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26 Best Crop King Seeds


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Cannabis use is widely accepted with more states accepting legalization. Seeds are increasing in demand. Cultivation of marijuana is becoming more common and mainstream than ever in the United States and Canada. There are a lot of factors at play but this is in part to the brands that support the industry and push for all-over acceptance of cultivating and distributing cannabis.

We’re going to one of our favorite brands with this one and evaluating the best Crop King seeds, plus find out why we favored each and what we may have not liked so much.

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Crop King Seeds offers many options of strains. We evaluated each for potency, taste, ease of growth, and many other factors. Included in this list are both female and auto-flower female seeds. Depending on your preference, there are seeds for everyone.

Take a look at the best Crop King has to offer and start your growing adventure today! Be sure to check out our article on growing cannabis for those with only a home location.

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26 Best Crop King Seeds in 2022

1. Blueberry (Regular)

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Blueberry is one of the most popular strains on the market for years running. This plant is most known and most popular for its colorful green leaves and big purple and blue buds. With good color comes great taste. This plant is incredibly well known for its fruity taste and smokin’ high. Get in touch with one of these weed seeds and grow the best blueberry of a lifetime.

Indoor/Outdoor Success

Here is a plant that can be successfully grown both indoors and outdoors. If you don’t have enough room inside to grow these sparkly strains than you have the opportunity to successfully grow them outdoors. The biggest difference between growing indoors and growing outdoors is the quantity. While indoors, the buds and plant are less susceptible to damage from elements, therefore you can pull close to 500 grams off of an indoor plant rather than 300 grams from an outdoor plant.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 8-9 Wks | Level Type: Easy

% of THC: 20.33% | High: Relaxed | Grams: Up to 500

Why We Recommend this Product

This product is all around one that will go down in history. As one of the most popular weed strains, this one is easy for beginners and loved by the advanced enthusiasts. Whoever decides to grow this weed strain will be both happy and high.

2. Haze Xtreme (Regular)

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Here is another great strain that CropKingSeeds created. If you are the lazy stoner, who lacks ambition or just someone looking for some additional energy, this is the exact strain that you should purchase! This strain is well known for being a great head and body high while giving you that incredible push of energy that you need. The beautiful buds are a rare purple to white, with the most dreamy taste. Give Haze Extreme a try, just not at night!

Extreme High

This strain offers one extreme high. With its THC content at a whopping 22%, you are guaranteed a good, solid high, that will produce some serious energy, especially if you lack in that area. There is no such thing as sitting around with this beast of a strain.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 8-10 Wks | Level Type: Easy-Mid

% of THC: 22.12% | High: Head to Toe | Grams: Up to 550

Why We Recommend this Product

As all other weed strains, this one will definitely get you stoned. What is so well loved about this strain is that it produces a head to toe buzz and offers up the best energy that you will ever have, while stoned, along with a great taste and smell!

3. Afghani (Regular)

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This lovely strain is well known for the high that it gives that is incredibly long lasting and definitely for anyone. Beginner smokers or advanced, this bud tastes faintly fruit while releasing a calming body buzz. This strain is great for the night smoker that is trying to unwind from a long busy day, as this strain gives off a relaxing, euphoric state. Found high in the mountain tops of Afghanistan, this strain was named after its homeland.

Heavy Smoke

This plant is a well-known favorite for the great smell, lovely taste, and last but not least, its heavy smoke. The reason people enjoy heavy smoke is that it gets you incredibly stoned while leaving a long-lasting effect, satisfying smokers for long periods of time, all around the world.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 9 Wks | Level Type: Hard

% of THC: 19.18% | High: Floaty | Grams: Up to 550

Why We Recommend this Product

This weed strain, like all other weed strains, is incredible for its euphoric feeling. We enjoy the fact that you can puff on this strain and sit back and relax, after a long day, and also the way that it can assist in relaxing the body and muscles. This is a great strain for both medical and recreational purposes.

4. Original Skunk (Regular)

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This here is a great weed strain for many medical patients. This is a subtle, pain relieving strain that will assist in removing those horrible aches and pains. While this high doesn’t last as long as some, it definitely gives you enough time to recoup and switch to a pain-free body buzz within minutes after smoking. With this strain, the smell is enough to lure you in and turn you on to a great high.

