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19 Best Flesh Lights


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Fleshlights are a hot trend among men due to their discreet nature and lifelike texture. They are designed for pleasure during masturbation. This is due to their ergonomics and ability to mimic vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Openings in these adult toys are lifelike to the extent that you won’t be able to tell the difference between them and a real vagina. The days of traditional masturbation are long gone. Men are now looking and able to stimulate their senses to the max with these realistic vaginas that to some feel better than real ones.

Fleshlights are increasing in popularity as they become more advanced and offer more pleasure, becoming the most sought-after sex toys on the market as companies come up with newer designs of sleeves.

This guide will help with finding the right one for you and help to identify the best on the market. There are many different models with many reviews which may prove to be confusing for a layman who just wants to keep it simple. With so many available, finding a quality and affordable fleshlight could prove to be a daunting task. We’ve provided this guide to remove the hassle from searching for the best for your needs and help you make sense of the different kinds of fleshlights.

Top 5

19 Best Flesh Lights in 2022

1. Riley Reid

best flesh lights - Riley Reid

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Riley Reid is one of the most popular porn stars in the world today, so we were quite stoked when we found out that Fleshlight designed a masturbation cup after her.

Choose Your Hole

Fleshlight knows what guys want and that’s options. Whether you want to have a go at Riley’s lady parts or her butt, you have the choice.

New Coiled Design

This sleeve features a new coiled design with integrated pleasure pockets to take your pleasure to the next level. It’s the most satisfying combination of ribbed pleasure and the tightness every guy desires.

Cost and Value

Of course, this isn’t the most affordable fleshlight out there, but when it’s modeled after a porn star, would you expect it to be? If you’re a Riley fan, you need to get this sex toy.


  • Feels real
  • Perfect texture
  • Looks real
  • Pleasuring suction


  • High price tag

2. Stoya

best flesh lights - Stoya

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Not a Riley Reid fan? Or maybe you just prefer the alt look that Stoya has over the girl-next-door look that Riley has? Either way, this fleshlight is designed after the beautiful Stoya and is a must-have for any diehard fan.

Incredible Texture

The interior design of this fleshlight is something to behold. There are rings of bumps, a pleasure dome that provides 360-degrees of pleasure, and even a chamber full of “teeth” and “fangs” for unreal tightness.

Feels Realistic

Both the interior and exterior of this fleshlight feel just like the real thing. Sure, you might not have a chance with the REAL Stoya, but at least you can get a clearer picture of what it would be like to be with her.

Cost and Value

This item is priced exactly the same as the other fleshlights modeled after porn stars. While the price may seem high, it might be worth your while if you’ve always fantasized about screwing your favorite actress.


  • Choose between butt or vagina
  • Tight entrance
  • Interesting textures
  • Intense suction


  • Strong grip may make holding off on finishing hard

3. Lana Rhoades

best flesh lights - Lana Rhoades

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Lana Rhoades is one of the youngest girls that Fleshlight has modeled a product after, yet this is one of their highest selling toys. One look and feel and you’ll see why.

Sensational Textures

The interior of this Fleshlight is truly something else. The entry is nice and tight and it’s filled with a variety of cavities to grip and pleasure your penis like nothing else.

Pick Your Hole

As with the other porn star designs from Fleshlight, you can pick whether to purchase the vagina or the butt. Both designs feature very pleasurable sleeves so you can’t go wrong with either.

Cost and Value

This Fleshlight is priced at the same price point as the other porn star sleeves available. Though it’s costlier than other toys from this brand, you can’t beat experiencing a Fleshlight modeled after your favorite porn star.


  • Varying levels of tightness
  • Deep
  • Outstanding quality
  • Feels realistic


  • High price

4. Flight Commander

best flesh lights - Flight Commander

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Let’s take a step away from the Fleshlights modeled after porn actresses for a moment. This unique design is one of the best-selling products in the Fleshlight lineup and you’ll see why in a moment.

Compact Design

One of the best things about this line of Fleshlights is how compact it is. It comes with a discrete case for travel purposes so you never have to be too far away from your favorite sex toy.

