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Last Updated on October 17, 2020 by Josh Desair

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Last Updated on October 17, 2020 by Josh Desair

Shopping for good quality Halloween makeup can feel impossible to do at times. So many brands load products with parabens and chemicals that leave you with a skin breakout the next day that looks scarier than your original Halloween costume. However, whether you are wanting to look terrifying or dazzling, all of these products will help you create the best Halloween look while being safe to use on the face and easy to remove so your Halloween is filled with spooky, ghoulish fun, and no skin catastrophe concerns.

10 Best Halloween Makeup Products in 2020

1. Graftobian Makeup Kit

best halloween makeup - Graftobian Makeup Kit

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With over 200 dollars worth of great quality FX makeup, the Graftobian Makeup kit is perfect for the special effects makeup beginner or someone looking to win the best costume contest, to create an impressively realistic look for the coming Halloween season!

Everything You Need in One

This kit comes with over 35 pieces of makeup and applicators including but not limited to a bruise makeup wheel, flesh modeling wax and latex, fake blood in three formats (gel, liquid, and wax), tooth wax, sponges, brushes, and so much more. For the amount you receive in this bundle, the quality is no less spectacular. It has a shelf life of over a year and all products are manufactured in the United States, so there are no worries of international shipping damaging or contaminating anything being put on the face.

Guide to Spooky Makeup

In addition to all the makeup that comes included, there is also instructional pamphlets and a training video over an hour long to help you perfect the art of special effects makeup on the face, giving you a headstart into making the makeup look as realistic as possible, while still being safe for your skin and easy to remove.


  • Over 35 items, much more value than the cost
  • Made in USA
  • Long shelf life
  • Instructional Tools
  • Large Volume of Materials


  • DVD video rather than computer link
  • Vaseline and makeup remover not included

2. Mehron Face and Body Paint

best halloween makeup - Mehron Face and Body Paint

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Created by one of the top Halloween Makeup manufacturers in the United States, Mehron Makeup’s Face and Body paint is the most reliable and safe all-purpose option to bring color and vibrance to a Halloween costume beyond the outfit.

Color Palette Options

Each makeup palette comes with eight diverse and vibrant colors along with a makeup applicator tool. They have six variations of color palettes, all wildly different from another. So if you know what costume you have in mind, or find a specific palette that captures your attention, you have over 60 color options to choose from!


These water activated palettes are easy to use but still have the best quality on the market. They are manufactured and packaged in the United States, and nearly every customer who buys these palettes will rave about the vibrant and long-lasting color provided by this palettes for Halloween and FX makeup. These palettes are specifically curated for the face and body, while also being vegan and cruelty free.


  • Made in USA
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free
  • Safe to use around eyes
  • Sensitive Skin Safe
  • Vibrant and Good Quality


  • Long Drying Time
  • Not Stain Proof

3. Midnight Glo Black Light Paint

best halloween makeup - Midnight Glo Black Light Paint

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Going to a glow in the dark Halloween party or just want great quality neon paint for your Halloween costume? The Midnight Glo Face and Body Paints are perfect for your spooky black light occasions with eight vibrant neon paints.

Vibrant and Easy to Work With

Whether you are a face paint professional or a beginner trying your hand at a Halloween makeup that will stand out in a crowd? These paints give the most riveting color payoff while not being impossible to work with. The paint lays on thick and opaque, ensuring it won’t be spotty when you go under that black light. It is even neon and colorful in the daytime, so it is multipurpose. The colors are easy to blend with the finger and wash off easily on the skin to correct mistakes.


Although these paints will pop the most under UV lighting on skin, they can be used for so many other purposes. In the daytime, they will come off as a vibrant neon paint that can’t be missed, and will come as a surprise that these paints get even more beautiful under black light. In addition to skin, the paint will also stay on clothes, wood, paper, and anything else you want to create that glowing effect on for Spooky Season!


  • Great Quality
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Non-Toxic
  • Dries Quickly
  • Does Not Stain Skin


  • Not Glow in the Dark (UV Lighting Effect Only)
  • Can Stain Clothing

4. Zenovika Face Paint

best halloween makeup - Zenovika Face Paint

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For parents looking to make their child’s Halloween costume complete for a kid’s “Best Halloween EVER,” the sensitive skiing friendly and non-toxic Zenovika kit will ensure great color payoff while still being safe to paint on little ones.

