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10 Best Gifts for Stoners


Last Updated on January 12, 2021 by Aileen Valdivia

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Last Updated on January 12, 2021 by Aileen Valdivia

Gift shopping can be really hard, whether it’s someone you are close with, or maybe a new friend. There is one tried and true way to find a perfect gift: find out one of their hobbies, and shop from there. Now does that person like to smoke bud, or maybe consider themselves a stoner? If that is the case, below you are going to find the best gifts for him or her.

10 Best Gifts For Stoners in 2021

1. DT Smuggle Dube Tubes

DT Smuggle Dube Tubes-best gifts for stoners

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Have you ever been in the unenviable position of wanting to take your stash with you on a vacation, but you knew if it was discovered you might get into some rather unpleasant repercussions with the local Boys in Blue? What did you do? In the past, you probably had to simply just suck it up and leave your weed at home. However, you now have options. If you want to enjoy your recreational pursuits while you are out of town, you can smuggle it very easily with these containers that are designed to look like a woman’s feminine hygiene product. Of course, they may LOOK like a tampon, they may FEEL like a tampon, but they AREN’T a tampon, and even the most discerning eye won’t be able to tell!

Smell Proof

Anyone who is a doobie enthusiast knows that they can give off a distinct smell, and that can make them difficult to smuggle. However, these dube tubes are smell proof. Even the most highly trained human nose will not be able to detect your prized collection! They will have this value because they have an airtight seal at the front of the container that will effectively prevent any air from escaping.

A Good Storage Solution

If you are looking for a good storage solution for your pre-rolled product, this would be a good option. This is because they will not only keep them discreet, but they will also keep them fresh so that you can have the opportunity to enjoy a blunt at a moment’s notice.


These fake tampon sleeves can be used more than once. Just make sure that you thoroughly wash the lid with each use. There is a sticky strip that keeps the lid closed, and that has to stay intact. However, as long as it is properly maintained, you definitely can reuse this little tube a number of times.

Easily Blends In

Of course, if someone thoroughly examines this product, they would eventually determine it isn’t a real tampon. However, they have the ability to blend in quite well with a group of real tampons. That is why there have been countless reports of these fake tampons passing even the closest inspections, even on cruises and in airports.


  • Good at hiding the smell
  • Large supply (2 pack of 5 tubes each)


  • Can be larger than a real tampon
  • Reusable, but some maintenance will be required

2. The Easy Cannabis Cookbook

The Easy Cannabis Cookbook-best gifts for stoners

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What would a stoner’s life be without edibles? This cookbook provides you with a tremendous amount of recipes for every type of cannabis-based confection you might desire. The book is packed with five dozen edibles recipes, featuring everything from the standard cookies and brownies to even a variety of soups, this cookbook has you covered for cannabis foods. Another benefit to this cannabis cookbook would be how well-organized it is. This book is divided up into handy sections, such as “Cannabis 101”, “Cannabis Dosing Guide”, “Cooking with Cannabis”, and it also has offerings for roasted, baked and even grilled cannabis confections for each meal.

Useful Tips

This book has several tips to help you come up with the best cannabis confection combination possible. This is especially true in the “Cooking with Cannabis” section, where it teaches you such things as choosing the correct herb, types of equipment to use, and proper safety procedures. They also give you tips for properly infusing each dish with the right amount, including how to keep the potency levels just right for each recipe. The book also seeks to educate you on the history of not only the recreational use of cannabis but also the unique medicinal use of this potent herb. The herb enthusiast in your family will definitely appreciate the wealth of information that this cookbook will provide to them. The book also offers you a unique education section on the history of cannabis as well.

A Well-Respected Author

The book is written by Cheri Sicard, who has been described as “the Martha Stewart of weed.” She not only knows about edibles and cannabis, but she was a foodie first and foremost. That means that Ms. Sicard knows exactly how to prepare edibles so that they not only provide the benefits of THC but they also are tasty as well.

Unique Recipe Selection

This cookbook offers several unique recipes that you can try. This means that this book leads by example. You can definitely use the recipe offerings in this book as a springboard for your own creative endeavors. There is no doubt about it; the days of edibles just being brownies and cookies are over if this book has something to say about it.


