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Last Updated on August 27, 2020 by Josh Desair

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Last Updated on August 27, 2020 by Josh Desair

An accurate and reliable thermometer can alert you to any conditions or other health issues that may go unnoticed within your household. We are fortunate enough to live in a time of some impressive temperature-taking technology right now; because of this, you can keep a closer eye than ever of the health of yourself and your family.

Of course, different types of thermometer are more suitable for certain tasks than others. We have chosen products that cover every use; from business to no-touch to oral and ear styles. Whatever purpose you have in mind for your thermometer, weigh up the pros and cons of each of the products that are listed below. Your InfraRed models will be the go-to for contagious diagnoses, while the oral design provides a more reliably accurate reading.

10 Best Thermometers in 2020

1. iHealth No-Touch Forehead

 Best Thermometers - iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

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The first product on our list is a streamlined and modern looking thermometer. Beautiful aesthetic aside, the iHealth No-Touch has the health of you and your family at the core of the design. Ideal for all ages, it is a winner from look to performance.

Perfect For Bedtime

The iHealth boasts some very useful features. They might seem to be fairly insignificant additions, but the little details can really go a long way. For example, the large, bright LED screen is easy to read in the dark. Combine this with the soft vibration notification instead of a noise alert and you have the perfect thermometer for when the kids are asleep.

Simple As You Need

Following on from the excellent display and handy notification features, this is the most simple bit of tech you’ll ever use. The directions are as simple as positioning the thermometer roughly an inch from the center of the forehead and pressing the only face button once until you feel that buzz.


  • Gorgeous, sleek design.
  • Super simple to use anytime.
  • Great for nighttime fever checks.
  • Very accurate (when taken in the right position).
  • Clear and simple display.


  • More fiddly than an oral thermometer to get the most accurate data.
  • May not pick up a fever in children under five with a temperature under 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Chooseen Digital Forehead and Ear

Best Thermometers - Chooseen Digital Forehead and Ear Thermometer Baby Thermometer

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It goes without saying that parents new and old want only the best, most proven products for their children. Having a thermometer that not only reads your baby’s temperature but can also provide reasonably accurate readings for rooms and liquids is an invaluable convenience. And there’s plenty more this thing can do.

The Customization

You get the best of both worlds with this thermometer. While the InfraRed function is an ideal way of checking overnight for signs of fever, the Chooseen is also equipped with in-ear functionality. You get the perfect balance of convenience and reassurance that your results are accurate.

Easy But Effective

As I’ve already mentioned, the different functions on show in this thermometer set it apart from many of its competitors. What’s even better is that they are so easy to use. You have ear, forehead, and object functionality, and each one comes with lightning-fast, one-second readings.


  • Multiple ways to take a temperature.
  • Perfect for babies and toddlers.
  • Color-based warnings for levels of fever.
  • Object and liquid temperature testing.
  • Nice look and easy to use.


  • The forehead reader is less reliable than the ear.
  • Low battery life.

3. Vava Smart Baby

Best Thermometers - VAVA Smart Baby Thermometer

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Moving on to those parents with an extra bit of concern for their kids overnight – due to past experiences, ongoing medical conditions, or something entirely different. You can now keep a careful watch on your child’s temperature while they sleep, without the need for repeated readings throughout the night.

Smart Technology For Your Family

This is a fantastic innovation that brings the most modern technology into the childcare world. A truly beneficial convenience; the reader will monitor your baby’s temperature in real-time and provide you with an alert if they are overheating.

Peace Of Mind

It is a heartbreaking fact of life that some babies are born needing a lot of extra care. For those little ones that struggle with frequent fevers for a variety of reasons, this thermometer is a safe and comfortable way to put your mind at ease during the night.


  • 24-hour battery life for constant monitoring.
  • Real-time feedback to you without the need to get out of bed.
  • Safe to use and comfortable for the child.
  • Easy to read, use, and apply.
  • Very accurate armpit readings.


