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Last Updated on January 10, 2021 by Aileen Valdivia

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Last Updated on January 10, 2021 by Aileen Valdivia

Best Plant Nutrients - Intro ImageEvery now and then we may notice our plants in a struggle to survive. Most of the time this is because they lack the nutrients they need to thrive. With the proper plant additives, any plant can live longer, grow bigger, and produce better.

Whether it be the chemical, man-made plant nutrients or something you have made on your own, knowing what your plant needs in order to strive at its best is important and really a bit fulfilling.

You don’t have to have a green thumb in order to grow plump tomatoes or large heavy buds. Below you will read about 10 different nutrients that you can use for your plants or even take from to make your own concoction that better suits your gardening needs.

10 Best Plant Nutrients in 2021

1. Osmocote Plus Smart-Release

Osmocote Plus Smart-Release-Best Plant Nutrients and Fertilizers

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Osmocote Plus Smart-Release is a great nutrient for any plant stage. It has eleven essential nutrients that allow the plant to strive for up to six months and is great for indoor or outdoor gardens. Whether your plant is in its seedling stage or its fruit-bearing stage, this product will not burn them if used as directed.

Chemical or Organic?

Although it is not said to be 100% organic, many of the ingredients are natural nutrients and consist of non-toxic additives. You can use this plant food to slowly feed your plants as each bead of food is covered in a resin that slowly releases the food to your plant.

Great for what plants?

This is perfect for those indoor plants or hanging plants on the porch. Any time you have plants that may get neglected at times and may not get watered as often, these smart release beads help feed your plant for half a year and do better than foods that require weekly use for those busy people. They are also great for many flowers and small herbs!


  • Lasts up to six months
  • Extended-release beads won’t burn your plants
  • Comes in a large bag so can do large planting areas
  • Great for indoor or outdoor plants


  • Garden has to be fed again in six months
  • Left with beads that are void of nutrients

2. Schultz Plant Food Plus

Schultz All Purpose-Best Plant Nutrients and Fertilizers

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If you want a plant food that is something great that you can just add to your watering pot, this is definitely the one! Add a few drops of the 10-15-10 when you go to water your plants and it will feed them while they get a drink. Your indoor and outdoor plants will thrive while the Schultz Plant Food Plus does all the work.

What stage is ideal for usage?

Although it is an all-purpose feeder, this plant food is best for rooting and starting new plants. It helps for repotting and transplanting and can be used while you water your plants. When you use a nutrient like this, you can use it more in the beginning and choose something with different levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium depending on what you are growing and what your ideal outcomes may be.

Use while Rerooting

If you want to transplant or reroot a plant, the shock can be quite detrimental to it. Sometimes, the process can even make or break what you are growing. Make sure to be prepared with the right supplements for things like this. This product is great to add to the water that you will use to water your newly rerooted plant. It will keep it strong and help with your garden’s immune system. Whether you are germinating or transplanting, adding a plant food like this is great for your crops.


  • Convenient eye dropper that makes measuring easy
  • Can be added to water or plant itself
  • In liquid form, so you don’t have to use as much
  • Doesn’t have a strong smell
  • Great for long term use


  • Shipped carelessly at times so some may leak or be broken
  • This one is only a 4oz so may need a bigger bottle for larger gardens

3. Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus

Botanicare CAL-MAG Plus-Best Plant Nutrients and Fertilizers

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Are your plants lacking color or perkiness? Do they droop and struggle to create healthy roots? Consider adding some Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus to your watering routine. This liquid fertilizer is enriched with calcium, magnesium, and iron, all things that plants need in order to create the best fruit or flower possible. Other reviews have even shown how much it has helped their cannabis plants. It truly can help your many different plants thrive. In fact, you can even add this to the other nutrients or additives you may use for your plants.

Safe for edible food?

