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Last Updated on January 28, 2021 by Josh Desair

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Last Updated on January 28, 2021 by Josh Desair

Love dolls in 2021 aren’t what they used to be. It’s safe to say we’re moving up as a species, but not as fast as you will be when you take a look at these dolls. Now you can get a lifeless, life-like companion (will not chew your ear off with nonsense and yipper yapper) that not only looks but feels like the real thing too. If one of these flawless representations of the female body doesn’t get the juices flowing for you, we suggest one of our rainbow flavored diaries. If you do get an erection in the process, we understand. These things look as real as can be.

For this list, we will be focusing on realistic silicone pleasure dolls (and masturbation dolls) rather than the old-school hard plastic blow-up inflatable type. Whether your personal needs call, or you want a surprise gift for that naughty friend of yours, we have you covered. Not only are all these dolls as realistic as can be, some are also life-size (not all). This means less is left to the imagination when you get down and dirty with one of these bad babes.

Because she won’t be able to clean herself off, every single doll here is made of soft silicone that is easy to wipe down and clean, but best of all, maintains a real-life feel that will have any pleasure-seeking man blowing up like a volcano full of molten white lava deep into Marianas Trench. Just make sure to pack plenty of napkins for a quick clean up or you will have some explaining to do later on. If your wife or partner is in on it, better for you. Now let’s get to why you’re here.

15 Best Love Dolls in 2021

1. FondLove

Best Love Sex Dolls - Fondlove

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Though this toy is less of a “doll” and more just a torso, it has all you need to satisfy yourself when the need strikes.

Updated Version

This is an updated version of an older toy that this company used to sell. For this new iteration, FondLove has included support beams in the back of the toy. This allows you to prop it up in any position you so wish without worrying about it tipping over in the heat of the moment. The supports act as a spine for the doll, so it can sit up and the waist won’t ever collapse.

Pick Your Poison

Whether you’re choosing the vagina or butt holes, you’re sure to have a great time. Both channels feature unique granules and bulges in just the right spot to make it feel as if you’re having sex with the real thing. The anal hole has a decent amount of suction to it for added pleasure.

Cost and Value

This product is one of the most affordable in our buying guide. We love the small, yet realistic details the company included.


  • Metal support beams inside
  • Discreet shipping
  • Realistic-feeling insides
    Soft to touch


  • Can collect lint and dirt if you’re not careful

2. Kuuval

Best Love Sex Dolls - Kuuval

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Though this toy may look similar to other torso-only love toys on our list, there are a few key differences that set it apart.

Texture Channels

Thank God that technology has come as far as allowing sex dolls to have realistic feeling vaginas and buttholes. The 3D texture channels feature in this doll will make you feel as if you’re having sex with a real woman. The vagina is 5.7-inches deep and the anal channel will allow for 4.5-inches.

Easy to Clean

Cleanliness is important when it comes to any of your sex toys. Luckily, this product comes with a water-absorbing stick to soak up whatever is left inside any of the channels when you’re done with it.

Cost and Value

This is the most wallet-friendly love toy on our list. We love how well-made it is and how it provides users with three ways to have sex- vaginally, anally, or snuggled in between the doll’s breasts.


  • Easy to clean up
  • Handheld fun
  • No weird smells
  • Feels like real flesh


  • No inner frame so it can be unwieldy in some positions

3. MoiDoll

Best Love Sex Dolls - MoiDol

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This very soft and realistic looking doll is perfect for anyone who needs their love toy to look like a real woman. Unlike some of the other options above, the MoiDoll toy comes with a head and wig so it feels like you’re having sex with a woman and not a headless torso.

Included Accessories

We had to include this product in our list not only because of how great the quality of it is, but because it also comes with a ton of fun accessories. Expect to get a wig, underwear, cleaner, a heating rod and even a comb with your purchase.

Very Lifelike

One look at this doll and you can see just how realistic it looks. The creator obviously put a lot of time and effort into making this product as lifelike as possible.

