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Last Updated on September 23, 2020 by Aileen Valdivia

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Last Updated on September 23, 2020 by Aileen Valdivia

Finding the best erotic movie can be hard to do if you aren’t sure what you want. Imagination is great to have in the bedroom, and this is where movies can help. Sometimes, a visual can help you learn new things, heat things up, and even create new excitement with your lover. Erotic movies have been used for visuals for years and can even help you create new excitement with yourself! Eroticism itself dates back to the late 1800s when showing a woman’s legs was considered risque. Nowadays, there are fewer censors and more skin than ever before. Below, we have compiled a list of the top ten best erotic movies available today!

10 Best Erotic Movies in 2020

1. Fifty Shades Collection

Best Erotic Movies- Fifty Shades

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The Fifty Shades series is one of the most popular erotic movies available today. It’s number one on this list for a reason! Not only are there hot and steamy scenes that keep you biting your lip and squirming in your seat, but the actors are great and it really opens your mind to a new type of play in the bedroom. This movie really keeps you intrigued and anticipating what’s next.

A bit of bondage 

Pushing the boundaries of the bedroom is really the main idea in the Fifty Shades series. Exploring the act of being tied up, dominated, and being bound as a sex slave to a lover, creates a very sensual premise for any great erotic movie. Fifty Shades does just that, showing any vanilla lover, a bit of real sexual creativity.

Tasteful eroticism 

If you are looking for an erotic movie that isn’t a budget film and offers a great story line, we recommend you check this series out. With tasteful and sexy scenes that almost make some blush, the overall sexual desire featured in the Fifty Shades movies makes this top of the list.


  • Creative story line
  • Steamy scenes
  • Great acting


2. Cashback

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This movie had a pretty interesting story, filled with a lot of hot naked bodies! Basically, it’s about a would be artist working in a grocery store who gets dumped and develops insomnia. This later leads to some time stopping, sexy hallucinations at work. Although the premise was a bit unrealistic and sci-fi, there are plenty of steamy scenes in this epic erotic movie.

The things ya do when you’re bored

I suppose that if I was suffering from depression from a breakup and insomnia, I would want to do anything to keep my mind busy too. However, Ben Willis, an artist, creates a whole new meaning to crushing boredom at work.

Clever special effects

The special effects in this movie are enough to keep you interested. Stopping time to undress and fantasize about the customers at work, each scene was clever and seamless with special effects that are pulled off with ease.


  • A lot of sexy scenes and naked bodies
  • Fun story line
  • Good acting


  • May be a bit deep for someone looking for an erotic movie that gets straight to nudity.

3. Kama Sutra

Best Erotic Movies- Kama Sutra

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This erotic movie is one of those that is perfect for some real foreplay. With steamy scenes, a sexy servant girl that is defiant and seduces her friends soon to be husband, this movie is bound to keep things hot and exciting for anyone watching it.

Betrayal and seduction

Everyone enjoys watching an erotic movie about a bad girl that does naughty things to get her way. When the young servant girl gets tired of being in her friend’s shadow, she is sure to make sure that no one forgets who she is as she seduces her way to the top.

Romantic, yet enticing

Kama sutra is not just the ancient Indian art of sexuality and eroticism but this movie offers romance and deep characters that keep the story interesting yet full of nudity and sensuality.


  • Steamy and plenty of nudity
  • Interesting story
  • Great acting
  • Intelligent and sensual


  • A bit dry in parts

4. Peekarama Double Feature

Best Erotic Movies- Eat at the Blue Fox and Titillation

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This double feature erotic movie features the great Ron Jeremy who is a nightclub owner that runs his place with no rules. This means plenty of steamy sex scenes and an angry sheriff who wants to make Ron Jeremy’s life hell. Titillation is a bit on the sillier side, featuring a private detective on the search for a clients lost love.

Double Feature

It’s not everyday you get to choose what kind of steamy erotic movie you want to watch with one DVD. With this collection, you have the choice between a straight up soft core porn or something with a sense of humor and cheesy acting.


Searching for a long lost woman with boobs so large that a special golden bra was made by a millionaire client, a private detective finds himself looking for a set of boobs that are harder to find than he imagined. Although the movie is a big silly, it has plenty of steamy scenes!


  • Two movies for the price of one
  • Plenty of good sex scenes
  • Great looking actors


  • A bit low budget
  • Story was a bit cheap

5. Alex deRenzy’s Babyface

Best Erotic Movies- Alex deRenzys Babyface

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This movie lands in the middle because it has a great cast and a tease named Priscilla that makes things interesting right away. She falsely accuses a deckhand of attacking her after being caught with him by her mother. This leads to a shoot out that later sends gets him rescued by some women who put him to work in a male brothel.

Saved by a Brothel

This movie is any man’s dream come true, getting to be able to hide away at a male brothel and put to work to please women daily. There are plenty of erotic and steamy scenes that are some of the most epic of it’s time.

