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Colored hair has become a trend in so many different sub-cultures now that the sight of people with hair dyed in every shade imaginable is becoming a normal, almost common occurrence out in the big wide world. Hair color can define someone’s very identity, their attitudes, or just what mood they are in that particular week! Because of the ever-changing nature of trends (as well as people’s inherent impatience to stick with one style for long), the land of semi-permanent dye has grown into a popular industry for many people.

Semi-permanent dye has become a go-to for so many people that like to change up their style regularly, and don’t want to deal with a whole new full bleach treatment every few weeks. Despite the temporary nature of these colors, you still want a dye that is going to give you lively, vibrant colors that can survive an acceptable number of washes before reapplying. These dyes are all excellent choices. Which one you decide upon will depend on your hair type, coloring needs, and personal preference.

10 Best Semi Permanent Hair Dyes in 2020

1. Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids


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This is a great all-round performer for any hair type. You can select from a range of fun, outlandish colors and it can be applied with no developer required, making it a good choice for home-dyeing.

Fabulous Color

The main thing you want from this type of hair dye is a loud and bright color, isn’t it? This dye delivers supremely on the color front. Each option you choose will shine brightly without drying out your hair too much, keeping that amazing shine and adding to the effect of the dye.

Easy To Apply

If you’re using dyes at home on your own hair, chances are you’re pretty experienced in the process. However, for those who are newer to the game or trying something new, this dye is an excellent consistency. It’s thin enough out of the bottle to control and apply effortlessly.


  • Sulfate-free.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Wonderful vibrancy from each color.
  • Lasts for months with minimal touchups.
  • No need for a developer (though it does still help).


  • Stains, A LOT. More so than a lot of others.
  • Thicker or longer hair (past shoulder-length) will need more than one bottle.

2. Joico Color Intensity


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Joico is a popular choice for its radiant shades and long-lasting hold. It might even last a little bit too long for some people who like to switch up their style every now and then. Fortunately, it’s also easy to wash out and reapply a new color.

Value In The Bottle

Because of the thickness of this dye and the length of time between reapplying, you are able to keep coloring for months with a single tube. The downside is that the dye itself is incredibly thick, but a little conditioner helps the spread without hurting the color.

Effortless Change

Speaking of those of us who feel like having a new color regularly; if you give this one a few washes without touching up too much, you will end up with a totally new look. The dye fades beautifully and evenly to give you a whole new take on the original color.


  • Keeps a nice color even as it fades.
  • It comes out well even with darker hair.
  • Very long-lasting.
  • Easy to remove without frying hair.
  • You get a lot of use from one tube.


  • Very thick, difficult to spread.
  • The chemical scent stays with you for a few days.

3. Lime Crime Unicorn Hair


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The vegan formula in this Lime Crime dye is amazing on hair. The natural ingredients protect every strand of hair on your head to keep your look salon-fresh. It’s gentle on hair, safe to apply at home, and totally cruelty-free.

Amazing Coverage

This dye is super easy to apply. If you have lighter colored hair there is no need for bleaching to give you a supreme end result. Because of how simple the application is, you can get smooth, all-over coverage without having to work your fingers too hard.

Certified Cruelty-Free

This dye is Leaping Bunny-certified and PETA verified vegan. It has been approved by these organizations as 100% vegan and cruelty-free so you know that no animals have been tested on at any point in the making of this product.


  • Pleasant scent.
  • Great color on all hair types.
  • Brilliant coverage with one jar, even on long hair.
  • Minimal staining.
  • Lasts for ages.


  • Harder to get into thick hair.
  • It doesn’t quite match the color on the box.

4. Adore Semi-Permanent

Best Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes - Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color – You Pick

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Adore is a popular style that is high-quality on its own. This bulk pack is even more amazing due to the money you’ll save and the amount of product you get for such a low price. This stuff will last you at least a year, and you can pick as many or few colors as you like.


The great thing about this deal is that you control what colors you get, and how many. Having twelve slots to choose from means you can pick different shades of the best colors, a full stock of your favorite or a dozen dyes picked at random if you’re feeling crazy!

Value In Numbers

The more you buy, the more you save. That is the trend of the wholesale market, and Adore has applied that logic to this multipack. You can basically consider two or three of these bottles to come for free due to the price difference from their individual sale price.


  • Huge choice of colors.
  • Lasts for months without touchups.
  • Won’t fade, even in the sun.
  • Twelve colors in one! Mix it up or purchase a massive supply.
  • Keeps hair healthy.


  • More effort in the order process than other products.
  • Washes out very quickly.

5. Iroiro Natural Premium

Best Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes - Iroiro Natural Premium Semi-Permanent Hair Color

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Iroiro has its own cruelty-free product for you to make your hair shine. The larger 8oz pouch is perfect for long hair, whereas the 4oz will do for most people who are above shoulder length. It is a no-nonsense, natural choice for healthy and soft hair.

Wonderful Scent

A common problem among hair dyes is the residual chemical smell that it leaves behind. With this dye being a natural alternative to more bleach and chemical-based coloring, you don’t get the nasty, lingering smell. In fact, it’s rather appealing!

Kind On Hair

Another big benefit to the vegan approach is the healthy effect it has on your hair. Unlike a lot of dyes that leave your hair feeling dry and brittle, this will maintain and even enhance your hair’s natural softness.


  • Intense color.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Protects from dried-out, frazzled hair.
  • No offputting smells.
  • Shows up well on brown to dark brown hair.