Turbo Tech

Another great design feature of this unit is that it provides two different entry points. Both entrances provide the optimal amount of suction for the perfect and intense orgasm.

Cost and Value

You’ll be happy to know that this high-quality toy is one of the most affordable options on our list. We loved its internal structure and find it to be more than worth the cost.


  • Small and light
  • Discrete case included
  • Easy to care for
  • BJ simulator


  • May be too small for some users

5. Stamina Training Unit

best flesh lights - Stamina Training Unit

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Are you feeling a little less-than-stellar about your performance in the bedroom? Don’t fret about it. Just as with any type of activity, practice makes perfect. The Stamina Training Unit can help you increase your stamina and improve your overall performance.

Ribbed for Your Pleasure

The sleeve on this toy features large and round bumps to fill out the chamber. It’s very tight, providing the intensity you desire. Each and every bump massages and strokes your unit guiding you to a powerful orgasm.

Helps You Develop Mental Muscles in the Bedroom

Sometimes the problems in the bedroom arise from mental blocks about having to perform. With this training unit, you can separate yourself from those expectations and practice until you’re comfortable with your performance.

Cost and Value

This toy is definitely worth the price tag, especially if you want to boost your sexual stamina. You can’t put a price on boosting your confidence.


  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Boosts sexual performance
  • Easy to clean
  • Feels realistic


  • Only one internal texture

6. Clear Skies Flight Pack

best flesh lights - Clear Skies Flight Pack

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This two-in-one pack is exactly what you need to kickstart your journey with male sex toys. Since it comes with 8 ounces of lube, you’ll have all you need to get started.

Flight Aviator & Quickshot Vantage

This pack comes with two of Fleshlight’s best selling products. The Flight Aviator is a sleek and compact sex toy with a hyper-realistic feeling. The Quickshot Vantage is perfect for couples play and to elevate your next blowjob to the next level.

Lube Included

We love that this pack includes a whopping 8-ounces of lube. You know you’ll need to use lubricant when you use these sex toys, so having it come in the package is definitely convenient. Plus, using Fleshlight-approved lube means you won’t destroy your new toy with the wrong type of lubricant.

Cost and Value

If you have the means and want to really treat yourself, this package is the way to go. Its higher price tag reflects the quality of the product and makes it a must-have for anyone looking for the best of both worlds.


  • Fantastic value for two toys
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for solo or couple play
  • Great value


  • May be too small for larger guys

7. Classic Pink Butt

best flesh lights - Classic Pink Butt

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If all these funky-colored Fleshlights are a turn off for you, why not go back to basics with one of the originals.

Smooth Sleeve

The Classic Pink Butt features a smooth sleeve, specifically designed for men who tend to be more sensitive or those who want to go a little longer before climaxing.

Lots of Insertable Length

Not every Fleshlight can boast the amount of insertable length that this one can. You can insert up to 8.5-inches, providing plenty of room for you to go full steam ahead.

Cost and Value

Though the price might seem high for a toy without the bells and whistles that others have, it’s still priced affordably considering the quality.


  • Lots of length
  • Realistic materials
  • Quite tight
  • Easy to clean


  • Can be too tight for girthy dudes

8. Turbo Ignition

best flesh lights - Turbo Ignition

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Fleshlight’s Turbo lineup provides a very realistic and pleasurable alternative to blow jobs. Whether you want to play “just the tip” or get deep throated, this toy can do it all.

Three Points of Insertion

The first entry feels like the gentle massage of a pair of lips. The second feels like a tongue and the third feels like the back of the throat. This provides the full spectrum of a wonderful blowjob experience.

Great BJ Simulator

If you’re looking for a toy that will simulate the perfect BJ, this is it. While other Fleshlights are designed to replicate penetration, this toy is going to blow your mind with its ability to simulate a BJ.

Cost and Value

This toy is priced fairly when we consider all of its perks. We loved its 8.5-inches of insertable length, making it a great pick for guys of all sizes.


