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Body sprays are fantastic for a multitude of situations. You should always have one knocking around in the back of the car, at work, and in your vacation or gym bags. They provide a burst of fragrant cooling that deodorants and antiperspirants don’t offer you, at a fraction of the price of perfume or cologne.

There is a body spray out there suited perfectly to your needs. To give you the best range from around the market, I have compiled the five best women’s and five best men’s sprays into one list. You can pick out your new scent and get this year’s stocking fillers bought in one quick read!

10 Best Body Sprays in 2020

1. Parfums de Coeur Body Fantasies

Best Body Sprays - Parfums de Coeur Body Fantasies

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We have a nice-smelling, affordable spray with a very generous bottle size to kick things off. The scent of this Body Fantasies spray is delectable. Not only that, but it also has an interesting second use which makes it a wonderful double-edged gift.

Universal Smell

Everyone loves a bit of vanilla, don’t they? It’s my favorite ice cream for a start. It’s also a deliciously sweet smell to be added into fragrances like this one. You’ll find yourself fending off compliments left and right with a spritz of this stuff.

Extra Function

An added benefit to this vanilla-scented spray is the way it keeps gnats, mosquitos, and the like from bothering you. Added to the pleasing smell, if you’re going anywhere with a high level of pests this will work for you even better than some actual bug sprays!


  • Lovely vanilla scent appeals to many.
  • Good value for money.
  • That vanilla scent I mentioned makes it a great gift.
  • Better than bug sprays for keeping pests away.
  • Lasts all day long.


  • If you spray too much the alcohol smell overtakes the vanilla.
  • The bottle’s pump can be a little flimsy.

2. Body Fantasies Signature Fragrance

Best Body Sprays - Body Fantasies Signature Fragrance Body Spray

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You can’t go wrong with the Body Fantasies tag, can you? While this spray offers the same benefits in cost and size as the vanilla scent, it is a little more versatile as a scent. You can dress this one up for formal occasions a little better than the more basic vanilla.

A Formal Setting

This spray works wonders if you’re out to dinner or going to the movies. The smell won’t overpower the occasion as a stronger perfume would, but it still wafts beautifully uplifting tones into the conversation. An icebreaker for sure!

So Giftable

This is the perfect present for pretty much any occasion. You can bank on your friends or family being wowed by the summery, flirty fragrance and joyful packaging. With it being so affordable, you can pick up a couple and keep one for yourself!


  • Very giftable.
  • Light, uplifting scent of floral and sweet tones.
  • The good size bottle will last a long time.
  • The subtle scent is suitable for work without overpowering.
  • Dresses up well for more formal occasions.


  • Towards the end of the bottle, the scent does dissipate.
  • Not great staying power – take it with you to reapply during the day.

3. Vera Wang Embrace Body Mist

Best Body Sprays - Vera Wang Embrace Body Mist Spray for Women

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The name Vera Wang itself says high class and reliable. This spray comes in four different scents; Green Tea & Pear Blossom, Marigold & Gardenia, Periwinkle & Iris, and Rose Buds & Vanilla. Some are more divisive than others, but they are all light, breezy scents that work wherever you are.

Perfume In A Spray

Take the elegant notes of Vera Wang perfumes and transfer them into an everyday use spray bottle! You don’t break the bank, and the misting spray may even work better in multiple settings due to the toned-down scent.

The Variety Is Fantastic

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or just wanting to try out something new yourself, this product works as a dependable alternative to itself. Decide which scent matches which family member and you’ve got Christmas halfway done!


  • Range of scents.
  • Affordable yet luxurious.
  • Excellent reputation as a brand.
  • It’s so versatile.
  • Very light and beautifully scented.


  • Doesn’t hold it’s scent brilliantly (perhaps due to how light and airy it is).
  • Each fragrance is a little bit divisive.

4. Victorias Secret Pure Seduction


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This fragrance is all about the fruity notes. It forgoes the usual floral tones for a more intense berry, and your friends, family, and coworkers will definitely ask you what you are wearing when you turn up with a spritz of Victoria’s Secret.

Long-Lasting Seduction

The thing with body sprays is this: a lot of people will think that they should last from morning to night as a perfume would. This spray holds up against its peers as a solid option that can last your all day with perhaps only one re-spray.

Enticing Aroma

As you might expect from Victoria’s Secret, the scent of this spray is alluring and enticing. The strong, fruity notes are very attractive. This is an ideal choice for those who are out to impress, and the scent is strong without the overpowering nature of perfume.


  • A fantastic scent that will prompt many compliments.
  • Attractive and seductive aroma fit for romantic settings.
  • It’s also toned-down enough to work in a daily setting.
  • A good alternative to floral sprays.
  • Lasts longer than most body spray.


  • Another scent that isn’t for everyone.
  • Skews towards a younger demographic.

5. Kenneth Cole White Eau De Parfum

Best Body Sprays - Kenneth Cole White for Her Eau De Parfum Spray

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Our final women’s spray is going to lead us nicely into the men’s selection. This spray combines the fruitiness and vanilla of other offerings to bring a nice combination that is both sweet and warm. It’s an airy scent with a strong trail.

A Category Of Its Own

The combinations of notes in this body spray combine in a unique fashion. You will be hit by the bright and summery fruit scent first, while the vanilla lingers underneath to bring the trail of inviting warmth.

Fresh Scent That Lasts

This fragrance will last you all day long if casual daywear is what you’re after. The dual tones will work together to keep you smelling fresh and clean for hours whether at work or out with friends and family.


  • Amazing gift.
  • Beautiful clash of tones.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Fresh, clean fragrance.
  • Light enough to use every day.


