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15 Best Vaporizers (Overall)


Last Updated on January 18, 2022 by Diana Ferreira

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Last Updated on January 18, 2022 by Diana Ferreira

With the abundance of available vaporizers on the market, buying one can be an overwhelming endeavor, no matter your experience level using them. There are many factors to be considered; temperature range, product quality, and user experience. To make your decision-making process less stressful, we did our own research and compiled a list of the best vaporizers currently available online today.

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15 Best Vaporizers in 2022

1. Volcano by Storz & Bickel

best vaporizers - volcano vaporizer

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The Volcano is a desktop vaporizer made by Storz and Bickel, a German company with a reputable engineering background. It’s considered a top vaporizer in the market due to its low defect rate, high quality, durability and manufacturing standards.

Outstanding German Craftsmanship

The Volcano Vaporizer is well known for its balloon bag system that makes it ideal to share in social settings. The balloon has a valve that ensures vapor does not escape while in use, which is a big plus when sharing! Another great feature is its precise control of temperature, which is exemplary for enjoying your botanicals discreetly by not exposing lingering odors. It heats up below combustion and prevents inhalation of carbon monoxide. This gives way to healthier ingestion!

Medical Grade Device

The Volcano Vaporizer has been tested vigorously and is certified, which gives assurance of its safety, quality, and effectiveness. It went through substantial research and development, over ten years ago, to earn its reputation. It also comes with precision temperature control. This feature allows you to control the outcome of your botanicals, whether it is higher potency, increased flavor or more smooth ingestion.


  • The set includes over 20 pieces, which makes it readily available to use right away
  • Its precision temperature control permits to distinguish a specific temperature
  • It heats up on an average of 180 seconds
  • It has a temperature range from 266°F – 446°F (130°C – 230°C)
  • It produces smooth and cool vapor without sacrificing its flavor


  • The cost is quite high, especially for someone new to vaporizing

2. Mighty Vaporizer

best vaporizers - mighty vaporizer

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The Mighty Vaporizer is a compact version of the Volcano Vaporizer. It is also made by Storz and Bickel, a German manufacturer of reputable engineered products. It was launched in 2015 and is the company’s first portable vaporizer. The Mighty contains 2 batteries, a heater, a filling chamber, electronic temperature control, and a cooling unit with a mouthpiece.

Patented Heating Technology

The Mighty Vaporizer highlights a convection heating method combined with conduction. Hot air passes through the chamber in a spiral pattern, while the chamber heats up simultaneously. This allows the temperature to be stable longer.

Ease Of Use

The Mighty vaporizer retains the last temperature it was set on, so adjusting the temperature after every use isn’t necessary. It also has a substantial chamber that fits up to 0.25g of your botanicals.


  • The temperature can be set between 104°F (40°C) to 410°F (210°C) in 1° increments
  • It takes about 75 seconds to fully heat up
  • Its patented heating method guarantees consistent and efficient vapor with every use.
  • The set includes over 10 pieces, making it ready to use right away


  • Cost is high, especially for beginners

3. Arizer Solo 2

best vaporizers - Arizer Solo 2

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The Solo-2 is made by Canadian manufacturer Arizer, which has been creating vaporizers for over ten years. It has sustained its reputation for offering quality products at competitive price points. Features such as glass stems and swappable batteries make the Solo-2 vaporizer a contender in the market.

Unique Hybrid Heating System

The Arizer Solo-2 heating system uses glass stems made of borosilicate that create a path to deliver a delectable vapor experience. The Solo-2 includes jets in the heating chamber that provide an increase of airflow, compared to the original. It also tolerates powerful inhalations and provides steady heat.

High Quality & Performance

The Arizer Solo-2 was created with exceptional quality in mind. All the components have been thoughtfully sourced for longevity. Once purchased, it includes attentive customer service and a manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Easy to use and clean due to its two-piece system
  • Custom settings to cater to your preferences
  • Heats up rapidly
  • Over 15 components are included with the purchase
  • Charges quickly


  • Battery doesn’t stay charged for a long period
  • Quality issues with the glass stems

4. Arizer Extreme Q

best vaporizers - Arizer Extreme Q

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The Extreme Q is also made by Canadian manufacturer Arizer, and carries out the same level of quality. This desktop vaporizer utilizes a ceramic heating component along a glass covering to ensure you enjoy your botanicals to the fullest.

