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Last Updated on July 30, 2021 by Josh Desair

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Last Updated on July 30, 2021 by Josh Desair

rolling-weed-best rolling papersThere’s a wide variety of different ways to smoke your buds, including bongs, pipes, and vaporizers. However, papers are still one of the most popular ways to roll up. They’re simple and you can take a joint with you just about anywhere. You don’t have to worry about cleaning it like a pipe or bong, or breaking for that matter.

Not all rolling papers are made equal. Any potheads, stoners, medicators, or recreational users that have been at it for a while know the right kind of wrap makes all the difference in your smoking experience. There is nothing worse than a run in your joint causing an uneven burn potentially ruining your whole roll.

Before rolling your next doobie, check out this list we’ve put together for the best rolling papers on the market today. You won’t be left disappointed.

16 Best Rolling Papers in 2021

1. Skunk 1 1/4 Natural


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Can you imagine walking around and people relaying to you how stinky you are and putting out whatever you just rolled? In 1995, that’s exactly the way Orion felt when he would frequently roll his own. Even though everyone thought he stunk, it pushed the idea of Skunk rolling papers abroad, which has become one of the most popular rolling paper brands around.

Slow Steady Burn

Don’t waste another joint of weed when the wind blows your way, thanks to the slow-burning nature of these natural papers. The material they’re made from ensures a nice slow burn that entails all the wonderful flavors you’re hoping for from your product.

Large Quantity Pack

Even though these papers are slow-burning, you will find that you can hold onto them an extra-extra long time because the quantity in the package is an amazing 50. You can’t beat that quantity for the price point.

Cost and Value

We’re not going to pretend like these aren’t set at a good price. They just are, for containing 50 rolling papers in a pack, and the great Spaniard paper they’re made from – this is a value pack. Don’t be afraid to take the time to get the hang of rolling these stinky papers, because they are well worth it in the long run.


  • The brand has been around for a long time
  • Made from natural hemp paper
  • They aren’t the longest papers and definitely not the shortest, they’re spot on
  • Nice and thin


  • The glue can be inconsistent between papers

2. Hempire King Size


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If you’re looking for unique features in rolling papers, look no further than these Hempire King Size rolling papers; natural Arabic gum and completely tree-free. Save the ecosystem as you roll up your Dubie – the rolling paper that keeps on giving even long after you’ve smoked it.

They are the perfect thickness, and slightly thicker than most rolling papers. We’ll just say they’re right in between a blunt wrap and a joint paper, they live up to their king-size name. Hempire made it possible for you to get the bluntish feel without the toxins involved in actually smoking one.

Large in size

Hempire truly made a well-structured king-size hemp paper – these rolling papers are thicker than average but so smooth to smoke. Sizing up at a decent 106x54mm, they are great for beginner rollers and amazing for advanced rollers because you can fit so much product in them.

Truly Tree-Free

You have to try these out, as a treat for yourself at the least. They are made from quality tree-free hemp, making you a contributor to a healthy ecosystem. It’s like Hempire consciously knew that you wanted to do your part even while you rolled it up.

Cost and Value

These specific rolling papers do fall on the spendier side but are well worth it. As previously mentioned, you should at least try these as a treat for yourself – even though they are slightly more expensive than other brands, the thickness and quality of the paper make up for it.


  • High-quality packaging
  • No paper flavor while smoking
  • They’re made with love
  • Customers speak highly of this brand


  • A bit on the spendy side

3. Smoking Eco King Size


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If you’re in the mood for a fancier version of rolling papers, that you can tip your hat to, you should opt for these high-quality Smoking Eco papers. Made with premium materials, specifically the gum that is made directly from the Acacia plant that is organically grown in Central Africa.

This might be the longest-standing brand on our list(hence the high quality) Smoking Eco originated in 1929 and even though the first roll-your-own first was founded in 1614, Smoking Eco has tried hard to keep the original recipe to keep that same experience of a perfect roll-your-own.

Great Reputation

Try one out and you’ll see why these papers have lasted so long, it’s as if Smoking Eco just knows what roll-your-own consumers want in their papers. This brand has long withstood an ever-growing market, upholding their tried and true values as a company – quality and performance matter.

The logo and packaging is inviting

The logo that Hempire presents on their packaging is just too attractive to not mention here; with earth tones, a fancy feel, and old-school imagery. You have to admit that the way the package unfolds in your hands or the way it makes you feel when you pull your paper out matters!

