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Best Christmas Gifts for Couples


Last Updated on October 22, 2020 by Josh Desair

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Last Updated on October 22, 2020 by Josh Desair

Christmas gift-giving can be a stressful endeavor, especially if you have countless people to buy for this year. Let us help you simplify the process by cutting your gift list in half. Instead of buying presents for each person in your friend group, why not buy just one gift for each of the couples on your shopping list. Not only will you ultimately end up saving money, but you could help strengthen the relationship of every couple you buy for. Keep reading to find the best Christmas gifts for couples on the market this year.

Best Christmas Gifts for Couples in 2020

1. Vanyko Mini Projector

Best Christmas Gifts - Vanyko Mini Projector

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Can you think of a more romantic stay-at-home date night than snuggling under the stars watching your favorite movie with your spouse? Us either! That’s why we think this mini projector from Vanyko would make a fantastic Christmas gift for any of the couples in your life.

Upgraded System

This projector is the best mini version on the market today. It supports a 1920×1080 resolution, providing a superior movie or TV show watching experience. This system features upgraded LED lighting so your viewing screen can be anywhere from 32 inches to 170 inches in size.


The project is equipped with a cooling system that allows you to Netflix and Chill in relative quiet. The cooling system disperses heat and suppresses sound, effectively halving the sound that other projectors on the market make.

Cost and Value

We were quite surprised to see how affordable this product is. When you consider the seemingly endless possibilities you’ll give a couple when you gift them this projector, it’s more than worth the cost.


  • Small size
  • Priced affordably
  • Won’t overheat
  • Wide range of ports on the side allows you to connect a number of different devices
    Clear picture quality


  • Area you’re watching TV in needs to be pitch black

2. Keepsake Hand Casting Kit

Best Christmas Gifts - Luna Bean Keepsake Hand Casting Kit

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This adorable keepsake hand plaster kit is a perfect choice for any new couples or those who have recently celebrated a marriage or anniversary.

Attention to Detail

The unique formulation of the rubbery mold will catch every precise detail of each hand, forever capturing every wrinkle or fine line on the body. This feature makes the statue more personal and something the couple will cherish forever.

Easy to Use

Not everyone is Martha Stewart when it comes to crafting ability. That’s why Luna Bean made this mold as easy to use as possible. And, if for some reason the statue doesn’t come out as expected, you can contact customer service and they’ll help make it right.

Cost and Value

This kit comes at a very affordable price considering you’re gifting something that the couple is going to cherish forever. They can proudly display it in their home and it’ll become a part of their decor aesthetic. This will provide more value for your investment, especially knowing their hand statue won’t become part of next year’s garage sale.


  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Fine details
  • Priceless keepsake
  • Great customer service


  • May need to work fast once you’ve made the mold

3. Our Moments Conversation Starters

Best Christmas Gifts - Our Moments

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If you have a board game-loving couple on your Christmas shopping list this year, they might love this kit from Our Moments. While it’s less of a board game and more of a thought-provoking conversation starter, board gamers will love what this gift will bring to their relationship.

Give the Gift of Quality Time

Quality time is a gift that’s hard to buy, but when you purchase this game you’ll be giving the couple just that. This game will bring countless hours of fun and in-depth conversation for the couple, deepening their relationship and reminding them of why they’re in a relationship together in the first place.

Nicely Packaged

This kit comes with 100 different question cards all printed on high-quality cardstock. They come to shrink wrapped in a small tuck box so the couple can keep everything neat and tidy until they’re ready to have their in-depth conversations.

Cost and Value

This is one of the most affordable gift ideas in our buying guide. If you’re on a tight budget and want to give a priceless gift to any couple on our list, this is the clear winner.


  • Clean fun
  • Great for couples young and old
  • Perfect for road trips
  • Builds a stronger relationship


  • Some questions could cause an argument

4. Wanderlust Maps Scratch Map

Best Christmas Gifts - Wanderlust Maps Scratch Map

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This scratch map from Wanderlist Maps is a must-have for any travel lovers on your gift list. This map not only makes a fantastic keepsake, but it acts as a travel bucket list, too, encouraging the couples on your list to make more travel plans.

