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When it comes to keeping your body smelling good and manly a good body wash matters – from classic scents to vibrant modern ones. This list has ten high-quality washes that keep the stench away even after a hard workout. We picked from customer feedback and researched the best everyday soaps on the market for men.

10 Best Mens Body Washes in 2020

1. Axe Phoenix Body Wash

Best Mens Body Washes - Phoenix Body Wash

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It’s always better to stock up than it is to run out. This AXE Phoenix wash comes in a four-pack. But, even more, refreshing than the fact that you won’t have to worry about running out is the scent of it – fruity and earthy in one.

Rise from The Stench

Named after the powerful bird from myths – a phoenix. As the story goes, a Pheonix is reborn from its death ashes just to be a more capable version of itself. And like this bird, you too will be shower-reborn with all-day freshness.

The Entire Kit

When you choose phoenix as your daily wash, you can also invest in the whole team; shampoo & conditioner, fragrance, and deodorant. Consistency is key.


  • Attracts women ‘be careful’.
  • Nice thick leather.
  • Customers don’t regret buying it.
  • Doesn’t have an overpowering scent.


  • Don’t use it on your face.

2. Nivea Deep Active Clean


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Never dry out your skin, but stay fresh with NIVEA’s charcoal induced active clean wash. Designed to deeply clean your pores and skin. In other words, a little bit goes a long way for this fresh-scented lather.

Activated Charcoal

Charcoal draws out toxins directly from the skin, targeting the otherwise impossible to reach depth it takes to get your body clean. Activated charcoal has a porous texture that binds to toxins that have positively charged molecules.


The charcoal in the formula makes it a long-lasting tool that keeps on working even after the shower is over. Drawing out toxins and sweat for up to 8 hours after it’s been used on the body.


  • Helps curve eczema condition.
  • It helps ease sunburns and mosquito bites.
  • It becomes a household staple quickly.
  • True value with the 3-pack.
  • Removes deep grime like paint and grease.


  • Not ideal for sensitive skin.

3. Pre De Provence No. 63


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Probably the most natural wash on our list; never tested on animals, glycerin-based, free of harmful additives like lead. If you want to truly be complimented on the way you smell and stay true to your body’s needs then this is the wash right for you. No. 63 by Pre De Provence might just be the perfectly balanced wash, men often call it spicy topped with a citrus tone.

Truly Zero Animal

Some, or, let’s say most body washes have been tested on or include animal products in them. So, when you buy those kinds, in a sense, you are supporting animal cruelty. No. 63 does not contain or condone the use of animals in any way, shape, or form.


Just imagine washing your washing dreams coming into fruition – Woody aroma, moisturizing shea butter, and…hold on…Not Greasy.


  • Supportive of the environment.
  • The smell stays on for hours.
  • It’s a luxury milled soap.
  • It makes the entire bathroom smell good.


  • Doesn’t have as much lather as expected.

4. Suave 3-in-1

Best Mens Body Washes - 3-in-1

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Rush in with the citrus, and hurry out with that smell of gross body odor. Okay, so we’re not saying you or your loved one smells bad…it’s just that this body wash does such a good job at getting those hard to eliminate body odors it worth mentioning. Great for any age and to use in any way – it’s 3-in-1 – body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. If you’re a simple man, this is simply the best gift for him.

Formulated for Men

Men and women have different needs when it comes to hair and body care. Women need something that silkens and softens, while men need something that invigorates and thickens. Men often find this to be a well-balanced shampoo and conditioner on top of already being the perfect body wash.

Amino Acids

Amino acids encourage proper hydration of the skin and strengthen the immune system. That’s how men build resilience and overall health with Suaves Citrus Body Wash. It’s fully equipped; amino acids, keratin, and made out of glycerin. You just can’t beat it for the price.


  • One bottle to carry into the shower.
  • Makes men’s hair look good.
  • The scent doesn’t overly cling to hair.
  • Not as pricey as other 3-in-1 washes.


  • Slightly feminine scent.
  • Some customers report it leaves hair greasy.

5. Old Spice Swagger Red-Zone

Best Mens Body Washes - Swagger Red-Zone

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These 30.oz bottles of pure goodness can just chill in your shower, that might be the best part. You don’t have to even pick it up to use it, it’s equipped with a hand pump. An extra hydrating formula filled with a lime and cedarwood scent. Not overpowering but enough to invigorate that fresh;y showered feeling long after your shower.

Amazon Choice

The lime and cedarwood scent sure got a lot of people on Amazon hooked. Will you be the next one? It’s an Amazon Choice for a reason – the price is right on point and the product is Grade-A. Don’t miss out on the two for the price of one deal.

Extra Hydrating

Do you find yourself left with dry skin a few hours after the shower? Most men can agree, this is not only annoying – that it’s unnecessary. In a good body wash you won’t have that happen – That’s why Old Spice focused on this aspect in Swagger’s formula – extra hydrating anytime-any day.


  • The scent is not overwhelming.
  • Save money by buying on Amazon.
  • Removes grime from the body.
  • Great for teenage boys.


  • Blue goo-globs might be found in the shower after use.

