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Whether you are looking to add fun into the bedroom, or just tired of the same old song and dance, you have come to the right place! Get your night off right with some of the top-rated dildos on the market. Each one of these beasty babies has been carefully evaluated to fit and fill, all of your needs.

With the number of dildos flying off the shelf, a number of customers know nothing about what they are buying. Each and every dildo has different specifications, features, and of course a number of pleasureful benefits, that will help you decide which dildo will best fit your needs. Take a look at the top-rated dildos that we have listed here and jump into the sheets, feeling confident that you chose the best dildo on the market!


10 Best Dildos in 2019

1. Weqipk Purple Thrusting

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Key Information: Starting off with this purple beauty is a bit risky on my behalf, but I’m gonna go with it, but this baby is phenomenal. Its vibrating shaft is laced with a silicon coating, the base of which can expand up and down 3cm to suit your expectations. And to top it off, its wireless remote can control it all from the touch of a finger, so you can enjoy a truly hassle-free orgasm.

Best Feature: Its SIX vibrating speeds, which isn’t even usual of a vibrator, let alone a dildo! This baby has it ALL.

Cost and Value: Considering its many features, the upper end of 40 buckaroos is a steal.

Pros: Its suction cup allows application to hard surfaces which is less common for vibrating dildos.

Cons: Must NOT be used with silicone-based lube because it can actually break down its material. Very rare and limited to find on Amazon.

2. Paloqueth Rabbit

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Key Information: This Amazon best-seller doesn’t have over 2,000 5-star reviews for nothing! The head is shaped like a real tip with ribbed lining underneath to fit comfortably in a g-spot and give just a little bit of friction, All the while being waterproof, so if getting freaky in the shower is your think you have found your new companion.

Best Feature: With four different charging methods, you will never have to worry about rescheduling your private time because of no power.

Cost and Value: With a USB included and its capacity to rotate, although this model is one of the most popular on Amazon, it is also incredibly affordable. Did I also mention its lasting power? At two hours on a full charge, it will last considerably longer than your boyfriend.

Pros: Vibrators often can be noisy- the last thing you need while relaxing is worrying someone can hear you. Thankfully you can worry no more as this dildo is quieter than a whisper- we can’t guarantee that you will be, however.

Cons: The larger tip can be off-putting for anal users, as well as the rabbit head, so we would recommend a smoother dildo for anal.

3. Paloqueth Flexible

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Key Information: If realistic is your thing then look no further- Paloqueth’s ultra-soft flesh-like dildo has realistic balls and bell- even with veins. The suction cup allows easy portability (especially in the shower) which makes it perfect for cam-girls/guys, and due to its smooth yet pointed tip, it allows for a smoother entry. Its realistic look and feel also allows for experimentation and exploration.

Best Feature: Each model comes with a free sample of lube, perfect for no-nonsense people who don’t want to beat around the bush and get straight to it!

Cost and Value: As another highly-rated Paloqueth model, customers were extremely satisfied with the price range as well as free delivery. The packaging is discrete with no clear product labels. 10/10 for professionalism.

Pros: Highly realistic and perfect for hands-free riding. Packaged with free lube combined with its soft feel, this is a perfect dildo for beginners.

Cons: Its super-soft feel is a result of TPE which although is safe to use, is unclear of any allergens as of yet. You may also find it slightly harder to clean due to the suction cup and shaft.

4. Paloqueth Triple Point

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Key Information: Last Paloqueth one, I pinky promise- but these babies are just too darn good! They have consistently good reviews, customer service, and every new model is better than the last- and the Paloqueth triple vibrating dildo is no different. While technically this could class as a vibrator, really that is just a bonus. This triple tipped dildo has a ribbed shaft as well as a “tickler” which makes two points of entry. The tickler can do what it says on the tin and tickle you, or it can make its way in as you desire, for triple pleasure.

Best Feature: Did I mention it is a vibrating dildo which can pleasure your clit, ass, and vagina all at once? Call me when you get back from heaven.

Cost and Value: As another well-priced model, considering its strong rotation and vibration capacity, the Paloqueth delivers above and beyond its price range. You can also throw in a full-sized bottle of lube for only $7 to make it a bundle.

Pros: Three points, perfect for ladies looking to stimulate the three biggest erogenous zones.