Old but Good

Although this movie was made in the late ’70s, it is still right up there on the list for being a great erotic movie full of nudity and pure sexual desire. If you don’t get hot at least once throughout this movie, you aren’t watching it.


  • Plenty of sexy scenes
  • Great acting
  • Sensual and well thought out


  • Made in the 70’s
  • A bit of a budget film

6. Cheeky

Best Erotic Movies- Cheeky

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This one is surely to make you smile. With an adorable free-spirited girl without a care in the world and a butt to remember, this movie is sure to make you warm and fuzzy. With a jealous boyfriend who learns to love more freely, this movie is full of flirty fun and sexy bodies.

Lesbian scenes

With every good erotic movie, comes girls, girls, girls. When they are sharing the love with one another, it’s even better. Cheeky is sure to add some spice to any occasion.

Flirting leads to full nudity

The lead girl in this movie has many sexual adventures that all start with a little harmless flirting, and when her boyfriend finds out, he leaves her only to soon regret it and return. Guess when you have a woman that everyone wants, there is bound to be some struggle.


  • Plenty of sexy scenes and full nudity
  • Great story line, keeps you watching
  • Good acting and great scenes
  • Funny


  • A bit more of a cheap porn

7. The Exotic House of Wax

Best Erotic Movies- Exotic House of Wax

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This movie received decent ratings and the plot was creative. The movie is set in a wax museum where the exhibits come to life and put on erotic shows that you would never expect to see in any normal wax museum. Although the set was a bit sub par, the actresses made it worth watching! Lots of skin and sexy scenes in this one!

Plenty of sex scenes

When you buy an erotic film, the purpose is to make sure that it has plenty of sex. Otherwise you would just buy an R rated movie and hope for the best. The Exotic House of Wax, not only has plenty of sex scenes, but a good story line to keep you intrigued. 

Good acting

Now, when it comes to erotic movies, the acting doesn’t seem like it is too important, as long as the sex scenes are steamy. However, when you get a good erotic movie, the acting will make you feel like you are right in the room and along for the ride. This movie offers all of that!


  • Good acting
  • Steamy sex scenes
  • Good story line


  • The movie set seemed a bit rushed and cheap

8. The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Best Erotic Movies- The Unbearable Lightness of Being

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This movie is about a doctor’s search for sex and when he finally finds love, she realizes that he’s a womanizer that has already had an affair. After she returns home, he realizes that he made a mistake and goes after her. The story is steamy, the actors are believable and the sex scenes are superb.

Soviet invasion that leads to love triangle

When the doctor brings his new love back only for her to discover he has another lover, they are forced to flee together in order to get to safety. This leads to a hot and steamy love triangle full of nudity and intensity.

Based on a novel

That’s right, this steamy erotic movie is based on a novel that will keep you deep in the pages and antsy in your seat. Whether you are more into visuals or into using your own imagination, this story line is available on film and on page.


  • Based on a good book
  • Great story
  • Steamy scenes, plenty of nudity


  • Foreign film
  • A bit dated

9. Below Her Mouth

Best Erotic Movies- Below Her Mouth

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There is just something sexy and sensual about two women who explore the opportunity to release some sexual tension, and tension is definitely heavy in this erotic movie.  Jasmine lives with her fiance, but when she goes out with a friend she meets a woman that makes her curious to discover if she’s with the right person.

Finally gives in

After multiple turned down advances from the woman Dallas, Jasmine finally breaks down and begins an affair that is steamy and intense. With many heated moments between these two women, you are sure to enjoy the pure sexuality in this movie.

To be or not to be

The biggest struggle in this erotic movie is for Jasmine to decide is she wants to continue to be with her male fiance, or be with her new sexual conquest, Dallas. Confused with her sexuality and pent up desires, Jasmine creates a story that not only gets you excited but will have you wanting more.


  • Great steamy scenes
  • Plenty of nudity
  • Sensual and erotic story line
  • More soft core porn than a romance story


  • Story is a bit overused

10. Taboo 4

Best Erotic Movies- Taboo 4

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Although this movie is a bit older, it has plenty of sexy scenes and creates a world that many people may consider taboo. Being based more around incest, a psychologist finds his own life being more and more like his many clients who suffer from traumatic incest events. This movie is not for everyone.

Affairs with brothers and uncles

That’s right, you read that correctly. A doctors’s wife cheats on him with his brother, only later for one of his daughters to begin lusting after her uncle as well.

Erotic tension

There is so much sexual tension in this movie that will have you on the edge of your seat just begging the actors to succumb to their urges and desires. In fact, each sexy scene will have you looking forward to the next!


  • Good story line
  • Plenty of nudity
  • Creative


  • A bit of a budget film
  • Actors could have been a bit better

Our Conclusion

Whether it’s a movie you want to watch to get some new ideas, or you are looking for a creative way to make things exciting, a good erotic film can change the mood and steamy and intense. We know how important is it to find a movie that doesn’t look like it was made in someone’s garage and can keep you interested. This is why we took the time to create a list of some of the greatest erotic movies that are sure to keep you watching them over and over again!

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