Cost and Value

I’m not going to say these are the most inexpensive packages of hemp rollies on the market, but they are well worth the buy. In fact, the company has withstood being priced a little higher for many years – we believe people are just willing to pay more for high-quality papers.


  • Made from eco-friendly %100 hemp fibers
  • Beginner rolling friendly
  • The gum used is non-toxic
  • Burns slowly


  • Only 33 in one package

4. Cheech and Chong 1 1/4


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If you’re like most folks out there when the name Cheech and Chong is mentioned you’ll laugh out loud or at least giggle to yourself, you know these amazing stoners well. And this time Cheech and Chong have brought to you their version of rolling papers – and they know how to roll it up.

A perfect slow-even burn that is constructed from high-quality natural hemp. Cheech and Chong would love nothing more than to share the love with you during an all-natural smoke-sesh. They even placed a variety of images on each package filled with sweet rolling papers.

Unique Pictures on Every Package

If you get the box of 25 then you will be pleased with the 12 completely different pictures of these two heroes to the cannabis world. The designs will make you smile and laugh at best – they end up being the life of any party.

Smooth to roll

Your favorite duo knows how to roll it up, I mean, that is what they became famous for. They have a profound skill in what and how the perfect rolling papers should burn – as everyone say’s evenly slow! These rolling papers ensure the product inside of your paper does not get wasted.

Cost and Value

The cost of these come out to be a well worth it upscale rolling paper, remember that you’re getting the picture, the burn quality, and the materials for this price point. You can’t go wrong when you side with Cheech and Chong, go ahead try them out.


  • You can’t beat the one-of-a-kind imagery on the packages
  • Made from all-natural hemp
  • Customers speak highly about these rolling papers
  • The way they burn is very smooth


  • The price point is slightly high

5. Club Modiano Bistro


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Presenting to you some of the best rolling papers around, that have been around for many years by Club Modiano Bistro. This brand is well-established and continues to make way in the recreational smoking industry – founded before 1884.

Modiano is the OG in the roll-your-own world, and with that, they bring tried-and-true quality in their products. Made in Spain with care, designed for you to have the best smoking experience in your life.

No Gum or Additives

In top-quality organic rolling papers you will find that no additives have been included in the product – no additives mean that the burn is a lot better which is the rule Modiano abides by. You won’t be getting any undesirable chemicals or additives in these papers – not even the gum.

They taste pure

Sometimes rolling papers can have this gross taste along with them when you inhale them, and Club Modiano Bistro’s rolling papers do not have this, fortunately. You will find little to no taste(if any) throughout the entire joint. This optimizes the flavor and taste of the product you wish to enjoy.

Cost and Value

These papers really stand out on the price point, in a good way! In order for a company to last as many years as Modiano has – they have to sell their products at a price customers are willing to buy over and over again. Modiano has satisfied customers for years, and will continue to do so by selling their products at a solid price point.


  • Ungummed and still stick well
  • The company sources quality hemp and know their facts
  • Leave virtually no ash or residue
  • Additive and chemical-free


  • The adhesive will slightly taper off if you try to re-smoke it

6. Trip 2 King Size

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When you roll up with these king-size Trip King rolling papers from Brazil- you get the benefits of inhaling high-quality eucalyptus leaves while you blaze. If you tend to have more sensitive lungs, these may be the rolling papers made for you as they provide healing along with smoking because of the tannins in the leaves.

Trip King ensures that you have a smooth smoking session every time, from rolling it up to lighting it, to finishing the last drag.


These papers are great for people who love to observe their herb or tobacco and those who appreciate the beauty of how nicely it can be rolled – see-through papers are the best, seriously! It doesn’t get any better than looking down at your herb as it slowly burns.

No-Gum Paper

These are no gum rolling papers so if you haven’t yet used this type of rolling papers you may be learning something completely new. Congrats! Yet, if you’re an avid rolling paper master you probably will love how convenient the eucalyptus works with the no-gum style.

Cost and Value

These see-through rolling papers fall in at a great value, the price is inexpensive and you get a high quantity in each package. You’ll be happy to have this pack since it will last such a long time with the high count of 40 rolling papers per package!


