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Last Updated on August 27, 2020 by Josh Desair

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Last Updated on August 27, 2020 by Josh Desair

A regular and thorough hand washing routine is the first line of defense against viruses and infections. After all, the first point of contact we have with pretty much anything in life comes through the hands. 

If you need new hand soap, then read on to see which of the following products float your boat. You’ll find soaps that deal with all the common issues: dry hands, cracked skin, and spread of germs. Keep an eye out for points of sale, as the popularity of these products means that they will be in and out of stock for the foreseeable future.

10 Best Hand Soaps in 2020

1. Softsoap Fresh Breeze

best hand soaps - softsoap fresh breeze

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A clean and inoffensive fragrance coupled with the quality/quantity combination makes Softsoap’s products as universal as you can get. Add to that the amazing bulk option and you have a quality soap that ticks all the boxes.

Fresh Hands All Day

As you’ll see throughout this list, the drawback you normally come up against with regular hand washing is how quickly your hands dry out. Having the added benefit of moisturizing your skin while you clean is a huge reason this soap is up at number one.

Value In Longevity

Obviously, the times and the nature of online shopping dictate that buying a little extra to keep in the cupboard is a safe bet. With the multipack option of this Softsoap being a great deal, you can keep a stockpile in case of products running low in the future.


  • Amazing value for money
  • Moisturizing quality within the formula
  • Multipack is ideal to keep your supplies up
  • Clean, fresh scent
  • Durable and well-functioning packaging


  • It’s quite thin – you’ll find yourself going through it faster than you’d think
  • A strong scent that lingers longer than you might like

2. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

best hand soap - Mrs. Meyer's clean day

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The range of Mrs. Meyer’s products on offer – from dish soap to all-purpose cleaner to body wash – have the same guarantee of quality and satisfaction attached to them. Nothing changes there when you invest in this hand soap.

Softens The Busiest Hands

As far as hand soap goes, you’ll do well to find a liquid soap that matches this one for how well it moisturizes. Like the Softsoap above, using Mrs. Meyer’s means you more than likely won’t need a lotion – though you can get an accompanying lotion that smells just as good!

Snazzy Sink Companion

This bottle wouldn’t be out of place in a five-star hotel! It isn’t just excellent inside the bottle, but the stylish packaging will give it pride of place by every sink in the house. You’d be surprised at how something so simple can make you feel better about a bathroom.


  • Aloe Vera provides softness
  • Keeps busy hands smooth and ready for action
  • You won’t find many better scents from hand soaps
  • Their range of lotions and washes can cement your style
  • Lovely retro packaging style


  • The scent is a tad too artificial for some palettes
  • It’s so popular that demand often eclipses supply

3. Seventh Generation

best hand soaps - seventh generation

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Having refills at hand is the most efficient way of keeping a safety net in case of another soap shortage. Seventh Generation is a brand that gives you a high-class product for a fabulous price. You can’t ask for much more!

Skincare In A Soap

Sensitive skin can be a nightmare to keep soft and clean with frequent washes. Seventh Generation provides a hand wash with the potency of cleanliness with a gentle touch to maintain soft hands.

Residue-Free Cleaning

A common problem with soaps of all types is the tendency to leave an annoying, sudsy residue that is a pain to rinse off. It might seem like a very minor quality, but it will make your life so much easier having a soap that rinses with no dramas.


  • The fragrance-free formula is good for frequent use
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Fine consistency and easy to rinse
  • Excellent for those allergic or sensitive to strong scents and chemicals
  • Mild but lovely scents are also available if wanted


  • It’s quite drying on the hands
  • The dispenser tops can be problematic

4. Hibiclens Antimicrobial

best hand soaps - Hibiclens Antimicrobial 

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One quick caveat for this one; if you wash your hands every hour or so you might want to switch up your soaps with this one. The biggest plus here is that it kills bacteria and helps to keep infections at bay. The flip side – as we’ll see in Our Conclusion – is that it also kills some helpful bacteria.

