Best Massage Oils

Best Massage Oils


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Massage has been a practice that has been around centuries. Massage comes in many different varieties and pressures. Each type of massage has its benefits, but the best message is a sensual one, from a loved one or from a partner.

With massages being so popular in the bedroom, there is a massage oil for just about everyone that is looking. Everyone has different ideas of what a massage should feel like and these massage oils will assist in the delivery of what you are looking for or for the massage that you want to give. Check out our top-rated massage oils and get started on a relaxed evening.


5 Best Massage Oils in 2019

1. Majestic Pure Coconut

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Here is a massage oil made for plenty of benefits to the body. This all-natural massage oil is great for a good glide across the skin, while also great for diluting essential oils for massage, shampoo, and much more. With so many health benefits, it will be difficult to pass this massage oil up.


This massage oil is one of the better, natural oils on the market for massage. Made with no additives, this massage oils is color free, scent free, and not messy. Coconut is the main ingredient in this oil and is a great add in for any sensual or professional massage you are looking to give.

Other Uses

As a natural add-in, this massage oil is incredibly beneficial for other uses. This product has been used to dilute essential oils, so they don’t harm your skin and also used for a lot of beauty care products that you can make on your own.

Cost and Value

If you are looking for an all-purpose oil, this is one of the best massage oils on the market. Made natural, this massage oil has a lot to deliver for a soothing muscle massage. Just add your favorite essential oils, and you have a great product to help boost the romance.


  • 100% Natural
  • Non-Sticky
  • No Odor
  • Can be used as a carrier oil


  • Thick

2. Weleda Arnica

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Another fantastic massage oil that tops the list is this one. This massage oil is great for those with sore muscles or those who just want to relax, after a long day. As a dermatologist recommended product, you know that this is highly rated, for many reasons.


If you are looking for a massage oil that will help you unwind and melt your muscles into a sweet bliss, then this is the way to go. This massage oil is warming and can assist in those achy muscles from a long day’s work, or put a special twist into the bedroom. You decide.

Certified Natural

With being certified as natural, this massage oil ranks high. Say goodbye to putting harmful chemicals into the mix of things and use this all natural oil for all of your sore muscle needs, or a sexy spin on a massage. This product is dermatologist approved.


  • Warming
  • Natural
  • Dermatologist Approved
  • No Residue


  • Strong Smell

3. Honeydew Sensual Pure Lavender

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These natural massage oils offer some of the best feeling massages and allow your hands to glide smoothly and not cramp while giving a massage. Not only that, but the smooth feeling you get while receiving a massage is something to die for. Using this massage oil, you will feel your muscles melt, taking relaxation to a whole new level.

100% Natural

If you are looking for an all natural massage oil, this is the oil for you. Made with pure lavender and jojoba oil, this massage oil also contains almond oil, which assists in setting the pace for a sweet, sexual experience. This oil is free of any add-ins, that would cause skin issues.


Here is a massage oil that will make you feel good no matter what. Whether you are a massage therapist looking for a non-sticky oil, or someone looking to give their partner a relaxing massage, this is the oil for you. Known to not leave thick residue behind on the skin, this massage oil will not stain the sheets or clothing either. Perfect for a massage, no matter where you are.

Cost and Value

This smooth, soothing massage oil is bound to relax your muscles and glide over your skin, without leaving anything behind. Entwined with natural and relaxing lavender, this massage oil is rated as one of the best massage oils for these reasons.


  • Easy Glide
  • 100% Natural
  • Non Staining
  • Lavender Infused


  • Rubs into Skin Quickly

4. Fox Envy

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Sexy and soft, this massage oil is ideal for a night in the bedroom. Massage is a great step in the sexual direction and with this massage oil, you get a soft and sensual smell while making muscles melt and avoiding the sticky residue. As an all-time favorite, this massage oil is also calming and warming, making for a fun night.


This massage oil is formulated to help soothe sore and achy muscles. With the muscle stimulating ingredients, this massage oil promises relaxation and pain relief for those aches and pains. Pair this massage oil with your partner and you will not be disappointed.

Natural Ingredients

This massage oil features natural ingredients that are incredibly good for your skin. Not to soak in too quickly, this massage oil will leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh after a nice massage. Nothing is better than a massage oil that treats your skin right, too!

Cost and Value

Looking to relax and move into a night of fun? This massage oil is a muscle stimulating oil that will allow you to relax to the fullest, opening you up for a night of fun. Not only is this massage oil warming, but it is also natural, leaving a satisfying, soft skin experience.


  • Natural
  • Warming
  • Muscle Stimulation
  • Soft Scent


  • Oily

5. Ocean Sensuals

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Nothing compares to these two in one sensual massage oils. This massage oil not only acts as a base for massage but can also be used as a lubricant and is incredibly safe to be used inside and out. Sit back and relax or get down and dirty in the bedroom with this great massage oil.

Personal Lubricant

It is hard to come by massage oils that also can double as a personal lubricant. What is so great about this massage oil is that you can massage the most intimate places and jump right into the sheets with your partner, with no fears of getting the oils where they can’t or shouldn’t be. A great start to a steamy night!

Great for Skin

This amazing product is not only a massage oil and a lubricant, but it is also great for the skin! If you are looking for radiant and soft skin, this is the way to go. Stimulate the sorest muscles, make a night full of memories, and wake up with soft feeling skin. What can beat that?

Cost and Value

As one of the best-rated massage oils, this one should really take the top. It has everything you could need to lead to a romantic evening or a freaky night in the sheets. Well known for not staining the sheets, this massage oil is bound to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft, for long periods of time. Start your night off right with this amazing product.


  • Medical Grade
  • Conditions Skin
  • Acts as Lubricant
  • Stimulates Muscles


  • Bad taste

Our Conclusion

If you are looking to start your night off in a soft, and sexy way, start it with a massage! Massages are great for letting off steam, relaxation, and of course, a night of sexual adventures.

When giving a massage, you want your hands to be able to glide so that they don’t become sore from being overworked. Everyone as given a massage of some sort, at some point in time, and most likely you ended up with sore hands. You do not have to worry about this little annoyance while using one of the best massage oils, rated here. Not only that, your partner will feel well relaxed and will appreciate the small gesture, making them relaxed and ready to have fun.

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