  • They’re all natural
  • Great slow burn
  • Sticky even without the gum
  • Delivery is fast and discreet


  • There might be a slight learning curve to mastering the perfect roll
  • If you want a small joint it may be too long

7. Raw Unrefined Classic 1.25

Raw Unrefined Classic 1.25 1 14 Size Cigarette Rolling Papers-Best Rolling Papers

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Like in most cases, the classic is always the best. These rolling papers are ultra-thin so that it’s not too harsh on your throat, yet it’s surprisingly a slow burner as well. At 1 ¼ size, you can easily roll a fat one, even if you’re not the best roller in the group. The pack is small and easy to store so you can keep a pack with you at all times to ensure that you always have the proper tools to blaze whenever the occasion calls for it.


The rolling papers are so thin they are almost translucent. They are also 100% unbleached, which not only gives them a natural light brown color, but it also ensures that you’re not inhaling all types of toxins. The papers are made of all natural, vegan material and feature natural gum for sticking.

Prevents Runs

There is nothing that can ruin a joint more than a run on one side of the cigarette that has burned halfway up. To prevent this problem, Raw has designed these rolling papers with a Criss Cross watermark on each sheet for a more even burn.

Cost and Value

Papers are pretty inexpensive to begin with but you definitely get your money’s worth with these. You get 50 sheets per pack and the taste is clean, pure and natural.


  • Unbleached fibers
  • Constructed to prevent runs
  • Natural Gum
  • Slow burn


  • Gum can dry out and not stick

8. Raw Organic Cone Pack

RAW Organic Unrefined Pre-Rolled Cone 32 Pack (1 14 Size)-Best Rolling Papers

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If you love smoking freshly rolled cigarettes but are horrible at rolling, then these are perfect for you. There are those people that can roll a perfect joint with one hand, and then there are the others who roll them too loose, or uneven or just break them with every try. These pre-rolled cones with tips take all the hard work out of rolling.


These pre-rolled cone papers make rolling a cigarette easier than ever. All you have to do is make sure the buds are broken down then simply fill the cone. Each cone features a tip and comes in a protective box to make sure they keep their form.

All Natural

Raw has a long history of making vegan rolling papers, and although these are vegan free, you can still count on a chemical free product. These papers are made of natural, chlorine free, unrefined, organic hemp paper in order to give you a smooth and additive free smoke.

Cost and Value

These may be the most expensive on the list, but they are also the easiest to roll. These are great because anyone can use them, whether you know how to roll or not. The box they come in is pretty cool and can be used to hold your rolled cigarettes as well.


  • Makes rolling easy
  • Made of natural hemp paper
  • Windmill powered


  • Paper can burn fast

9. Zig-Zag Ultra-Thin 1.25

Zig-Zag Ultra-Thin Cigarette Rolling Papers, 1 14 Size-Best Rolling Papers

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This company has been around for over 100 years and is synonymous with smoking weed. Often referred to as oranges or whites, because of the color of the pack for the two different sizes, these ultra-thin papers may soon take over as the most popular style.


Zig-Zag was first founded in 1855 and they continue to be one of the most well-known companies for producing high-quality cigarette papers. You can count on a good, even smoke with no runs.


You have to produce some pretty good quality products if you want to be around for more than 150 years. These rolling papers are made with natural gum Arabic and are ultra-thin, which helps get rid of that burnt paper taste.

Cost and Value

With Zig-Zags, you know you are getting great quality rolling papers. They do cost a little bit more than other rolling papers, but not by much. I’ve experimented with several different types of rolling papers but always come back to the original.


  • Great quality
  • Slow burn
  • Dependable


  • May not be as thin as other brands

10. Juicy Jay’s 1.25 Variety Pack

Juicy Jay's Mixed 1 14 Flavored Cigarette Rolling Papers Variety Pack-Best Rolling Papers

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If you like to add a little more flavor to your smoke, then these cigarette papers are for you. When the resin builds up at the end of the joint as you smoke, it can leave a weird taste in your mouth. Not everyone is a fan of that taste, even if it is high-grade premium buds.

Great Flavors

You get to pick from a wide variety of great flavors, including very cherry, blueberry, grape, maple syrup, bubble gum, and green apple. Unlike other flavored rolling papers, in which only the gum strip contains flavor, the whole paper tastes great.


These flavored papers were created in an effort to enhance your smoking experience and really bring out the natural flavors. They go through a triple-dip process that ensures that the whole paper contains the flavor.

Cost and Value

They come in the mid-price range compared to the other rolling papers on this list, which is not bad considering the quality. They taste better than most other flavored rolling papers on the market and they also burn well.