  • Great suction
  • Smooth
  • Provides different sensations
  • Durable


  • Second insertion point can be hard to get into when things get slippery

9. Classic Pink Lady

best flesh lights - Classic Pink Lady

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The Classic Pink Lady is the vaginal version of the Pink Butt. This is another one of the Fleshlight classics and a must-have for anyone new to using sex toys.

Last Longer

The smooth design of this sleeve will help more sensitive men last longer. If you can’t afford the Stamina Training Unit, this is another great pick to help improve your performance in bed.

SuperSkin Material

Fleshlight pulls out all the stops when it comes to making their masturbation sleeves. The Pink Lady features their SuperSkin material for a soft and realistic feel.

Cost and Value

Though this isn’t the most affordable option in our guide, it’s still a worthwhile pick for anyone looking for a realistic looking and feeling sleeve.


  • Quick clean-up
  • Quality construction
  • Suction is great
  • Great for beginners


  • May not provide enough internal texture for some men

10. Go Torque Ice

best flesh lights - Go Torque Ice

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This light and compact Fleshlight is a great pick for anyone who wishes to take their sex toy with them wherever they go. It’s portable and discrete, making it the perfect travel companion.


If you’re looking for a tight fit with your next masturbation sleeve, the Go Torque Ice is perfect. It provides the right amount of tightness in all the right places.

Interesting Internal Structure

Variety is the spice of life and that’s exactly what you’re going to get with this sleeve. The internal structure is chock full of different textures throughout the canal to keep you guessing.

Cost and Value

We were surprised to see this at such an affordable price point. If you’re a man who does a lot of traveling, you need to add this to your suitcase.


  • Tight fit
  • Intense sensation
  • Compact size
  • Perfect amount of suction


  • Shorter amount of insertable length (6.5 inches)

11. Vibro Lady

best flesh lights - Vibro Lady

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Why should the ladies have all the vibrating fun? The Vibro: Lady will become your battery-powered best friend in no time.

All-Encompassing Vibrations

If you’ve ever wondered why women love vibrators so much, this Fleshlight is about to illuminate you. It features all-encompassing vibrations to provide an intense and pleasurable experience every time you use it.

Looks Realistic

As you can probably deduce by now, not every one of Fleshlights products is anatomically correct. If you’re one of the men who prefer their sleeve look and feel like the real thing, this product will be right up your alley.

Cost and Value

While the price tag is higher than some of the other offerings we’re reviewing today, we found the Vibro Lady to be worth the cost. The vibrations bring an entirely new sensation to masturbating and we think you’ll love it.


  • Batteries are included
  • Looks real
  • Intense sensations
  • Easy to clean


  • Batteries die fast

12. Turbo Thrust

best flesh lights - Turbo Thrust

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The Thrust is another product in Fleshlight’s Turbo lineup. This handy little unit is the perfect alternative to getting a blowjob.

Incredible Internal Structure

The Thrust is very similar in features to the Ignition which we reviewed above. The main key difference is that the internal structure is incredibly different. While they both have three insertion points (lips, tongue, throat), the Thrust features cutouts that the Ignition is missing.

Control the Suction

You can control the suction of this unit by adjusting the cap on the end. This allows you to choose the level of suction you desire on any given day.

Cost and Value

The Turbo products are on the lower end of the price spectrum but still requires a pretty hefty payment up front. That said, if you’re in the market for a toy that can stimulate the best BJ of your life, this is it.


  • Three points of insertion
  • 8.5-inches of insertable length
  • Easy to care for
  • Adjustable suction


  • Hard to dry after cleaning

13. Ice Lady

best flesh lights - Ice Lady

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Here’s another great option for you if you prefer your masturbation sleeves to be anatomically correct. The Ice Lady is transparent so you and your partner can watch all the action.

Strong Suction

One of the biggest selling points of this toy is that you can adjust how strong you want the suction to be. Simply tighten or loosen the end cap to find the perfect amount of suction. We recommend adding a sleeve warmer if your budget allows making it feel even more real.

Feels Real

Nothing beats the real thing, but this masturbator comes pretty close. The material feels like real skin and the canal is textured in just the right way that it also feels real.