Because this plant nutrient is enriched with calcium, magnesium, and iron, these are all things that can make an edible plant taste or look its best. Some fruits and veggies require those extra vitamins in order to get as big or colorful as they should. Nothing is worse than growing tomatoes that are lacking in luster and size. Unless you plan on growing cherry tomatoes forever, adding Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus could be the answer to the big steak tomatoes you’ve been wanting for that BLT sandwich for so long.

Why is calcium so important for plants?

Calcium is important because it holds the cell walls in a plant together. It also helps with keeping soil and nutrients balanced. When a plant is getting enough calcium, the roots are stronger, the new buds form more often, and the plant’s water penetration is improved.


  • It can be added with other fertilizers and plant food
  • Large bottle so goes a long way
  • Adds extra nutrients to plants so they grow at maximum capacity
  • In liquid form so can be diluted and added to the watering regimen


  • There are some off-brands that pose as Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus, so need to make sure all of the advertisement is read
  • May be shipped carelessly, off brands claiming to be Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus, have been known to arrive empty and/or spilled out

4. General Hydroponics CaliMagic

General Hydroponics CALiMAGic-Best Plant Nutrients and Fertilizers

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This calcium-magnesium supplement is a great additive for those plants that are lacking and in need of that extra boost. Because it contains very low levels of nitrogen, the risk of burning your plants go down drastically. If your plants are getting spots and starting to discolor, try this supplement for them and watch as they perk up right before your eyes.

Is it better to use this with soil or hydroponic growth?

Although this solution is suggested for hydroponic systems, it is also great for soil systems as well! Just add it to your watering regimen and watch as the plants get bigger and brighter. It’s worth adding calcium and magnesium to your plants in any system, whether it be soil or hydro growing, every plant has a chance of needing those extra vitamins to make sure they grow at their very best.

Safe to use with other plant supplements or fertilizers?

Because it is a supplement and not a fertilizer, this product is great to use with other supplements and fertilizers. Many gardens and crops require extra supplements to make them grow better, look better, or even taste better. This supplement can give your plants the extra boost that they need!


  • Fast-acting plant nutrient that has low levels of nitrogen
  • Specified for certain needs
  • Can add to water regimen and other nutrients
  • Comes in a large bottle, so can last a long time


  • Does have nitrogen in it so may not be able to use it with just any plant
  • May leak during shipping

5. SuperThrive VI30162

SUPERthrive VI30162-Best Plant Nutrients and Fertilizers

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This non-toxic plant nutrient is used to help with rooting, transplanting, and maintaining your plants. Whether you are moving those old bushes to the end of the walkway or you are reviving your new plants that have poor roots, SuperThrive is the vitamin solution to use. Plants sometimes require a lot of care and supplements to keep them alive. Especially, if the water or dirt that it is in lacks many of the much-needed things to grow big and strong. Like people, plants need those extra nutrients to do their best. That being said, SuperThrive is a great addition to any gardener’s arsenal.

Vitamins are important

Whether you are planting flowers or fruits and veggies for the family, making sure that your garden receives the best care and best vitamins possible is important. When you feed freshly grown vegetables to your family, you want to know they are grown with the best vitamins possible in order for those fruits and veggies to produce the best possible outcome. Not all dirt can provide your crop with the nutrients they need, so adding non-toxic supplements to your plants can give you adequate production without risking the taste or color.

What’s in it?

There are many vitamins included in this concentrate. Some include nutrients from kelp, as well as calcium, magnesium, and the hormone 1-Naphthyl acetic acid. This allows for the stimulation of plant hormones that make the plant grow stronger and bigger. It is a non-toxic solution that is great for hydroseeding or even spraying foliage.


  • Concentrated so doesn’t require a lot to do the job
  • Packed full of nutrients that help your plants with the shock of movement
  • Non-toxic
  • Replenishes soil
  • Because it is not a fertilizer, it can be used alongside other additives.


  • Not a fertilizer, only an additive
  • Some sellers may dilute the SuperThrive, leaving you with a watered-down plant vitamin solution. Be sure to only buy from trusted merchants.

