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Last Updated on September 15, 2020 by Bhawani Soni

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Last Updated on September 15, 2020 by Bhawani Soni

Your home deserves to be a clean breathable living space, maybe even one a mother would be comfortable bringing her newborn baby home to. The good news is that the air-purifying machines on this list feature all the best purifying technology. From carbon filters to 3-stage purifier action – we’ve researched for you. Listening to what customers just like you have to say about which purifiers do work and which ones to avoid. Compiled below is a list of the best purifiers on the market in 2020.

9 Best Air Purifiers in 2020

1. Winix 5500-2

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WINIX kept your health in mind when developing the unbeatable technology built into this air purifier. Capturing %99.7 of unwanted invaders in the air. Choose a lower speed setting that is quiet while in action or choose turbo for a heavy-duty power-filter session. This is the air purifier for anyone looking to eliminate strong unwelcoming odors in their environment, or the person looking to calm allergies due to pollen in the air. Equipped with WINIX branded smart sensors that monitor your nitrogen and oxygen status at all times. The LED filter replacement indicator flashing at you, is to let you know when the carbon filter needs to be swapped out that way you don’t waste time or money on guessing when that needs to be done.

Sleep Mode

Most people don’t want to be required to adjust their purifier while dozing off when it’s time to hit the sheets so that’s when sleep mode comes in. Sleep mode is an incredibly smart technology that senses the atmosphere to the extent that it decreases the shine of the LED lights, and slows fan speed to be less noisy when needed.

PlasmaWave Tech

The balance we’re all seeking through air purification is on a molecular level. It’s nitty, gritty, and it’s ionic – the naked eye can’t always recognize the havoc it wreaks in our environment. But PlasmaWave Technology does just that – producing positive and negative ions simultaneously creating hydroxyls cleaning the air you breathe inside safe and harm-free.


  • Remote control
  • Light-weight at 15lbs
  • Effectively removes dust out
  • Even on higher speeds, the fan is quiet
  • Cleans strong odors in a matter of minutes


  • Customers report that the sensor picks up t.v remotes

2. Germ Guardian 3-In-1

best air purifiers - Germ Guardian 3-In-1

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Standing tall as a customer-trusted Amazon Choice seller, and %100 backed with an official test report number from AHEM this purifier will assist in removing particles and allergens down to the tiniest 0.3 microns(dust mites and smoke). While the charcoal aspect of this heavy-duty machine removes unwanted bacteria and viruses. Working efficiently on rooms up to 167sq.ft. and an extreme light-weight of 7lbs. Guardian Technologies gives you a 3-year warranty because they wish to build a long-term connection with loyal customers like you.

AHAM Verified

In air purification terms this certification means that this product will truly remove dust, pollen, and even chemicals from cigarette smoke. As long as you are following the recommended guide from CADR for space you will get a quality air cleaning.

UV-C light technology

Standard tests can be performed on a home for this type of in-depth cleaning, one is numbered GB21151.3-2010. This test has been performed with the Germ Guardian to ensure that the proper functions are in place for deep antibacterial cleaning.


  • Eliminates heavy amounts of dust
  • Customers buy this purifier specifically to remove strong odors
  • Great for allergies
  • Loyal customers stand behind it
  • Has an ultraviolet light


  • Be aware if it begins emitting a burning smell

3. Levoit Lv-H132

best air purifiers - Levoit Lv-H132

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Compact, bright, and very inviting to the modern-day environment. This sleek purifier is a great home purifier system. Use these with ease of mind because they are built with the ozone layer in mind. They demand that we reduce our carbon footprint by not using an Anion or UVC light filter that other purifiers utilize. LEVOIT will guarantee there are no pollutants released into the Ozone. You’ll forget this thing is turned on as much as the environment will, it’s practically noiseless. Utilizing all the best aspects from the built -in reminders to the advanced filtration system.

Advanced Filtration

There are 3-stages when it comes to the filtration system in this unique little air filter. All air must pass through 3 custom filters; a carbon filter, HEPA air purifier, and lastly a fine preliminary filter. All of these filters work together tackling %99.97 of pollutants.

Lifetime Support

We’ve all bought a high-end item not knowing how long it would work for, or if it was the right product for us. LEVOIT keeps your peace on the front burner with a lifetime of customer support. So if you ever need any assistance they are just a call away.


  • Keeps air fresh
  • Built-in night-light
  • Longer life-span from upgraded motor
  • Replacement filters are cheap
  • Buttons are extra sensitive


  • Customers report a squeaking noise upon opening

4. Hamilton Beach TrueAir

best air purifiers - Hamilton Beach TrueAir

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Most broadly known by pet owners for its powerful capability to take away intense pet odors. That’s not all it can do though it’s doubled up with carbon zeolite filters, topped with a pre-filter that never needs to be replaced. This powerful vacuum cleaning purifier is going to leave the air you breathe clean and smelling fresh as ever. You will ultimately save space and money by investing in this purifier – tilt it sideways or angle it straight up and down – works well for all spaces up to 140sq.ft.

Whisper Clean

Living in a small space or being a person extra sensitive to noise has its downfalls but with this air purifier, you won’t have noise anxiety or irritation when it’s set to whisper clean.

Minimal Upkeep

One undesirable cost of having clean air is usually the replacement filters. But, your’e in good hands with the TrueAir filtration system and maybe this is why it’s been placed on the Amazon Choice list designed with more permanent filters than not – the HEPA filter and pre-filter never need to be replaced.


