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10 Best Halloween Movies


Last Updated on January 12, 2021 by Aileen Valdivia

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Last Updated on January 12, 2021 by Aileen Valdivia

If you enjoy Halloween and are a fan of movies, you may enjoy watching horror movies, especially during this time of the year. The horror genre has changed a lot in recent years. We are no longer afraid of old-time gimmicks, possessed girls, head-turning, or monsters and witches. These days concepts of horror and flicks have evolved substantially. Today’s horror flicks tend to play with the mind and rely on psychology to twist and turn perception into scares that are worth partaking in. Despite the change, both classic and current films can be enjoyed.

However, the horror genre has led to countless disappointments when films don’t hit their mark or deliver the impact they intend to. Some horror films we have to suffer through, but not because they instill fear. They are just bad and hard to watch. In this list we review the best Halloween movies based on the quality of plot and story, use of psychological terror, their ability to make us jump (fright factor), and overall potential to be a classic with some classics listed as well.

10 Best Halloween Movies in 2021

1. The Shining

best halloween movies - The Shining

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The Shining is without a doubt one of the best movies you could see. The film is based on the novel by the renowned Stephen King, the movie takes us into the life of Jack Torrance, a former professor who accepts a job as a security guard in a high mountain hotel to take care of its maintenance, later staying in the hotel with his wife and seven year old son. The hotel is completely cut off from the world for the winter, Jack begins to suffer from a disturbing personality disorder and numerous strange and chilling events begin to occur.

Excellent Plot

Sometimes the plot in certain movies is not perfect, but here we cannot say the same. You will never be bored as something interesting and sudden always happens with scenes that will give you goosebumps.

Critically acclaimed

Although its premiere was not highly acclaimed by critics, over time it has become a highly respected film, for the many hidden messages and theories that are raised about this film, this is undoubtedly one of the most interesting things.


  • Psychological terror included
  • Enough suspenseful and paranormal scenes
  • An excellent story behind the whole movie
  • Lasts 1 hour and 46 minutes, so you don’t need that much free time to see it


  • Story of the book and the movie differ from each other
  • It can be a bit tedious in some scenes

2. Get Out

best halloween movies - A Quiet Place

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A very curious and highly valued film in the world of cinema, in this we see a story that tells us about the racism that we still live today, some comedy and of course some chilling scenes and yes, all in one perfectly placed . This 104-minute feature film by director Jordan Peele, puts us in the house of Chris’s in-laws, an African-American boy who for the first time visits his girlfriend’s family, to discover that they have a kind of cult in which they use hypnosis and some other rather strange practices.

An Original Story

Many of the horror films tend to be somewhat repetitive with the same ways of trying to scare us, in the case of “Get Out” it is not like that, a story that you will certainly not see elsewhere, with unexpected situations and excellent characters.

Perfect cinematography

For those who know how to appreciate a good film, they will realize that EVERYTHING is where it should be, the dark or tense atmosphere is very pleasing to the eye, depending on the scene or the perfectly added sounds, without a doubt one of the best films made in this century.


  • From the start you can feel the suspense
  • Excellent setting
  • Comedy, horror and suspense in a single film


  • Some scenes can be somewhat predictable
  • does not have many scenes that can be terrifying

3. The Conjuring

best halloween movies - The Conjuring

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This film is undoubtedly the best installment of the saga “The Conjuring”. Based on a true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, well-known paranormal investigators in the 1970s, try to help a family who is attacked by a demonic entity on a farm outside the city.

Many chilling scenes

This film is perfect for the audience that likes possessed dolls, witches, children’s demons, exorcisms and many other paranormal acts that make you say how good horror movies can be.

Setting and makeup

Undoubtedly, the perfectly crafted makeup together with a gloomy setting from the 70’s make this film worthy of admiration.


  • Based on a true story
  • A very well crafted script
  • Excellent story
  • Paranormal scenes crafted to perfection


  • It has sequels that are not so good
  • Not very interesting at first

4. A Quiet Place

best halloween movies - A Quiet Place

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A different world from the one we know, a silent world, in which if you make any noise it could cause your death. In this 2018 film, the world is totally invaded by blind creatures with auditory hypersensitivity that attack everything that makes noise. To survive, the Abbott family chooses to hide in a cabin and communicate with sign language so as not to be hunted by monsters, but the food is running out and they must go out in search of supplies.

Suspense at its highest level

Silence is something of survival, you must be careful and plan each movement so as not to cause noise at all, each scene is wrapped in suspense for the viewer, an excellent mix between thriller and horror.

Good atmosphere

The total solitude, the city in ruins, what remains of a supermarket is explored to notice the clear sensation of emptiness. The world is no longer as we know it, everything is over and it only remains to survive.


  • Suspense and terror shine on their own
  • Excellent performance from the actors
  • A superbly crafted tale


  • The words are counted
  • It is necessary to see the sequel to understand the ending

5. Psycho

best halloween movies - Psycho

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This film deserves respect and a space among the best Halloween movies despite being from 1960, the fact that it is in black and white gives it a slight touch of terror, this together with a story of a mysterious murderer which makes almost everyone doubt it gives the perfect touch of suspense for viewers.


In every movie in which there is a murderer we want to suppose and find out what it is, here it will be difficult, it is a very misleading film, it perfectly deceives your assumptions of who the murderer is, only when it is too late will you really see who it is.