Long-lasting Infection Protection

Onto that massive plus point, then. Having an antimicrobial soap is fantastic, and will keep you safe in the knowledge that you are more protected from nasty infections than with almost any other product. Used correctly you’ll keep viruses at bay while maintaining skin health.

Works All Over

Because of the properties mentioned above, this soap works just as well elsewhere on the body. You can dilute it for cleaning small scrapes and cuts, or use it for particular sore spots such as rashes and dry patches. It’s a caring product as well as effective.


  • Kills bacteria, unlike most hand soaps
  • Perfect for all your skincare needs – not just hands
  • Plenty of product with each purchase
  • Helps to prevent infection for up to 24 hours
  • Gentle despite the antibacterial quality


  • No pump; though you can purchase one separately for a low price
  • A very thin liquid

5. Method Gel

best hand soaps - Method Gel 

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Another excellent multi deal here, with a range of smells for everyone. It’s a good-looking product, too – so much so that it makes for a nice gifting option for the whole family! Especially if they all like the same scent.

So Much Choice

Do you have a preferred scent for your hand soap; or a particular fragrance you just can’t stand? You won’t have a problem finding the product for you here. Ten different scents to choose from mean that there is something for everyone.

Eco-Friendly Top To Bottom

More and more manufacturers are going green in recent years. Vegans and environmentalists will be pleased to know that this soap is made cruelty-free, and from formula to bottle is produced using recycled materials and organic ingredients.


  • Months of use with the multipack purchase
  • A pleasant scent that doesn’t overpower
  • Does a great job of regular cleaning
  • A range of brilliant scents in funky bottles
  • Cruelty-free formula and recycled packaging


  • Gel only – no foaming
  • Not the best at preventing dryness

6. Muse Bath Apothecary

best hand soaps - Muse Bath Apothecary Hand Ritual

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Coming up next is a product that doesn’t come with that lingering, off putting smell of a musty perfume. Instead, you get the wonderful scent of whichever combination of essential oils you choose. 

Ease Of Use

It’s another undervalued quality of hand soap. You might think that every single product produced should be easy to apply and rinse, but varying consistencies and levels of foam can make life unnecessarily awkward. This stuff goes on and comes off like a dream.

Amazing Essentials

Back to that fantastic fragrance. The scent you get from this soap won’t overpower your nostrils but gives you a pleasant boost in mood between washes. It’s light and breezy and will give you that clean feeling like nothing else.


  • Vegan recipe: plant-based, cruelty-free, with zero chemicals
  • Infused with wonderful essential oils
  • The consistency is perfect and is easy to use regularly
  • There are a few scent options to choose from
  • Excellent service will resolve any faulty issues


  • Doesn’t moisturize brilliantly
  • It’s on the pricey side

7. Puracy

best hand soaps - Puracy

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Another natural, chemical-free soap that is so kind to your hands that it can help with light cases of eczema and other skin conditions. It has a nice fragrance that is beneficial in how inoffensive it is more than anything else.

Clears Up Redness

Dry palms, itchy skin, and rashes on the hands are becoming more common with more people adhering to regular cleaning. This soap works on those irritated areas to give your hands a new lease of life: without sacrificing great hygiene.

Non-Drying Advantage

Not only does this soap clear up red patches and irritated spots, but it will also rehydrate your skin afterward. You’ll have the bonus of not needing a moisturizer every hour when you go with Puracy. 


  • A pleasing yet light scent that doesn’t linger too long
  • Works well against skin conditions like eczema
  • You get a lot of uses out of each bottle
  • Non-drying and kind to sensitive skin
  • Non-toxic; if you work with chemicals it will keep your hands feeling refreshed


  • More aggressive conditions including psoriasis can actually be exacerbated by the fragrance
  • You have to take care when opening without breaking the pump

8. Avalon Organics

best hand soaps - Avalon Organics 

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Avalon might not have the most moisturizing of hand soaps with their rosemary-scented effort here, but they make up for that in excellent cleaning. Organic recipes tend to be kinder on our bodies, and this is no exception.

