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Best Flavored Lubricants


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No matter what it is that you enjoy, there is always a time where oral sex will be on your mind. Flavored lubes have been designed to leave a great taste in your mouth while making things fun in the bedroom. There are several flavors available and also made in different bases. So if you are looking for a flavored water-based lubricant or a flavored silicone lubricant, we have you covered. No matter what you are into, there is something here for everyone.


5 Best Flavored Lubricants in 2019

1. Aloe Cadabra Natural FlavoredAloe Cadabra Natural Flavored Personal Lubricant-Best Flavored Lubricants

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Here is a flavored lubricant that people love and enjoy. This lubricant is not only flavored but incredibly useful in the bedroom. Completely safe and Ph balanced, this lubricant is also doctor recommended, known to take any pain away from the bedroom. With a lubricant this tasty, you can’t go wrong.

Doctor Recommended

For those of you that deal with struggles during sex that cause painful issues, this is the lubricant for you. This lubricant is doctor recommended and prevents pain from all different sexual ailments such as vaginal dryness, menopause and more. Now you have the answer, this is the lubricant that will take care of all of your needs.

Ph Balanced

Having a lubricant that has so much to offer has never been better than it has now. This lubricant is not only flavored, but also doctor recommended and Ph balanced. For the sensitive skin, this lubricant is bound to keep your ph levels in check and prevent any vaginal nuisances.


  • Light Flavor
  • Ph Balanced
  • No-Stain
  • Doctor Recommended


  • Thick

2. Classic Erotica Crazy Girl Oral Sex GelClassic Erotica Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel-Best Flavored Lubricants

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Both smooth and tasty, this is a lubricant that you will want to try. Easy on, easy to use, and a great taste, this is a lubricant that will make oral, more fun! You simply just slide it in or on and let your imagination do the rest. Enjoy a great night using this flavored lube.


If you are looking for a sweet taste to get your mind into the game, this is the route to go. Nothing is better than the sweet taste of cotton candy during an intimate moment. Adding sweets to the equation makes life a little easier and the room a little steamier.

Increased Sensation

Whether you are looking for the ride of your life or an intimate evening, this is the lubricant for you. The ingredients in this lubricant give off a slippery and fun feeling, making the sensation just right, for anyone.

Cost and Value

With a lube that delivers a great taste and an excellent feeling, there is no denying a great time. Bursting full of cotton candy flavor, this lubricant will leave your taste buds dripping for more and more. Easy to clean, this flavored lubricant has become an all-time favorite for the bedroom.


  • Cotton Candy Taste
  • Easy to Clean
  • Excellent Glide
  • Increased Sensation


  • Sticky

3. JO H2O Water Based FlavoredJO H2O Water Based Flavored Personal Lubricant-Chocolate-Best Flavored Lubricants

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If you are looking for an easy to use, great tasting product, this is the chocolaty desire that you have been looking for. Smooth gliding and main ingredients that are extracted from plants, this is on the natural side of the flavored lubricants. With the ability to use this alone or with your partner, this lubricant is sure to set the night off right.

Plant Based

Being that this lubricant uses extractions from pure glycerin, you are sure to have a high-quality product with a smooth glide. Made to last longer than other lubricants, this great product puts the wet in wet.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? This product comes in a sweet, chocolate flavor that has no additives, no sugar, and is infused with natural products. What this means is that not only is this product incredibly tasty, but it also doesn’t have a sticky after feel.

Cost and Value

Smooth, fun, and full of taste, this is a top-rated product for the simple fact that it is chocolate. With chocolate being an aphrodisiac, it just adds that much more fun to the room. Although this product is not hypoallergenic, it still offers natural plant glycerin that will assist in keeping things natural. How could you go wrong with this?


  • Great Taste
  • No Sticky Mess
  • Natural Glycerin
  • Increased Sensations


  • Complaints of after taste


4. Astroglide Strawberry LiquidAstroglide Strawberry Liquid-Best Flavored Lubricants

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If you are looking for a sweet smell and taste, this is the route to take. Astroglide is a well known, popular lubricant that brings out the best in everyone. Known to keep things interesting, this lubricant will stay sweet and keep its glide, all night long.


This lubricant is purely water-based and absorbs nicely into the skin. Water-based lubes are known to leave a great sensation and maintain a non-greasy feeling. Also, this lube is great to keep the sheets clean as water-based lubes do not stain!

Cost and Value

Sweet tasting, this product is excellent for oral and even better for bed. Having a water-based lubricant at hand, you can be sure that the sheets will remain clean and the remaining lubricants will absorb into the skin, leaving it silky and smooth.


  • Water Based
  • No Stain
  • Strawberry Flavor
  • Absorbs Into Skin


  • Dries out Faster than Silicone based

5. Pure Romance Whipped Rainbow SherbertWhipped Rainbow Sherbert Edible Lubricant by Pure Romance-Best Flavored Lubricants

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This sweet and smooth edible lubricant is highly liked for many reasons. This product offers a great glide, especially with sex toys. The whipped texture gives a non-spill benefit and a smooth, clean glide, making this one of the best edible lubes on the market.

Smooth Glide

This great tasting lube offers more than just that sweet taste. With the whipped material, it slides on smooth and glides even better. Say goodbye to the dryness struggle, this lube will sure keep things smooth and promote a comfortable night.


Whether you are a personal pleaser or a people pleaser, this is the right lubricant for you. Being that this product is incredibly versatile, you can use it doing anything sexual, and more. With the versatile texture, you can use this product on toys, condoms, and bare skin, with no issues of drying out.

Cost and Value

For the price of this flavored lubricant, you can use it several times over and enjoy night after night of pleasure. Keep in mind that with this bottle being so large, you are getting what you paid for. The sweet taste of sherbet backs this whipped texture, making it a non-sticky, sweet dessert. Don’t miss out on a night of fun, especially while this lubricant is in the mix.


  • Sherbet Taste
  • Whipped Texture
  • Smooth Glide
  • Non Spill


  • More Expensive

6. Wet Flavored Kiwi StrawberryWet flavored lubricant gel by Trigg-Best Flavored Lubricants

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If oral sex is your style, then this lubricant is the best one for you. Being that it has such a taste, it’ll be as if you are adding desert right into the nightly fun. No spill, non-sticky, and a smooth glide, this water-based, flavored lube will keep you up all night.


Being one of the safest based lubes, this water-based texture is better internally than most. Smooth glide and a wet feeling, this lubricant will have you going all night and make sure that you enjoy every last feel.


With the flavor being so strong, there is no way that your mouth won’t be watering after adding this to the bedroom. The sweet strawberry taste is also sugar-free and offers a natural flavor of fruit, making the after taste just as great. With all of these tasty benefits, you’re sure to enjoy a dab of this.

Cost and Value

The cost of this tasty product is great for the wallet and bound to keep you coming back for more. With this lubricant being so cost-effective, it sure adds loads of pleasure and fun, ensuring a positive and sensual night, so definitely don’t let the cost steer you!


  • Great Taste
  • Water Based
  • No Foul Aftertaste
  • Non-Sticky


  • May Leave Stains

Our Conclusion

If you are ready to jump into a night full of play and fun, start with a flavored lubricant. Not only does taste make the pleasure better, but it also adds a smooth glide into the mix. With everything that is available for you to purchase, we have narrowed down the top products, making shopping a lot easier, assisting in time-saving shopping. If you buy now, you won’t have wait to play later!

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