Cost and Value

The Ice Lady is priced competitively with the others we’re reviewing today. What sets it apart is that it’s anatomically correct and that it’s transparent.


  • Feels real
  • Stretchy sleeve
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable suction


  • Sticky texture

14. Alina Lopez

best flesh lights - Alina Lopez

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Let’s revisit another one of our favorite porn stars for the final product in our review. Alina Lopez was named the Hottest Newcomer in 2019 at the AVN Awards and it’s not hard to see why. This stroker modeled after her is a must-have for any Alina fan.

Unbeatable Sensations

The internal structure features an uber tight entry followed by a number of narrow chambers with rings and nubs to massage you in all the right places.

Realistic Design

If you’re in the market to buy a Fleshlight modeled after your favorite porn star, you want it to look and feel realistic. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get with this product. The materials feel very real and knowing it’s a replica of Alina’s actual body parts would be enough to send any fan over the edge.

Cost and Value

This product is offered at the same price point as the other Fleshlight Girls products we’ve reviewed today. While it does require an upfront investment, we think you’ll find it more than worth your while.


  • Available in vagina or butt design
  • Intense textures
  • Great suction
  • Easy to clean


  • May make you finish too fast

15. Male Masturbation Cup

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This is one of the safest flesh light products out there in the market currently. Infused with a pleasant smell and coated with diamond patterns, it will help you master the art of masturbation. As it is lubricated, your sexual pleasures will be boosted to the max. Easily detachable and also easy to clean as it has very few parts.

About the Product

It comes with a classic shape of a flashlight, and the skin is designed to stimulate your senses and give you satisfaction. The product is made with non-toxic materials, so use it without any worries. The material inside this toy is made with special materials that will increase your sensation with greater friction.


  • Material: ABS & TPR
  • Water resistance: 100% waterproof
  • Size: 9.3”*3.5”
  • Net weight: 16.75oz
  • Color: black & pink
  • Package list: 1*masturbation cup

Our Review

A very cheap flesh light that actually does what it advertises, and it can really up your sexual game if you can utilize it properly. This amazing adult toy is available for around twenty dollars, and if you are looking for a cheap yet robust masturbation toy, we highly recommend you give this product a try.

16. Zemalia Male Masturbator

Zemalia Male Masturbator-Best Flesh Lights

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What if you can have two kinds of fun with the same product? This is exactly Zemalia Male Masturbator does for you. Whether you want a blow job or you just want to jack off, this toy can fulfill both those needs. A special sex toy that’s built to satisfy any man who uses it, the firm lips on the front end of this flesh light will make you feel like a tongue is licking at your dick. Use this at your own risk, wild sensations guaranteed.

About the Product

This product comes with both the vagina and the woman’s mouth, so you can use it in two different scenarios. The skin is made with materials that mimic the woman’s vagina in a realistic way. This product is readily detachable and very easy to clean, rendering you hassle-free. Made with soft materials that are very safe to use.


  • Material: TPE
  • Type: 2-in-1 Vaginal & Oral Sex
  • Length: 8.26 inch
  • Net weight: 1LB
  • Package list: 1 x Male Masturbator

Our Review

Another inexpensive product which can be bought for just over twenty USD, this product is best for people who like it both ways. A truly unique flesh light that offers you the ultimate sexual experience, its affordability is what makes it so worth the buy.

17. Tracy’s Dog Masturbator Cup

Tracy's Dog® Masturbator Cup-Best Flesh Lights

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Ever wanted to massage your cock? Then you should definitely stuff your cock inside Tracy’s Dog Masturbator Cup! Offering you the ultimate blowjob experience, men who like it deep will love this flesh light. It feels like the real thing when you touch the skin your brain will be tricked into believing you’re actually touching inside a mouth. That’s how amazing this product is. The strict quality control procedures that this product follows allows it to have a texture like no other. Moreover, this product is made with a stretchy material, so you can actually shove your cock as deep as you want.

About the Product

Made with soft materials that mimic the texture of real skin, it’s safe to use. The teeth used inside this product is very soft, so you can slide your dick inside with no worries! It comes with a tunnel-like structure and extremely stretchy material, allowing you to witness maximum satisfaction. Squeeze some lube inside this flesh light for best results.