Beginner Friendly

One of the better benefits to this strain is that it is very friendly to beginners and the advanced loves the strain as well. Being an easier plant to grow, this strain will turn you on to growing and can teach you the ropes of growing.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 8-10 Wks | Level Type: Easy

% of THC: 15.42% | High: Soft Body | Grams: Up to 400

Why We Recommend this Product

This product is highly recommended due to its use for medical purposes and the fact that it is beginner friendly. If you are looking to grow personal strains for your own use, this plant will produce enough to last even the daily smoker, a while. Give it a shot, you’ll only be upset if you didn’t give it a try.

5. Durban Poison (Feminized)

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As a highly amazing and psychedelic strain, this beauty was originated in Africa. That being said, it was shipped to special labs in Europe, perfecting the growing process and becoming one of the more popular weed strains ever created. Known to get you incredibly high, this strain is also known to increase your productivity and creativity, best used during the day.


We love this strain due to the fact that it puts off a great number of buds to add to your personal stash or share with friends and patients. No matter what, there is enough to go around in not only quantity but also quality. This is a great strain, for anyone.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 10 Wks | Level Type: Easy

% of THC: 20.77% | High: Colorful | Grams: Up to 550

Why We Recommend this Product

We recommend this product because it has a higher CBD count and a higher THC percentage, therefore, giving you an amazing, psychedelic high, keeping you creative, upbeat, and energetic. Everyone loves a strain that keeps you moving and energized, especially for day smokers!

6. Sour Jack (Feminized)

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This here is another strain that is highly recommended as it offers a lot to those that suffer from chronic aches and pains. Higher in the THC content, the strain focuses on a body buzz like no other, making it feel like your muscles almost don’t exist, just straight pleasure from this strain, at all times.

Medical Purpose

Another strain known for medical purposes, the Sour Jack is a mixed strain created to give you a calming high, pain-free. This strain reduces aches and pains by a lot and is well known to keep your mind clean and clear of clutter. Great strain to sit down and unwind with.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 9 Wks | Level Type: Easy

% of THC: 16.75% | High: Pain-Free | Grams: Up to 500

Why We Recommend this Product

This product is highly recommended as it is great for both medicinal uses and for the beginner. Easy to grow, this strain will produce enough buds for a great, satisfying high, long term, or enough to assist your patients with their chronic pain. No matter where you are or what you are growing for, this is a go-to bud for the unwind.

7. Cali OG Kush x Haze (Feminized)

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This is an amazing weed strain that will not only focus on putting your stress away for the day but giving that massive, long-lasting high that you have been waiting for all day. Made to give off a euphoric feeling, this strain is sure one of the better strains at it has an incredibly high THC content and will leave you satisfied through the entire plant.

High THC Content

Being one of the higher rated strains for THC, this bad boy will leave you with long-lasting euphoric effects and keep your high, skipping right over the burn out stage. With a strain that offers so much THC, it is relatively easy to grow and can produce mass grams.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 9-10 Wks | Level Type: Mid

% of THC: 24.40% | High: Trippy | Grams: Up to 500

Why We Recommend this Product

This product is highly recommended for obvious reasons of high THC content and long-lasting effects. Definitely smoke this strain before bed, or before a movie and enjoy the night. Used mainly for relaxation, this strain will help you settle after a long, stressful day.

8. Dark Angel (Feminized)

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This beautiful compact strain gives off an excellent pain relieving property while showing its beauty and crystallized appearance. The identifying leaves are dark in color and the buds remain compact and beautiful, showing off the lovely hairs and crystals. This plant has a high THC content and also a higher CBD content, which can be used for pain relief.


This strain has a higher CBD content that stands at a great 0.04%. The CBD properties can be used for mild pain relief and assist in those sore and achy muscles. Great for the patient, this strain will also reduce the stress pains, too!

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 8 Wks | Level Type: Easy

% of THC: 17.19% | High: Body | Grams: Up to 550

Why We Recommend this Product

This weed strain is highly popular for beginners and advanced growers. Each seed is known to produce large and in-charge plants that flower some of the most beautiful buds on the market. Not only that, this strain is recommended for its impressive CBD levels.