  • Comes in a wide variety of flavors
  • Triple-dipped flavoring system
  • Soy-based ink and natural gum


  • Glue may not stick well

11. Elements 300 Ultra-Thin

ELEMENTS 300 Ultra-Thin Rice Rolling Paper 1.25 1 14 Size-Best Rolling Papers

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If you’re all about keeping it natural and trying to avoid chemicals as much as possible, then these ultra-thin rice papers are for you. One of the best things about rice-based rolling papers is that they not only burn slower but can also be made thinner than traditional rolling paper.


These rolling papers come crease-less, which means that you can fold and roll the cigarette as fat as you desire. It’s designed to burn slow and smooth, while leaving no paper ash, except for the sweet caramel from the sugar-based gum.

All Natural

You’ll find that these papers are thinner than most and that is because it’s made from pure rice paper. The gum is made from sugar and contains no chemicals or chlorine, allowing for smooth tokes. It’s like smoking from a pipe with the convenience of a joint.

Cost and Value

For such great quality, it’s surprisingly one of the least expensive on the list. You get 300 sheets with every pack and because it is pressed so thin, it produces a real slow burn, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your smoke.


  • All natural
  • Slow burn


  • Papers may stick together if improperly stored

12. Elements Ultra-Thin Cone

Elements Ultra-Thin-Best Rolling Papers

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Here you don’t just get rice paper- you get 5 meters worth of quality, ultra-thin rice paper for the professional and avid smoker who wants a clean drag.

Key features

If you are looking for a way to choose the exact size of your roll, then look no further! Elements has created a more reliable and reusable way to roll, using rice paper. There is a watermark on the paper to guide the burning for an even smoke and prevents runs, and you can refill the roll when you are done!

Cost and Value

For five meters and a refillable roller, you are looking at fantastic value and save money on papers in the future!


  • You can roll king size without a need for a cone
  • Rice paper = a slow burn and mild additional taste
  • Ultra-thin paper leaves your mouth focused on the Kush and less focused on the paper-tainted taste. Additionally rice paper is easier to roll into a multitude of sizes.
  • Cheap refills available in multi-packs


  • Straight watermarks rarely work efficiently
  • Rice paper tears easily and sometimes requires a sticking agent

13. Natural Mystic Pre-rolled

Natural Mystic Pre-rolled-best Rolling Papers

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This extremely affordable, niche brand only serves the more high-quality, organic paper and focuses on having a perfectly clean smoke session

Key feature

If you are looking for 100% natural then look no further, Natural Mystic lives up to its name with unbleached paper, dried naturally with no pesticide use. The run preventing watermark is extremely effective, using a crisscross pattern.

Cost and Value

Each 100% recyclable container holds 100 cones. Additionally, it is highly rated and reviewed on Amazon.


  • Organic paper and glue creates a clean taste
  • Affordable and organic
  • No plastic packaging- no smoking session is complete without feeling like you’re at one with nature
    Roll not sticking together? No need to run to your cupboard for honey, these pre-rolled cones are fitted with organic glue which is “tasteless”- it doesn’t matter how pure your weed is if
  • Hemp paper is a smooth, earthy taste and smell


  • Medium to High burn rate
  • Difficult to find in-store
  • No brand website

14. CannaBoost Papers w/ Terpenes

CANNABOOST Papers With Terpenes-best rolling papers

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If rolling with just about anything that’s cheap and readily available ain’t your bag, you care about the balance of burn rate, paper flavor and clarity- all the while boosting your high with lined paper, then you have found your next saving grace- Cannaboost Terpene flavored wraps. If you love the natural smell of pine, lemongrass, citrus, mint or rosemary then you have come to the right place! Terpene papers are found in all these scents-or should I say, are the cause of these scents- and what better to assist your high than blissful citrus or pine aroma? So get back to nature and improve your smokation with Cannaboost papers!

Key features

CANNABOOST’s lined terpene maximizes your high, its terpene addition creates the entourage effect we all know and love- which magnifies the therapeutic effects of the sweet Kush you are smoking. To get scientific for a moment- the molecular structure of terpene being vaporous means the first sense to be tantalized is the smell. While all scents are caused by floating molecules, terpenes are highly-concentrated and pungent, creating the long-lasting fruity or earthy smells you love. Strains included are as follows: Dutch- Jack Herer, Zkittles and Classic Clementine

Cost and Value

Coming just over two USD for one (when purchased in bulk) these papers are not for someone looking for a cheap high. However, if you have quality in mind, you have come to the right place!