6. Miracle-Gro All Purpose

Best Plant Nutrients - Miracle Gro All Purpose

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If you need an all-purpose fertilizer that you want to enrich your soil with, this is a great one to choose! It is water-soluble and helps your plants grow bigger and better! Nearly 1400 satisfied users (people who have actually tried the product) have rated Miracle-Gro’s water-soluble all-purpose plant food very near to a 5/5. I’d say the reviews and satisfied growers speak for themselves.

What stage to use this

Miracle grow is always best used in the beginning stages of growth and then cut off by the flowering stage. This keeps the plants from burning and also from tasting like they shouldn’t. Although you can use it in any stage, make sure not to overfeed your plants when you do. You can use many water-soluble supplements with this all-purpose fertilizer.

What is in it that makes it so special?

Being a 24-8-16 mix, this particular plant food is high in nitrogen, as well as phosphorus and potassium, allowing for your plants to grow bigger and more fruitful. Although you have to feed your plants once a week or every other week, you don’t need to continue to use it throughout the whole growth in order to see it’s benefits. This food is just that for your plants, giving them the vitamins and nutrients that they crave and need most.


  • Great for all-purpose needs.
  • Water-soluble so it can be added to your watering regimen
  • Comes in a convenient box and last a while
  • You can use this to feed your plant every week or other week
  • Starts to work immediately


  • May burn plants
  • More chemical based

7. Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

Best Plant Nutrients - Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

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To be used during the bloom phase, this liquid fertilizer has every nutrient needed in order for your plants to grow at their best. Guaranteed to make any gardener happy, using these advanced nutrients will ensure your buds get bigger, your fruit to be more plump, and your flowers to be more vibrant (Brilliant, Right?). Best used as an additive, this liquid fertilizer helps strengthen your plants’ immune system and you don’t need much of it!

Liquid vs. solid fertilizer

Liquid fertilizers can often be a better choice when you want to ensure that your plants are getting the full effect of the additive. Sometimes more solid forms of fertilizers make it much harder for the soil to absorb and often have a more pungent scent. It often only takes a few drops to capfuls per gallon of water with this product, so a little goes a long way. This can help save money, and ensure that your plants are getting the vitamins and nutrients they need.

For indoor and outdoor plants

Because the smell of this liquid fertilizer isn’t as strong as other solid fertilizers, it can be used inside and outside. It is also a great water additive and works well in hydroponic systems. Whether you need this for your flower bed around the house or your greenhouse you have indoors, this is a great liquid to start with!


  • Strengthens plants immune system
  • Don’t need a lot to work
  • Specified for plants that are high in nitrogen like cannabis and tomatoes.
  • Convenient jug
  • Rates high with the cannabis growers


  • Container is smaller than expected
  • No real directions on the container
  • Not real list of ingredients
  • A bit expensive

8. General Hydroponics Flora Set

Best Plant Nutrients - General Hydroponics Flora Set

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If you want to keep the guessing game out of growing, the General Hydroponics Flora combo fertilizer set is one way to be properly prepared. Whether you are trying to enhance your seedlings, strengthen roots, or creating bigger buds, this set has a plant fertilizer for each step. Each bottle is labeled and has descriptive information and instructions on how or when to use each bottle. If used only as an additive, this set is a great one to keep handy.

A set?

That’s right, you are provided with a whole set and directions that help you learn what your plants may need and in what stage they require them. This is a great fertilizer set for beginners as well as veteran growers. When you buy the “Flora’s” together as such, you save money and time, not having to worry about ordering that next stages additive. Make your plants happy and try out this effective and highly commended combo fertilizer set. You owe it to yourself and your (plants).

What makes each bottle different from the other?

