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Recently, some car producing companies have reported the possibility they are observing to produce cars that will use hemp seed oil as fuel. That would be great news for the rest of us, as even if that wouldn’t decrease the car’s fuel expenses in general, that would certainly mean cleaner air and fewer pollutions for us and our kids. Who wouldn’t want that?

I started this post with one of the recent features of hemp oil, with plenty of other amazing benefits I will mention below. In earlier times it was used mainly for medical purposes, to ease the pain, with several others skin or hair problems.

A great medical effect indeed, and one that is still one of the most favorites for many. From remedies to filling our tables, hemp oil finds use in several ways and doesn’t cease to amaze those who use it. However, it should not be confused with hash oil, which is basically an oil produced by Cannabis flower, that many use mainly for medicinal purposes.

Having done close research on the best products on the same category, I will represent the top 5 list I found in there, which I believe you should consider as you next purchase on hemp oil. I made sure they are of the best quality, yet a reasonable price for you to avoid it. Let’s deep straight in and have a look.


5 Best Hemp Oils in 2020

1. Sweet Essentials Extra Virgin Unrefined

Sweet Essentials Extra Virgin Unrefined-5 Best Hemp Oils

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Imported from Canada, a non-GMO Unrefined extra-virgin hemp seeds oil. It contains a large number of amino acids, which makes it very healthy and beneficial to use on a regular basis. One of the most recommended products in the industry by far. An Amazon’s Choice product for a reason.


A natural antioxidant product rich in the presence of Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 as well, giving your skin remarkable moisture, making it feel alive and healthy.


Another important feature of this product is that it can be used for all types of hair or skin, and that will save your time looking out which fits you and which doesn’t. It intends to make your hair smoother and thicker, as well as softer and silkier skin.

Cost and Value

1 teaspoon hugely helps solve difficulties in sleeping or inflammation. It can also be used as an aid for leg or hip pain and does the job pretty well. Worth the money and affordable. Overall, well worth the money and a product by no means will end up in the trash can before it’s completely done.


  • Extra virgin unrefined
  • non-GMO
  • Rich in amino acids
  • Reasonable price
  • Highly beneficial for your hair and skin


  • A bit strong smell
  • Whole green color

2. Naked Oil 100% Cold pressed Virgin

NakedOil 100% Cold pressed Virgin-5 Best Hemp Oils

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One of Amazon’s Choice products, and for many reasons. It helps on heart diseases and as a nerves system support, to not forget the effect on a much healthier skin and hair.

Hormonal Balance

One of the most important features of this product is that it helps in balancing body hormones if used on a regular basis. Hemp oil is a product you should definitely consider adding to your day-to-day usage.

Highly Moisturizing

Highly rich in fatty acids like omega 3 and 6, the same will help the body metabolize fat. A huge help if you have dry hair, and also works as a protecting layer to the skin.

Cost and Value

It can also be used to add on salads, smoothies, pasta or different other recipes. They provide fast shipping and it arrives on time, even better than that, in cases. Enough usability to justify the price. Worthy, indeed.


  • High moisturizing effect
  • Rich in fatty acids
  • Reasonable price
  • It helps to balance your hormones
  • 100% cold pressed and virgin


  • Doesn’t have a long shelf life
  • Doesn’t help much on sleeping difficulties

3. Dr.Adorable Pure Organic Cold Pressed

Dr.Adorable Pure Organic Cold Pressed-5 Best Hemp Oils

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Its delicious nutty flavor is also very preferred as a frying oil, adding extra love to your meal. Cold-pressed unrefined virgin hemp seeds oil of guaranteed high quality, carefully processed. An Amazon’s Choice product.

Decreases Cancer Pain

Except that it lessens the pain from cancer, Pure Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil gives a feeling of silk and smoothness wherever you apply it to.

Great Lotion Substitute

Works as a lotion as well, and it is a great substitute indeed, that helps with the burns. It prevents clogging on your pores and gives a silky effect to your face.

Cost and Value

It is also used in relief of inflammations, and it is overall a great quality product and worthy of every cent spent on it. Exceptionally recommended for vegans or vegetarians who tend to use only the purest organic products.


  • Pure organic
  • Affordable
  • Delicious nutty flavor
  • Able to use lotion substitute
  • Decreases pain of cancer


  • You have to keep your hair off your face to not make them greasy
  • It comes in a plastic clear bottle

4. Natural Born Oils Pure and Natural

Natural Born Oils Pure and Natural-5 Best Hemp Oils

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Another Amazon’s Choice product, high in protein, fatty acids, and insoluble fiber. All legal product and you definitely don’t have to worry about that but cheer up instead, as this product contains healing power through its hand-picked ingredients and a careful lovely process of production.


It has a huge revitalizing effect on your skin, and especially for your dry nails. Man and women of any age can use it, it has no side effect, and you can expect healing outcome instead.

Pain Reducer

Several customers have reported this oil helped to decrease pain for over 12 hours from the moment they applied it to. That’s a lot, and you definitely should not look at it if you are going through the same situation.

Cost and Value

It has glass dropper and application pump included in the package, that will be highly usable and make your job easy to apply or use in any way you wish. They also offer a guarantee of 100% money back, so you can feel more secure and go on with the purchase, as there is always a way back if you may have any quality or transaction complains.


  • Pure and natural
  • High in fatty acids
  • Revitalizer
  • Reduces pain
  • Awesome value for money


  • Doesn’t take the pain away
  • A bit strong smell

5. Dr. Adorable Refined Cold Pressed Organic 8 oz

Dr. Adorable Refined Cold Pressed Organic 8 oz-5 Best Hemp Oils

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High in Omega fatty acids and proteins, perfect for your salad, frying or plenty of other recipes, as well as a revitalizing gentle oil, with an effect of softness and smoothness on your skin. An Amazon’s Choice product, and a very reasonable one.


Rich in protein and Omega 3 and Omega 6 oil, highly beneficial for your skin and hair. It is highly moisturizing, and it gives life and calibrates elasticity to your hair and skin.


It has a long shelf-life if you be careful enough to keep in cool temperature and out of direct sunlight, and it is also very recommended to refrigerate after opening.

Cost and Value

Clear and clean oil you can use it for the skin, or as a substitute for a lotion. Great product, great value for the money. The skin absorbs the oil and that makes it look more alive and matte. Also, they provide fast-shipping so you don’t have to wait too long for your favorite product.


  • Rich in fatty acids
  • Perfect moisture
  • Long-lasting shelf life
  • Affordable
  • Revitalizing


  • Can easily get rancid if not refrigerated
  • Strong smell

Our Conclusion

Here we are again at the end of another article on best 5 products, an honest and opinionated one with the only purpose to help you make the best choice and not all prey of fake products, a number increasing every day. I wish you to enjoy whichever of the oils you decide on.

All of them are high in fatty acids, revitalizing and a healthy product to add to your pan or table.
It’s your time to choose the brand that you trust more or fits you better, as for the details, and don’t forget to enjoy it.


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