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Last Updated on January 10, 2021 by Aileen Valdivia

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Last Updated on January 10, 2021 by Aileen Valdivia

All the idea of smoking it has started since ancient times, even BC era. Mostly as a medicine or religious rituals, performing by any empire, no exception. However, if we turn the focus particularly on the cigar, it has all started in Mexico and Central America at the 9th century, later on, to be used by Maya’s and Aztecs for spiritual purposes.

Cigarettes, remain one of the most popular activities all around the world, and it tops the list of countries like the Caribbean, and Mexico. Even though it is prohibited to smoke in public in many countries, cigarettes also known as tobacco, are one of the most high-generating industries.

Whenever we talk about cigarettes or smoking overall, we much probably will need to talk about an ashtray. Various from frequency and how many people use it, the sizes and kinds of ashtrays differ. Especially in public areas, most ashtrays are either attached to a wall or as a large can. However, every day there are new shapes and models of ashtrays coming, and some of them are just astonishing. A piece of art inside your house, outdoors or at the office.

Today we decided to make a list of 10 best ashtrays available on the market, models these that you surely don’t want to miss.

10 Best Ashtrays in 2021

1. Don’t Worry Be Happy

dont worry be happy - best ashtrays

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This cigarette ashtray has a lot of things going for it. First of all, it is designed so that you will be able to keep all of your smoke inside. It will make your smoking experience as clean as possible. Second, it consists of premium quality materials, such as a durable resin that should keep the product from breaking or cracking. Here are some extra unique features about this product:


This Polyplus Cigarette Ashtray not only does a good job keeping your smoking area clean, but it also serves as a great decorative piece for those times when you aren’t enjoying your stash! The creative leaf at the bottom of the tray definitely makes for a solid conversation piece each and every time.

Great Gift Idea

This isn’t just a great gift for smokers either. This is great for a “man-cave” and an excellent choice for those who enjoy rustic decor. It will also fit in well with those who enjoy antique decorations as well.


  • Deep design
  • Made with durable resin materials
  • Lightweight


  • Has a tendency to get damaged during shipment

2. Hoonao Windproof with Lid

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This ashtray will definitely make a unique addition to your collection because it has a unique design, to say the least. This ashtray is designed in an appealing oval shape, embossed in gold trim with original purple color. A lot of people don’t know it, but purple has been associated with royalty and wealth for centuries. Take a look at some of these appealing features associated with this product:

Portable size

Are you a busy person who is always on the go? Do you like to travel? If that is the case you will love this product. Measuring just 4.2 inches by 4.2 inches by 5.2 inches, you can take this ashtray literally anywhere.


Even though this product is very ornately designed, it has good for both indoor and outdoor use because of the craftsmanship of the design.

Nearly Odor-Proof

Another great thing about the design of this piece would have to be the flyaway lid. This is not only where you store all of the ashes, but it is also a great way to keep smoke odors at bay because they are all trapped inside the container!


  • Product has a durable, solid feel to it
  • Removable lid
  • Easy to clean


  • Looks gaudy to some

3. Rabbitroom Turtle with Lid

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If you are looking for an out-of-the-box ashtray gift for your family and friends, this example just might do the trick. This ashtray is not only designed in the shape of a turtle, but it is also made of environmental resin. This makes this an ashtray very difficult to break and durable. It also is resistant to corrosion and can hold its own with impacts and other mishaps. Take a look at what else this product has to offer:


While the unique design itself would be appealing, there’s more. This turtle ashtray is also designed in such a way that it will be convenient for you. The fact that it has three cigarette holders on various ends of the ashtray should be proof enough for you.


The design is not only functional, but the shell shape is also good for preventing ashes from being blown out into the wind. The turtle is also heavy enough to make it wind-resistant.