The 2-1-6 mixture has notes of nitrogen and high phosphorus levels to help with rooting and immune health. This mixture is a great start to many vegetable and cannabis crops and allows room for adjustment. The 5-0-1 micronutrients are very high in nitrogen with notes of phosphorus. This is great for plants that require more nutrients to strive. For example, the tomato and the cannabis plant require high levels of nitrogen to create bigger more plump fruits or buds. Finally, there is the 0-5-4 Flora Bloom or the secondary additive. This has no nitrogen and high levels of potassium and phosphorus. This is a great addition to any plant’s flowering stage.


  • Labeled well and easy to follow steps
  • Strengthens roots and creates bigger better flowers.
  • Three different levels of nutrients, making it easier to adjust plants


  • A bit expensive for the size
  • May leak upon delivery
  • Can’t use alone, should probably should be used along with other nutrients.

9. EarthPods Organic Capsules

Best Plant Nutrients - EarthPods Organic Capsules

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If you want a great eco-friendly way to feed your plants, Earth Pods premium indoor plant capsules are a way to do the job. Each container has 100 capsules and using them is as simple as pushing them into the dirt near the root system of your plants. The capsule will slowly dissolve and release the fertilizer into your plants system. Because they are made with a lot of organic ingredients, EarthPods are child and pet safe as well as convenient and easy to use. They are used for all purpose reasons and 100 capsules can feed a single houseplant for up to 5 years!

Good for the environment

When we grow our plants and vegetables, we are enjoying what mother nature has to offer. Why not take care of her while she takes care of us? No more using chemicals to risk burning your plants. A simple capsule keeps the guessing game out of measuring and makes sure that your plant gets the nutrients in a time released way, saving money and time!

Convenient container

In a biodegradable cylinder like container, each one has 100 capsules ready to use. You can reuse them if you like and they are safe for the environment. Using organic supplements for your garden is a great way to help the environment and keep your plants safe from harmful chemicals. Safe for children, pets, and can be recycled!


  • Made with organic materials
  • In convenient package
  • No mess or spilled liquids
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to use


  • Better for house plants
  • Harder to ensure the root gets the nutrients
  • Takes a little longer to get to the plant

10. Bloomingo Jungle Juice

Best Plant Nutrients - Bloomingo Jungle Juice

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Jungle Juice is perfect for keeping your plants healthy and happy. Once you have your plants all settled in, add this product to your watering regimen and watch your plants flourish. With natural Norwegian seaweed, this fertilizer includes microorganisms that help with soil health and root strength. Being organic, it is safe around pets and can be used as an additive as well. Expect quick results with this all-purpose plant food.

Why is fertilizer important?

A lot of different soils and clays come with nutrients already. However, plants will use those up or require different levels of each mineral. Some plants require more nitrogen, like tomatoes or cannabis, where other plants may require more potassium or phosphorus. Every plant is different and when it needs that nutrient, the best thing to do is use a liquid fertilizer or supplement.

Does fertilizer make that much of a difference?

Oh yes! When farmers started using it many years ago, the outcomes were positive more times than not. Flowers grow bigger, plants grow more plump, and buds get fuller and more potent. Fertilizer adds nutrients and vitamins to any planting source, whether it be water or soil and is great to add to any flower or vegetable.


  • Convenient container
  • Safe to use with other plant nutrients
  • Great for indoor plants
  • Organic and free of man-made chemicals


  • Small, so may require more if your garden is large
  • Because it is an all-purpose fertilizer, it may not help specific problems your plants may have.

Our Conclusion

Just because you never were able to keep a plant alive while growing up, doesn’t mean you have to give up. There are all kinds of plant nutrients that you can use to help your plant. Sometimes it can be, the process of elimination, when trying to find the right supplements for your flowers and fruit. Don’t always count something out just because you didn’t see your plants perk up right away. Remember to follow the directions carefully when using plant additives, as they can burn and destroy plants in a moments notice. Whether you are looking for a supplement to add to your plant food or a plant nutrient that you want to use long term, always be sure to research what your plants need.