Product Specifications

  • Material: body-safe TPE
  • Product Dimensions: 6.5*2.5inch
  • Waterproof and easy to clean

Our Review

A flesh light that costs under twenty USD that lets you slide your dick as deep as you want to? I mean why wouldn’t you want to buy that! This product is unique as it comes with a super stretchy material that will surely make you cum and titillate your senses to their brim.

18. Alien FleshLight

best flesh lights - Alien Male Masturbator

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The Alien Male Masturbator comes with end-cap controls that offer suction for realistic effects. You can also loosen the grip for less friction on your penis. The swirls inside this product mimic the actual vaginal canals of a woman’s body, and the texture of this product is made with such a soft material that you can’t help but give in to your carnal desires.

About the Product

The material that this flesh light is made off is super soft and highly flexible, allowing your penis much-needed room and sensation that it deserves. It comes with suction controls that allows you to maximize your sensations. The entire product is housed in a flashlight style case. Made with safe materials that don’t cause harm to the human body. The entire sleeve is easily removable allowing you to clean the product easily.


  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 6 inches; 8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1.7 pounds

Our Review

At over seventy USD, this adult toy doesn’t come cheap, but it offers excellent value for its price. One of the more premium products we reviewed, the suction controls on the front and back end is what’s the most attractive feature of this product. Definitely worth a look if you’re in the market for a high-quality flesh light.

19. Jenna Hazebest flesh lights - Jenna Haze Lotus

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Although the Jenna Haze Flesh Light might look simple with the naked eye, the brand name alone should convince you to give this product a shot. A beautiful brunette, Jenna Haze is a very popular name in the adult entertainment industry. And when she endorses a product, you better pay close attention cause it’s bound to be special.

About the Product

Just like Jenna Haze, this adult toy comes with a velvety smooth texture, this is a realistic depiction of Jenna Haze’s vagina. If you want to fuck her in your dreams, then this is the closest you can get to her inviting pussy. This masturbation sleeve vibrates, stimulating the tip of your penis in a fantastic manner and guaranteeing the fact that you will cum. This product is made with very high grade and high-quality materials that are designed to give you the feeling of real, penetrative sex. All materials used to make this product are completely safe and this flesh light is very easy to use and clean.


  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 9 inches; 1.76 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

Our Review

The brand name says it all about this product. Jenna Haze is synonymous with orgasms all over America, and this product does not fail to achieve that either. The most expensive flesh light we have reviewed on our guide today, the price tag of almost eighty USD certainly isn’t cheap. But the experience of using this product certainly makes the hefty price tag totally worth it.

Our Conclusion

Flesh Lights are improving every day and it seems like a new product with better sleeves is being launched every other day. Newer companies are innovating in this field and coming up with unique ideas that will captivate the market in the future. We have tried our best to come up with a guide that offers the best and most affordable masturbation toys on the market which can truly give you the best orgasms. If you are looking to try out exotic forms of masturbating or just wanting to spice up your sex life, then we highly recommend you give one of these flesh lights a shot. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the results. We hope our guide can help you now to buy your very first adult toy and release all your sexual tension and energy in a satisfying manner.


More About Flesh Lights

If you were to search for a dildo on Google, no doubt would there be hundreds of thousands of results, but you are more than likely to be met with specialty dildos, some realistic, some ergonomically shaped, and even vibrating ones. My point being, there is a plethora of dildos out there with all kinds of designs and shapes, tailored for every woman’s needs. And while dildos have always been particularly taboo, this has never stopped big companies from shelling out huge investments in the product.

Whether sexually active or not, dildos have been a great invention for womankind, and are getting more and more realistic by the day. So my conclusion can only be that it was just about time that there was an ultra-realistic product out there tailored for men. While there are cock rings and lubes a plenty, there was never really a toy that replicated the vagina or mouth so well, so to get the realistic feeling men went to extreme lengths to replicate it- and all I can say is- those poor watermelons.