Kit Benefits

The face paint kit comes with fifteen face paints, hair chalk, glitter, and over 50 unique stencils that will make your face art look as professional as can be! Also included is a face paint instructional kit, for the parent who doesn’t have the best artistic ability. Anyone of any skill level can use these paints easily for a great addition to a Halloween costume.


Half of the fun in Halloween is creating your own costume. Luckily, these face paints are safe for children and adults alike. They are hypoallergenic and fragrance free for even the most sensitive of skin. In addition, they are 100% non-toxic, so if a (much too) little one gets into the paints, the worst that could happen is a bright blue mouth that may take a few days to go away – no hospital trips spoiling Halloween today!


  • Sensitive Skin friendly
  • Easy to use for kids and adults
  • Vibrant and quality colors
  • Large quantity sized paints
  • Instruction manual and stencils


  • Dry Formula
  • Smaller stencils

5. CokoHappy FX Makeup

best halloween makeup - CokoHappy FX Makeup

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For a more realistic and scary costume, the CokoHappy Scar Kit is a great tool to use while creating fake cuts, slices, and even chopped up ligaments with great quality products all in one package.

All You Need

Normally when creating FX makeup, one would need good quality liquid latex to create realistic wounds (normally coming at a pretty hefty price). However, this kit ensures you need nothing but the contents of it. The scar wax is moldable and sticks to the skin firmly with the Spirit Gum after a simple cleaning of the face or body part you plan to put your slice on

Blood Gel is the Token

While the wax blends in with the skin nicely, the fake blood is the real star of the show for most buyers. The accurate consistency and color of this “blood” makes the world that much more realistic and will really make your FX makeup stand out among others. ANd if you are a beginner who is new to scar wax, easily cover it up with the fake blood and it looks just as amazing!


  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • High Quality makeup and tool
  • Email of Kit Tips After Purchase
  • Realistic Fake Blood
  • Long-Wear (Up to 12 Hours)


  • Wax on Sticky Side
  • Practice Recommended for Beginners

6. Fun World Zipper Kit

[easyazon_link keywords="Fun World Zipper Kit" locale="US" tag="wakeandcak040-20"]best halloween makeup - Fun World Zipper Makup Kit[/easyazon_link]

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If you’re looking for a Halloween costume that has minimal work and maximum payoff, this Skin Zipper FX Makeup is perfect to spook your friends who see you. Plus, you can wear whatever you want with this makeup and let it do the talking for your costume.

Easy Application

Customers rave about the easy application of this makeup. The package comes with a sipper, spirit gum adhesive, and scab and blood makeup. These three items are all you need to create the skin zipper affect, and only takes up to thirty minutes to apply if you really take your time in making this makeup as realistic as can be!


With this makeup kit you can do whatever kind of costume you want. Some buyers add toilet paper to create more dimensional scabs, or add glitter to make it a little less gorey. You can customize this makeup however you like to fit the Halloween occasion and the idea for your costume. Spirit gum will glue on toilet paper, glitter, gems, and so many more pieces that are sure to make your costume pop. The best part is that removal is even easier than initial application!


  • Three Easy Steps
  • Applicators Included
  • Black and Wite Face Makeup Included
  • Won’t Crack or Fade While Talking
  • Instruction Manual Included


  • Sensitive Skin Caution
  • Oily Consistency

7. EverPlus Scar Tattoos

best halloween makeup - EverPlus Scar Tattoos

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For a five minute makeup activity for Halloween, children and adults alike will love these realistic and fun zombie and scar tattoos coming with 11 sheets of 35+ unique tattoos!

Application and Removal

These tattoos, although realistic, are just as easy to apply as a normal temporary tattoo taking less than a minute. Throughout the Halloween day and night, these tattoos stand the test of 24 hours. They are durable and waterproof to ensure your tattoos are vibrant and realistic the entire day. As far as removal goes, simply rub baby oil or rubbing alcohol gently on the tattoo, and it will come off easily with no hassle or damaged skin.