6. Meyers Clean Day Wash


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Your body deserves to be moisturized and conditioned with cruelty-free body wash. Not left dry and treated with love. That’s where Mr.s Meyers soap comes in your washing regimen. Infused with essential oils, flaxseed, and other amazing ingredients! Reminding every customer of those rainy days that smell oh-so-nice.

Garden-Inspired Scent

The smell of Mrs.Meyers soaps are always unique – replicating the smells you encounter in the garden. For instance, this one is rainwater scented – step right into a fresh puddle of Clean Day body wash.


This wholesome company not only supports planting more trees they also are %100 cruelty-free. Not testing any of their products on animals in any way. And they are encouraged to plant flowers and donate with every purchase you make.


  • Even burn victims stand by this soap.
  • It does not make your skin itch.
  • Good price.
  • You can use the body wash as hand soap too.


  • The scent could be off in some bottles.

7. Everyone Soap Cedar


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Everyone soap… Or is it for every man? That’s it, for every man this soap will be a hit for you! Carefully formulated with woody-citrus scent. This essential oil soap will have you happily refreshed, and forgetting the parabens. It has a real fragrance – no dyes – no harsh ingredients.


We’ve all heard of gluten-free bread, but, when did they start making GF body wash? Everyone soap beat us to the chase. Made with coconut cleansers that gently lather on the skin, but don’t get too sudsy. This wash is truly gluten-free and well-rounded.

EWG Verified

To be EWG verified, a product had to undergo the most extensive protocols to prove that they are pure. In-other-words they are fully transparent by the time they submit the product’s information to the manufacturer.


  • Very cheap.
  • Works well on hair too.
  • Doesn’t have an overpowering scent.
  • The scent matches lotions etc.


  • Doesn’t lather that much.

8. Every Man Jack


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Sometimes we just need a solid body wash to chill in the shower, for anytime we need it. That doesn’t need to be replaced often and goes the stretch for that little bit of money we have. This is that wash, the eucalyptus and mint combined makes this wash an incredible refreshing key piece to your shower routine. Weighing in at a full 33.8oz of lathery bubbly body wash – For every man.


We all love a body-care product that uses natural products anywhere they can – filling the gap of questions that arise with harmful ingredients. Every Man Jack lives by this code, and we look up to a company like theirs. Highly recommending this wash to any avid plant-based or sensitive skin individual.

Made in the USA

Land of the free and home of the brave, but, you don’t have to be so ‘brave’ if you choose this body wash. They ensure their customers piece-of-mind, that they took every measure possible to manufacture in a place near home. Made right here in the United States.


  • Customers love the quantity.
  • It lasts up to two and a half months.
  • The essential oil choices destress customers as they shower.
  • It only takes two pumps to get the job done.


  • Mint and eucalyptus can be pretty strong.

9. Cremo All Season Wash


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A completely well-rounded and thoughtful body wash made with love especially for the manly man who needs it. All-season is the name of the game, meaning, it has a little bit of something in it to nourish your skin in every kind of weather. Soothe dry flaky winter skin and use a light formula in the humid summer. Perfectly layered with a scent that unfolds the deeper into your shower you go; woody cedar… citrus zest…A truly awakening experience.

Your Aromatic Forest

Scented to resemble the forest, where we don’t get to go often but all wish we did. This Cyprus and blue cedar blend are more than enough to make you smile but not overpowering to make the head hurt. Topped with citrus zest!

The Perfect Balance

Marula oil – Good for every skin type, marula oil is truly the balance between being itchy, and being too oily. It’s high in antioxidants, fatty oils, and amino acids your skin will keep on being nourished even as you age.


  • Smells retro but modern.
  • Subtle but strong enough smell for pickier people.
  • Customers like the pack of two.
  • You don’t have to use it very much.


  • The bottle has been reported to have opened upon delivery.

10. Dead Sea Mineral Wash


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The dead sea is formally brought directly to you, in your shower, as natural as they come. Exfoliating the dead skin of the body while deeply cleansing your mind as well. Made from an entirely natural and animal-cruelty free process. Your skin will be fully revitalized and softer than before after using this high-quality body wash. All for a very reasonable price.

Magnesium Infused

Lower your cortisol levels and enhance your skin’s overall appearance – with the help of magnesium! The Dead Sea Collection is infused with magnesium, truly being one of the most mineral-based products in our list.

Made with Love

The Dead Sea Collection has been made for you, with love. Salt and minerals from the Dead Sea which is also known as the first spa in history. Way back in the day celebrities would go there to enhance their beauty and health – If you needed restoration and relaxation this was the place to be! Containing %35 more minerals than any other sea, and proudly – This collection is made just for you to love your body.


  • Amazing scent.
  • Old Spice guys approved it.
  • Even wives use it….shhh…
  • No mint included which can be irritable to many people.


  • The dispenser is not the best.

Our conclusion

Men deserve to smell good, feel soft, and be refreshed after a hard day’s work – Anytime they shower that is. On this list is high-quality body washes, at a reasonable price, that is good for your body. This is what counts when it comes to showering the right way. Get yourself or your man one of the best gifts of all-time – the gift of good body wash.


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