  • Lots of eye appeal
  • Makes a great gift
  • Refund available if needed


  • Heavy smokers will need to clean this regularly

4. Pulsar Tap Tray

Tap Tray Premium Silicone Ashtray - best ashtrays

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First of all, this premium silicone ashtray is made of extremely durable material. There is no question that silicone is the top of the line. It has the ability to withstand a number of different environments. In fact, silicone is a highly sought-after material for the aerospace industry simply because it has incredible sealing properties. In that same vein, here are some interesting characteristics of this silicone product that might be of interest to you:

Incredibly Heat Resistant

Do you remember those homemade ashtrays that your children, grandchildren or other relatives might have made for you in art class? Bless their hearts, but those things weren’t always the most durable and didn’t always stand up to the heat. On the other hand, these ashtrays have to ability to withstand the heat as high as 600 degrees.

Center tap dome

This product has a center tap dome function, making it easy to remove your ash discreetly. Not only that, but you can do this in a convenient fashion too!


  • Difficult to break
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not big enough to suit some
  • Some “give” between the top and bottom of the base.

5. Wenhui Ceramic with Lid

Wenhui Ceramic with Lid - Best Ashtrays

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This ceramic ashtray is made in a very simple shape, making it a great way to dispose of your cigarettes. It has a cover and a windproof design, and the materials that this item is made of will prevent soot from hardening and turning into sediment. It also features a simple and timeless design of a bird flying among some flowers. Some of the following characteristics are what make this a great product:

Scratch-resistant features

The bottom has been smoothed out in order to prevent scratching from occurring. This will make the piece continue to look good for many years to come.


This is a great piece for the ceramic enthusiast. Thus, this ashtray will be lightweight and will withstand heat and the elements well. The item will be durable for years.


  • Very unique product
  • Has an antique glazed surface
  • Possesses an intimate groove design
  • Lightweight, making it easier to ship


  • Don’t use a hard object to clean this!
  • Handmade, so size and color might be a little off

6. Triangular Maple Lacquer

Prestige Import Group Triangular Maple Lacquer-5 Best Ashtrays

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A stunning piece of art everyone wants to have in their homes. Definitely a product you will be proud to represent before your friends and relatives.

Perfect Gift

It is very beautiful and it looks very nice on your table indeed, that’s why it makes an awesome gift to one of your family members, friends or even to yourself. Why not. It looks much more expensive than it actually is.

Magnet Involved

Except that it is very suggested for outdoor use as is firmly made and very hard to break, this ashtray has a magnetic metal opener to ashes, which makes it very easy to open and clean. We all know the struggle when cleaning an ashtray, don’t we?

Cost and Value

This product is well-made and of great quality, and it can be yours at a very reasonable price. Very recommended indeed, for smokers who like to do it in style. A great value for the price and well worth every cent spent on it.


  • Piece of art
  • Wonderful gift
  • Magnet ashtray opener
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean


  • Very small tray
  • Narrow cigar rests

7. Takavu RR 2-3-1

TAKAVU RR 2-3-1-5 Best Ashtrays

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A cool-looking ashtray with an amazing design and astonishing blue LED light, which will blow your mind. It is also built by a great quality material, an ashtray you will love to have.

Blue LED

Switching your lights off and turning on the LED of the ashtray, is an awesome idea on a night chill at home. A great light and lighter, at the same time, perfect for a nightstand.

Tight Sealing

A remarkable feature of this product is the ability to seal tight, and I promise you will love that. Tight sealing of your ashtray will not allow bad odors to come out and that will massively help you avoid air pollution.

Cost and Value

Considering its astonishing design and great quality made of, this ashtray is well worth the money and a purchase you will not regret you did. It also comes at a very reasonable price and one that will not in any way keep you away. Recommended one especially for use at home ambient.


  • Great design
  • Astonishing LED light
  • No bad smell
  • Tight-sealed
  • Affordable


  • Small to use while driving
  • Small opening to throw the ashes

8. Mantello Large Black Ceramic

Mantello Large Black Ceramic Cigar-5 Best Ashtrays

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One of my favorite ashtray design on the market, and I am proud to represent it to you. An impressive sleep and beautiful look, that will give charm to any table or ambient placed on, and that for an affordable price. Let’s have a look at its most important features you should now!