Two Maps Included

This kit comes with two different maps – one of the world and one of the USA. The couple will be able to scratch off the gold foil of every country and state they travel together to reveal the fun colors underneath.

Extra Accessories

Other scratch map manufacturers don’t provide the accessories that you’ll receive in this package. This kit includes a guitar pick for easy scratching as well as stickers to help highlight some of their favorite travel memories.

Cost and Value

This map kit comes at a very affordable price, especially considering that you’re gifting not only a wonderful piece of decor for their home but a present that will encourage the couple to be more adventurous with one another.


  • Great customer service
  • Nice detailing on the maps
  • Made of high-quality paper
  • A fun keepsake


  • Difficult to scratch off

5. Scuddles Picnic Blanket

Best Christmas Gifts - Scuddles Picnic Blanket

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Is there anything more romantic than a picnic for two? Give the gift of endless picnic dates with this extra-large blanket from Scuddles that’s sure to keep any couple on your list comfortable and dry as they snuggle together at the park, beach, or under the stars.

Different Color and Design Options

One of our favorite features of this blanket is that it comes in several different colors and design options. Choose between three sizes – 22 x 65, 60 x 60, or 60 x 79. We recommend the 60 x 60 or 60 x 79 if you’re looking for a blanket that the couple will be able to spread out on. Color options include blue/white/black stripes, blue/white/brown stripes, or yellow/white/brown strips. They also have an option in the 60 x 79 size for a blanket with a zipper to keep cords, phones, or keys secure.

Durable and Waterproof

A little bit of wet ground won’t be able to stop the couple you’re gifting this to from having a great picnic. This blanket is made with a waterproof PEVA backing to help stave off moisture for a more comfortable and dry picnic experience.

Cost and Value

This blanket comes at a fair price point given its size and versatility. You won’t need to break the bank to gift this to any couple on your shopping list this year.


  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile for many applications
  • Provides ample cushioning
  • Soft fabric


  • Can be difficult to get sand off of it

6. Bambusi Cheese Board & Knife Set

Best Christmas Gifts - Bambusi Cheese Board & Knife Set

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This beautiful cheese board and knife set from Bambusi is a great pick for any couple who loves a high-quality cheese and wine night. Its premium craftsmanship makes a beautiful gift that will last a lifetime.

Everything You Need

This set features grooved borders for holding crackers, nuts, olives, or any other little goodies that pair well with cheeses. It also has a hidden drawer built-in with all the utensils the couple will need for their snack.

Made From Bamboo

This tray is made from 100% high-quality bamboo. It’s naturally nonporous so it won’t stain or absorb any odors from the food being served on it.

Cost and Value

This is on the higher end of the price spectrum when we compare it to the other options in our buying guide. We still think that it provides a lot of value for the price, however, and that it’s a perfect gift for the foodies on your shopping list.


  • Great for entertaining
  • Drawer is easy to pull out
  • High-quality construction
  • Easy to clean


  • May be smaller than expected

7. Jumway Mr & Mrs Coffee Mugs

Best Christmas Gifts - Jumway Mr & Mrs Coffee Mugs

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If you have coffee aficionados on your list, they’re going to love what we’re about to review. This beautiful marble-looking coffee cup set is perfect for couples who spend a lot of their time together drinking coffee. Let’s see what else it has to offer.

Beautiful Packaging

One of our favorite features of this gift set is how beautiful the packaging is. It all comes wrapped up nicely in a stunning gift box with spaces for the mugs, lids, and spoons. You almost wouldn’t even need to bother with wrapping paper when the box is this beautiful.

All You Need

This kit comes with everything your friends will need to get their java on. The mugs come in either grey/pink with Mr./Mrs. on them respectively or else grey/grey with Mr./Mrs in a beautiful gold font. The kit also comes with lids for your mugs and gold spoons.

Cost and Value

This box set comes at a surprisingly affordable price given the high-quality nature of the mugs and how beautiful they are. A steal of a deal for the coffee or tea lovers on your list!