Cons: Sole use anywhere else can be tricky, and considering the three points can be hard to find more than a few positions to use it to its maximum potential. Aimed at women, it is also not very accessible to people without vaginas and clitorises (clitori? I don’t know) but never fear, our next option might be for you!

5. Lonove Clear

Lonove Clear-best dildos

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Key Information: This is the no-frills dildo you are looking for. If you want to get the job done for as cheap as possible, the Lonove dildo is for you. No crazy realistic flesh color, no package bundle, and no smell- this model is for those who know what they are doing, while still maintaining the necessities to provide a pleasurable experience.

Best Feature: It’s ultra-flexibility makes riding fun and easy like it should be, which is also perfect for first-time anal users.

Cost and Value: “But you already included a dildo just like this!” I hear you say- well you won’t be complaining when you hear that this is the cheapest model with a five-star rating. “But it could have a few reviews” wrong again- the newest release already has over 100 reviews and counting, so you can trust us.

Pros: Its simple design might be misleading- though it’s minimal, it has a perfect phallic shape, ultra-soft feel and a classic suction cup- perfect for those who don’t need help getting off.

Cons: You also might lose it- it is astonishingly clear.

6. 8 Inch Realistic Silicone8 Inch Realistic Silicone Dildo-best dildos

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This life-sized dildo is a great, smooth pleasure pal that will offer you satisfaction over a long period of time. Custom molds have been designed to give you a real feel, while the suction-cupped back will allow placement in more convenient and easy areas. To top that off, this dildo not only super gentle and smooth but 100% safe for your body. Get real, with this feeling, all at a great price.

100% FDA Approved

When you think about a dildo, you never consider it as an unsafe item. However, there are several dildos on the market that are not FDA approved and some that are even unsafe. Take care of your body parts by using this soft and strong, 100% FDA approved, silicone safe dildo.

The Real Deal

If you’re looking for the real deal, this dildo is for you. Long and strong, with just the right give, this dildo is bound to hit all the spots, with just enough to make your toes curl. This mold has been custom created, for you, to match to the ideal length and shape of a real penis.

Cost and Value

Available in pink or exciting peach, this dildo is the real deal. Being an FDA approved silicone dildo, you will be pleased and at ease knowing that nothing can go wrong. This dildo is both waterproof and non-porous, allowing you to use water or silicone-based lubricants, that will be easy to clean up. Just use your favorite toy cleaner when done, wash this beasty baby up, and put it away for the next night of fun.


  • Waterproof and Non-Porous
  • Smooth and Soft
  • Mimics the Real Deal
  • Flexible
  • Suction Cup


  • Can Have Weak Suction
  • Does not Stick to Wood

7. Multi-Speed Rotation DildoMulti-Speed Rotation Dildo-best dildos

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Here is an incredible option that will keep you excited, even after you put it away. This dildo, like the one before, has great benefits to add to the pleasure and allow a real feel. This dildo allows you several different pleasure options, features a suction cup for easy use, and to top it all off, resembles a real penis. Check out the available features that this dildo comes with and you will be vibrating before you know it!

Amazing Rotation and Vibration

The ability to have several settings on this dildo is mind-blowing. With this dildo, you will get a great feel of vibrations, rotations, and great sensations. Here is the real feel!

Suction Cup Base

If you are looking for a hands-free experience, this is the dildo for you. Made with a strong suction cup base, you can stick this dildo to almost anything and go! The suction will never let you down.

Cost and Value

Being that this dildo has several options available, this has become a top-rated product. Having the real feel of a man, with added benefits to please your needs, you will not be disappointed with this suction-cupped, dildo. Once you get this package delivered in its discreet packaging, all you have to do is pop in batteries, and go!


  • Vibrating and Rotating
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to Clean
  • Offers a Real Feel


  • Motor may be Loud

8. Perfect VioletPerfect Violet Dildo-best dildos

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Molded for a real feel, this dildo is incredibly safe for all your pleasuring needs. Long and slim, this dildo is ideal for front to back play and has been made with 100% body-safe, non-toxic PVC, that is super strong, yet super soft, just for you!


This beautifully crafted and realistic dildo has been made for all of your needs in the boom room. Made long and slender for front to back play, this dildo is also 100% adaptable for a strap on harness, making fun in the room last.