  • Bleeds quite a lot.
  • Lighter than advertised.

6. Manic Panic Pillarbox Red

Best Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes -Manic Panic Pillarbox Red Hair Dye

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One of the more universal shades that Manic Panic offer, the Pillarbox Red is a top choice for people looking for a flash of color. While the recommendation for this dye is to use it over at least a level 8 blonde, it still brings out a lovely color from darker tones.

Fine Hair Care

This is another product that cares for your hair. You will find that it makes previously bleach-damaged ends come out silky smooth. It’s gentle on the scalp, too, for all-over hair therapy.

Clean Hair, Clean(ish) Sink

The staining of hair dyes can be a nightmare for your bath or sink. This dye does surprisingly well to reduce the number of stains you’ll find everywhere after use. For renters, in particular, this is the stuff for you!


  • Works fine with darker hair (the color is deeper but still lush).
  • Low staining.
  • Use it with other shades for complex colors.
  • Gorgeous color with mass appeal.
  • Gently cares for your hair.


  • Washes out quickly.
  • Can bleed onto clothes.

7. Crazy Color Liquid Cream

Best Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes -Crazy Color Bordeaux 51 Semi-Permanent Liquid Cream Hair Colour Dye

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I could have chosen any of Crazy Color’s array of shades, but the Bordeaux gives us something a little more refined and suitable for any environment. You’ll be getting compliments from people who would normally balk at colored hair with this!

Understated Beauty

This color is out there enough to satisfy the color fanatics, but it has a sense of refined, understated elegance about it. This color wouldn’t look out of place at a death metal concert or a Michelin star restaurant!

Simple Maintenance

My favorite thing about this dye is how easy it is to maintain. Though it may not be the longest-lasting dye out there, it is so simple to touch up. Just pop a small amount in with your conditioner every so often to revitalize that vibrant color.


  • Easy to use.
  • Versatile color.
  • Mixes well with conditioner.
  • Mixes even better with other Crazy Colors.
  • The perfect base color for highlights.


  • Washes out really quickly if you don’t keep up with it.
  • The thinner dye gets into more unwanted places than others.

8. Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent

Best Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes - Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye

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We have a cruelty-free dye with an added fun twist here with Arctic Fox. The colors mix together really well, for a start, if you want to go for something unique and out there. Then there’s the option of UV-reactive colors that will really set you apart amongst the color revolution!

UV Chic

If you want to carry around a showstopping style then try out the UV-reactive Electric Paradise pink from this Arctic Fox range. You will turn heads and drop jaws in any concert or festival, and be the envy of every party.

Fine For Frequent Use

The nurturing and organic formula that goes into this vegan dye gives your hair a boost instead of dragging it down to Frazzletown. You can top your color up as often as you like, as the dye actually conditions your hair and keeps it healthy.


  • A huge array of wonderful colors.
  • The UV options are a standout.
  • Sweet scent.
  • Chemical and cruelty-free.
  • Bright, loud, and proud!


  • You’ll need level 9 hair at the very least to get the most out of the UV.
  • Brightness is an issue across the board darker than a 7.

9. Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection

Best Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes - Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution Semi-Permanent Color

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For those of you out there that are looking at hair dye as a way to cover greys rather than liven up your whole head, this is the product for you. Unlike permanent grey coverage dyes, this will look more natural and fade cleanly.

Grey Coverage

This dye will mask your greys with a shade that isn’t unnatural or obvious. You can still get a nice hit of color, however, whether you are letting your grey come through slowly or want to keep it covered for longer.

Re-Energize Your Hair

Greys can come along with dryer, more brittle hair a lot of the time. This dye not only covers greys and gives you a fresh color, but will look after all your hair for maximum shine, softness, and volume.


  • Natural-looking grey coverage.
  • Healthy for hair.
  • Apply often with no damage.
  • No more brassy, dry hair.
  • Simple application.


  • It won’t cover a full head of greys completely.
  • More difficult to wash out than most semi-permanents.

10. Color X-Change

Best Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes - Color X-Change Semi-Permanent Hair Color

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For an easy, vegan, bright solution to your dull hair needs, Color-X has its fabulous semi-permanent. The Mood Of Blue is very out there yet versatile, won’t need mixing, and has none of that nasty smell, so you’re ready to go as soon as it’s dried!

A Pop Without The Bleach

For kids with medium brown hair and lighter, this dye is a fantastic way to satisfy their more outlandish hair desires without doing damage to virgin hair or their scalp. It can go right over light hair with no mixers or bleaching involved, and still come out happy and bright.

Fantastic Toner

A more underappreciated use for semi-permanent hair dye is an effective toner for brassy hair. This dye mixes perfectly with yellowing, frazzled hair when diluted. You can eliminate those damaged tones with no fuss.


  • It doesn’t bleed much for easy cleanup.
  • Fantastic pigment.
  • Your hair will be super soft and looking fab.
  • An effective toner.
  • No bleach needed for children.


  • Lasts the shortest time of these options.
  • Very hard to wash out of your scalp.

Our Conclusion

Semi-permanents often offer the best results in terms of color and shine. To make the most of your color you should look to lighten your hair as much as possible to reap the full rewards of the dye.

For someone like myself with very long and dark waves, a good semi-permanent should look after your locks and be able to repair any damage done by bleaching – or at least not cause any further frazzling. Add some extra color to your life with these amazing products. You might be surprised at just how much you love them!


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