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5 Best Water Based Lubricants


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Sex is better wetter! When it comes to sex sometimes you need that extra lubricant in the bedroom. Did you know dryness is one of the leading causes of condom breaks? Lubricants can make things more comfortable for women who suffer from vaginal dryness. You may find yourself asking how safe is lubricants? Over-the-counter lubricants are generally safe for most people. Lubricants promote sensation and sensitivity and can make the difference between pleasure and pain.

There are four different types of lubricant. Water-based, oil-based, silicone-based and natural. Most of the lubricants on the market are water-based. Water-based lubes are good if you have sensitive skin. They are easy to clean up, cheap, and safe to use with protection. Water-based lube is good for avoiding friction and causing friction burn during sexual intercourse. Some newer made water lubricants are made with natural skin moisturizers. Although there are many lubricants on the market, let’s take a look at some of the most popular water-based lubes.

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5 Best Water Based Lubricants in 2022

1. Isabel Fay Lube

Isabel Fay Lube-best water based lubes

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Isabel Fay Lube is a natural water-based sexual lubricant for sensitive skin and there are no added glycerin or parabens. Made in the U.S.A, also condom safe, and safe to use with your sex toys at home. This water-based lube is odorless and colorless. Easy cleanup and does not stain your sheets!

No Harmful Chemicals

This water-based lubricant is made out of natural water-based ingredients. It is a water-based chemical free lubricant. There are no glycerin or parabens, which is one of the leading causes of yeast infections. This lubricant is made to be odorless and color free.

Use It With Anything

The great thing about Isabel Fay lubricant is that you can use it with pretty much anything. Seeing that it is a light, natural water-based lube it won’t affect the use of sex toys, body parts, condoms, or pretty much anything that needs to be lubed.

Cost and Value

The cost is on the high end for a 4 oz bottle but definitely worth the money. With its natural ingredients and water-based, it is sure to be up anyone’s alley including the ones with sensitive skin. It’s made in a direct bottle and has a ready to use no-mess pump. The value of this product is definitely worth the extra pennies to enjoy a wet, bedroom experience.


  • Natural Ingredients
  • Pump
  • Lightweight
  • Safe for You and Toys


  • Light Odor

2. Shibari Lubricant

Shibari Lubricant-best water based lubes

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Shibari lubricant is one of the best selling water-based lubricants on the market. Using some of the highest grade material this water-based lubricant is a non-staining, hypoallergenic, and condom compatible lube. It’s specifically designed to glide on with smooth sensation and leave the skin silky smooth.

Certified Special

This water-based lubricant is 510 (k) which means it is certified on the FDA. It has been tested and proved to be safe for the consumer. It is fragrance-free and made to be non-irritating. It is the number one rated water-based lubricant for three and running!

Reliable Special

This lubricant is non-staining and hypoallergenic. It caters to the sensitive skin side of consumers. It promotes a great, wet feeling but is not sticky and doesn’t leave an uncomfortable residue afterward.

Cost and Value

This lubricant is worthy of the cost. It comes in three different sized bottles, the perfect price for anyone’s pocket. Designed to relieve personal dryness, this lubricant is pure water-based, hypoallergenic, and clean. This non-staining water-based lubricant is right for anyone and the ratings prove it!


  • Non Staining
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Top-Rated
  • Relieves Personal Dryness


  • Sticky

3. Passion Lube

Passion Lube-best water based lubes

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These water-based lubricants are free of harmful chemicals. This natural water-based lube is a non-sticky lubricant. Which means no more sticky, smelly lubes, and no more stains on the sheets. Not to mention, completely free of chemicals!

Free Of Chemicals

Free of parabens, glycerin, petrochemicals, and other harmful chemicals. Passion lube has created a formula without the use of these chemicals that can cause health issues. So those of you with sensitive skin can put their mind at ease, knowing that this lubricant is chemical-free to keep you happy and healthy.

No Mess Pump

These water-based lubricants are easy to use and pump the perfect amount out, without it being too much. It is a water-based lube, so don’t worry about that sticky feeling that silicone or other lubes leave behind. Designed to be mess-free and dispense just the right amount for all of your pleasure needs.