When buying a dildo, people do not often consider their bodies and allergies! Well, no need to worry with this baby as it is made out of a complete, latex-free material. Instead of your traditional dildos, this one is made from a body-safe, super soft PVC material, that is also non-toxic.

Cost and Value

At a great price, this dildo is made to meet and please all of your needs. 100% body-safe, feel at ease knowing that you will not run into health issues while trying to have a little fun. Made for hands-on, hands-off play, this dildo can be adapted for a strap on or suction cupped to anything, making for a fun time. Don’t miss out on this sweet thing!


  • Soft and Realistic
  • Safe for Both Ends
  • Can be Used with Strap on Harness
  • Non-Toxic


  • Thin

9. Realistic Ultra-SoftRealistic Ultra-Soft Dildo for Beginners-best dildos

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Whether you are on the hunt for your first dildo or just looking for some comparable and top-rated dildos, this one may be the right one for you. Made realistic, this dildo is not only safe fun but made hands free with an added suction cup feature. With a realistic look, this toy is made to fit all of your needs.


With the ability to hit the right spot, this dildo has been created to stimulate and satisfy all of your needs. With 5.2 insertable inches, this baby has raised veins and a realistic head, to give you optimal stimulation.

Suction Cup

As most of the top-rated dildos on the market, this one also features a suction cup on the end for hands-free fun. Place this dildo anywhere and feel the pleasure a real man has to offer. The strong suction cup is made to stick to the surface of your choice, offering continuous play.

Cost and Value

With the few options available for this beginner safe dildo, it is really made for anyone. Realistic features allow for an excellent feel while length and girth give optimal stimulation. At an affordable price, you can’t miss out on this pleasureful, safe toy.


  • Realistic Feel
  • Safe for Body
  • FDA Approved
  • Suction Cup End


  • Chemical Smell

10. Ultra-Premium SiliconeUltra-Premium Silicone Dildo-best dildos

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If you are searching for a fun and super safe toy for 2 types of play, you have come to the right place. These dildos offer a smooth, flared style that is both safe on insert and for anal play. Incredibly soft, for that great feel, this dildo is definitely one of a kind


Both safe and fun, these dildos are made for anyone. Being that this product is made from a soft, 100% ultra-silicone material, you will be at ease knowing there are no unwanted chemicals, chemical smells, or allergies lurking.

Low Maintenance

Whichever way you choose to care for your dildos, this one is made for it. Easy to clean, you can rinse, wash, or even boil these dildos, for a clean, healthy play. It is incredibly important to clean your toys, and this one is made easy.

Cost and Value

This ultra-premium dildo is made to last and made for play. Strong suction on the back end is in place for hands-free fun while a smooth, sleek surface is available for soft stimulation. Not too rigid, this dildo will hit the g spot, without skipping a beat.


  • Safe and Hypoallergenic
  • Can Boil to Clean
  • Low Maintenance
  • Made for Both Ends


  • No Added Stimulation

Our Conclusion

After reviewing the list of the top-evaluated products, you will be at ease knowing there are dildos available in all shapes and sizes. Some dildos may be more intimidating to beginners which is why this list is available with a wide range of choices.

It is incredibly important to know what you are looking for when shopping for these bad boys. Each and every dildo has different product features that will assist in stimulation and help you reach the climax of a lifetime. Why wait any longer on your next purchase? The top dildos are right here for your viewing pleasure, all at a great price!

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More About Dildos

The world of sex toys is taboo and not often spoken or written about openly, and it can be hard to find curated recommendations or advice on what is best for your needs, and how much you should be spending on one. Well, here at Wake and Cake we are here to break taboos and aim to give you the full low-down on dildos and the best ones to buy at the moment- think of us as the Kama Sutra of the modern-day. Dildos can be of great help to people looking to explore their sexual needs, or see what they want from a partner- some even prefer toys over a partner due to their competitive gift-giving abilities.

Prepare Yourself

If your grapefruit isn’t particularly moist, you are a newbie to anal or just a regular trying to enjoy the experience, lube is a gamechanger which helps the process move along just a little more comfortably. Water-and I cannot stress this enough-based. Oil-based lubes, even the natural ones, often can worsen friction between your dildo and yourself, and (especially if you try anal) when using condoms can cause micro-tears in the latex which can eventually rip and spoil the condom- it is not worth the risk.

