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Adults stress about some of the most ridiculous things. Do you ever look back on your childhood and think, “damn, I wish I was a kid again”? Well, now you have a chance to release stress, by coloring! These awesome, adult coloring books have been some of the best ways to release stress in recent years. They are not only hilarious, but you will find yourself settling down after coloring a page, out of one of these coloring books.

Put stress on the back burner. At one point or another, a solution will pop up that will resolve all of your stressful situations. So, take some time out of your stressful day and color a page out of one of the best adult coloring books on the market, to date!


5 Best Adult Coloring Books in 2019

1. Calm the F*ck Down

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As one of the best adult coloring books on the market, you will see that this book is not only hilarious but also entirely offensive, which is what makes it so great! Each and every page will release stress and allow you to focus on coloring, not the immediate stress in your life. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Sit down and relax with this adult coloring book.


This coloring book offers a variety of beautiful, intricate pages that will keep you busy for hours on end. Not only do you get the offensive side of things, but you will also get 21 coloring pages that will take time to calm you down.

Great Gift

Everyone loves a fun and exciting gift. Use this coloring book as a gag gift or just gift it to your friend with a trucker’s mouth. No matter who you gift this coloring book too, they are sure to appreciate the obscenities!

Cost and Value

With so many fun and exciting coloring pages, this book guarantees a long term solution to that stress that creeps in on you, whenever it wants too. Take time to relax with this book, and Calm the F*ck down.


  • Intricate Designs
  • Hours of Fun
  • Assists in Relaxation
  • Offensive Humor


  • Pages are Tough to Tear Out

2. Go F*ck Yourself: I’m Coloring

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Whether you are looking for a way out of your stressful life for a few hours or just looking for something to pass the time, this book is an amazing option. With over 56 coloring pages, you are sure to stay busy and settle, after that long day at work or just a long day of life in general. Enjoy endless activities and obscenities, oh, and Go F*ck Yourself.

Stay Focused

With this book, the pages are designed to help you stay focused and assist in helping you relax. These busy pages will keep you grounded and busy, at that. With over 56 coloring pages, this book is sure to last a long time.

A Great Outlet

If you’ve had a bad day, or just need to find a way to release some anger, this book is great for just that. Having such an obscene book on hand to let out some stress is just what you need to chill. Sit down, roll one, and let it all out.

Cost and Value

With the number of coloring pages that this book has to offer you, you will stay sane and chill, knowing you have endless activities to keep you calm. Kick back and bust out the markers, because this book will definitely keep you busy!


  • Fun Activity
  • Helps Relax the Mind
  • Assists in Staying Focused
  • Easy Tear Out


  • Tiny Coloring Lines

3. Rainbow Coloring: Fuck That Shit

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Here is, yet again, another coloring book that will make you laugh your socks off. This adult coloring book has several pages to offer you, full of obscenities that are worse off than the rest. If you are looking to purchase a super offensive gift, this is definitely the book that you will want to get.

Perforated Edges

This adult coloring book offers you an easy tear-out option, allowing you to gift these offensive pages to anyone. The easy tear, perforated edges give you a clean rip, every time. No more sloppy edges with this baby.

Stress Relief

Long day at work? No worries! This book has been made to help destress and declutter your brain, after a long day. Known for its foul obscenities, this book sets the pace to unwind at the end of your day.

Cost and Value

When it comes down to it, this adult coloring book is one of the cheaper priced ones available. As one of the better books overall, this book is sure to make you smile and assist in that less stressful situation that you are searching for. Sit back and relax with this adult coloring book!


  • Perforated Edges
  • Clean Lines
  • Framing on Some Pages
  • Stress Relief


  • Fewer Pages than Average

4. Make Life Your Bitch

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Whether someone ruined your day at the office, or your kids are just being downright assholes, this is the book for you. There is a page for everything, with promises of stress relief and relaxation. Maybe some laughter, too! Sit down and Make Life Your Bitch.

Full of Motivational Inspiration

When you’re having a tough day, this is the book that you want to sit down with. This book features tons of motivational quotes and offensive inspiration that will make you look back on your past days and just laugh.

The Perfect Gift

This is a great option for anyone that you know that needs to de-stress. The stresses of life haunt us daily, so give someone something to smile about and gift them with the best adult coloring book!

Cost and Value

This coloring book is an amazing option for anyone and everyone. Being that this book has fun-filled, inspirational pages, you can come straight home, sit down and color, and forget the past few hours. Guaranteed to eliminate or release stress, this book is the book for you.


  • Over 20 Coloring Pages
  • The Perfect Gift
  • Easy Tear Option
  • Motivational Quotes


  • Fewer Pages Than Most

5. Unibul Press: Fuck Off

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Lastly, we evaluated this gem. As another top-rated adult coloring book that offers hours of stress relief, this one has great options for gifting finished pages. Single-sided, these pages will not bleed through and have cute animals, pretty flowers, or fun designs for the background. Sit down and chill, coloring in this book.


Packed full of obscenities and pretty coloring designs, this book offers a lot as far as stress and coloring go. These pages are not only single-sided but promise not to bleed through to the other pages and ruin the number of pages that you have available for coloring.


Did you have a super bad day at work and need hours of stress relief or are you just looking to pass the next half hour? This book offers up a variety of options for all different skill levels and time frames. That way you won’t walk away from a page and never come back!