  • Easy to follow
  • In-depth
  • Provides techniques as well as recipes


  • Not enough pictures

3. Fiskars Micro-Tip Pruner

Fiskars Micro Tip Pruner-best gifts for stoners

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Ask anyone who has ever done the job of growing their own weed, and they will tell you that it can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. It not only requires experience, but it also requires the right tools for the job. This is because a successful pot harvest is always contingent upon appropriately “curing” the weed. Part of this process would involve the proper pruning of it, and with this pruner, you will be in good shape with keeping your buds as intact as possible. This is because this pruner is not only durable, but it offers a precise cut each and every time.

Non-stick Coating

With lesser pruning blades, you often will run the risk of developing a messy buildup of sticky resin, making it difficult for you to effectively prune your merchandise. However, this Fiskars brand is resistant to resin buildup simply because it has a non-stick coating. This coating is also good because it will reduce the jamming that often occurs with other pruning shears. Non-stick coating can also go a long in preventing sap, dirt and other pollutants from sticking to the surface.

Staying Sharp

These pruning shears have the ability to stay sharp, even in the midst of heavy use. They consist of stainless steel that is precision-ground, making these some tools that you will go to consistently for years to come. Stainless steel is a durable metal because it mixes various elements such as nickel, titanium, and chromium. Many of these metals are invisible, which makes stainless steel a great way for an object to resist the scratches that can occur from everyday use.

Spring-action Design

Do you have a lot of plants to look after? If that is the case, then you will definitely appreciate the spring-action design that is present on these pruning shears. You will not only be able to keep all of your marijuana plants well-maintained, but you also will be able to do it quickly because the spring-action design will reduce your hand fatigue and your need for more breaks.


  • Comfortable for left-handed individuals to use
  • They consist of 2-inch blades and 4-inch handles
  • Can be kept clean by just applying rubbing alcohol on the surface of the blades


  • They don’t seem to do well if left outside on a hot day, so make sure to take them inside after using them.

4. Smart Crusher Grinder

The Easy Cannabis Cookbook-best gifts for stoners

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Ask any marijuana smoker, and they will tell you that a good grinder is always top on their list. They know they need one that is durable and able to handle not just weed but also other herbs such as tobacco as well. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to grinders. They also know they need a grinder that is convenient for daily use. This is why this herb grinder is one of the most popular items being sold today. It is a very handy example, and here are some of the main reasons why:

Reasonably Priced

This herb is always listed at a reasonable price. It retails at just over twelve USD on most sites, and you truly get a lot for your money as well!

A Convenient Size and Quantity

Ask anyone, and they will tell you that it can be difficult to transport any of your weed-making tools. Don’t even get me started on if you are in a state where weed hasn’t been legalized yet! The last thing you want is someone thinking your grinder is contraband! However, the beauty of this Smart Crusher 5-Piece Grinder is that it is small enough to fit in your pocket. And of course, another nice advantage of this product would be the fact that it is made up of five different pieces as well!

Powerful Teeth

The one attribute you almost always will need your grinder to have is a powerful cutting motion. This is why you will come to appreciate another handy attribute of this Smart Crusher Grinder: its teeth are literally on par with diamond-cutters. This will also have the added benefit of keeping all of your herbs fresh. These delectable odors will stay right in the grinder and will not be wasted anywhere else!

Steel Mesh Screen Filter

Finally, the Smart Crusher possesses a steel mesh screen filter that will go a long way in helping you trap any residue or fine pollen that you want to stay in your pouch. The Smart Crusher is ready to give you the best herb powder possible and the best value for your dollar.


  • Easy to transport
  • Provides very solid grinding
  • A good way to avoid using electricity


  • Not as large as some would like
  • At the bottom, the chamber can get cross-threaded

5. American Weigh Scales Signature Series

American Weigh Scales Signature Series-best gifts for stoners

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This digital pocket scale is one of the best ways to help you know your dose, giving you the ability to track exactly how much you are ingesting. This scale will also come in handy because you will be able to tell if you are getting your full money’s worth from your weed supply. It also can come in handy because it is portable. A pocket scale such as this one can literally become your right-hand man if you are away on business and need to measure some herb. Moreover, this product is definitely good for the budget-conscious. Here are some extra features that are sure to make this a great gift:

Tremendous Accuracy

This American Weigh Scales Signature Series has developed a solid reputation for its remarkable accuracy. This is because it has an auto-off switch that will keep the battery efficient. It also features the ability to alter the LCD switch after four minutes of inactivity.