Hybrid Ingestion Method

You have the option to use the included balloons or use the Whip System to ingest the vapor. Either option will ensure you have an optimal experience.

Remote Control Included

Easily modify the session settings according to your liking. You have the option to manually adjust the vaporizer using the buttons or conveniently use the remote control.


  • Effortless cleaning & ease of use
  • Has multi-purpose functions – it can be used for dry botanicals or for simply enjoying aromatherapy
  • Includes a 3-speed quiet fan to discreetly draw out lingering odors
  • The set includes over 15 components/accessories for fast usage


  • Quality issues with the glass stems
  • Doesn’t produce satisfactory vapor

5. Pax 3 Vaporizer

best vaporizers - Pax 3 Vaporizer

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For over ten years, PAX has been creating unprecedented cannabis innovations that deliver top-quality, durable, award-winning devices. With continuous accolades nationwide, the brand continues to provide safe and reputable cannabis vaporizers. The PAX 3 is small but mighty! It is compact enough to fit in your pocket, has a high-performance, long-lasting battery, and can be used for herbs and concentrates.

Bluetooth Enabled

Conveniently connect via your mobile device app or web for a customized experience. There are 5 Dynamic Modes you can enjoy: Standard, Stealth, Boost, Flavor, or Efficiency.

Dual Use

The PAX 3 Complete Kit includes an insert that allows you to change from loose flower to concentrates when you desire to switch it up.


  • Provides 8-10 sessions per charge
  • Heats up in an average of 20 seconds
  • Has a temperature range of 360°F (182°C) – 420° F (215°C)
  • Has a Bluetooth range of 10 feet
  • Comes with a 10 year limited warranty from the date of purchase


  • Issues with delivering vapor
  • Doesn’t charge properly

6. Plenty Vaporizer

best vaporizers - Plenty vaporizer

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The Plenty is another great product from Storz & Bickel, a German powerhouse of vaporizers. It has distinguished features such as efficient cooling, a wide filling chamber, powerful heating, and automatic shut-off. It also showcases a stainless steel covered heating component that supplies sufficient convection heating for every session.

Medical Grade Parts

The Plenty Vaporizer is created without any glass, which increases its durability. With its various safety certifications, you can rest assured you’ll be purchasing a high-quality product.

Idle Tempurature Control

The Plenty Vaporizer has unique temperature control settings. It has a wheel with a range from 1-7 and once it reaches its target temperature, the front red light turns off with a simple click.


  • Has a temperature range: 266°F (130°C) to 395°F (202°C)
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty
  • Over 10 components are included in the set for quick setup
  • It plugs directly into a wall, making it convenient by not having to charge batteries
  • It contains no electronic components, which increases its longevity


  • Issues with attaining the desired temperature
  • Doesn’t stand straight on surfaces

7. Pax Era Pro

best vaporizers - Pax Era Pro

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The PAX Era Pro has all the features of PAX Era except it can only be used with its proprietary pods of concentrates. It is still compact and very convenient for portability and discretion. It showcases breath-activated draw, various temperature options, and introduces haptic feedback. It remembers previous settings, making it even more convenient when on-the-go.

Smartphone Enabled

PAX’s smartphone and web app provides custom settings, temperature control, and precise dosage according to your liking.

Temperature Controls

The PAX Era Pro has four preset temperatures and the options increase when the app is used. You have the choice to select single degree increments from 520℉ (271°C) to 790℉ (421°C).


  • Increased battery life with the use of the included USB-C charging cable
  • Carries a charge of up to 4 hours of usage
  • It’s covered by a 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Sleek design and very lightweight


  • Can only be used with its proprietary pods that are found in select dispensaries
  • Releases small amount of vapor when used

8. Dr. Dabber Switch

best vaporizers - Dr Dabber Switch

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Dr. Dabber makes portable vaporizers that are reliable, effective, and durable. They are on a mission to change the way consumers enjoy their concentrates. The Dr. Dabber Switch e-Rig has won numerous awards, especially for its patent-pending induction heating component, due to its quick and meticulous temperature settings. It also has a long battery life and has dual usage for both flower and oils.