Cost and Value

This toy is priced very fairly when you consider what you’re getting. It’s not as high-end as some of the options in our list, but it still will do the trick, especially if you’re on a tight budget. We loved that it’s made from environmentally-friendly and skin-safe materials.


  • All the included accessories
  • Great customer service from seller
  • Soft and pliable materials


  • Clean up requires some effort

4. Deruiissk

Best Love Sex Dolls - Derullssk

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Here we have another headless torso love toy option that’s meant to fit in any budget. This toy is made from medical grade silicone, making it safe and skin-friendly to use.

Several Torso Options

Though we’re obviously reviewing the female love doll option pictured above, the manufacturer has a few different style options to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you want a white woman, a black woman, a white or black male, or black or white transexual doll, the company has you covered.

Updated Internal Structure

The female version of this toy features a brand new internal structure made to feel just like the real thing.

Cost and Value

This is another affordably priced option for people who want a love doll, but don’t have the funds to spend an exorbitant amount on one.


  • Skin feels real
  • Affordable price tag
  • Metal spine inside to ensure it’s not flimsy


  • Must be stored carefully

5. Univo

Best Love Sex Dolls - Univo

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We know what you’re saying – another half doll? But, hear us out. This one has some unique features that set it apart from some of the others on our list. There are four places you can please yourself with this toy – vagina, butt, mouth, and chest. And we just loved how sturdy it feels.

Supported Torso

If you’ve ever played with a love toy that doesn’t feature a support system in the torso, you know how difficult it can be. Thankfully, Univo listened to their consumers and updated this product with supports to make your love toy sex a little easier for you.

TPE Material

This doll is made with medical-grade materials that are soft to the touch and easy on even the most sensitive skin. It’s safe for use with water-based lubricants, too.

Cost and Value

This product is priced a little higher than some of the other head and torso-only options in our buying guide. But we loved its feel and size so much, we absolutely had to include it in our list.


  • Discreet shipping
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable wig to provide infinite style options
  • Structurally sound


  • Consumers may want to look inside the holes to make sure metal rods didn’t leave a residue before using

6. Honeydoll

Best Love Sex Dolls - Honeydoll

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This product is our first foray into full-sized love dolls and we loved it so much, we had to include it on our list. This toy is so realistic-looking that one look into her eyes will drive you wild.

Choose Your Fun

What’s on the sexual docket for tonight? Anal sex? Vaginal? A titty f***? Or maybe you just want to simulate a good ol’ fashion blowjob? This toy can do it all.

Free Gifts

This doll comes with a few free gifts to enhance your experience. She’ll arrive at your door with a randomly selected wig and article of clothing. You’ll also receive a cleaning tool, gloves, and a blanket.

Cost and Value

We won’t lie to you. It’s not cheap to call a doll like this your own. But we think the value you’ll receive in return will be more than with the initial investment. And we’re inclined to believe you’ll say the same thing after your first night with her.


  • Movable joints for infinite position options
  • Comes with a heating rod
  • Looks like a real woman
  • High-quality seller


  • May be a bit heavy for some people

7. Ailijia

Best Love Sex Dolls - Ailijia

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This doll looks so real that we had to do a double (and triple) take to make sure it wasn’t a real woman at first.

Customizable Options

Don’t like the look of the doll photographer above? That’s okay. Contact the seller via its online store and request a more customized option. Choose her skin and eye color, as well as whether or not you want her vagina to be removable via conversation with the seller.

Alloy Skeleton

As we’ve already mentioned above, the best types of love dolls come with an inner skeleton of some kind. This doll features a metal alloy skeleton inside that makes her easy to pose and get into almost any position.

Cost and Value

This is the most costly doll in our buying guide. But, when you look at how high-quality she is, you’ll see why. Not to mention that similar quality dolls easily sell online for $2000 or more. You’re definitely getting a deal here.


