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Best Personal Lubricants


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Have you been interested in purchasing a personal lubricant for you or even the one you are sexual with? Using lubricants during sex can be a must, not only do lubricant keep dryness and friction at bay they also inhance the sensation of intercoarse and other types of play including self -simulation.

It is good to do the proper research on the lubricant market as to there are so many different kinds out there. It is good to stay away from any lubricant that has glycerin or parabens in them. Lubricant is absorbed through the pores in your skin and some chemicals can be very harmful to the body and cause uncomfortable issues.

Make sure you know your body and what your body can handle. Making sure you picked out the correct lube can mean everything in the bedroom, to not only you but your partner as well.


5 Best Personal Lubricants in 2020

1. Slippery Stuff

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This personal lube is a water-based, water soluble, and safe hygienic odorless, non-staining lube. If you have sensitivities to other lubes, try this lube and you surely won’t be disappointed. This lube was also developed for use in the medical community and stays where you put it.


Unlike some personal lubricants, this is a water based, water soluble lube meaning it doesn’t have these harmful chemicals, most lubes that are not water base have. Good for the skin and made to go on slippery and soft, this personal lubricant promises to leave a wet feeling for a long time.

Medically Tested Special Feature/ Benefit

This personal lube was specifically made for the medical community. It is made for those with the most sensitive skin. If you have shied away from lubes due to sensitive skin, this lube is made hypoallergenic and is a great personal lubricant for anyone.

Cost and Value

For a cool looking design, this 8 0z bottle is discreet and the price you can’t beat. Very cost effective! This personal lubricant offers just as much, if not more than most lubes. This water-based lube is sure to be safe for personal or even for toys, not to damage any material. Easy to clean up and does not stain. A win for sure!


  • Medically Proven
  • Safe for Sensitive Skin
  • Discreet
  • Water-Based


  • Very Liquidy

2. Platinum Premium

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This premium, silicone lube is paraben free. This lubricant provides a long lasting silky feel. This silicon lube is FDA approved and is also compatible to use with all toys. Medically cleared of harmful chemicals, this 3.1 0z bottle of lube will provide a smooth, wet feeling to avoid those friction burns or unruly dryness.

FDA Approved

It’s always a good feeling knowing a product has been FDA approved. It has also been medically cleared by the FDA as well.


This personal lubricant is made out of a silicone based lubricant, meaning you don’t have to reapply like a water based lube so often. It is meant to stay on longer and keep that wet feeling, lasting a little bit longer. Silicone is made of larger molecules so they don’t absorb in the skin.

Cost and Value

Enjoy this platinum lube for a golden price. Not too expensive and definitely worthy of the cost. For a lube that lasts longer than water-based lubricants, but just as safe, keeps you applying less and focusing on the situation you have at hand.


  • Silicone Based
  • Cost Effective
  • Clean Application
  • Safe for Sensitive Skin


  • Poor Taste

3. Lynk Pleasure

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Silky lubricant for any kind of situation you find yourself in! Made from the highest quality of water-based ingredients. This lubricant never gets sticky or tacky, and is chemical free. This lubricant is also numbing agent free and made thick for a nice smooth, comfortable feel when applying.

Chemical Free

Lynk is made with you in mind. Free from harsh chemicals such as parabens and glycerin this water-based lube is also free from numbing agents as well.

No Mess

Although this lubricant goes on thick, it is not sticky, nor does it leave any stains on the sheets, clothes, or any object it may be used with. Very easy to clean up when done using, seeing its a water-based lubricant.

Cost and Value

Pretty reasonably priced for an 8oz bottle. With so much to offer, this lube is a sure way to go to get anything fun going in the bedroom. This personal lubricant promises no staining and mess-free, easy to clean, and a comfortable slippery application, you really can’t go wrong.


  • Chemical Free
  • Does Not Stain
  • Easy to Clean
  • Slippery Application


  • Can Make Things too Wet

4. CleanStream

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This personal lube is a desensitizing lube that can help ease some of that uncomfortable feeling from anal sex. Keeping that unwanted friction at ease and slides on smooth and comfortable for a wet feeling. Made to be silky smooth.


This lube is equipped with a natural numbing agent to desensitize you from discomfort during butt play. It also helps with dryness and keeps friction away when exploring the backdoor.

Glides on Smooth

This personal lube was formulated for a comfortable feel. Keeping things wetter for a longer period of time! When putting on this lubricant, you will feel things getting a little tingly and warm down below but just relax this is to help with the discomfort of dryness and other pains that might be endured during anal sex.

Cost and Value

The cost is a little high but that is due to the numbing agent added in this lubricant. With such a discreet looking bottle, a catchy name and, so much to offer, this is definitely worth the value of this product. Made in mind for the uncomfortable side of sex, it makes it that much easier to slide into with comfort.


  • Glides On
  • Numbing Agent
  • Made for Comfort
  • Helps with Anal


  • Not for Vaginal Use

5. Shibari Water-Based

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This is a top-rated personal lube for three years running! This lubricant is a pure, water-based lube made for the sensitive skin consumers. Hypoallergenic, clean and also non-staining, this lubricant is used with the highest grade materials for comfort.

NO Mess

This lubricant is a water-based lube. It is a no mess lube that does not stain clothes, the sheets, or anything else it comes into contact with. This lube has no odor and no smell, a complete water-based lubricant.


This is a product that many consumers are excited about and have tried. It helps with dryness and keeps things wet and working in the bedroom with comfort. Tested medically by the FDA as well, this lube is known to work, and is safe!

Cost and Value

The cost is reasonable for all that this product has to offer. With it being free of harsh chemicals, approved by the FDA, and medically proven for people with sensitive skin, this is a sure steal. Keep thing lubricated below for fun over and over again! As this lube is water-based, it absorbs in the skin pretty quickly leaving things smooth and silky.


  • Top-Rated Product
  • FDA Approved
  • Medically Proven
  • Sensitive Skin Safe


  • Poor Taste

Our Conclusion

So as we look over this, we realize there 3 different kinds of lubes offered on the market, and those being water-based, silicone, and oil-based. Water-based lubes being the most common made out there. Silicone and oil lube can contain those harmful chemicals such as parabens and glycerin.

If you are a first time buyer it is always to start with a water-based, personal lubricant and work from there. There are so many options on the market that really there is one for pretty much anyone out there. So if it a self satisfaction you’re looking for, or making it just a little bit wetter in the bedroom, picking the right lube can mean everything.


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