  • It only comes with ten adhesives, and replacements are not available.
  • Can come dislodged in the night – though it will give you an alert if this happens.

4. Olangda Forehead for Adults

Best Thermometers -Olangda Forehead Thermometer for Adults

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Another simplistic design with some handy display features – the Olangda Forehead Thermometer is an excellent tool for the entire family. You are provided with a quick and reliable reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit, with the added efficiency of checking as many foreheads as you need to without having to sanitize each time.

Object Readings

While it maxes out at around 250F, this is still a handy extra feature. You can use this thermometer to measure the temperature of all kinds of objects around your home to ensure that a child’s sleeping environment is not too hot, for example. The settings are easy to switch between at the press of a button.


This is the most appealing feature of the no-contact thermometer. The fact that you can measure temperatures without coming into contact keeps the whole household safe, even on reuse. Keep contagions where they should be: contained!


  • Lightweight and well-designed to fit the hand.
  • Object readability.
  • Non-contact measurements.
  • Red/green color indicators for high/low temperatures.
  • Instant results.


  • Not the most amazing value for money.
  • You have to change the batteries before they get visibly low for consistent results.

5. Enji Prime Oral

Best Thermometers - Enji Prime Oral Thermometer

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Oral thermometers are still a viable option for you in 2020; especially if you only have the one ‘patient’. Sure, they come with their own disadvantages compared to a no-contact version, but they have the upper hand when it comes to the most accurate readings and more testable points on the body.

Friend To The Whole Family

Yes, this thermometer works just as well on your pet as it does on your grandma. It does the same job from baby to elderly and provides the same outstanding readings time after time. However, I do have to recommend giving it a thorough clean after testing your pooch!

Plenty Of Points

The big plus point to this type of thermometer is that you can test on multiple points across the body to get a better sense of accuracy. It’s perfectly suited to test via oral, rectal, or axillary (armpit) methods.


  • Waterproof for easy cleaning.
  • Three points of testing for supreme accuracy.
  • More precise than a no-contact.
  • Fantastic value for money.
  • Works just as well on every member of the family: pets included!


  • Takes longer than no-contacts: up to 30 seconds.
  • It can be erratic to initially calibrate.

6. Femometer 2020 Model

Best Thermometers -Femometer Thermometer 2020 Model

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Here we have the next example of an excellent probe thermometer that has been manufactured by a trusted and well-regarded brand. The Femometer thermometer (great name) has been updated for 2020 but retains the bare-bones appearance that makes it so easy to use.

One-Button Measurement

It’s as simple as that. There is no need to go searching through installation processes or wondering why the hi-tech system has somehow hacked into the microwave. This thermometer is just that: a thermometer, and it does that job extremely well.

Clean Features

While probe thermometers are less hygienic than no-contacts (unsurprisingly), the Femometer is waterproof and has its own plastic case. You can give it a thorough scrubbing before storing it away in its own sterile environment.


  • Like the previous entry, really! Three points of contact, to start with.
  • Ridiculously simple design.
  • Waterproof and safe storage.
  • Simple Hi/Lo display (in C or F).
  • Good for the whole family.


  • A very loud beep when used – not for sleeping children!
  • Probe covers have to be bought separately.

7. GoodBaby No-Touch Forehead

Best Thermometers - GoodBaby No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

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Back to the contactless models now. GoodBaby boasts extra customization to their product in the name of a very helpful mute button. The features don’t stop there, and there is a lot to like about this very tidy-looking thermometer.

Terrific Memory Recall

With 35 slots to store previous readings, this is an excellent product to use for logging the measurements you’ve taken over the past weeks. The memory function in digital thermometers is exceptionally helpful for keeping track of peaks and dips in fevers.

Ace Extras

That mute button I mentioned earlier is a lifesaver when you’re trying to take the kids’ temperatures after bedtime. You also get a carrying case provided with the thermometer to prevent any mishaps or misplacements.


