, less waste created, and the ability to hold more fragrance oil. Wax melts burn nearly five times per ounce longer than we get with candles. Wax melts don’t generate much waste. There is no soot to dirty your things like candles produce. Nor is there the usual agitation of asthma and other respiratory issues that are correlated with soot. Melts don’t drip wax and without a flame, it’s believed that the scent is released with fewer chemicals emitted into the air. Lastly, melts have a better ability to hold stronger fragrance, a two percent and upward edge over candles. The wax warmers that cradle the melts can be used repeatedly. They usually take a 15-watt bulb at the base to warm their fragrant cargo. This can be accomplished in as little as five minutes. The fragrance from the better wax melts can last eight hours and upwards, some claim as many as 48 hours! Of course, by being flame-free, wax melts are safer, better used in families with small children than candles.


wax warmer-best wax melts

See Wax Warmers

Other reasons that may tempt you to skip the candle section and go straight to the melts, tarts, and cubes section are noted. The warmers and melts are far more acceptable to use than candles in public places like the workplace or your yoga classroom. They’re convenient because they don’t require matches or a lighter. The cleanup of a wax melt is easy, just pluck it out and throw it away. Their convenience can’t be matched if you’re after a portable scent fix that isn’t messy nor troublesome. Unlike candles, you can create your own customized scent by mixing wax melts with similar fragrance notes. You can also control the strength of the fragrance by breaking melts apart or adding more to your wax warmer. Make sure not to exceed one ounce or your wax warmer might overflow!

Christmas in July

beach-best wax melts

See Beach Scented Wax Melts

Scented wax melts can greatly improve your life’s aesthetic, your day-to-day mood, and (more to the point), the smell in your home! They are safe and eco-friendly! They are a vast improvement over candles. With them you are able to indulge in beloved scents from your youth: the night-blooming jasmine under your childhood home’s window, the scent of melon on a hot summer’s day, the oceanside you visited every August for two weeks with your family—the surf and spray, the tanning lotion, the campfire that you sat around with close friends. With them, you can revisit Christmas on the Fourth of July: Evergreen, Candy Cane(s), Roasted Chestnuts, and Sugarplum Cranberry. Fragrance can transport you to an earlier time as much as it can nudge you into a peaceful mood. With wax melts, you can expect to be delighted!

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