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Best Conditioners For Wavy Hair


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Finding the right hair products can be a nightmare for those of us with curly or wavy hair. Conditioner is a particular ordeal, as the wrong product will leave us frizzy and dry after every use. A good condition is an important part of hair care. Wavy hair needs plenty of nutrition in order to give you a glistening, healthy shine and prevent breakage and frizz.

By conditioning your hair you are getting rid of the potentially damaging aftereffects of shampooing that can dry out your hair and leave it limp and lifeless. You don’t have to break the bank with professional treatments to achieve beautiful results either! You can get a fantastic shine and vibrant, bouncy waves and curls in the comfort of your own home.

The most important things you want to look for in your conditioner are how well it moisturizes, how natural the formula is, and how it works to tackle damaged hair or hair that is regularly heat treated. Add in any other common problems you face (tangles, color fading, etc.). We’re going to take a look at the best products available right now that will give you the dazzling shine and strong, healthy locks that your hair deserves.

10 Best Conditioners For Wavy Hair in 2020

1. Pura D’or Moisture Protect


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This cleansing conditioner is a winner for managing particularly difficult hair. It works out the knots and tangles that can build up from less potent conditioners. This makes it easier to style, and it isn’t hard on long, thin hair that can be weighed down easily. Give your hair new life with Pura d’Or’s low-lather formula.

Moisturizing Luxury

The worst thing for wavy or curly hair is the dryness that is brought on by shampooing. This conditioner moisturizes the entirety of your hair, and it’s light enough that you can take a thin layer up to the scalp for all-over freshness.

Smooth And Tangle-Free

One particular issue I find when washing my hair is how tangled it can get. Brushing knots out can be a painful and tedious experience, but using a little bit of this conditioner brings those tangles out for a smooth, silky finish.


  • Gets out annoying tangles.
  • Leaves your hair silky smooth.
  • Moisturizes effectively all over.
  • Easy to use the pump function.
  • No leftover deposits.


  • You need to use more than you may be used to.
  • Can build up on the scalp; use more on the ends.

2. Infusium Moisturize & Replenish

Best Conditioners For Wavy Hair - INFUSIUM, Conditioner, Moisturize and Replenish.

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Don’t let the excellent price of this conditioner fool you into thinking it lacks in quality. The avocado and olive oil present in this bottle helps to gently cleanse your hair while filling it with moisture to keep your volume looking fabulous.

Smells Amazing

There’s nothing quite like having a long-lasting freshness to your hair following a wash. While it’s not essential to a good condition, having a beautiful scent can do wonders for your mood. You have to try this one to believe how good it is.

Ideal For Thick Hair

Amongst the wavy-haired population, those of us with thicker locks can have some difficulty finding a conditioner that gets right into every hair. Infusium’s formula makes sure you come out of the bathroom free of waxy residue that is often left behind.


  • Phenomenal smell.
  • Leaves hair soft and easy to brush.
  • Works really well with thick hair.
  • More than enough moisturizing.
  • Amazing value for money.


  • Not as effective at fixing damaged hair.
  • Works best with added leave-in product.

3. SheaMoisture Curl & Shine


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This is an all-around conditioner specifically designed to treat curly and wavy hair. It’s a natural product that can return your hair to its finest glories with treatment and aftercare. Forming a protective layer around your hair prevents pollutants and unwanted chemicals from getting in.

Natural Solutions

The blends of organic oil and butter are exactly what wavy hair needs to strengthen and unlock the shine. Its natural effect is kind on hair, providing a gentle and calming wash with no unwanted aftereffects.

Protection For Days

Overwashing is a common way that we allow our hair to become damaged and limp. With the protection and lasting freshness provided by this conditioner, you won’t feel the need to wash your hair every day.


  • Shea butter keeps hair smooth.
  • Organic formula is kind on your hair.
  • Brittle, dry hair is moisturized gently.
  • Lasting protection.
  • Pump dispenser.


  • It doesn’t help with tangling.
  • No lather, so you need to use more of it.

4. Tresemmé For Dry Hair

Best Conditioners For Wavy Hair - TRESemmé Moisturizing Conditioner For Dry Hair

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It’s probably no surprise that one of the world’s most recognizable hair-care brands has a must-try conditioner. This particular product from Tresemme is catered towards those with dry hair to help provide moisture and volume.

Long-Lasting Shine

The formula in this conditioner is designed to give your hair plenty of vibrancy while maintaining its glow for days after each wash. It gently moisturizes the hair, giving you up to seven times the level of moisture in one wash.

Revive Damaged Hair

This is an excellent choice for anyone struggling with perpetually damaged, dry, or brittle hair. It delivers moisturizing goodness to restore strength and texture to your hair with an enriching formula that soothes and revitalizes.


  • Professional standard care at home.
  • Excellent revival for wavy hair.
  • The softness lasts for days.
  • Value for money as it lasts longer.
  • Brand assurance.


  • Not enough slip for thick knots.
  • Difficult to use bottle design.

5. Ogx Extra Coconut Miracle Oil

Best Conditioners For Wavy Hair - OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Conditioner

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This OGX conditioner is a lifesaver for damaged ends and colored hair. It is rich in natural extracts and provides results that are soft to the touch and light as air once your hair dries. This gets bonus points for the smell, too.

Miracle Smell

The natural ingredients that go into this conditioner combine to give your hair a beautiful scent. Coconut and vanilla extracts provide the benefits of natural hair treatment while also being irresistible and universal scents.

Healthy Hair Above All Else

As the makers will tell you themselves, this conditioner does not go out of its way to give your perfectly styled hair. What it does do is focus on getting your hair as healthy as possible, with as much bounce and softness as you could want.


