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10 Best Stash Boxes


Last Updated on January 20, 2022 by Diana Ferreira


Last Updated on January 20, 2022 by Diana Ferreira

We’ve all been there: rushing to hide the weed, wishing there was somewhere safer to stash it. I’m going to tell you right now, the answer is not in your top drawer, under some socks. The answer is a stash box. There’s a lot of options and styles available; boxes, jars, cans, decoys, you name it. That’s where we come in. Reading on, you will find the best of what’s available, and what’s best for you.

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10 Best Stash Boxes in 2022

1. US Constitution Book Safe

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Unless you’re in a law library, there is no doubt this book safe will provide a nice, unassuming place for you to stash not only your weed, but also your valuables such as jewelry and the like. Read on to see why this particular stash box would be an appealing option.


Everybody knows what this alleged “book” is all about. It’s the Constitution. Even the most junior high school civics student has read it and studied it. That is why if they see this “book” on a shelf somewhere, they will think nothing of it. Another great thing about this book is that it comes with a hidden combination lock as well.


This stash box is a real book made with real paper, and it also is a hand-made example with a hardcover binding. This means that your safe will be completely hidden from all outside appearances.


This book safe is a fairly small version, making it easier to carry around and take with you when you travel. Considering how high the potential for theft is when you travel, this is a good feature.


  • Neat design and concept


  • A bit small

2. Carbon-Lined Smell Proof Pouch

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This locking travel bag will quickly become your most reliable travel companion simply because it is secure and well-built. This item is perfect for storing anything strong-smelling. Things such as your stash, your medications, vaping tools, herbal items, and candles will stay securely hidden and won’t give off any type of odor with this excellent travel bag.

Powerful Locking Mechanism

This stash box/travel pouch comes with a military-grade lock complete with a code. It is pre-set at a password of “420” but you can definitely adjust it with your preference.


This is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have done any amount of traveling then you know what I’m talking about. However, this stash box is a breeze for getting past even the pickiest TSA agent.


It has a design consisting of reinforced stitching and zipping that seal as tightly as possible. This makes this case a good water-resistant example besides just being discreet.

Polyurethane Leather

This traveling pouch is comprised of thick PU leather, making it much easier for it to withstand everyday wear-and-tear.


  • Optimal cushioning for fragile products
  • Airtight
  • Incredibly durable


  • No interior pockets

3. StashLogix Silverton Case

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This locking stash bag is the epitome of convenience. It will quickly become your favorite storage container simply because it will not only help you hide your important items, but it will organize them as well.

Adjustable Dividers

What’s the use of a stash box if you have to put everything all together in an unorganized mess? With these adjustable dividers, you can be sure that everything will not only be secure, but it will in a readily accessible location from your box.

Rubber Gaskets and a Foil Lining

These two features are definitely what set this item apart. The gaskets and the lining work in tandem to trap any odors right there in the box.

Complementary Bamboo Charcoal Pouch

A bamboo charcoal pouch is included with this product, and it will work wonders in helping the smell inside the container. You won’t have to worry about the odors knocking you over every time you open the case!

Combination Zipper Lock

Finally, the icing on the cake would the combination zipper lock, which keeps all of your valuables secure and away from prying eyes and hands.


  • Waterproof design


  • Zipper doesn’t always last long

4. Stash-It Hair Brush Container

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Ths “hairbrush” is a great way to store or hide your valuables because it features a secret false top that will unscrew to display a hidden safe. The product looks extremely inconspicuous since it doubles as a hair care product.

At Home or On the Road

Are you looking for a way to conceal your valuables without drawing attention to yourself? This product can do that simply because it doubles as a genuine hairbrush. Moreover, you can place jewelry, money, electronics, and yes, cannabis within the secure compartment quite easily.

Good Dimensions

The interior of this stash box measures 1.25 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep. You easily can fit thirty rolled bills of currency on the inside.

Stash-It Bag Included

The makers of this product realize that some of the items you will be attempting to hide can clink around in this hairbrush. This is why each Stash-It Hairbrush will come with a bag that will allow you to wrap up your jewelry, coins, paraphernalia, and other breakable items safely and to allow for extra padding.