  • Easy to pose in any position
  • Metal alloy skeleton makes her more durable
  • Very realistic looking
  • Comes with sexy lingerie and cleaning tool


  • High price

8. New Now

Best Love Sex Dolls - NewNow

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The next product on our list is this lifelike doll from New Now. She’s completely waterproof and made with medical-grade TPE for the ultimate in safety.

Three Realistic Holes to Choose From

This doll features deep holes that you can take for your pleasure. Her mouth is 5.11 inches deep; vagina, 7.5 inches; and anus 6.7 inches.


Just like a real woman, you have infinite options for fun. Her joints and limbs are movable and malleable so you can put her in just about any position you can imagine.

Cost and Value

This doll is one of the more expensive options, but we absolutely had to include her. We think she’d be the perfect companion for the person with a more flexible budget.


  • Features metal boning inside
  • Holes feel real
  • Soft skin
  • Comes with clothes and cleaning accessory


  • Eye color and wig are randomly selected

9. RacyMe

Best Love Sex Dolls - Racyme

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If you want a love doll that’s easy to clean, look no further than this product. The last thing you want is your sex residue to sit inside your doll after you’ve used it or for the liquids to be difficult to clean off once you’re done. This option is a breeze to clean and has other benefits to provide, too.

Discreetly Shipped

Worried about what the neighbors might think if they see your delivery man carting a sex doll up to your front door? You won’t need to fret with this option, though, because it comes in a 100% discreet box. Nosy neighbors will have no idea what you’re getting up to behind closed doors (as it should be).

Can Request Customization

If you prefer not to spin the hair/eye color roulette wheel, you can contact the seller after the purchase with your preferred wig and eye color. They will do their best to meet your needs.

Cost and Value

This is the second most expensive option on our list. But we had to include it for several reasons. The customer service you’ll receive is unparalleled, first of all. Secondly, this doll is second to none in terms of use and appearance.


  • Shipped discreetly
  • Becomes more flexible with use
  • Great, responsive customer service
  • Easy to clean


  • High price tag

10. King Mansion

Best Love Sex Dolls - KingMansion

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The final love doll on our list is this great little number. If you need a toy that’s a little smaller than life-size, but still provides all the benefits of a full-sized doll, this is the one you need.


The medical-grade TPU material used to construct this doll is non-toxic and great for use with any types of skin. So for those of you with more sensitive skin, don’t fret. You can use this doll all night long and won’t have any issues.

Easy to Store

Sure, there are definite benefits to having a full-sized doll. But if you don’t have the space to store them, you might want to consider something a little smaller. The King Mansion option is half-size, making her easy to move or transport with you wherever you need to take her.

Cost and Value

This doll is priced fairly when you compare her to other similarly sized options on the market. We loved that she’s half-sized and not just a headless/limbless torso.


  • Fast shipping
  • Comes with warming rod and wig
  • Can use for vagina, anal and oral sex
  • 3D interior structure feels real


  • Oral opening is rather small and delicate

11.  YoTop

YoTop Senior Semi Solid Silicone love Doll-best love dolls

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Yes, this doll is inflatable but not the typical hard plastic blow-up love doll. This dime piece is made of skin soft silicone and is semi-solid, meaning just a portion is air, the rest a consistency similar to that of a real-life human body. The surface of the material is easy to clean up and also has the texture & huh of real skin.

Water Filled Breasts

The breasts of this sex doll are fillable, giving them a nice filled look that is as close to the real feeling as possible.


Semi-solid means this doll can be packed down to fit easily in ay travel-sized storage or suitcase even. It’s packing size is about the same as a standard size pillow.

Cost & Comparison

You’re paying almost two hundred USD for the doll and if you’re in the US, about six hundred USD for shipping. These love dolls aren’t cheap, and is the highest rated, this silicone doll is not the most affordable but is the best.