This leads to my next point- condoms are a huge benefit to your sexual experience. Even if there is no risk of pregnancy it is ALWAYS recommended to use a condom, but what about when using dildos? Firstly it is a great way to keep your dildo clean as you can dispose of the condom and not worry so much about scrubbing it down after each use- so this is a great advantage for those inserting anally. Condoms are usually immersed in lube and takes longer to wear off so they can be a convenience for those who don’t want to keep reapplying. It can make sex safer if you are sharing the dildo between yourself and a partner, particularly with an unfamiliar one. They can also be fragranced to add to the experience, so why not?

It’s ok to be a douche

Along the theme of preparation, it’s important to talk about the ever-so-taboo “D” word- douching. The most efficient douching product has to be the enema bulb, just fill it up with water and go! They are extremely popular and recommended and usually very affordable. In terms of cost some douches can range from a couple of bucks to much more complex “appliances” for the fearless regulars at a much higher price. Although you can pretty much put any kind of dildo in your orifices, it is recommended to use smooth dildos for anal, especially for beginngers- you can find many which are created especially for anal use and you will find them to be a little more comfortable, and usually longer. They will often be paired with butt plugs, lube and a douche, so take advantage of any bundle offers you see, one of which I have included below.

Types of dildos

There are different shapes, sizes, moulds and materials for dildos. You may even come across quartz-infused glass dildos to give healing properties (literally) inside and out. Heck, you can even get personalised dildos which are fitted to your shape. Simple dildos consist of a shaft and a small end for gripping. More advanced dildos can come with attachments such as rabbits, and many dildos are vibrating or contain massage balls inside which move cyclically. Some may even contain all three for ultimate pleasure. Flesh-like dildos are often made from latex or silicon, or a mix, and often can replicate the feeling of flesh very well, some of which contain suction cups to attach where you like for ultimate hands-free experience, the Tesla of sex toys. Whether for yourself or a partner, beginner or pro, there is a dildo for your needs, and WakeandCake is here to give you the rundown of the best ones currently on the market.


Incl allergens. Glass, silicon, latex, rubber (skin safe) and even wood are all common materials of dildos. Each have their pros and cons.
Rubber can be classed into rubber and jelly rubber. Typically the cheapest dildos are made from jelly rubber- they are flexible and affordable. If you opt for jelly rubber, be sure to check it is phthalate-free, and avoid if you are allergic to latex due to its common composition of latex with rubber. Regular (skin safe) rubber is the second most popular, and is perfect for vibrating dildos or those with massage beads inside, as it moves and moulds easily. Dildos with rabbit vibrators attached often use this material so the “ears” can move flexibly around the clitoris. These tend to contain no latex, but check the box to be sure. Skin safe rubber is tasteless compared to that of jelly rubber, so it really is a win-win situation if you are looking for some mouth action. Additionally, despite plastic dildos being under popular demand, they are often coated with rubber for comfort purposes.

Glass dildos are rising in popularity due to their slick look and smooth feel. They are super easy to clean, and despite the look, very rarely shatter when dropped. They only downside is their typically above average price range, and can often be hit or miss during vaginal stimulation due to its firmness. They are, of course, tasteless, and as a result of their surface have limited friction so these babies can slide in and out with ease.

Fashionably latex to the sex toy party arrives trusty, in-it-for-the-long-haul latex. While your trusty orgasm-companion technically is a form of rubber, the outweighing benefits means it deserves its own paragraph. Latex is the perfect mixture between not being hard (making it perfect for beginners) but also not being as soft as jelly rubber, creating a luxurious middle ground which can penetrate deeply and firmly but not so frictional that you are left feeling a little sore afterwards. All kinds of dildo shapes are made from latex, its compatibility and flexibility is great to utilize in vibrating dildos, rabbits and massagers.

Whatever you choose, we recommend being true to yourself and asking what you are comfortable with. If you are exploring, try something softer to start with, as you can easily build up on your likes and dislikes, and choose something a little more risque the more comfortable you get.

Operation Masturbation

Congratulations! You have officially passed WAC’s Dildos 101. So if you feel like you are ready to take on the world of dildos, then please browse through our curated selection of single and bundle packs to find one which fits your needs.

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