Very Readable

Another feature of this scale that comes in handy would be the fully digital scale, which has a clear and large display. It is very easy to get a clear reading!


Many pot connoisseurs will enjoy just how lightweight this device is. It definitely makes for easier storage simply because this slim design will slip into the most discreet drawer. Moreover, this scale can even slip in a small bag or innocuous-looking purse in a matter of a few moments.


This tool has also been crafted with only the highest-quality stainless steel, making it much easier to maintain. It will last longer being made of this material as well. It was definitely manufactured with the consumer in mind!

Extremely Organized

Many of these weigh scales won’t always be very organized. However, the American Weigh Scales Signature Series has a “tare” button that will allow you to keep adding merchandise if you want to weigh them all at once. The fact that you can keep adding them one by one will definitely come in handy.


  • Can measure things right down to a tenth of a gram
  • Has an open and close lid that will essentially protect the scale
  • Uses two AAA batteries instead of those clunky “box” batteries


  • No grip on the feet and this can cause it to slide a bit if you aren’t careful.

6. Golden Gate Herb Grinders

Golden Gate Grinders-best gifts for stoners

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This grinder is the perfect gift for even the pickiest smoker. Compact, tough, and precise turn your big bulky buds into smooth, easy to pack and smoke bud. The reason this is such a good gift is because it is something every smoker either needs or wants to upgrade. Don’t take a chance, we are confident this is a gift they’ll remember.

Scratch and Smudge Proof

When you give someone something, you want it to make them really happy for a really long time. You want them to look at it and remember you, and all the good times you’ve both shared. That’s why it’s awesome that this grinder is made to protect against smudges and scratches. It will stay clean and shiny as if they had just gotten it yesterday.

Magnetic Top

The worst thing I can imagine is giving someone something, and they use it, and it doesn’t work. You don’t have to stress about this one though! The top is magnetic, sealing tightly together, so it won’t open accidentally and spill your friend’s bud. Even more, the tight magnetic seal keeps the contents fresh, and preserved, meaning their bud will last longer.

Cost and Value

This is truly the stoner gift that keeps giving! It will stay shiny and scratch-free as if it’s brand new. The strong teeth stay sharp, always giving your friend a smooth and quick way to grind their bud. This grinder will last for years to come. Now that is one memorable gift.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Pollen tray
  • Compact size


  • One specific use

7. Formula 420 Pipe Cleaner

Formula 420 Glass Metal Ceramic Pipe Cleaner-best gifts for stoners

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You know your friend’s favorite pipe. Every time you hang out with them, they insist on always using it. You can’t blame them, it’s a great pipe and it smokes great. The only problem is, it’s full of sticky, smelly resin. You can try to boil it or scrub it, but nothing is going to work as well as this cleaner.


This cleaner works perfectly with glass, metal, ceramic, and more. That means you can bring that favorite pipe back to how clean it was on the first day, but you can also bring other forgotten pipes back to life. It only takes a little bit to clean a whole pipe, so a bottle will last for a long time.


This gift is perfect for any person, as it is so easy to use. You just put the pipe in a bag, pour in some solution, and gently shake it for a few minutes. It doesn’t require any hot or boiling water, and the best part is it requires zero scrubbing. It doesn’t get any easier, and it doesn’t get any better than this gift idea.

Cost and Value

This is a gift that is beyond affordable. It would be perfect for a last-minute occasion when your wallet didn’t plan for it, or just because your friend has a very dirty pipe. Either way, your money will praise you when you realize it comes in a 3 pack! So maybe you keep one for yourself, we promise we won’t tell.


  • Efficient Solution Mix
  • Leaves Pleasant Scent
  • Works in Minutes


  • Needs Rinsing

8. Raw Rolling Tray Small Bundle

Raw Rolling Tray Small Bundle with Raw 110mm Roller-best gifts for stoners

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This present is a party in itself! If you have a friend that loves a good old fashion doobie, there isn’t a better gift option than this rolling set. Everything you could possibly need to roll the perfect joint, neatly bundled together and stamped with that iconic Raw logo. Simple and classic, you’ll make someone’s day with this set.