  • The top notes can be too sickly sweet for some.
  • The smell dissipates the closer you get to the end of the spray.

6. Kenneth Cole Black Eau De Toilette

Best Body Sprays - Kenneth Cole Black Eau De Toilette Spray

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Kicking off the men’s sprays with Kenneth Cole’s companion to our last product that is more suited to the guys. It’s a spicier, more masculine scent without being too over the top. It’s softer notes make it a great unisex gift.

Sturdy Spray

It might go underappreciated, but a well-built can of spray makes your life so much more convenient. The spray is dispersed in short, sharp blasts for good coverage and the tin is metal to keep the mechanisms breaking or leaking.

Male And Female Welcome

As I mentioned, this is a spray that the whole family can wear. It has a strong, masculine tang to it due to the spicier tones, but once that fades you are left with a more neutrally pleasing scent that men and women alike can enjoy.


  • Unisex capability.
  • Holds scent really well in clothes.
  • Fantastic price – especially when compared to the cologne.
  • Solid, dependable canister.
  • Multi-layered scent.


  • While the strong smell is good for some, it might be too much for working in close quarters.
  • A little more expensive for what you get than others.

7. Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir

Best Body Sprays - Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir Deodorant Body Spray

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While this one does have the word ‘deodorant’ in the name it is really more of a body spray in terms of functionality. Using this will not give you the same protection from sweat and body odor as a traditional deodorant.

Ideal Cologne Substitute

At your job or in general everyday life you might not want to use your more expensive cologne that is powerful and strong-smelling. You can use this spray as a terrific substitute. The fruity and floral top notes are backed up by a lovely woody base.

Strong Enough To Last

Because of its closeness to a good cologne, this spray has a fantastic scent that lasts both on your clothes and in the bottle. You don’t need to spray much of it to get the lasting effects of a wonderful scent.


  • The can will last over a year.
  • Beautiful toned-down cologne scent.
  • Strong enough to last all day on clothes.
  • It doesn’t overpower people in the same room.
  • Great price.


  • Don’t be confused by the ‘deodorant’ tag.
  • You need to be minimal with the application or it will be too strong.

8. Nautica Voyage N-83


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For those fresh and dry spring/summer days, give this Nautica spray a whirl. It is a cooling mist mixed into a fresh-scented body spray. The scent is calming and fairly neutral rather than being overly masculine and strong-smelling.

Nautica Fans Rejoice

If you are a frequent customer of Nautica fragrances and haven’t yet picked up a can of this stuff then I am here to tell you it is a fantastic daily use scent. Whether or not you shop Nautica, give this a go if you enjoy fresh aromas.

All In One

While it still doesn’t possess the perspiration or odor control of a deodorant or antiperspirant, this is a suitable substitute for both in low-energy situations. If you work behind a desk or are out for a leisurely stroll, this will keep you dry and fresh.


  • Aquatic, aromatic tones.
  • The cooling mist is very pleasant.
  • It’s a daily cologne substitute.
  • Performs as an adequate deodorant.
  • The scent is fresh and clean.


  • Not masculine enough for some sensibilities.
  • The low-pressure spray mechanism is inconvenient.

9. Axe Body You 48hr


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Everyone and their dog has more than likely owned at least one can on Axe body spray. You might have got it for Christmas one year with your sock collection – or every year, in my case. However, there’s a reason that Axe makes such a popular gift.


The most amazing thing about this particular Axe offering is its value for money. Coming in packs of four or six, you can have months of body spray to throw in the car, your gym bag, and your locker or desk at work.

The Lottery Aspect

This might be considered a negative by some – which is why I’ve also put it in the cons list below – but I personally find the lottery of this pack fun. All Axe sprays smell some kind of pleasant, and this way you might even find a new signature scent!


  • Available in multipacks or three or six.
  • Huge range of scents.
  • Good deodorizing action.
  • Amazing value for multipack.
  • Lasting freshness.


  • The scents included are seemingly random.
  • Many of Axe’s products are geared more toward younger customers.

10. Gold Bond Ultimate Men’s Essentials


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This Gold Bond spray is another product that claims to do it all. It does actually work very well as a cooling moisture control spray, but it works best as a versatile freshener for post-gym or work. In my opinion, at least.

Good For Emergencies

Like I’ve said with other entries, a specialized deodorant will do the job of keeping you smelling good much better than any spray. However, this body spray is amazing in a pinch. Say you’re coming from the gym and get a call to rush over to your office. A couple of sprays of this will keep you fresh.

Remarkable Perspiration Control

For a body spray, this is a brilliant product to use if you live in a naturally warm or humid climate. A couple of sprays here and there will keep the sweat patches away for a good while. Again, not as good as antiperspirants, but a wonderful allrounder nonetheless.


  • Cool mist spray.
  • Decent odor control.
  • Works well as an antiperspirant.
  • It helps with chafing in delicate areas.
  • Keeps you clean and dry in most social scenarios.


  • Rather plain smell.
  • The talc content is a bit too powdery on the skin.

Our Conclusion

When you’re looking for a good body spray always remember: they won’t last as long as deodorants, colognes, and antiperspirants. While some of the products on this list do serve some of those functions as well, the main job of a body spray is to provide you with a cost-effective burst of cologne inspired scent.

You want to look into the notes and scents offered by each spray before buying. Some might be highly recommended, but it turns out you hate the smell of raspberries and now you’re stuck. Sprays that double as a cooling mist is an ideal combination as it increases the freshness you feel throughout the day. The value on offer from these products will save you money on replacing your pricey colognes as often, so enjoy the sweet smell of savings!


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