Cost and Value

The cost of this lube is worth the value. It might be a heavier cost in the beginning but this bottle comes in 320z so you can enjoy a fun time and time again without running out to fast. Although it may be expensive, the size of the bottle truly matters and you will squeeze every penny out of this product, with its easy to use pump action bottle.


  • No Staining
  • Large Bottle
  • Easy Pump
  • Free of Chemicals


  • Not Thick

4. LuLu Lube

LuLu Lube-best water based lubes

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This specially designed water-based lube is formulated with for the ones with the most sensitive skin. Free of harmful chemicals to the consumer this lube is right up your alley. This smooth, natural and tasteless lube does not leave behind a sticky mess. Does not dry out fast or leave behind an odor seeing as this product is completely odorless.

Safe For Anything

LuLu Lube is safe for anyone or anything. The water-based lube is encouraged to not only use on the human body but also sex toys. It is agreeable with anything or anyone and super easy to clean up. This water-based lubricant is not sticky, so it doesn’t take a lot to clean this lubricant off of anything.

No More Dryness

These lubricants help with the chaffing of sexual activities and vaginal dryness. Many women suffer from vaginal dryness and it can be quite uncomfortable to have sex when a woman is dry. This thick water-based lube helps to keep things wet and slippery during those most intimate moments. No more friction burns!!

Cost and Value

This lube seems to be incredibly affordable for the value. While this lube offers the same things as the other lubes such as being free of chemicals, easy cleanup, non-staining, and doesn’t have a smell, it still rates high. This water-based lubricant is the steal out of all of the other water-based lubricants listed here.


  • No Chafing
  • No Vaginal Dryness
  • Thick
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Hard to Clean Up

5. Nooky Lube

Nooky Lube-best water based lubes

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Here is a premium silky-smooth sex lube that doesn’t dry out fast, at all! As most water-based lubes absorb inside the body and have to be reapplied after a while, this water-based lubricant has formulated a lube that does not dry out fast, making it a one-time application. Made in a discreet package and good for any bedside table.

No Mess

This product offers a no-mess, non-sticky, odorless, and tasteless lube. Does not stain the bedroom sheets and has a non-sticky consistency where it is like using water just a little more smooth and slippery. This water-based lubricant is a product that is just as close to water as it gets.

Chemical Free

Nooky lube is on the same page as all the other water-based lubes. It is free of all those harmful chemical that can cause yeast infections or even worse. The water-based lube is designed to be free of glycerin and parabens which makes it suitable for any one person with sensitive skin.

Cost and Value

This water-based lube is light and smooth to the touch at a very reasonable price. With so much to offer, this bottle comes in 16 or 32 oz. Why not try it out and if you like it always opt for the bigger bottle? Similar qualities the rest of the water-based lubes this one is sure worth the cost, due to its slick nature. Also, this water-based lubricant comes in an easy to use pump bottle and is super discreet. So this bottle won’t be the only thing your pumping!


  • Smooth Glide
  • Bottle Size Selection
  • No Mess
  • No Odor


  • Poor Taste

Our Conclusion

Just remember wetter is always better. Whether you are in the bedroom or down to get into some fun! Water-based lube seems to be one of the most formulated lubes on the market and are consumers go-to. Remember to always look out for chemicals such as glycerin, parabens and other harmful items that could be a health hazard to the body. These lubes are going in and on your body and your body does soak up a lot through your pores.

Choosing the right water-based lubricants and doing the right research could not only benefit you but your partner as well. Also, with that being said lube is the sure way to go to enjoy those romantic nights or those quickies and can provide a great sensation when used properly. No matter what you choose to play with, picking the correct lube gives you confidence that will ensure a fun time over and over again.

More About Water Based Lubricants


If you have no problem getting water in your hose with ease, then you are one of the lucky ones. But if you can’t seem to open the floodgates down there -even after seeing Jason Momoa in Aquaman- then we understand the struggle, but don’t give up hope just yet! Your problems may be solved with just a little bottle of lube. Known as the savior of vaginal dryness, lube can not just give you the comfort of a little less friction down there, but equally enhance your sex life- whether with a partner, on your own, or while taking advantage of your sex toy friends, lube has a purpose for all. While increasing dryness is natural with age, lube serves a multitude of purposes and can even be a great addition to the bedroom even if you don’t struggle with natural lubrication.

What is Lube Made of?