  • Mugs are large in size
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Beautiful design
  • Gorgeous packaging


  • Not microwave safe

8. DreamTree Prints Custom Star Map

Best Christmas Gifts - DreamTree Prints Custom Star Map

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This is one of our absolute favorite gifts for almost any occasion. A custom star map is a beautiful way to commemorate a special day in anyone’s lives. If you’re giving this to a couple, you may want to consider commemorating their wedding day, the day they started dating, or even the day they first met.

Custom By Design

This map displays a beautiful and unique map of the stars that correlates with what the night sky looked like on the day you’re looking to commemorate. The map will also include the names of the couple underneath, as well as the date and coordinates. It truly is a keepsake that the couple is going to want to display forever in their homes.


The map comes printed on a very high-quality cardstock so you won’t need to worry about it looking cheap. This isn’t your traditional printer paper. The company uses high-tech printers and the best HD ink to ensure your custom star map is not only a cherishable keepsake but a beautiful sight to see, too.

Cost and Value

We have to admit that we were very shocked when we saw how affordable these prints are. Sure, you have to buy a frame to go along with it, but the print is much more budget-friendly than we expected it to be.


  • Made in the USA
  • Shipped flat so you won’t need to worry about curling edges
  • Well made
  • Glossy paper


  • Have to buy a frame separately

9. AW Bridal Couple’s Robes

Best Christmas Gifts - AW Bridal Couple's Robes

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Do you know a couple who spends a lot of time lounging out at home? Maybe they’re snuggling together on the couch or sitting on the porch enjoying a hot cup of coffee with one another? Why not buy them something they can both wear that’ll keep them comfortable during their lounging sessions? These 100% cotton matching robes from AW Bridal are a cozy and lovely gift that they’re sure to get a lot of use out of.

Nice Design

These aren’t your poorly made run-of-the-mill robes. They’re made by hand and feature a lightweight cotton material to keep them cozy all day long. The robes have full sleeves and two pockets for convenience. They run to the mid-calf so they’re perfect for wearing in all seasons without overheating or running cold.

Color and Design Options

The robes are available in several different colors and designs. You must first choose if you want them to say “Mr./Mrs,” “His/Hers,” or else just feature their last initial in a beautiful cursive font. Once you’ve decided what you want their robes to say, you must choose a color. There are a few options – burgundy, champagne, grey, blue, purple, or white. Not all of the colors have all three embroidery options. For example, the purple robes are only available with the last initial embroidered on them.

Cost and Value

While the price tag might be a bit of a shock at first, you have to take into account the quality of these robes. Since you’re receiving two of them, we think the price is more than fair.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to take care of
  • Tie closure
  • Comes in a nice gift box


  • Sizing may be off

10. Bean Box World Coffee Tour

Best Christmas Gifts - Bean Box World Coffee Tour

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Last but not least, we have this amazing whole bean coffee kit. If you have couples who consider themselves to be coffee snobs on your shopping list this Christmas, you need to get them this kit. It comes with 16 bags of whole bean coffee so they can taste test their way around the world to find a roast that they both love.

International Coffee Options

This kit comes with 16 different types of coffee. You can expect beans from all over the world like Hondurus, Columbia, Honolulu, Brazil, Peru, and Costa Rica. These unique blends allow your coffee aficionados to try beans they may not have ever had the chance to yet.

Freshness Guaranteed

Oxygen is a coffee beans worst enemy. These little 1.8 ounce packages are all packaged in just the right way to maintain freshness. You won’t need to worry about gifting stale beans to the couples on your list.

Cost and Value

While this is one of the most expensive products in our Christmas buying guide, we still found it to provide a lot of value. It’s a unique gift that gives the couple you’re buying for the chance to taste coffees from all around the world. You can’t beat that!


  • Ability to order more of the specific blends you like
  • Beans from small-batch roasters
  • Makes a lot of coffee
  • Beautiful presentation


  • Some of the bolder beans may be too mild

Our Conclusion

Whether you have couples that are adventurous or homebodies on your shopping list this year, our Christmas gift buying guide should have you covered. We hope that we’ve made shopping a little easier for you this year and that you’ve found something for every couple on your list.

Happy shopping!

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