10 Best Christmas Horror Movies


Last Updated on January 12, 2021 by Aileen Valdivia

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Last Updated on January 12, 2021 by Aileen Valdivia

When we think of Christmas the first thing we imagine is happiness, peace, and tranquility with our loved ones, but perhaps you are looking to spend a few different holidays and for that, we leave you the best Christmas horror movies. Although this genre is somewhat abandoned and is not highly respected by critics, there are some classics and some current films that can make us change the way we see Christmas, go from joy to fear with ease. In this category we find a mild terror compared to others, that does not mean that we cannot have some good scares, on the contrary. A very peculiar horror, from time to time mixed with comedy and other times something more fanciful. If you like Christmas, horror movies, or want to see something different, these types of movies are for you.

10 Best Christmas Horror Movies in 2021

1. Gremlins

Best Christmas Horror Movies - Gremlins

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Without a doubt, a classic from the eighties. In this peculiar movie, we can see a clueless inventor who for Christmas decides to give his son a different pet called Mogwai. Despite appearing friendly and cute, this pet needs special care, it should not come into contact with water and, above all, it should not eat after midnight. But Mogwai gets wet and some companions like him begin to appear, much more perverse.

Good doses of humor

Humor is not something that horror movies share, but this classic has it in large doses. It’s great to watch with the family, laugh, and maybe be scared. The character animation is the best for its time, don’t worry, it won’t be disappointing.

Good performances

We can see it from the beginning of the film because it is an essential thing in the cinema are the actors, and the work they do in this film is undoubtedly one of the best. The way they play their roles makes us like the characters more, and also every minute of this movie


  • A very entertaining movie
  • Has a great sequel
  • The effects, for their time
  • Excellent Script


  • The story is not very explained

2. Krampus

Best Christmas Horror Movies - Krampus

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This movie should not be missing from a list like this. A family that no longer has a “Christmas spirit” is visited by Krampus, a demon who will personally take care of bringing happiness back to this house in a very peculiar way. Certain moments of laughter are essential to unite the family and some horror scenes to make this movie one of the best.

Special effects

The toys, monsters, and other devilish creatures featured in this movie look real. This is very important in films of this type, since if not, it would take away the desire to see it and it would bore us from the beginning.

Well crafted scenes

The violent scenes are done very well, although we could expect more for the other scenarios, in the field of violence this film stands out among the others, including comedy scenes to enjoy with the family.


  • It’s in the line of a Poltergeist movie
  • Occasionally fun
  • The perfect mix of Christmas and horror
  • Tells a well-known legend


  • Krampus never finds its target audience
  • It’s not very scary

3. Black Christmas

Best Christmas Horror Movies - Black Christmas

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Assassin? Christmas? What can go wrong?. Here we have another Christmas classic, a killer stalks a fraternity of girls at Christmas, making obscene calls and creepy sounds. After one of the girls disappears, fear and chaos begin to enter the scene. The night is just beginning.


The characters that are part of the history of this film are attractive, each of them is strengthened with a good script and with scenes that compliment them perfectly.

Twisted Tactic

Accompanying violent scenes with a maniacal scream from the murderer is somewhat disturbing. In Black Christmas, suspense abounds and the public cannot simply close their eyes to flee from it. Entertainment and ambient tension are perfectly balanced every minute.


  • A classic plot
  • Top soundtrack
  • Suspense, horror, Christmas


  • Full of clichés
  • Slow and somewhat confusing story

4. A Christmas Horror Story

Best Christmas Horror Movies - A Christmas Horror Story

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Christmas in the town of Bailey Downs is no longer the same. Joy and peace leave when an evil spirit catches three teenagers. Suddenly, the small town is plagued with zombie elves, evil spirits, and Krampus. Not even Santa Claus will be safe this Christmas season.

Interesting history

The general context of this film transpires on three main stories that a story is put together between them. It may not be the best way to tell the story, but in this case, they know how to use it in the right way.

Quality of CGI

This movie is made especially for the audience that loves to see demons and all kinds of supernatural creatures. Without a doubt, the computer-generated characters are made in a fantastic way and even believable to the eye.


  • Energetic and bloody movie
  • Competent scares
  • Has especially disturbing effects


  • It not particularly original
  • Weakly connected scenarios

5. Rare exports: A Christmas Tale

Best Christmas Horror Movies - Rare exports A Christmas tale

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This Finnish session tries to give us the idea that Santa Claus is not a being that brings joy and happiness. In this village, a small group of farmers finds some reindeer that have been dismembered, which gives them signs that something is wrong. The children begin to disappear along with the heaters. They must do something about it. Everyone is wondering what is out there?

Notable performances

Each actor is individually in charge of making a credible film for the public. All perform their role to perfection. The protagonist, a young boy, who is perfect for the plot with his charisma and curiosity, is in charge of giving life to each scene.

Evil and Dark Tone

That is the main factor to get totally into the atmosphere of the film and not want to stop watching it. From the beginning, the tone of each scene is somewhat spooky, a well-done mix of Christmas and Halloween.