Awesome Gift

It’s a perfect idea as a gift to your loved ones on their special days, as it has an astonishing look and it actually looks much more expensive than its real price. Simply saying, a perfect gift for those kinds of smokers with an expensive and luxurious taste. This will not disappoint them.

Wide Holding Spaces

Its wide cigar-holding spaces make it easy to adjust your cigar too, save time without having to be a master of precision, to avoid your cigar falling down to the ashes. It is also important to mention the fact that it has rubber feet to prevent sliding up and down around the table. A useful detail, indeed.

Cost and Value

It is promised a great product, and that’s exactly what you get. Several have also reported a great response by their customer service team, and that is another reason they got high ranks in stores like Amazon. If broken or unsatisfied, feel free to contact them and they do not leave you unanswered, which is awesome. Great value and a very recommended product.


  • Sleek and beautiful
  • Astonishing design
  • Easy to clean
  • Wide cigar holding spaces
  • Reasonable price


  • Lightweight
  • Hollow on the bottom

9. Global Industrial Outdoor 1-1/2 Gallon

Global Industrial Black Outdoor -5 Best Ashtrays

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You feel tired of picking up ashtrays butts at particular places or all over the place, and cleaning just because of cigarette ashes? If the answer is YES, then I will represent to you the solution, Black Outdoor 1-½ Gallon ashtray. Very easy to assemble, yet very easy to throw cigar ashes into and to clean. What’s more?

Various Sizes

You are able to choose through its different sizes, which is pretty cool. However, for homes or offices are preferred the smaller ones in size, meanwhile, the larger ones are a must for business or commercial properties.

Easy usage

An easy and clean way to pick up and clean done cigarette butts and ashes. As picking up butts one by one is a well-known everyday struggle, take action and avoid it by using this amazing massive ashtray, that will do the job for you. Thank me later.

Cost and Value

A great product and can fit perfectly in your home ambient, office or even large business property. It is well worth the price and totally fits the bill to the last cent. Much more than that. It also comes with a mount, which greatly reduces the chances to get theft.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Great quality
  • Provides mounting
  • Reasonable price
  • Various sizes


  • A bit short
  • A bit lighter than expected

10. Mantello Folding Cherry Wood

Mantello Cigars Folding Cherry Wood Cigar-5 Best Ashtrays

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I decided to bring another product of the same brand I love, and not only me, but Montello is also one of the favorites in the industry. This time they decided to bring to the market, one of the most classy looking and elegant ashtray one’s eyes have seen. Great quality and pretty looking, Folding Cherry Wood Cigar Ashtray, is very hard to resist.

Perfect Gift

You have a smoker friend and he or she has a special day and you keep wondering what you should send them as a gift? Problem is solved, Folding Cherry Wood is a perfect gift to your loved ones, and will not disappoint you. That’s definitely a remarkable feature of this ashtray.

Clean Air

Its made with lots of love, and its mechanism makes it possible to seal tight, avoiding the possibility for bad smell left behind, as it will not allow it come out. This feature actually tops the wishlist of customers of the times we are living in, and it makes sense. Everyone wants clean air at their ambient. Obviously.

Cost and Value

The item looks exactly like in the picture and you do not have to worry about checking it before sending it as a gift to your loved one. And the possibility is SO HIGH that they will love it. As most of the people do, as did thousands of previous buyers who commented lovely and approving words for this item. Absolutely worth the money. We highly suggest you take it into consideration when making your next purchase.


  • Folding
  • Tight-sealing
  • Reasonable price
  • Perfect gift
  • Elegant and classy looking


  • Clipper not very useful
  • Tray not easy to clean

Our Conclusion

As I do with all my product suggestions, today I gave you my top 10 best products on the ashtrays, and I absolutely stand behind the list. Lovely, classy, affordable, reasonably easy maintenance and what’s more? I made sure for them to allow clean ambient and avoid air pollution. It’s time to decide for yourself, which one fits more for you

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