Unrivaled Versatility

You can easily transform the SWITCH from an oil rig to an electric flower vaporizer, simply by pressing a button. It can also be used as a desktop and portable vaporizer.

Fast & Powerful Induction Heating

Dr. Dabber SWITCH’s induction heating technology permits the vaporizer to target temperature in a short time span, an average of 4 seconds! The induction heating protects the electronic components by sealing them from the heat. This contributes to a longer lifespan by decreasing mechanical issues.


  • Offers 150 uses on a single charge
  • It has 25 calibrated heat settings for customized vapor density
  • Fully charges in 60 minutes
  • Customizable hold time
  • Self-cleaning in a high energy heat cycle


  • Flower burns on high settings
  • Compatible with only Dr. Dabber accessories

9. G-Pen Dash

best vaporizers - G-Pen Dash

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Grenco Science’s G-Pen was the first to market a tank system precisely made for personal regimens. Their mission is to create high-quality vaporizers offered at a value that makes them affordable for everyone. The G-Pen Dash is the newest product in their assortment of dry flower vaporizers. It has great features such as being powerful, lightweight, very discreet, and has an attractive price point.

Unsurpassed Flavor

A combination of a clean air source and integrated air path makes way for pleasurable taste and satisfying vapor from your preferred flowers.

Ergonomic Design

The chamber is designed with a chamber opening that makes it convenient to load your favorite flowers. It also has a magnetically attached mouthpiece that is detachable for easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • Features a glass glazed stainless steel heating chamber with three temperature settings of 375°F (190°C), 401°F (205°C) and 428°F (220°C)
  • Showcases haptic feedback and a smart button with 3 LEDs that shows heat levels and the battery life
  • Has pass-through charging capability via a Micro-USB
  • Highlights automatic shut-off to maximize usability on every charge


  • Could experience difficulty when loading flower
  • Not enough variety in temperature setting options

10. Boundless CFC 2.0

best vaporizers - Boundless CFC 2

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Boundless Technology was founded in 2016 with the intent of increasing affordable aromatherapy recognition. Customer satisfaction is their main priority and their goal is to provide enjoyment for the consumer. The Boundless CFC 2.0 is packed with great features like full digital temperature control, compact size and long battery life.

Satisfying Big Clouds

Boundless is popular for big clouds in little packages, and the CFC 2.0 doesn’t fall short from this characteristic. Its oven contains as much as 0.3 grams of dry herbs, making it ideal for strong vapor sessions.

Low Maintenance

The Boundless CFC 2.0 vaporizer is very easy to maintain. Only the oven, the mouthpiece, and screens need to be cleaned. Best of all, the wide-lipped oven helps keep messes to a minimum when being cleaned.


  • Pocket-sized, lightweight and discrete
  • Full digital control and fast heat up with temperatures between 140° F (60°C) and 446° F (230°C)
  • Quickly heats up, at an average of 30 seconds
  • Includes a water pipe adapter to be used with a bubble or glass water tool
  • Battery life runs at an average of an hour at 390°F (199°C)


  • Doesn’t produce sufficient vapor
  • High temperatures burn the flower

11. Hydrology9 Vaporizer

best vaporizers - Hydrology9

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Cloudious9 believes that more forward-thinking designs can revitalize the vapor industry, and they intend to continuously work with their consumers to improve their vision. Hyrdology9 is their signature product and their greatest invention due to its leak-proof water tank that cools the vapor while being used.

Liquid Filtration Reinvented

Hyrdology9’s patent-pending “tunnel tube” liquid filtration design allows an unobstructed flow of vapor while keeping the vaporizer leakproof. The ability to fuse these specifications aesthetically into its design is the heart of Hydrology9’s innovation.

Even Heat Distribution

Hydrology implemented a patent-pending solution to a typical problem seen in current vaporizers: a built-in device that allows you to evenly distribute heat.