  • Stash-It bag included for padding of your valuables


  • Not odor-proof

5. Swag Gear Smell Proof Case

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This stash box is also a very discreet example because it appears to be nothing more than a cosmetic case, toiletry bag, or dopp bag. Moreover, every component of this box, from the zippers to the seals, is completely odor-free.

Looks can be deceiving (But in a Good Way!)

While this case may look like a bag, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. The Swag Gear Stash Box consists of a cush proof shell with hard inner dividers that will keep the materials durable for years to come.

Solid Dimensions

The picture provided really doesn’t do this item justice. This stash box is big enough and deep enough that it can even store larger stash jars. This is because the dimensions are 10″ long, 4″ tall, and 7″ wide.

Solid Locking Mechanism

This product comes with a zipper-lock that will help you to easily secure your valuables or your stash. This zipper lock is part of a smell-proof seal and a carbon lining that will keep any and all odors from escaping. It will not only keep your stash protected but you as well!


  • Doesn’t “give itself away” that it’s a smell-proof container


  • Only designed as a traveling stash box

6. Stalwart A200017 Lock Box

Stalwart A200017 Lock Box-Best Stash Boxes

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These days, with cell phones, and computers, very rarely does anyone pick up a book to read. That is why this lockbox is a genius idea of where to hide your stash. Cleverly, it is designed to look like a dictionary to make it even more discreet. To an onlooker, it’s just a boring dictionary on a bookshelf, but to you, it is filled with valuables no one else will ever find.


This product takes security past hoping no one will notice it; it locks shut with the set of keys provided. There is absolutely no room for doubt when it comes to this, you can hide it and lock it. That means if someone is a little too nosey and finds interest in your dictionary, it’s locked and you have the peace of mind in knowing only you can access it.


You might only have a small bag or some jewelry to hide, or you might have something a bit larger you’re looking to put away. That’s why it’s important to take size into consideration. This is a big book, coming in with a storage space of 6×9 inches, and a depth of 2 inches. That leaves you with plenty of space to store everything, all in one place.

Cost and Value

This product has a low price that makes sense to both you and your wallet. This dictionary will bring you peace of mind that, alone, is worth such a small cost; not to mention keeping expensive bags or valuables from being stolen. This is a small investment you can’t afford not to make.


  • Comes with 2 keys
  • Easy access with keys
  • Durable


  • Can lose keys

7. Tightvac Container

Tightvac-Best Stash Boxes

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Are you tired of your bud going dry? Maybe you get too big of bags and by the end, you’re left with a crispy shake that crumbles when you touch it. This can escalate into a very expensive problem, leaving you with a bag that you can’t even smoke because it burns up like dry grass. Here is the best fix for that: Tightvac. Keep your stuff fresher for longer by keeping both air and moisture out.

Vacuum Seal

Every time you close the lid, you are sealing it so tightly that air cannot get in. This means even if you leave it for weeks, your bud will taste and feel just like it did the first day! Ideal for big bags, or anyone who simply likes the fresh taste of a brand new bag, days or weeks later.


You might have a lot more than just your bag to keep fresh. Maybe you’re going on a hike and don’t want your weed and trail mix to get soggy from your water bottle, which is all in the same backpack. Or there’s a bag of candy you don’t want your siblings to eat first. It doesn’t get any more convenient than this product; that bag of candy is safe from both time and siblings, free to be eaten when you decide.

Cost and Value

You can’t find a better deal for this kind of security. Keep your money in your wallet with this low-cost purchase, and by preserving your bud for up to a year. Don’t fall victim to dry shake any longer, buy this airtight container and control time.


  • Variety of colors
  • Travel-size
  • Minimize smell


  • Not discreet

8. Dr. Pepper Can Safe

Southwest Specialty Products- Dr Pepper Can Safe-Best Stash Boxes

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Going to run some errands, but also need your weed? This soda can safe is by definition as discreet as it gets. Throw it in your purse, or in your back seat with the other 20 empty cans, and keep your bud accessible to only you. No one wants to drink a warm soda, anyway.