While historically fleshlights have been traced as far back as a thousand years, modern-day flesh lights which are a little more “workable” are fairly young, only having been around for about twenty-five years. To think that I am just slightly older than a fleshlight is utterly bizarre- but may provide an answer as to why, to this day, they are still particularly taboo.

Flesh Lights Then

If you ever heard the phrase “anything is a fleshlight if you try hard enough” then quite frankly, you may be right. While not particularly the smartest of choices- and definitely not recommended by us- humans went above and beyond the call of duty to replicate vaginal sex in many ways. Some rather disgusting, some you could argue were genius. But despite the intricate and quite frankly invasive use of fruits, ultimately there was a gap in the market for a realistic toy for males, and Steve Shubin took this opportunity. Initially starting off as a sense of relief for married men with busy wives, Shubin was genuinely the creator of the first patented fleshlight. This may come as a surprise to many, but prior to this there was not actually a legit fleshlight on the market.

What even are fleshlights?

Don’t be alarmed if you are unaware of the concept of fleshlights. Despite what you may think, many guys are aware of what a fleshlight is, but aren’t too in touch with how to use or clean it, and specifically the ins and outs of the toy. Regardless of your level of knowledge or experience with fleshlights, hopefully, this article can provide some clarity on your behalf as I try to blanket over fleshlights and educate the many. Put bluntly, a fleshlight is basically a flashlight-looking sex toy for guys to bang. With an array of inner textures and shapes, a fleshlight aims to replicate the inner workings of a vagina while relieving the user of a lot of work. Just start a-pumping and you are all set!

Various companies sell fleshlights, each with their own designs. But typically you will find the entrance (if it is not just a basic oval) to represent that of a vagina, anus or human mouth. Are you having fun yet?

What are they made from?

As the creator of the modern-day fleshlight, Shubin experimented a lot with the initial materials, trying to replicate the feeling, flexibility, and durability of skin as close as possible. While this certainly took a few rounds, Shubin settled on a simple polymer- but that was back then. Now you will find most are just a classic grade of silicone.

Fleshlight Maintenance 101

While I don’t need to go into the ins and outs of why you should be cleaning your sex toys, it should be known that a staggering amount of men actually don’t clean their sex toys after one use. While that certainly is another level of gross, it is imperative that you clean/wash your toys after each use. Firstly, you need to start by separating the sleeve from the casing (more about that later.) The hard, plastic casing is usually where you *deposit* your load, so wash it for at least two minutes under soapy, warm water. Get it nice and clean, and dry it out naturally (unless otherwise stated.) As for the sleeve- this part of the cleaning process is slightly harder- but ultimately the benefits of a fleshlight outweigh the extra thirty seconds it takes to clean it, so I will reiterate- there really is no excuse!

What you will first want to do is fill up the sleeve from the opening, and keep the tap rinsing for about one to two minutes. Fill it up, then forcefully push the water out, as well as lightly rinse and clean the tip in case of any residue. And that’s it! This may come as a shock to you, but cleaning sex toys, despite their nature, are usually incredibly simple and quick- so there really is no excuse to skip a day- plus, no one likes a sticky dicky.

Which one is right for me?

If you, like many others, are blinded by fleshing lights (I will admit that’s not my best) then never fear! If you recall my brief mentioning of a “sleeve” earlier, it should be noted that the fleshlight “mold” which is flexible, is encased with a harder shell for grip. So the sleeve or mold aren’t necessarily one-size-fits-all. You can even switch up the different molds, otherwise known as sleeves, for different sizes, shapes, and orifices to all your desires.

If you are less in touch with what to choose, then I highly advise you to think about your previous experience and ask yourself what you liked. Do you prefer a tight grip? Loosey goosey? Or the frictional feeling of a ribbed condom? Well, you are in luck! There are all kinds of fleshlight sleeves and inserts, different sizes, and especially different interior textures- by which just a simple google search can enlighten you.

You’re My Flashlight

Whether you are just starting out or experienced with fleshlights, there is no reason you deserve to go unsatisfied by your hand or your partner (unless your partner is your hand, which I guess makes sense) so try a fleshlight today and open up the world of sexual experimentation!

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