  • Red/yellow/green indicators give more flexibility to readings.
  • The clear and bright backlit display makes it easy to read in the dark.
  • It has a mute mode for those overnight fevers you have to check in on.
  • Accurate and consistent with rapid readings.
  • Comes with a handy carrying case.


  • A little on the pricey side.
  • No on/off switch drains the battery life.

8. Byjin Non-Contact Wall-Mounted Infrared

Best Thermometers - BYJIN Non-Contact Wall-Mounted Infrared Thermometer

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The thermometer for any business owner out there who wants the extra security. Check to make sure that the flu Jenny brought in last week hasn’t spread to the rest of the team. If you’re a particularly fever-attracting homeowner, you might also want one of these for visitors!

Installation Is A Breeze

It takes less effort to affix one of these to the wall than it does to take the reading itself! Nail it, hook it, tape it, it all works. You can then connect it to just about any power source to keep it going all day. Just be careful not to mount it too high for some people!

Widescale, Rapid, Contactless

Having your thermometer wall-mounted means that it’s as easy to test for high temperature as it is to clock into work every morning. If your temperature is high, you’ll be greeted with an alarm and a red light notifying you.


  • A totally hands-free way to deal with temperature checks.
  • Clear and concise readings and verdicts on high temperatures.
  • Suitable for all ages and any location.
  • Easy to mount on the wall however you’d like.
  • Let’s be honest. It’s the one that feels the coolest to use, isn’t it?


  • Very much at the high end of the price bracket.
  • You’ll need a solid portable charger or a nearby outlet to keep it going.

9. Duaiai Temperature Watch Touchscreen


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Forget about rattling around in your drawers and cabinets to find your thermometer. With the convenience of the Duaiai watch, you can keep an eye on your body temperature as well as the time. While it goes without saying that this is most suitable for single person use, it’s cost-effective enough to supply the entire family with their very own!

Real-time Function

You can check your temperature wherever you are and whatever you’re doing with a simple glance at your wrist. No more worrying about having a handheld thermometer to hand when you feel a temperature coming on. You can also observe your peaks and dips throughout the day.

Long-lasting Readings

The impressive battery life on this watch means you can get up to a week’s worth of continuous use from it. There’s no need to worry about having batteries in the house either, as it charges quickly via any USB port.


  • An efficient and convenient way of taking your temperature.
  • Portable and secure.
  • Accurate data displayed in real-time.
  • Amazing value for money.
  • Three colors to choose from for the fashion-conscious among us.


  • No battery percentage display.
  • Not the friendliest display to read.

10. Adc Fast Read Digital


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The last thermometer we’re taking a look at is a bargain option for the absolute basics. It’s to-the-point and simple, but it still comes with a color-coded background display that makes it perfectly clear how your core temperature is.

Pure Accessibility

We all have that one relative who is allergic to any form of modern technology. Still, this thermometer is just the thing for them to keep an eye on their health without raising their blood pressure with confusing settings and extras.

Quick Response

As you’ll have noticed over the course of this list, the trend is usually that the contactless thermometers take a matter of a second or less. This probe will give you a more accurate reading in under ten seconds, making it a fantastic performer.


  • Large and clear display.
  • A two-year warranty is brilliant for the price you pay.
  • Red display for temperatures over 99.5F.
  • It takes less than ten seconds to provide a reading.
  • Flexible tip to suit the whole family.


  • Only five sheaths come with the thermometer.
  • Low battery life.

Our Conclusion

The choice is yours when it comes to at-home thermometers. While the two main choices are the probe and the no-contact versions, you can find a high-quality temperature reader that is a little bit different from the norm. Whichever one you choose, make sure you read the instructions through before setting it up. The main issue most people have about these thermometers is their inaccuracy. More often than not, this can be avoided by properly setting up and calibrating the product before use.

Stay safe, and if you feel under the weather, keep checking your temperature every hour or so. A simple fever can be an early sign of a bigger problem, and it’s always best to get ahead of medical issues.

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