Though it will vary depending on lube type, water-based lube is the most popular and is in fact, water-based. I bet you never would have guessed. In fact, it is so water-based that it will actually absorb into your skin some time after application, which is why it requires regular top-ups. But hey, if I can make use of a free body moisturizer AND have sex at the same time its a win-win situation for me. Besides water, this kind of lube is combined with a little viscose to give it some elasticity, and some other things too. Regardless, always check your lube is FDA approved- lubricants for personal use are actually classed as a medical product, so must be approved before distribution.

Anal vs Vaginal: The Showdown

If you are familiar with practically ANY of our articles, you will know that we don’t just recommend using lubes, but we might as well endorse it at this point. Studied in-depth in our butt plugs article (read here) considering the butt is not self-lubricating on arousal, using lube is absolutely imperative for any anal-related activities. Whereas the vagina is naturally self-lubricating, your natural supplement just may not be enough for a full session- and that is completely okay! What should be noted is that the most common lube type (which is water-based) does need to be “topped up” often and the next most popular, silicone-based is long-lasting but damaging to sex toys of the same caliber, but we will get more into that later.

So whether it’s anal or vaginal penetration, when using a condom be sure to use condom-friendly lube.

Which Lube is right for me?

Plain, flavored, and even tingly lube- there is an array to choose from for every need. You will even find lube with aloe vera just in case that terrible sunburn wasn’t enough to deter your sexual prowess. Plain lube really is a bedside table must-have, however, flavored lube just gives it a bit more oomph. While there really is no need for the added flavor, it is a simple addition that can make sex more fun and playful, as well as make *every* part taste absolutely delicious!

Different Flavors

So this wouldn’t be a lube article if we did not talk about different flavors, right? Well, there are so many it is practically impossible to list them all, but I will categorize them into two main sections- fruit-based, and not fruit-based. Like choosing between a cosmopolitan or a sauvignon blanc, lubes usually take the form of sweet, delicious fruit-flavored, or a more sophisticated subtle flavor such as vanilla- yet regardless of taste and smell delicious. We would definitely recommend either, but if you are someone who dislikes more pungent smells or simply can’t go near a pina colada tasting nipple because it reminds you of the time you almost died at a college party, definitely opt for a vanilla or almond flavor.

Non-Water-Based Lube= Problematic

If you are a good, noble citizen who wears protection you will be aware of the multi-faceted scents and flavors of condoms, the most popular of which being fruit flavor.
But why mention condoms? We are here for the lube! Well, they are generally a subject which goes hand-in-hand. Aptly put, condoms usually are packaged basked in lube for easy application. This is always a silicone-based lube, as we know that oil-based lubes are extremely bad for sex toy use and can cause the condom to break down even while in use! 1/10, not worth the risk. We need to know this when choosing a lube to match. We want it to complement the lube used in the condom at use at the time, so there is no mismatch of materials and no potential for it to break down. So even though a silicone lube is used in the packaging of condoms, it may not actually be the best for use in the bedroom, as is often the option purely because of its long-lasting structure.

Even when not using a condom (i.e for personal sex toy use) it is imperative to use a water-based lube. Say no to oil-based and silicone-based lubes, which can cause not just a condom, but your very own sex toys to break down! Most high-quality sex toys are made from silicone due to their strength, softness, and flexibility. But this also means it can wear down gradually over time, and as silicone is a porous material it can get harder to clean and maintain, leading to some nasty wear and tear which you don’t want to be taking care of. This is important when considering that water-based lube leaves a residue- so be sure to clean it immediately after use.

We also wouldn’t recommend using a silicone lube purely due to its adverse effects on silicone materials. Be safe and use a lube that is water-based (or as guided by the packet) with sex toys and silicone-based as a secondary option.

If you do, however, stick with a silicone-based lube during intercourse (not just while using sex toys) make sure at the very least that it is certifiably latex-friendly.


While it may seem like the cons of using lubes is rather arduous, don’t be put off, our guidelines are only here to help you be safe but also make the most of your sexual experience. These are simply things to look out for so it doesn’t become a headache in the long run and becomes a ball-ache to wash your sex toys. Once you are good to go and are fully prepared, adding lube to the bedroom can improve your sex life drastically. And remember a little goes a long way!

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