Real Container

No questionable product names, or sketchy designs to raise any eyebrows. These safes are made with real soda cans, keeping them realistic and low-key; perfect for hiding the goods. No one will question why your soda looks different than any other soda they’ve seen, much less even notice it, as it blends so well.


Anyone who’s ever taken a road trip know you need two things: weed and drinks. Hide your weed in the most low-key place available, right in plain view. Put it in with a 12 pack, or in a center counsel. The options are endless, as it is a small size made for travel, and looks like every other can of soda you packed up.

Cost and Value

A fun gift for a friend, or to treat yourself. You’ll really be treating yourself when you see how little this unit costs, too. Discreet, and even weighted to feel equal to a full can of soda, there’s no doubt this can will bring a smile on your face every time you use it.


  • Realistic
  • Screw Top
  • Weighted
  • Fun Gift


  • Easy to Open

9. Herb Stash Jars

Herb Stash Jars-Best Stash Boxes

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Now, this stash jar is incredible. Stop wasting money on multiple jars for multiple purposes! This one literally does it all! Made out of lightweight aluminum, ready for your purse or bag, this canister is also airtight. Keep your stuff fresh, and keep it easy to carry.


Okay, so we all know that good bud smells like good bud. That sweet aroma you’ve come to love isn’t exactly what you want to smell, coming from your bag when you’re walking through a mall filled with people. Hello, brilliant solution! Airtight technology that keeps that good smell contained to the good stuff. You’ll never have to worry about the wrong people being able to smell what’s in your purse or bag.

Customizable sizes

This is where it gets cool! So, you buy a big bag, and you need a bigger place to store it. Easy! This is the perfect container. Days go by, and now your bag is smaller. You don’t need a big place to store it. This is still the perfect container! Use the full size, or unscrew the middle portion to create a travel size, smaller jar.

Cost and Value

This product is already a sweet deal, ringing in at such a small price. Add to it that you can easily customize the size, and the deal gets even sweeter. But here’s what really makes this one a home run: you get a second one, free! Buy one, get one. We just heard your pocketbook sigh of relief.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Preserves


  • Less discreet

10. StashShield Ultraviolet Jar

Masterdam 100ml StashShield Ultraviolet Glass Jar-Best Stash Boxes

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We all need a stash jar that we can fit in our pockets, giving you the ability to smoke whenever and wherever you want to. Convenient for a walk, or a hike, or even just to bring over to your friend’s place to hang out. This jar may be little, but the opportunities it gives you are limitless.

UV Protection

Leaving your bag out in the open can leave some unwanted side effects. One of the leading culprits is the sun! The sun will dry out your bud or wax, rendering it useless! Not anymore with this container. Made using glass that protects the contents from harmful UV rays, you’ll never have dry bud again!

Glass Container

There’s nothing worse than putting your wax down on a bad surface. In the end, after scraping it for what seems like forever, you lose a ton of it. Give yourself a safe and easy place to store your wax, and never worry about having to tediously scrape it again, with this jar. Additionally, glass is much safer to store your bud in long term, preserving it better and leaving it free of the chemicals plastic or metal may leave behind.

Cost and Value

Go incognito both in public and on your wallet. Barely leaving a dent, cost-wise, this container will leave a huge impact on your life. Use it for travel, or just to have somewhere safe to keep your stash. It will keep it clean, safe, and fresh, saving you even more money as time passes. We fell in love with this little glass jar, and we knew you would too.


  • Odorless
  • Airtight
  • Travel Size
  • BPA Free top


  • Plastic lid can crack

Our Conclusion

This is where it all ends; people finding your stash, losing wax to a bad container, and dry weed. We have given you all the best options to solve all your worst stash problems. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to discreetly hide it, or to keep it fresh for longer, or just somewhere to keep the smell at bay, you will find the best product for your needs on this list. We took all the choices, and narrowed them down to a small, exclusive list, so the hardest decision you’ll have to make is what color you want.


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