Material Safety

The material that is put on the skin is made of a vegetable based gelatin that is vegan and safe for sensitive skin. This ensures that anyone of all ages will be worry free when taking off the temporary tattoos that there will be no reaction the day after.


  • Easy Application
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Vegan Formula
  • Realistic Designs


  • Not Removable With Water
  • Does Not Stick Onto Makeup

8. JoyIn Halloween Makeup

best halloween makeup - JoyIn Halloween Makeup

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For an all in one makeup kit for Halloween costumes and parties at an affordable price, the JoyIn Makeup kit has everything you need for that Spooky night including applicators and fake teeth!


This kit is non-toxic, FDA approved, and meets the standard for toys in the United States. In addition to meeting all the essential requirements, the kit is formulated to be safe for sensitive skin and is fragrance free! With an easy soap and water removal, you can rest easy knowing you or your child will not be starting November off with harsh rub burns or chemical skin reactions with this safe formula!

All Essentials In One

This kit includes twelve face paints, five face crayons, fake blood, liquid body paint, tooth wax, fake teeth, an array of applicators for easy use, and scar tattoo sheets! This is everything you need for a spooky costume (or multiple costumes) and has enough product to produce an excellent look for many costumes in one use!


  • FDA Approved
  • Non-Toxic and Fragrance Free
  • Washable
  • Durable Packaging


  • Spirit Gum Adhesive Not Included
  • Multiple Layers May Be Needed For Opaque Finish

9. Mozaiz Face Paint

best halloween makeup - Mozaiz Face Paint

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For a great gift for your children or friends this Halloween season, the Mozaiz Face Paints are perfect for a DIY Halloween project that all ages can partake in. No more stressing about making your child’s Halloween makeup perfect, doing it themselves (with supervision to avoid a colorful disaster) is what will make their night a blast.


The most notable feature in this kit is the variety of face stencils that will help guide the paints to the face, and when it is taken off – voila! The patterns can be shown in a crisp and defined manner. This is simple for everyone whether it be a parent with limited artistic ability, or a child learning how to become a face painting expert! It comes with over 100 unique stencils in all shapes and designs, so it will be sure to have something matching your Halloween costume.

Wide Range

Coming with 16 vibrant paints, hair chalk, and a large 260 piece package of adhesive gems, this kit can go past just using it for Halloween. Use it for parties to spruce up the look or even for a costume party! Many customers used this for theater performances, and the colors pop on stage! So unlike other Halloween makeup that sits in the closet after the big day and dries up by the next year, you can use the whole thing for so many other events!


  • Applicators Included
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Hair Chalk Included
  • Wash With Soap and Water
  • Cosmetic Grade Ingredients
  • Quick-Dry


  • Cracking After Long-Term Wear
  • Mild Staining

10. Afflano Neon Eyeshadow

best halloween makeup - Afflano Neon Eyeshadow

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For a more sophisticated but electrifying costume, this UV activated and neon eyeshadow palette is wonderful for makeup artists who want their eyes to pop with their Halloween costume. It includes 24 neon eyeshadows in the palette.

Professional and Amateur Friendly

With a smooth and blendable formula, this palette is easy to work with and comes out with the best results for all skill levels. Whether you are a seasoned makeup artist doing a complicated look for Halloween, or a makeup beginner looking to try your hand in a way to make your costume pop, this makeup will enhance it in both manners!

Safe and Workable Formula

The formula is cruelly free and sensitive skin friendly. This makeup will stay on throughout the night with its vibrant colors and UV glowing properties, but will come off with a simple makeup wipe or cleanser. The vibrant formula will stick to other makeup, any part of the body or face, and even on temporary tattoos to add a pop of color!


  • Cruelty Free
  • Buildable Pigment
  • UV Light Glowing
  • Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee


  • Applicators Not Included
  • Has Some Fallout

Our Conclusion

We are confident that with this guide, you will be able to find what works for you this Halloween season! Whether you are looking to scare your peers with some gorey effects, dazzle those with neon and UV magic, or have some family fun painting faces to make the kids’ costumes that much better, these products are the best on the market to do all of those things to ensure you have the spookiest, exciting Halloween in 2020!

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