  • Full charge takes an average of 2-3 hours, lasting approximately 15 sessions
  • Takes an average of 60 seconds to reach optimal heat
  • Includes a glass mouthpiece designed with a curved angle to provide a more comfortable vaporizing experience and more ease to clean.
  • Made of high-grade materials such as space grade anodized aluminum alloy body borosilicate glass mouthpiece and food grade porcelain chamber


  • Not easy to transport
  • Unsatisfactory cloud production

12. Green Fire Tech Falcon

best vaporizers - Green Fire Tech Falcon

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You can’t go wrong if you choose a high-quality vape device by Green Fire Tech. Your health has truly been kept in mind when designing this super-efficient kit. How easy it is to assemble and disassemble is a big benefit of this vape. It’s made completely of metal producing a super sturdy vaporizer so you can have peace of mind when using. If you have a lot of different products to vape, it won’t be an issue swapping your material throughout the day without deep cleaning it in between, the taste from your herb doesn’t resonate into your session since it’s stacked with two types of filters. Additionally if your not a fan of having to reload the chamber often than this pen is just your style due to its loading chamber that holds up to 0.6 grams. Great to use while out-and-about since it won’t keel over and die during your day trips, it contains a 220 mAH battery that’s nicely built into the body.

Nice Filter or Two

The key to any great vaping experience is a clean and healthy experience. The Falcon has a dually integrated filtration system containing not one, but two filters. In turn, this means less cleaning and far better taste all the while eliminating those excess toxins or chemicals that otherwise would have been inhaled. The 304 permanent stainless steel filter is placed just beneath the ceramic filter. All smoke needs to pass through these two filters before reaching the well-built mouthpiece – this is nothing short of an isolated airpath.

Horse Race Lamp Lighting

One of the most helpful aspects of this item is the lighting system it contains. Many newbies to vaping have to guess when their herb is heated up which is undesirable. You will find this lighting system eliminates the guess and check stages of vaping. The light will be a bright red when heating the product and turn a bright white when it has reached a full heating cycle, giving a little vibration to let you know it’s time to vape!


  • Dense smoke clouds
  • Twelve sessions per charge
  • Comes with a spare filter in the box
  • 5 ranges of temperature from 356 – 446 F
  • Long battery life


  • Considered a bit spendy

13. Jedi Medicinal Device

best vaporizers - Jedi Medicinal Device

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Even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan this vaporizer might just take you there. Customers are even saying you might mix this bad mother up with your lightsaber. It delivers powerful hits of smoke making it so you are getting more bang for your buck. It’ll allow your dry-herb to last an extra-long time, who doesn’t love saving money in the long run. So even though this a bit of an investment up-front it will be well worth it down the line. Speaking of longevity the battery on this piece is worth mentioning since it contains a 2500 mAH battery, which means you won’t have to recharge it for a solid 60 minutes of usage. Aside from the 12 x5 minutes vape session(or however you want to disburse out that hour of usage for yourself), you can load the 14mm ceramic chamber with a quite a bit of material. Say goodbye to the days of reloading your vaporizer every other hit and say hello to a more practical system that is far less frustrating.

Temp Talk

The JEDI has a temperature range of 302 degrees to 464 degrees F. That’s a wider range than other vape devices and is a helpful feature once you get your personal preferences down. It’s always nice to have that ‘leg-room’ to customize your experience tailored to your own needs. Too much heat could mean the smoke comes out more dry or burns up your herb too quickly, and too little heat could mean that moist plant stays too wet for a solid hit. Think about those times when you’re just getting over a chest cold and would like to adjust the temperature settings so that it isn’t so harsh.

Backside Airflow Hole

This device is an eye-catcher, jet black with a digital green temperature face. But an even bigger catch for vapers is that this device is equipped with a backside airflow hole aimed towards producing the purest flavor possible with each cloud. Airflows are also put in place to reduce overheating, making it less harsh on the back of the throat. If you like big clouds with while you vape then the isolated airflow will be an even bigger bonus for you.