  • Good effects
  • It doesn’t take long for the movie to go into action
  • Shadows we’ll never see on the screen again


  • There are not many scenes that can scare us

6. Better Watch Out

Best Christmas Horror Movies - Better Watch Out

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A cold night in an American neighborhood, it may not be the quietest place. Ashley is the babysitter in charge of taking care of the Lerners’ son. The house receives an unexpected visit from strangers. Ashley must take care of the boy, which will be complicated throughout the night.

Action in many scenes

Horror is not the only thing we find in this movie, action, and comedy will be part of many scenes. To defend themselves from the intruders Ashley and Luke must use everything in their path, this generates suspense and excitement for the spectators.

High comedy content

The Black humor occurs combined with the suspense scenes. The little Christmas romance that child wishes to have with his babysitter may be insignificant, but as the minutes pass the situation becomes fun. Including some awkward scenes if you identify as the protagonist.


  • The actors perform well in every scene
  • Challenge our expectations
  • Unexpected scenes
  • There is something in the plot that you will not expect


  • Something is missing in the end
  • At first, it can be boring

7. Anna and the Apocalypse

Best Christmas Horror Movies - Anna and the Apocalypse

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We can define this movie with just three words, Terror, comedy, and some music. The small town of Little Haven transpired invaded by a horde of zombies. Anna and her friends must fight to save their family, lots of action, and heads rolling through the air, Merry Christmas.

Full Entertainment

Fun and exceptional for Christmas. Despite being in danger of dying, Anna takes it upon herself with her friends to bring joy to the most dangerous moments, murdering and singing at the same time. Each action scene full of blood, something exciting for horror lovers. We cannot fail to mention the many scenes that will get us a good laugh, without a doubt, a movie that should not be missing from your playlist.

Artistic balance

Director John McPhail accomplished the impossible, combining movies like High School with zombies and action. Perhaps this is not a mix for all audiences, but without a doubt, the work done in this film is worthy of admiration, with a Christmas atmosphere that is responsible for giving even more life to this English film.


  • Setting and makeup
  • A movie you won’t see anywhere else
  • An admirable and satisfying ending


  • It has a childish tone

8. Santa’s Slay

Best Christmas Horror Movies - Santa's Slay

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Santa Claus gets tired of giving joy and happiness to families. Now it will bring fear to all children. The movie tries to provide us the curious idea that Santa is as bad as a demon, only that he is obliged to give gifts and joys to all children, but this is over plus now he is the same as before, he returns this Christmas with a thirst for blood.

Script and direction

It is a very well-directed film not to mention something else. It is all balanced. It does not have scenes that we can dislike, also, the idea that it shows us in the story of an evil Santa Claus is correctly placed.

Scene preparation

The actor’s ere entering the scene must be made up and dressed correctly. The makeup and the interpretation of their roles complement this film, everything is where it should be. By not having the best special effects, the director chose to show off the visual and aesthetic side of each of his actors.


  • Entertaining plot
  • Makeup and performances that look real
  • Original production
  • Some funny scenes


  • Unfavorable graphics
  • Lacks suspense

9.Silent Night, Deadly Night

Best Christmas Horror Movies - Silent Night, Deadly Night

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This time nothing supernatural, even the story of this movie seems based on real events. Our protagonist, a 10-year-old boy, lives the murder of his parents firsthand. The murderer did casually disguised as Santa Claus. He happened transferred to a nunnery, where he grew up with a haunting image of Santa Claus. Later, upset by the events, he decides to go out to murder at Christmas and yes, with his Santa Claus costume.

Creative Scenes

If you are one of the people who likes to see a murderer making chaos, hanging his victims with Christmas lights, or placing the corpse of a woman on the antlers of a deer, then this movie is for you. The murder scenes do well crafted to give a cute Christmas feeling after each scream.

Simple but Good

For some, this type of film can be tedious and repetitive for the date we are in but happening in 1984, this classic is one of the first to stage a murderer in this way. The movie tells a simple story, you only need to give the murderer a reason to kill he has it, you don’t have to ask for more.


  • Action and blood in large doses
  • A not so long feature film, so it does not have boring scenes
  • An interesting protagonist


  • Some parts can be predictable
  • The blood doesn’t seem real

10. Dead End

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A small French production that teaches us that many resources are not necessary to make a decent film. A family wants to go to the grandparents’ house to spend Christmas, Frank, the father of the family decides to take a shortcut that he will regret. A woman dressed in white appears to wreak havoc, the miles go by and by and Frank still can’t reach the destination with his children.

Perfectly structured script

Despite not having the best visual effects, the correct use of some comedy and horror balances this film in the best way. These two implements are crucial to keep you staring at your screen from start to finish.


The surroundings of the forest are elaborated in the right way, causing since Frank takes that shortcut the feeling that something is not very good. Despite not having a large budget, they manage to provide what is necessary for a Series B movie.


  • Suspense staged
  • Short narration, but fair
  • Good performances


  • Predictable ending
  • Technical effects are missing

Our Conclusion

Despite not being a highly praised genre by critics, Christmas horror movies have a lot to bring us. Most include humor, which is unusual mixed with horror, but admittedly many directors know how to do it well. If you are looking for scares that cause insomnia, perhaps yours are not these movies, but if what you want is good entertainment and something different outside of the current monotony of cinema, you should see this complete playlist.

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