  • King Sized
  • Strained with Jack Herer, this half Sativa hybrid is known as absolute bliss to behold


  • Terpene papers are not the same as regular scented papers- they may override the taste
  • Higher price range (For higher quality terpene concentration)
  • Clementine does her very best to dry your mouth
  • Check site info for the specific terpene flavoring (e.g Caryophyllene) to avoid unexpected couch-lock

15. Wiz Khalifa Raw Classic

Wiz Khalifa RAW Classic-Rolling Papers

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This lesser-known, limited edition pack is small but mighty, with an endless array for 5-star reviews on Amazon and online distributors alike. As their second most popular product behind their foot long-yes, really- pre-rolled cone, you can be sure this cult-favorite brand won’t disappoint. The Wiz Khalifa X RAW range also expands to pre-rolled XL cones, tips as well as classic medium-sized papers.

Key feature

Sometimes classic papers are a must- no extravagance, just a simple clear-cut joint. Luckily for you, this Wiz Khalifa L.I pack is a dope design, yet maintains its high quality and reliability through its original RAW papers

Cost and Value

Each paper pack has a built-in roller, and if purchased in the three-pack a free kewl tube is included- which is a great addition to a low-price yet highly rated brand. And yet, this multi (LOUD) pack is limited edition!


  • Limited Edition
  • Consistently high ratings
  • Cool designs with durable and highly rated RAW classic papers
  • Free packing stick AND kewl tube
  • 100% natural and unbleached


  • Rare multipack
  • Not ultra-thin papers

16. Kobawa $100 Bills

KOBAWA $100 Bills-best rolling papers

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If you’re looking for a bit of novelty, or just to impress your friends, then try Kobawa’s $100 bill papers. Kobawa still maintains one of the best repertoires of novelty papers, so if you’re going for cheesy, you might as well do it right- it’s what Benny would have wanted

Key feature

This finely printed 100 dollar bill looks like the real deal and gives a bachelor party- or just a chill evening with a couple of friends some flare. While some novelty cones/papers slip through safety checks, Kobawa’s bills have safety-tested water-based ink so you don’t need to worry about what you’re inhaling besides weed.

Cost and Value

Looking at a couple of bucks for an entire pack of 10 is even cheaper than some rice paper brands out there. That plus the added hilarity makes these hundies as affordable as you can get. They might as well be dollar bills- but I guess that just wouldn’t work


  • Great for events
  • Safety Tested
  • Water-based non-toxic print
  • Sugar glue


  • Not 100% natural due to printing “ink”
  • Vegetable paper is tougher to roll and not a recommended rolling paper type
  • I would not recommend if you actually want to convince people you roll with $100s- if so, just make sure they’re at least 3ft away.

Our Conclusion

As smoking becomes more mainstream, you’ll find that more companies are trying to cash in and make bud-related products, and rolling papers is one of them. The great thing about rolling joints is that they are so convenient. Whether you are going to the park, concert, or just hanging out over a friend’s house, you can always roll a quick cigarette and enjoy.

The market is filled with dozens of different types of rolling paper and picking the right paper shouldn’t be as difficult as picking the right strain. Here we have reviewed and compared the best rolling papers for you so you can spend your time doing what you like best, chilling out and having a smoke.

More About Rolling Papers

blunt glue-rolling paper adhesive

Try This All Natural Rolling Adhesive

When it comes to rolling, the type of glue, filter, and paper will change how fast the spliff burns as well as the general flavor- but the most imperative factor in your spliff components is the paper- the binding material which holds gods glory in all its bliss. A bad paper choice can ruin the spliff, but a bad glue choice merely changes the taste. So, let’s delve into rolling paper, its qualities and which one is right for you! – See more rolling products.

Different kinds of rolling paper

rolling papers

See More Types Of Rolling Papers

While you can craft a roll out of any kind of paper, that’s going to land you in some neck of the woods that you don’t want to be in. An emergency makeshift roll out of regular paper strained with ink can be dangerous to inhale. Rolling paper is not another marketing ploy- it exists for a reason. Not only can it influence the run and burn out of your spliff, but it can enhance or add scents including terpene to take you on a direct train to flavourtown™. When searching for a product of choice, you may come across straight rolling papers, usually found in gum-sized packs, as well as freeroll and pre-made cones.

What is it made from?