Large Tray

This is great for both the professional roller and the beginner. The tray is 7 inches by 11 inches, leaving plenty of room to learn or to stack up tens of joints. It also provides a neat place to stack and store everything, so they can neatly use your gift again, and again.


The set comes with the tray, but what might be even cooler is that it comes with a roller. This roller teaches you how to roll a perfect joint, and continues to be an aid for a tighter, faster roll. Really anyone can use this to learn, and everyone knows a good tight joint is way better than a bowl from a pipe.

Cost and Value

This gift set is a steal. It comes with a rolling tray and a roller that makes a perfect joint every time. As if that wasn’t enough, it comes with 2 king-size papers, and 2 packs of regular leaf papers. Just when you think it can’t get any better, these papers are unrefined and aren’t bleached, giving you a safe, clean-burning joint every time.


  • Natural
  • Everything included
  • Reliable brand
  • Good for beginners


  • Roller is king size

9. Smokebuddy Jr Personal Air Filter

Smoke Buddy JUNIOR - Personal Air Filter Purifier-best gifts for stoners

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The Smokebuddy is a good gift for the stoner who might live with roommates or parents or someone who doesn’t like or approve, of the smell of weed. Almost anyone who has smoked has dealt with this problem at least a few times, making this a home run gift for every stoner. With this gift, you can literally inhale the good stuff, and blow out clean healthy air.


Take this on the go! Put it in a purse, or a console in the car, it’s perfect for on the go smoking. You don’t have to worry about your car smelling like bud anymore, and that’s the greatest gift you can give. So be it in the car, or in a bedroom, this tiny gift pays out in a big way.


There is a color choice for every smoker; pink, black, blue, green, you name it and they have it. That leaves room for that extra bit of customization that will surely put a smile on the receiver’s face. On top of being such a resourceful gift, make it more personal and special by giving your smoker friend their favorite color.

Cost and Value

The only thing that is smaller and better than the gift itself is the price! It is beyond manageable, good for a quick gift or a stocking stuffer. You can’t go wrong with this one, and your pocketbook will definitely agree. Small price, compact gift, big impact; make your friend’s day with this one.


  • Versatile
  • Cleans second-hand smoke
  • Easy to use


  • Sharing passes germs

10. Home Dictionary Diversion Book Safe

Trademark Home Dictionary Diversion Book Safe-best gifts for stoners

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Everyone needs a good, safe place to hide their stash. That’s exactly what this dictionary provides. To the unknowing, it’s just a boring dictionary on a shelf with other books. To the owner, its a lockbox safe filled with personal and expensive items. This is a great gift because every smoker knows how sticky fingers can get, and how quickly someone can snatch their valuable weed. This stuff kind of grows on trees, but it still isn’t cheap!


Two keys make this safe almost invincible, even in the unlikely event that someone wants to read a dictionary. As long as the user keeps the keys, their belongings will be safe and secure. That is a gift that gives more than a product, it gives something intangible: peace of mind and security.

Large Safe Space

Small bags, big bags, or both; this safe gives you the storage space to safely keep both. Not only can you keep weed safe, but this safe can hold jewelry, pipes, or anything that one considers valuable. No more stressing over losing items and bag, or having personal items stolen. Now that’s a gift!

Cost and Value

This is a big safe for a little cost. You can’t put a price on security, but this company tried and its price is so low you can’t find better. Keep your friend’s weed safe with this gift, and it’s going to make them smile every time they open it and find all their belongings still in it.


  • Discreet
  • Extra key
  • Metal Interior


  • Could misplace key

Our Conclusion

So, now the chase is over. Whether it’s your friend’s birthday, or Christmas, or just a random gift, we have given you the best ideas for your friend who smokes. Everyone smokes differently and needs different things, so we’ve given you a wonderful variety to suit every need. Stop trying to brainstorm blank ideas, pick one or more of these suggestions, and watch your friend smile from ear to ear when they open it.


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