  • Save money by only having to replace 2 carbon zeolite filters
  • Eliminates extreme odors like from the cat litter box
  • Collects big hair and particles
  • Great for allergies
  • Available in black or white


  • Has been reported to emit a burning smell at times

5. Koios Hepa Indoor

best air purifiers - Koios Hepa Indoor

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We have many bright options on our best list that also made the Amazon Choice list and the KOIOS is one of them. Designed uniquely with a 360-degree revolving air intake system that means all-around clean air. Efficiency is the bread-winner of this filter, between the incredibly simple design and the subtle power consumption. It’s great for anyone looking to make those little savings that count. Of course, it has top-notch HEPA technology that is %100 ozone harm-free.

Don’t Worry

One of the least destructive and well-certified systems on the market today. Certified and CE listed and completely ozone free. You are offered 24/7 support to chat with agents about any issues or questions you might have arise long-term or during the purchasing process.

Designed Uniquely

By the click of one button, you can control the on/off mechanism as well as the two speeds of the fan. The buttons are extra sensitive so you don’t have any fuss over getting them to switch gears too.


  • The ideal filtration system for a night-stand
  • Built-in night-light
  • Easy to set-up
  • Works well to eliminate allergies
  • Decent price


  • The LED lights are too bright

6. Levoit LV-Pur131

best air purifiers - Levoit LV-PUR131

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This machine is essential as it gets, a must-have for the home or office, and a truly effective cleaning system. Equipped with a true HEPA filter that means it cleans the particulates in the air at incredibly high efficiency. This is the filter that works for a room up to 360sq.ft. Matter of fact it’ll clean a room that size up to 4.5 times in an hour. If you’re looking to eliminate odors or your seasonal allergies you’ll be set with the LV-PUR

Real-Time Updates

The great thing about advanced technology is the fact that we can monitor what we need to do right now. What’s even better is that this air purifiers sensor is so smart that it’ll monitor all of the logistics for you and adjust as needed with ease.


Let’s say you’ll be out for the day, or on a vacation for a few days and you’d like to come back to some healthy air quality once you return home. In this case, your best friend will be the 1-12 hour timer.


  • Use right out of the box
  • High fan speed can be used as white noise at night
  • Homeowners report it’s the best purchase they’ve made
  • Eliminates strong smells
  • Takes away harsh second-hand smoke


  • The reset button is frustrating to handle
  • Replacement filters are expensive

7. Medify Air Ma-40

best air purifiers - Medify Air Ma-40

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The MA covers the largest area on our list yet, cleaning an area for up to 800sq.ft. This powerhouse filtration system is an Amazon Choice for good reason – removing %99.9 of microns. That’s one of the highest percentages you’re going to find when choosing an air purifier. It’s easy to maneuver and a big time saver. You won’t have to worry about any of the screens getting scratched because they are LED tempered glass. Coming with all the top certifications; Energy Star, ETL, as well as the California Air Resources Board.

Easy Filter Change

Fully equipped with 3 filters, that are just in one simple place together. Making it very easy in regards to replacement purposes. In additional it has a high-quality HEPA filter.

Cleans Large Room

This air purifier has quite a superb range of cleaning area, with the capability of processing the air room 1,300sq.ft per hour, 800sq.ft. in 30 minutes, and 400sq.ft in 15 minutes.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The President of the company hand signs a letter upon purchase
  • Auto mode works very well
  • Purifies very efficiently


  • Some customers reported it being loud

8. Alen BreatheSmart

best air purifiers - Alen Breathesmart

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The Breathesmart is a score in aesthetics and efficiency alike, it comes in a beautiful classic style in any shade you desire from oak to rosewood. This air purifier has the well-rounded theme of peace and serenity – the subtle noise it emits – with low-light sensors. The most contemporary model on our list, and built for large-sized rooms. Including an auto mode setting, sucking the air through each chamber that is located on both sides of the unit.

Three Choices

Whatever your kryptonite is Alen Breathesmart has your back. Whether it’s allergies you suffer from or needing to eliminate strong odors they’ve got it all. You have an ultimate choice over your air purifier’s dominant strengths – mold and bacteria, allergies and dust, or pet dander and odor. Available in all three capabilities suited to your most demanding needs.


Alen has long been around since 2006 that it. And with time comes experience, knowledge, and trust with customers. Alen has tried and tested air purifiers to work the best in real-world environments. This particular purifier works in the office, at home, rooms up to 1,100sq.ft. It’s certified and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Customers are impressed with customer service
  • Can run for 24 hours a day
  • Will eliminate odors as strong as cigarette smoke
  • Well-engineered


  • Can be noisy upon first use

9. Partu Hepa 3-Stage

best air purifiers - Partu Hepa

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Perfect for the household with small kids or pets this purifier features a lockset mode that is activated when you hold the lock button for three seconds consecutively. It’ll be great for those days when someone in the family has a cold too – add a few drops of essential oil as desired for even more health benefits. The filter will need to be changed about every three months to work efficiently.

100% Ozone Free

Don’t worry about emitting harmful pollutants into the ozone the PARTU has been tested to be %100 ozone free, energy star certified, power consumption of 18-Watts, activated carbon filters and containing fine preliminary filters to capture dust and pollen. This is surely an eco-friendly piece of equipment.

Add Fragrance

The add fragrance design makes it easy for avid essential oil lovers to add droplets of their favorite essential oils right into the sponge in the fragrance tray. Make your air healthier and fresher by adding scents to the sponge placed right below the air outlet.


  • The touch sensor works well
  • Customers with asthma report not having to use their inhaler due to using this purifier
  • Compact enough to fit on a desk
  • Operation is very simple
  • Buttons are sensitive and work well


  • You might have to add a lot of essential oil for any fragrance to happen

Our Conclusion

By now it’s evident that air purifiers are no hoax, serving a well-backed purpose by customers all over the world. From China where the air is less than desirable to homes that are filled with bad odors these purifiers are the problem solvers to enhance the air quality in your environment.

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