More About Plant Nutrients

Plant nutrients are important for any garden or grow house. Similar to the vitamins the human body needs, they are basically vitamins for your plants. Whether you want to grow beautiful flowers or plump, crystal-covered buds, plant nutrients are the way to go. Some create their own compost or fertilizer, but that can be a bit messy and has to be tended to often. Not to mention the smell can be a bit pungent! So what do you get when you don’t want to make compost but you want the best-looking flowers possible? Below you will read about the many things you will need to ask yourself before choosing the right plant supplements and food.

What plants do you need these nutrients for?

The first question is, what plants are you going to be using your nutrients for? This is important because different plants require a different amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, or even sulfur or potassium. Of course, there are other important minerals that some need more or less of and that is why determining which plant you need “plant food” for is important. Be sure to do a little bit of research about the plant’s needs and determine how to balance them in order to make yours a happy and healthy one!

When does your plant require nutrients?

Knowing when your plant needs extra nutrients is important. When it begins to wilt, sag, the leaves turn up or turn white, or even begin to fall off of it, these are its way of telling you they need something extra or are lacking specific nutrients to strive. It can be as simple as watering them too much or not enough, but sometimes when the plant is lacking the nitrogen (N), potassium (P), or phosphorus (K), it needs, it will begin to struggle to create the fruit, vegetable, flower, or bud that you were hoping for. Remember to keep a close eye on them and understand what each supplement does for your plant.

Three most important numbers or “N-P-K Amount”

Nitrogen (N), is important for your plant and has similar benefits as protein in animals. It helps to contribute to good stalk growth. However, if your plant has too much nitrogen it can decrease immunity and make it harder for it to create fruit. Potassium (P), is crucial for root and seed production. It can help them be more resilient to extreme temperatures but if they have too much can prevent it from absorbing important minerals like calcium and magnesium. Phosphorus (K), is important for the root system, help with seed growth, boost immunity, improves flowering, and even helps with pest prevention. When you buy most plant foods and additives, you will notice that there are 3 numbers on the container, most of the time. This is known as the N-P-K ratio. It lets you know how much of each nutrient was added or is in the container. For example, if you choose a fertilizer or supplement that has a 20-6-8 ratio, you will already know that it is high in nitrogen and low in potassium and phosphorous.

What type of minerals are best for my crop?

Depending on the plants and what part of the growing stage they are in, it would depend on what kind of nutrients you will need. Some, like cannabis, require a higher amount of nitrogen through the vegging and early flowering stage because that is the main component for its growth. However, you may want to lower the nitrogen ratio and use a higher phosphorus ratio once your cannabis plant is going through flowering. The same goes for tomatoes since they have a lot of the same similarities. So, make sure to do a little research about what you want to grow in order to learn about its N-P-K ratio and when it’s a good time to add certain nutrients throughout its growth.

Plant Specific needs

Every plant goes through different stages of growth:

  • Seed Stage
  • Germination stage
  • Growth stage
  • Reproduction stage
  • Pollination Stage

Every plant requires a specific amount of nutrients throughout each stage in order to be strong, healthy, and produce the best way possible. Once you understand which ones help which stage, you can customize them accordingly. For example, if you are trying to create some good roots or you just transplanted one to its forever home, you may want to choose a ratio that is lower in nitrogen and high in phosphorus and potassium, like the 6-20-20 ratio. This is because the high phosphorus and potassium will aid in root growth and help the plant stay strong against the shock of the move or extreme conditions.

Organic or Man-Made?

Some prefer to use a synthetic type of nutrient with a mix of chemicals and man-made constituents that may not always be good for the environment and may cause more of a risk of burning your plants. This is where organic nutrients really pay off. They are made from 100% natural ingredients like manure, bone, blood meal, and even animal byproducts. These organic ingredients are great for your plants and great for the environment as well. Not to mention, you don’t want to eat food or smoke bud that was grown with inorganic materials and chemicals because you risk changing and altering the taste or look of your plant in a negative way. Be sure you know what kind of impact you want to make with your plant food and remember, a little research goes a long way!

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