Rice Paper-best rolling papers

All Natural Rice Paper

Typically, rolling papers are made from hemp, rice paper, wood pulp or flax. Each has its own unique properties which can be tailored to your needs, as well as disadvantages. Hemp paper is the most widely used paper, created from the hemp leaf itself, it contains no additional unauthentic taste- what better lined with weed than weed? Essentially, each kind of paper is created from a natural substance and either ground or diluted down- then dried flat to form paper. While some people may find little interest in rolling papers due to the lesser health risks of marijuana compared to tobacco- you may be surprised at the dangers of bleached, unnatural papers. Most papers you come across will be natural and unbleached- but be cautious as there are some heavily bleached ones finding their way online. It’s like lining a salad with processed cheese slices, counter-productive.

Choosing the right paper

It doesn’t matter how natural or finely ground your weed is if you are going to taint and override your senses. Choosing the wrong paper and glue (sticking agent) may be detrimental to the taste, and smell.

Smoking Big Joint - best rolling papers

Check Out Pre-Rolled Cones

Firstly, you want to ask what you want from your joint? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all paper, but there will always be something available for your specific needs. Try the general rule of thumb- Taste, Smell, Burn Rate and Roll-ability. There are papers which match strains, papers created for the use of terpenes, pre-made cones and alike. Try to find the right balance for your wants and needs- there is an array of helpful guides for you online. The key rule to remember: if you only want the taste of weed, go for thinner papers.

You also want to be realistic with yourself- don’t go for blunt wraps unless you have a steady hand. Don’t go for rice paper if you frequently miscalculate twists.


hemp rolling papers-best rolling papers

See More Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp is a classic, timeless piece that was a game-changer for the tobacco world. The Shawshank Redemption of papers. And boy does it redeem itself. Beginner, intermediate or the guy who taught Seth Rogen that there’s money to be made in weed, hemp papers are for everyone. It is the most neutral of papers and widely used- its burn rate is not too fast or slow, its taste not to strong nor tasteless, while you may sacrifice these qualities for others in the rest of the papers.

Rice paper can be nearly translucent. Its faster burn time is caused by its ultra-thin width and mild (but natural) starch traces via production. It is tough to roll but not necessarily tough to roll- in that the paper is thin and easily mouldable, but its thin breadth means one twist too many may cause a tear- or better yet- an unground bud poking through. On the theme of easily mouldable, rice paper rolls are produced by Elements™ (as seen above) where you can cut and style a spliff of any length you desire. I would recommend YouTubing a video on its production- you’ll be impressed and have a new appreciation for the behind-the-scenes of your smoking session.

Wood/wood pulp sounds exactly like what you think it would be made from. It creates a tough, textured roll with rich earthy undertones however can be harder to twist. However, when rolled it’s less likely to go anywhere, and burns evenly.

Flax nobody likes flax. The collective population decided we are over it.

Terpene or not Terpene?

terpenes-best rolling papers

See Available Terpene Blends

Ever strolled through a forest and are engrossed by the instant fresh, natural smell of pine- the forest transforms into Christmas morning as a child sat by the decorated tree, or in your friends’ car chilling, noticing the Royal Pine air freshener hanging from the rear-view mirror? What I am talking about here is a scent given off by nature- and these little molecules called Terpenes are the cause. When rolling a joint and terpenes are involved, your first sense will be triggered via its smell- terpenes are essential oils which are 100% natural and enhance the joints taste, smell and relaxing properties. They are the endorphins of the weed world, and you just may have been missing out a key ingredient of your trip if they have gone unnoticed!

What do we recommend?

weed joints- best rolling papers

Like Flavored Rolling Papers?

Buying in bulk is the most affordable way to roll, however, if you are someone who likes to switch gears occasionally this is not a good idea, as most multi boxes range from fifty to one hundred packs. If you are a beginner but have previously smoked tobacco, rice paper is a good transitional wrap due to its familiar taste and consistency- however, get someone to roll for you because rice paper certainly requires a steady hand. You could also start out by using cigarette or cigar blunts- empty your packaged cigarette, use a similar width pencil and gently push it in. Once you feel more familiar with the rolling process (or you are a beginner with no tobacco practice,) move to hemp paper for an au naturel experience. For more advanced weed connoisseurs, try high-quality rice paper with terpene additions for a well-rounded and fully enhanced trip. If you feel like more of a challenge, try wood paper- a more poignant material taste but certainly worth it due to its earthy texture and longer burn rate.


Try to find a balance and focus on what you wish to get out of your session, based on your experience as well as likes and dislikes flavor-wise, but in all cases, go for 100% natural, unbleached papers (and let’s not forget about the glue which comes with it!)


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