  • The temp fluctuates in real-time
  • 90-day warranty
  • Available in black or silver
  • USB charging port in the bottom of the device


  • Customers reported extra dry hits

14. Kikstar Digital Controller

best vaporizers - Kikstar Digital Controller

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One great thing about this high-quality temperature control kit is how diverse the uses for it can be. Put it to use for anything from aromatherapy to dry herb. The temperature fluctuates in real-time so you can figure out exactly what temp you like to vape at. And you’ll only have to find that temperature once, so don’t worry if you forget the temp you last used because it has a setting that saves the last temperature it was set to. Ensuring you have plenty of options as far as heat settings go, this durable and safe kit offers a heat range from 0-1200F(recommended usage is 1000 or below). One of its best features is the 8ft long power cord that makes it easy for you to stretch it to the dabbing table even if it’s not right by the power socket. It’ll hold in place nicely as well, with the bonus feet on the bottom of the main box to help it stay in one place during use.

Protected Fuse

Luckily this light-weight temp controller offers full protection from power surges. It’s pre-grounded and you won’t have to worry about this unit being unsafe during usage. Plus, if anything does happen to short out you will have a 1-year warranty to back it up.


Accuracy is probably one of the most important features when using vaporizers and e nails alike. The reason this is such a great feature is that tons of people tend not to know how to calibrate their product themselves, leaving a science experiment that could go wrong and leave one feeling unsatisfied, or even worse – burning their product! What’s even more of a bonus with this temperature box is that this one specifically includes some dab tools such as a dabber carve tool and a jar to hold small quantities of your concentrate or whatever you may be vaping at the time.


  • Pre-calibration eliminates the guesswork
  • Female is compatible with similar coils
  • Includes a 16mm coil with the kit
  • Fuse protected to ensure safety in the case of a power surge


  • No loading place for herb or oils
  • A bit spendy for what it offers

15. Oukery Digital Evaporator

best vaporizers - Oukery Digital Evaporator

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This vaporizer is our personal best choice on this list. It takes the cake on ease of use, portability, effective use and also durability and reliability. The product includes a temperature gauge which makes it easy to change the temperature you want to vape at since different products require different temperatures to produce desired effects. It also includes a hose with a piece on the end to load your herbal products into, making it easy to pack and toke. One of our favorite features of this product is its service life. Customers reported being able to use this item for a long time before needing maintenance or replacement.

Don’t be fooled

It seems obvious that competitors should offer safe products too. But unfortunately, there is a replica of this product on the market that is hurting people’s airways and lungs. This is very dangerous if accidentally purchased. We recommend using the link directly listed with our product listing to ensure you get the original and safe version of this product.

Accessories Kit

The accessories kit is included with this product so you’ll be ready to get started vaping and dabbing right out of the box. To use it all you need to do is plug it in and turn it on – up and down button to set temp – wait two minutes until the set button stops flashing and enjoy! A thirty-minute break after the initial session is recommended for the best longevity of usage.


  • Whip included free of charge
  • Quick delivery
  • Wide temperature range
  • Very good price
  • Not many parts to it to deal with


  • Takes longer than ideal to heat up

Sponsored Mention: Firefly 2+ Portable

Firefly 2+ Review - Kit

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The Firefly 2+ is one of the favorites from this list, simply because of its quality. There’s no other portable vaporizer of this style, that we’ve had the opportunity to try out (of course), which has impressed so easily. The moment it was picked out of the packaging you know right away it’s made well.

Variable Heat – Up to 500 degrees

Not only can you change the temperature your herbs will be cooking at inside the vape, but you also have the ability to control it from an app. The app has other functions, but the most notable for us was how easy it made changing the burn temperature of the vaporizer. It’s worth noting that you can also use the built-in buttons on the vape itself to change these settings.

Durable Design for Longevity

One of the first qualities of the product you will notice is not only how it feels in your hands in terms of quality, but in terms of durability as well. By no means is it heavy, but it isn’t lightweight and cheap either. I’ve only dropped it once, but it was from over a fence so the drop was significant. No damage other than a couple of scratches was taken by the 2+. This is a product we can back confidently.

See Our Full Review of the Firefly 2+ Vaporizer (here)

In Conclusion

To conclude, there are a variety of ways for you to consume cannabis with a vaporizer. Choose one based on the outcome and experience you desire. We hope this list has assisted you in saving time with research and has increased your knowledge as a consumer when making your final decision(s). When you do decide to make a purchase or have questions during your market research, feel free to drop comments below! Thanks for your time.

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