Cost and Value

This coloring book has been designed to fit everyone’s needs. Offering different levels of coloring pages, this book also allows you to relax and laugh along with the offensive humor within the book. If you want a cute cuss word, find a page with animals, or just look for one with a fun design, either way, there is something there to help you relax.


  • Variety of Coloring Pages
  • 29 Total Pages
  • Great Gift
  • Perforated Edges


  • Paperback Bind

Our Conclusion

Whether you are looking for a new outlet or just a way to chill after smokin’ a fatty, an offensive adult coloring book may be the answer for you. Sit down and focus on these obscenities and watch the stress roll away. With the best adult coloring books featured right here, you can get busy, and stay chill, coloring these pages for hours. Not to mention, make beautiful art for your home or a gift for someone else, who will definitely appreciate it!

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More About Adult Coloring Books

If you have recently noticed beautifully designed coloring books in a bookshop windowsill, then you are not the only one. Adult coloring books, having recently reached a surge in the market and popularity, are all the rage in your local bookstore. While not exactly Shakespearean literature, coloring books are fun, therapeutic and effortlessly soothing to use after a long day – or during a flight. Small and compact, all you need is a few pens and a book and you are all set to go- and starting from just a few bucks a pop, they are definitely worth a try! Stick with us as we talk about what they are, and why coloring books are just so popular these days!


But seriously, a coloring book?

Yes, we get it. You’re an adult. You have neither the desire nor interest to take part in an activity for children. But who says coloring books are only for children? Exactly. We support your right to color and express your artistic ability (or non-ability) in any way you like- and a coloring book is no different! While coloring books are incredibly therapeutic, you would also be surprised at the feeling of nostalgia in participating in something you most likely last did when you were a child.

Coloring books don’t discriminate, and if you are imagining a clear-cut no-frills design for children then you are wrong. No, adult coloring books are not for the simple. They require dedication and precision- and if you are not up for the challenge (and sticking inside the lines) then a coloring book is not for you- if you are, however, enticed by the thought of being one smudge away from ruining a masterpiece, then read on.


Types of books:

I would be surprised if the term adult coloring books hadn’t made you click off already. Quite frankly the simple fact of using adult + coloring + books in a sentence is not something I would imagine is appealing to the ears and I would think that your instant reaction would be something like “I am too old for that.”

Of course the fact they are marketed to adults is to simultaneously make us feel like big boys and not children as well as letting us know the black lines are actually not that thick. But if you want to truly dive into adult coloring books (which we will look at next) it is not hard to find one adult-themed- be it sex, drugs or even swear words- noting my current favorite coloring book found here elegantly named “Fuck Off” which allows you to color in your favorite swears from around the world, all in the context of a beautiful background pattern. These kinds are particularly helpful for people like me, who suffer from coloring book stubbornness and refuse to color anything unless it’s under the guise of being marketed towards adults.


Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby

With the significant rise in mindfulness, meditation, and new age relaxation techniques, it is no doubt that coloring books would soon take charge. Almost an instant hit with the public, coloring books are a great way to take some time for yourself and focus on something- and coloring books facilitate this need in time of stress- regardless of ability or age. With new styles being released every day, there really is a coloring book for everyone, even if you don’t care to admit it. It may seem a little childish, but sometimes there is beauty in taking part in something you did as a child- therapeutic elements aside.

Adult coloring books have taken such a rise in everyday life, that now there are even coloring or “color by numbers” apps, and just a quick search on the app store and you will be met with thousands of options. While they are generally simple to use, sometimes the old way is the best way. Wouldn’t you prefer to experience the real-deal, and reap the rewards after hours of work? I don’t know about you, but I prefer a little choice and creativity to complete the picture however I like, and even when I am stoned, being told exactly where to place the colors isn’t really my bag.


Let’s Get Saucy

Taking a step up from basic coloring books (and the reason you are all here) is the bizarre way coloring books, though inherently “childish” can be combined with God’s greatest gift to humanity- no, not Frank Zappa’s mustache- SEX! Adult coloring books are becoming a hit with singles and couples alike, and are not too hard to find. As an easy way to spruce up the bedroom, adult coloring books combine coloring (fun) and anything and everything dirty (also fun) to give you a night you won’t ever forget.



This might seem a little off-topic, but hear me out. Are you an avid acid taker, or currently off the sauce but looking for some sort of creative, trippy expression then no fear! Simply invest in a coloring book and a large pack of sharpie multi-colored markers and you are all set. However you design is up to you- but the empty patterns allow for some pretty expansive coloring techniques, which, when done correctly, can look DMT-Esq. Coloring when you are stoned for and looking back when you are sober is another coloring book pastime. Not only is it super therapeutic to color something in when you are high, but looking back at what you drew in a “heightened” state of mind can surprisingly leave you feeling impressed with yourself.



Of course, all coloring books for adults aren’t necessarily therapeutic, but it can be somewhat mutually exclusive- a therapy book or not, adult coloring books are incredibly soothing and great to focus your mind on amidst the busy lives we have. Adult coloring books specifically, are a great way to get out a bit of pent-up anger you may have- which our list above tailors for. Whatever the weather, hopefully distinguishing between adult and children’s coloring books has inspired you to get coloring and start investing your time doing something other than the norm to relax!

Do you have a favorite adult coloring book, or have found your niche in therapy books? If so, leave your recommendations in the comments!



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