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Best Board Games for Adults


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Have you ever wanted to get out of your comfort zone in the bedroom and explore your fantasies with your partner but didn’t quite know how? Introducing adult games into the mix can really get the room steaming. Some of these sex adult games have you explore things you might not feel comfortable doing without the game. New and exciting games in the bedroom can bring out the fun and begin a new spark between you and your partner.

Sex games can be anything from truth or dare or rolling of the dice and undressing certain parts of each other. Sex games get you comfortable with your partner but with yourself as well. Sometimes coming outside of the box is the sure thing to keep a relationship hot and steamy. So in the right circumstances, adult games might be something you and your partner can use together, creatively.


5 Best Board Games for Adults in 2019

1. XXXopoly

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This adult game teaches you how to please your partner and fulfill their wildest fantasies. This also helps strengthen your relationship by going outside of the box. Put a romantic spin on things for you and your partner to enjoy. Promising to help bring the freak out in you!

Strengthens Relationship

By bringing out your inner freak, this game is all about wild fun. Nothing but fun and new, steamy things to experience with your partner. This helps you to get to know each other on a sexual and intimate level and also assists in learning the exploration aspect of each other’s fantasies and be totally comfortable with it.

Sexually Fun

The cards in this game get you to talk about fantasies and open up with your partner. Fun questions and freaky mini-games are in place so you can play and explore each other. A Lot of kissing, oral, and even penetration positions you can try over and over again.

Cost and Value

The game is kind of expensive but well worth every penny. Helping promote a healthy relationship, this game is sure to bring out the laughs and fun times for you and your partner. If bringing a little spice into your relationship is something you are looking for, this game has it all.


  • Get you Talking
  • Several Positions
  • Leaves you Laughing


  • Some Cards are Similar

2. Adult Sex Dice

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These adult dice are a great gift for couples. They are guaranteed to bring the fun and excitement back into your relationship or at least enhance it, just that much more. This adult game comes with over 60 erotic foreplay positions and 25 sexual positions.  Something new for everyone to try.


These dice bring an exciting new adventure to the couples. A fun way to learn over 60 foreplay techniques and 25 positions. This adult game promises to get you and your partner into a fun and kinky night. It’s always a fun time when experiencing something new with someone you trust.

Great Gift

This adult game is a great gift to give to newlyweds or couples that have been together a while. It’s one of those gifts that are sure to guarantee a couple a fun night. Why watch a boring movie and do the same thing every night when you can crank out these dice and have a memorable night and learn something sexually interesting about your partner.

Cost and Value

For the timeless fun these dice will bing over and over again it is fairly inexpensive. Equipped with 4 dice you are sure to get every penny spent out of it. It is one of those games that you can play again and again to keep your love life going.


  • Great Gift
  • Foreplay Techniques
  • 25 Positions
  • Learning Game


  • Few Things to Do

3. Sex Stack

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This game is great for all stages of a relationship. It’s a game that broadens your horizon on a sexual level. This game can be played between two people or in adventurous groups. It has to offer over 160 unique elements and positions. You will never play the same way twice.


This game offers over 160 ways of new fun and exciting positions. It is made to be played between a couple of really, really close friends. It is designed to bring you and your partner closer together and strengthen your relationship.


This adult game is known to make a couple explore each other in a closer way. This game is sure to bring you that spark you have been waiting to get back. With so many different ways to play this game, it will never get boring nor will you ever play the same way twice!

Cost and Value

It is relatively close in price to the rest of the adult games reviewed here. With so much to offer this is sure to make your night or day pop. This day is fantastic for adults over the age of 18 and for those who are bold or shy. This game will really pull you out of your element. Try it out and see if you can hang through all 160 different positions.


  • Great Price
  • Safe for 18 and up
  • 160 Different Positions
  • Adventurous


  • Cards Wear

4. Sex Checks

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Sex checks are the way to go to make your lover owe you something great in the bedroom. A good gift to give your partner that keeps giving. With over 60 checks half split between IOU’s and UOM’s. This is sure to ignite the fun in the bedroom so get creative and start writing those checks for your lover. These are sure to be a hit and guarantee to never bounce.


These checks are sure to be a hit in the bedroom or just around the house. To guarantee some fun start writing IOU checks to your lover and encourage them to write some for you. Not only do these come with IOU’s they also come with you owe me checks as well, so both of you can enjoy the benefits of these checks. Let the creativity flow along with the ink!

Something New

Not everyone had checks just laying around to write fun things on them so why not purchase these? These checks help with getting comfortable with each other. Make it a game every time you’re feeling a little feisty write on one of these checks for your partner and cash it in. Also, this adult game prompts a good time. With promises to have a fun time over and over again with over 60 checks to write!

Cost and Value

The cost of these checks is super cheap for the asking price. Sure to not put a dent in your bank account, too. Shy or adventurous, these playful love checks brings out the fun in any beginner or advance lover. Make it easy to get back what you give!


  • Fun and Exciting
  • Something for Both Partners
  • Large Stack of Checks


  • Some Suggestions may be Boring

5. Dirty Minds

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This highly suggestive clue game leads to innocent answers. The dirtiness is all in your mind! This is one of the world’s cleanest, yet dirtiest games on the market and is sure a hit! This game comes with over 1,300 clues naughty or clean. The game is fun and will surely get you blushing by the end of it. Explore the mind of your partner in this fun-filled, dirty clue game!


With over 912 dirty clue cards and 304 clean clue cards, this game is sure to get the heat rising in the room. All these cards come with innocent answers but it is left up to the mind to decipher if it is dirty or clean.