Kind On Hands… And Face!

Because it has a lovely, kind formula, this soap has a unique benefit of being a very usable acne medication! If you suffer from mild spots of acne, give this product a try, and thank me later. This is another multi-use soap that is a space and cost-saver.

A Very Genuine Scent

Avalon probably has the most natural scent of any hand product you can find. You’ll be transported to a fresh summer meadow with every wash. Really, the rosemary fragrance is so genuine that the bottle might as well have a sprig or two inside!


  • A truly natural scent
  • Zero animal testing, GMO-free
  • Real cleaning power without too much drying
  • The organic formula means that it’s kind to sensitive skin
  • The secondary benefit of acne control


  • The scent does linger for a while, so might not be good for dislikers of fragrance.
  • More difficult to rinse than many alternatives.

9. First Botany Tea Tree Mint

best hand soaps - First Botany

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It’s difficult to get through any list of skin, hair, or general hygiene products without having at least one tea tree scent in there. It’s a classic fragrance that is sharp and fresh. First Botany’s soap is also a simple clean that gives you top value with plenty in the tank. 

A Scent You Know

Tea tree is a favorite smell in hair and skin care. If you are a fan of the minty freshness then you know exactly what you’re getting with this soap. It’s a crowd-pleaser and provides a sharp pick-me-up with every wash.

The Smoothest Clean

Nothing but fresh, clean hands when you use this soap. It foams perfectly and won’t leave you with any oily or sticky residue that sees you scrubbing away for an extra minute or two. When you’re washing your hands every hour or so, every second saved means you can get on with your day. 


  • Classic tea tree freshness
  • Foams up just the right amount
  • Pump and cap included for continued use as a refill bottle
  • Excellent quantity for the price
  • Provides a smooth wash – none of that oily feeling


  • There can be a frequent leaking problem under the cap
  • The clash of mint and tea tree can be off-putting for some people

10. Tom’s of Maine Prebiotic

best hand soaps - Tom's of Maine Prebiotic 

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While this is the last entry on the list, don’t discount it as a top-class soap for rough and sensitive skin. Tom’s of Maine has a brilliant product on their hands (no pun intended), with a high focus on skin health.

The End Of Dry Patches

If you do a lot of manual work or handle a lot of different surfaces over the course of your average day then you’ll be glad to know this soap is a lifesaver. Dry patches and rough, calloused skin will soften and smoothen the more you wash with Tom’s natural formula.

A Ward Against Infection

Instead of killing off harmful (and helpful) bacteria, this soap actively promotes the healthy bacteria already present in your skin. This route still provides fantastic cover against infections and germs interfering as you are out and about.


  • Really good for moisturizing rough skin
  • A scent that’s a little different; with plenty of choices, too
  • No artificial fragrance or animal testing
  • Keeps up a healthy skin barrier against infection
  • Prebiotic present encourages the growth of your healthy bacteria


  • Takes more effort to wash away the residue
  • The pump is at risk of making a mess when dispensing

Our Conclusion

Non-antibacterial hand soap might seem as though it misses a trick, and might give you the impression that it isn’t the most hygienic option. However, as we’ve already seen, the products that boast antibacterial properties can actually have a detrimental effect on your skin’s health. Be careful with anti-bacterial, as they can kill good bacteria needed for skin health.

Whichever option you go for, I would recommend combining it with a good sanitizer to tackle the bacterial side of hand hygiene. Your best bet to ward off any outside threats is to keep up a regimen of regular washing and sanitizing. Prepare to invest in some moisturizer, too, as everyone’s skin is different, and hand soaps are liable to dry your skin out with such frequent use.

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