A fantastic story

It connects with many of our fears perfectly, it has a captivating suspense which will take away even the desire to blink, the intrigue of who will be the murderer is essential throughout the film.


  • It is in black and white, which makes it different and interesting
  • Good and unusual entertainment
  • Soundtrack that will make your hair stand on end
  • A categorized film also in action


  • The special effects are not the best
  • Aftermath can be a waste of time

6. Halloween

best halloween movies - Halloween

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This was one of the initial horror flicks which introduced the concept of the murderers dying and reviving, categorized as the beginning of a new era in cinema, this film tells of a psychopathic murderer who returns to his village to continue what he did not finish 15 years ago. This film is known worldwide in the world of horror so it should not be missing in your movies to see.

Curious Reviews

Most critics have spoken of this film as something that can foster violence and arouse sadism for the audience that identifies as the villain. The simple fact that there are such comments makes us see what this film has in store for us.

Very well crafted scenarios

The director Carpenter uses an excellent technique when developing the atmosphere, the settings and especially our villain, he knows how to take advantage of the scenes to turn this film into something that lasts in history as a great horror classic.


  • A story that anyone can love
  • Of the movies that you will never forget
  • A pretty rudimentary villain


  • More suspense than horror for most audiences

7. The Invisible Man

best halloween movies - The Invisible Man

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The title is already a spoiler but that does not say that the plot is bad, Cecilia escapes from her boyfriend’s house because of how badly he treated her, but everything started to go wrong afterwards. Obsession and not being able to bear abandonment makes him fake his death to later terrify and harass her with an invisibility suit, although this sounds stupid we can assure you that the tense atmosphere of this film will make you sit still during its 2 hours and 5 minutes.

Special effects

The fact that it is such a recent film allows us to enjoy the technology of good special effects, to make a person totally invisible in a film and that we cannot notice them at all was something in previous times almost impossible, here they use this Advantage at its best.


The suspense and the correct use of the soundtrack in this film is perfect, and giving rise to the plot, from the beginning of the film they make us feel a great suspense, this together with how enveloping the plot is, makes it a very good movie.


  • A very recent movie
  • Immersive story and characters
  • Very good special effects


  • They needed to explain a few more things about the story.
  • Few scenes that would scare us

8. Ready or Not

best halloween movies - Ready or Not

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A film with a different plot from the others, fantastic both for its director and for the actors. At her wedding, Grace receives a special invitation from her husband’s family to later discover that it was a kind of cult that they practiced as a tradition, clearly after starting Grace she must survive so as not to die on the “Happiest day of their life”.

Good entertainment

The film perfectly fulfills the main requirement, to be entertaining, at first everything will be calm but that does not mean that we are going to get bored, the tension and the action almost do not take long to start.

Captivating protagonist

In addition to her very good performance, the actress Samara Weaving plays her role to perfection, to bond with the character throughout the film and only wish that nothing happens to her and that she reaches the end of the happy cult.


  • Suspense, a bit of comedy and horror all rolled into one
  • Excellent story
  • You won’t want to stop watching once it starts


  • It is somewhat tedious at first
  • The end for some may be disappointing

9. Insidious: Chapter 2

best halloween movies - Insidious Chapter 2

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Although for some it is necessary to see the first installment of the “Insidious” saga to understand some details, it is important to highlight this film as the best of the saga, due to the differences that exist between them. After the bad experiences in the previous house, Josh and Renai have decided to move their children to their grandmother’s house together to forget everything that has happened, but phenomena return to haunt this family.

Good scenes

The best thing about this film is the paranormal scenes that there are, the makeup, the sounds and the performances play a notorious role in making us get goose bumps.

Interesting history

In a horror movie not everything scares us, a story that is entertaining is also important and this movie has it, despite being a saga, the individual plot of this film is one of the best.


  • Chilling scenes
  • Terror and suspense abound



  • To conclude the story it is necessary to see the complete saga

10. Scream

best halloween movies - Scream

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If you plan to have a Halloween movie marathon, this title is essential in your playlist, a classic respected by its viewers. This film shows us a serial killer causing panic among teenagers in a Californian town, the mask he uses to murder is recognized worldwide in the world of terror.

A whole classic

If this type of movie is your thing, Scream had to be one of the first you could see. The suspense and terror that there is is very good, undoubtedly the passion and the plot of each character makes us wish or not his death.

Suspense everywhere

Since the murderer begins to do his thing, the simple noise of a telephone, a door and even the blowing of the wind make us enter an excellent atmosphere of terror, the fear and panic of seeing the characters die is phenomenal.


  • A memorable movie
  • Characteristic terror
  • Similar to other movies, but unique in itself
  • Of the best in suspense


  • Some scenes are deductible
  • In the course of the film it is somewhat repetitive

Our Conclusion

This list of movies is perfect for a Halloween marathon or a weekend night with friends. There is something for everyone’s taste, from great classics to the best of today. The world of Halloween movies grows every day but not all are great so it is necessary to do the research and find which are not up to par and which you will enjoy with a good scare. In this case, we have done the research for you and provided the best of the best through the generations. Enjoy!

plant your tastes well they are of paranormal movies, killers or psychological terror, keep trying until you find the right genre for you and thus obtain the best entertainment.

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