This clue game is sure to bring the laughter of the more taboo side to light. A fun game that is bound to make the most innocent of people think dirty. It is fun to play with you and your partner or safe enough to play in a group setting. If you are looking for adult humor and time and time again laughs check out this clue card game.

Cost and Value

Once again this game is in the same price range and most of the other adult games on the web. Not too hard on the pocket but not cheap enough where you will get bored easily. This game offers over 1,300 clues to keep your mind wondering if you’re the dirty thinker or is it the card!


  • Clean Humor
  • Dirty Humor
  • Safe for a Group


  • Long Game

Our Conclusion

So if it’s your bedroom life where you are looking to enjoy some fun new games or group setting with some close friends who understand your dirty humor and enjoy those kinds of things you do, there is a vast market just waiting for you to explore. Introducing these games into your life can bring you a lot closer to understanding your partner’s needs or wants, even more, the fantasies that they actually enjoy on a comfortable level.

A lot of these adult games provide a sense of closeness and learning new things about each other. It is sure a fun way to break the ice in an uncomfortable situation or if its new exciting things to spark that flame back in the room. There is a huge variety to pick from so get out there and start exploring those fun dirty games!

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More About Board Games for Adults

Whether a quiet night in with your partner, or a wild night with your friends, a board game might not be the most conventional route to begin the night, but it’s often a great way to get everyone’s spirits high and in the mood for more. Drinking or not, board games are a fun way to spice up any social gathering, especially on holidays throughout the year. But if you, like many others have suffered from PMSD (Post Monopoly Stress Disorder) after playing it with your in-laws, then you are not the only one. Typically as Monopoly (and a few other hits such a scrabble) causes feuds within a family that will last a lifetime, it might be hard to see the joy in board games. But! With such a variety of board games out there for adults, it’s best not to base your opinion entirely from the few classic Christmastime games- because there is a world of board games out there, which are genuinely fun trust me.


I’m Board

Despite this confidently being the worst pun I have ever made, it is no secret that board games are generally seen as a boring topic. Typically seen as a children’s hobby or something old couples play, board games for people in between this spectrum (adults, mainly) is kinda like eating stale Cinnabon- everybody wants to- but nobody acts like it for fear of being judged. But, to me, a stale Cinnabon is still pretty good. If you, like a surprising amount of others, actually enjoy board games in a setting other than a retirement village in Florida, then you are definitely benefiting from a genre of entertainment that is not for the majority.

Thankfully, nowadays board games are becoming increasingly popular and in higher demand- mostly due to the improvements and modernization that board game companies adopted in the past twenty years- while I delve into it later, Cards Against Humanity is a perfect example of this. Similarly, recent technological improvements have made more relevant board games a thing, which can be regularly updated and sold as additional packs. On another note, Cards Against Humanity is a prime example of an adult game that was created entirely by a group of friends, who then developed it into an independent “board” game.

Modern society has made it easier to create and distribute a board game created by a small-scale business, rather than just the big board game giants like Hasbro producing it- which is why, I believe, it has given so much more room for independent, creative and unconventional ideas. This, combined with the freedom to tailor board games to a specific audience rather than just family-oriented games, is why games like CAH, WHO in the room? And SHIT happens, are actually extremely successful, and the notion of which would have been non-plausible a mere twenty years ago.


Types of Games

While technically (and trust me, I’m a statistician) being stoned or simply extremely drunk and playing board games instantly makes them fun, the world of board games tailored for adults is that they are meant to be fun without any of that stuff- although it certainly helps. You can have active board games, puzzles and even erotic ones for yourself or whoever you want to get frisky with. Just by simply looking past the big games like Pictionary, you open up the world of board games, and just a simple check online would leave you incredibly surprised at the variety!

More recently, board games have started to get even further removed from the board itself, which is often just a prop in a much bigger game- but the game will always centralize around it somehow. But I like the way more modern board games deviate from the stereotypical image of four people around a flat square looking insanely bored, and have adapted to modern times, incorporating more creative and active techniques- which appeals to more people. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t think I liked any form of board game until I played Cranium Conga (an absolute hit if you are looking for pre-drinks activities, by the way.) So trust me when I say, there is a board game for you.

While I won’t start listing, the classic board games that spring to mind, or which you elicit from the very mention of a board game, are more often than not the big three- Monopoly, Scrabble and of course, the limited edition 1997 board game adaptation of hit TV show Countdown. I guess Pictionary and Cluedo are quite popular too though. But branching further away to more modern games, take a look at the likes of Articulate and Balderdash. If these are too exhausting for you, then be the hit of the party and whip out Throw Throw Burrito- the best game I have played this year. Play cards, then throw an adorable foam burrito at your opponent. I can’t imagine anything more bizarrely fun.


Sex n Ladders

Now, this wouldn’t be a WakeandCake article if we didn’t tailor to the sex-oriented audience out there. While typically board games are a family affair, they are also a great way to add some spice to your other affairs (if you know what I mean). If a simple couple of rolling dice with specific actions on them can get Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory more Up than the box office Pixar movie (again, sorry) then there is no doubt an erotic game will get you and your partner in the mood. From the classic Mr. & Mrs. where you test your partner on how much you know (or don’t) about them, to full-on or the more subtle innuendo bingo. The choice really is yours. The fact that I am mentioning a board game and improving someone’s sex life in the same paragraph baffles me, but it really is true.



Despite it being a long, convoluted explanation, I think I have argued my case enough. Board games are fun, and whichever one it is, you can also make it fun. Stop board game discrimination in 2019, and start embracing games where you throw burritos at each other.

If you, like many others have recently suffered from a family feud due to a board game (including the actual Family Feud board game) then please leave a comment below.


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