  • Full, smooth, voluminous hair.
  • Protects colored hair.
  • Natural extracts provide moisture and freshness.
  • The formula tames frizz.
  • Fantastic smell.


  • Traces of silicone.
  • It requires more frequent washes.

6. Giovanni Ultra Luxurious

Best Conditioners For Wavy Hair - Giovanni Ultra-Luxurious Conditioner

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This vegan conditioner is as natural as it comes, and cruelty-free too! It provides your hair with all the moisture and nutrients it needs with no possibility of containing any unwanted chemicals or additives that can cause damage.

Nature In A Bottle

The vegan formula is made up of natural ingredients. No sulfates or parabens included here! Your hair will thank you for this one, with easy and gentle conditioning that is kind on the environment as well as your head.

Kind On Color

Colored hair is more popular than ever, but you need to be careful about how you care for it. The ultra-luxurious conditioner provides every strand with the moisture and strength that regularly treated hair needs to stay soft.


  • No weight at all.
  • Perfect for dry, damaged hair.
  • Keeps frizz to a minimum.
  • Cruelty-free and all-natural.
  • Kind on the scalp.


  • Loose packaging can cause spillage in transit.
  • Doesn’t detangle hair.

7. Alba Botanica Mega Moisture

Best Conditioners For Wavy Hair - Alba Botanica Drink It Up Coconut Milk Hawaiian Conditioner

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Another cruelty-free product up next. This conditioner is made with 100% vegetarian ingredients – perfect for those who boycott animal products – and has no testing on animals whatsoever. It’s great for hair that is exposed to a lot of heat.

Heat Style Protection

Using heat to style our hair is part of so many people’s daily routines. Of course, when you have wavy or curly hair, heat can cause a lot of damage. The coconut milk in this conditioner protects you from any unwanted side-effects of heat styling.

Smooth And Light

This double whammy is the ideal combination for hair presentation. The conditioner smooths out any frizz or stragglers you have to give you the perfect style, while it is so light that you keep the bounce and life that wavy hair is best for.


  • Quality, cruelty-free product.
  • Great scent.
  • Coconut milk protects from heat treatments.
  • Keeps hair smooth yet light.
  • No synthetics to dry out or damage.


  • It’s very thick.
  • New formula can cause reactions to the skin.

8. Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish


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Another brand leader in the hair-care market has a solid conditioner that works well with wavy hair. It is a sulfate-free formula that provides amazing moisturizing. Your curls will be defined and lush, free of frizz, and ready for action!

Quality Moisturizing

This is a fortified product designed with curly hair in mind. Thick hair needs all the moisture you can give it, and this conditioner delivers in spades. You can rest assured that your curls will be fresh, smooth, and tangle-free with this specially designed formula.

Strong Enough For All

If you have thick hair that hangs past your shoulders you will probably know the struggle of finding products that can match the toughness of your hair. Not only does this get into every strand, but it leaves the thickest hair feeling soft and luxurious.


  • It helps to untangle knotty hair.
  • It has loads of moisture for curls.
  • Formulated for wavy and curly hair.
  • Tough and reliable to strengthen and soften.
  • Leaves you with defined, fabulous looking curls.


  • Artificial notes to the smell.
  • Not right for tightly curled or permed hair.

9. Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner


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Not only do you get the therapeutic services of argan oil with this conditioner; but you also have a shampoo bottle thrown in! These two work together to provide you with gentle, natural care to both your hair and scalp with no artificial reactions.

Nourishment For Head And Hair

The organic argan oil works in equal measure to give you soft and luscious hair while protecting and revitalizing the scalp. The formula protects the skin and fights off dandruff and loose skin. Avocado oil adds nourishment and softness to every part of the hair.

Safe For Sensitive Skin

Another benefit to the sulfate and silicone-free formula is that it treats sensitive skin with care. There are no potential irritants to react to more sensitive heads. It is hypoallergenic, too, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals damaging your color.


  • Holistic ingredients are kind to skin.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Natural product yields cleaner and healthier results.
  • Nourishes hair for a soft and touchable finish.
  • Cares for damaged ends to give you beautiful curls.


  • Not the best volume control.
  • The scent could be stronger.

10. Pure Nature Deep Moisture

Best Conditioners For Wavy Hair - Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

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This conditioner also contains the benefits of argan oil and the natural formula is kind on the skin and environment. It can bring limp hair back after years of heat styling and color treatments to look as good as it does out of the salon.

Easy, Natural Curls

You might find this product so good for your waves and curls that you don’t have any need for aftercare products! This conditioner is so kind on curls and leaves you with such a natural bounce that you can say goodbye to harmful hairsprays.

Free Of Nastiness

While sulfate-free conditioners are quite common to come by, finding one that has no added silicones or other chemicals is a little trickier. The simplistic formula on display here means your hair stays fabulous without any chemical irritants or damages.


  • Ideal for natural curls.
  • Sulfate and silicone-free.
  • Aids with heat damage and colored hair.
  • Light and breezy scent.
  • Softens and strengthens equally.


  • Highly viscous hair might not see the same results.
  • It still causes some allergic reactions despite the lack of chemicals.

Our Conclusion

As far as waves and curls are concerned, a light conditioner is key. You want to find one that maintains your hair’s natural bounce without weighing it down. For the perfect lift apply the conditioner focusing on the ends rather than the roots. You’ll find that applying root to tip will add unnecessary weight and give the top of your head a greasy sheen.

People often overlook the value of the correct conditioner. Use one of these products and you’ll have a fabulous, shiny head of hair that will be the envy of your friends! Remember to check out the sulfate and silicone levels or each product before you buy it.


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