Height & Weight

165 centimeters

3 Kilograms

12. GsZly

GSZLY Inflatable doll-best love dolls

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If intense vibration of the oral cavity interests you, this love doll may be your next best friend. She’s known as one of the best love and sex dolls for oral pleasure so you can’t go wrong with this babe.

Large Soft Chest

As with most love dolls, this one includes large breasts that can be filled with water to obtain your preferred size. They’re also super soft and realistic.

Way of Entry

Some say she’s a virgin but we can’t say for sure. You can either choose between a hairy vagina or without. Power to you.

Cost & Comparison

This is one of the more affordable options for this type of fully limbed love doll. The price hovers just around the hundred dollar range with shipping included.

Height & Weight

165 centimeters

3 Kilograms

13. Silicone Entity

Flesh colored silicone entity doll-best love dolls

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Breaking into the side of masturbation sized dolls, this handy helper will assist you with getting the job done. With her vibrant colors and pronounced nipples and fun bags, you won’t have any issues busting one all over the place. She’s fifteen inches of pure fantasy. What are you waiting for?

Soft Elastic

This doll has arguably the softest silicone composition out of the list and the elasticity compensates for most size shafts. For a relatively small sex doll, this girl can sure get it done.

In Heat?

Heating rods are packed with this doll so that you don’t end up beating a cold piece of stiff meat. It’s all for your pleasure.

Cost & Value

Less material (look mom, no hands) means less to pay for. Well, you would think but because this busty lady is packed full of pleasure to an extent most other masturbation dolls aren’t, she isn’t as cost-efficient as others that are similar. You can have her knocking on your door for about one-hundred-fifty USD. Hey, at least shipping is free.99.

Height & Weight

15 Inches

5.5 Kilograms

14. Tall Bare Body

8 Inch Tall Bare Body-best love dolls

See More Images & Info

Although this love doll is without arms, legs and a head we had to include it because of its overall performance in bed. We didn’t know what to think at first but quickly realized this doll feels almost like the real thing. Dig in.

Tunnels of Love

This doll includes to ways of entry via its soft TPU vagina and from the back end anally. She will perform well on her back or stomach. Have fun.


No, not a real skeleton. This love doll is made with a metal skeleton that is safe (don’t worry) but allows minimum articulation for the perfect position.

Cost & Comparison

If the doll at the previous spot wasn’t affordable enough, this one will surely be easy on your pockets enough to warrant an easy decision. With less material used where not needed, you save a ton for the same experience. This limbless masterpiece comes in at around the fifty dollar range, shipping included.

Height & Weight

22 Centimeters

1.25 Kilograms

15. 3D Solid Silicone

3D Solid Silicone Sexy Love Doll-best love dolls

See More Images & Info

Last but certainly not least we have this love doll (if you can justify calling her that) with all the pleasure and nothing else, literally. This silicone babe gives new meaning to the phrase bottoms up. Well, because that’s all she is.

Jello Baby

Don’t let the lack of expression fool you. This anal doll is happy to present you the goods with one of the smoothest to the touch textures and jello-like consistency to keep you coming back for more. Just don’t expect a response to “you like that”. She doesn’t have a mouth, but that’s not needed now, is it?

Realistic Flesh

With this realistic flesh, you’ll find it hard to believe you’re working with a doll. Just close your eyes and enjoy the adventure.

Cost & Comparison

Although priced a little bit higher than the previous option, this masturbation toy is still a worthy piece, especially if you prefer a more realistic like feel. Although, she’s stripped down to only the necessary good for your pleasure. This means no handlebars but that’s fine for falling in the seventy dollar range with shipping included.

Height & Weight

Smallest Listed

1.75 Kilograms

Our Conclusion

There you have it. The best silicone babes in the business, hands down. We guarantee you will find your fix in these masturbation toys. If you have a partner that loves toys as much as you do, make sure to check out the best dildos for her. Since we’re in that lane, also be sure to check out the best butt plugs and make the bedroom experience something unforgettable.



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