9. Purple Kush (Feminized)

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As one of the more popular weed strains, this Purple Kush strain is well known for its identifying purple leaves and beautiful condensed buds. Having a plant this is both durable and compact will ensure that you get a high percentage of that back in great memories and a good high. Known for its beauty, this strain is an all-time favorite.


If you are a grower that loves to watch these strains transform, then this is the plant for you. This strain is well known for its ability to awe the eye and create the most beautiful leaves and buds that you will ever see. Both colorful and potent, this is a strain for everyone to try.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 8-10 Wks | Level Type: Easy-Mid

% of THC: 25.51% | High: Relaxed | Grams: Up to 400

Why We Recommend this Product

This product is highly recommended for its high THC content. Coming in at a massive 25.51% this strain will be sure to make your eyes pop with beauty and leaving you hoarding whatever you may pull off of the plant. Higher content like this is harder to come by, but this plant will leave you satisfied.

10. Super Silver Haze (Feminized)

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Another great feminized seed is this strain, here. It not only produces a high quantity, but it also creates a high potency. This strain is said to be grown indoors only, but don’t let that steer you away as this plant is a compact plant that will still put off up to 450 grams. You can’t beat that!


No matter what you are getting yourself into, this strain is the best to keep your mind on track and to keep your creative side flowing. Best to be smoked during the day, this strain will give you an amazing boost of energy while keeping your mind open to everything.

Type: Inside Only | Flowering:  10 Wks| Level Type: Mid

% of THC: 14.70% | High: Energetic | Grams: Up to 450

Why We Recommend this Product

This strain is highly known for the energetic feel that it puts off. If you are in the mood to become creative, need a boost in energy, or idea making assistance, then this is the strain that you need. We all need a little energy sometimes, don’t miss your opportunity with one of the best weed strains!

11. White Widow (Feminized)

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This strong strain is not for the faint-hearted. Made to pack an extreme punch, you will not be dissatisfied if you are looking for a strain to last long periods of time. Incredibly popular for its looks, the buds that come from this strain are well known for the crystals that encase the red hairs.

High THC Content

As this weed strain is a huge favorite, most people use it as a go-to for the incredible amounts of THC in the buds. This is not a strain for beginners and the THC content can get into the 20s, leaving a strong, long lasting high.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 8 Wks | Level Type: Easy

% of THC: 24.10% | High: Relaxed | Grams: Up to 400

Why We Recommend this Product

This is an easy strain to grow for both beginners and advanced. The grow time to flowering is on the low end of the timeline, therefore, made for the inpatient too! Everyone wants to smoke as soon as their plant produces buds, so an eight-week wait is nothing to panic over.

12. Black Indica (Feminized)

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This wonderful strain is used for the social life. Smoke with friends or smoke alone, before entering a group setting and you will be the star of the show. Easy to grow and care for, this plant has become an all-time favorite for the beginner. First time smoking and growing? No problem, the lower THC content will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Compact Plant

This strain is great for growing indoors. Once flowered, these plants produce around the average amount of big buds as a normal plant, even with it short in size! Pack this plant anywhere in your home and enjoy the wonderful aroma.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 8 Wks | Level Type: Easy-Mid

% of THC: 12.94% | High: Relaxed | Grams: Up to 400

Why We Recommend this Product

As we have a deep passion for this plant, the strains are equally important. Having a strain that is incredibly great to grow and smoke, for first-time smokers, this strain will assist you in a beautiful transition to the smoking world. We love the idea of people opening up to the world of weed!

13. Hash Plant (Feminized)

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The hash plant is a highly recommended strain for a variety of reasons. The main reason being that it lets off an amazing strong buzz that is known to last an incredibly long period of time. This weed strain is super easy to grow and will produce a satisfying amount of buds. Great for anyone.

Knock Out

Searching for ways to prevent that insomnia? This awesome strain will produce a massive knock out, even for advanced smokers. So, if you are struggling with sleep at night, this is definitely the strain that you want to turn too. This is a sure way to sleep and relax.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 8 Wks | Level Type: Easy-Mid

% of THC: 12.10% | High: Knock Out | Grams: Up to 300

Why We Recommend this Product

Not only do you have a satisfying strain that will get you stoned, but you also have a resolution for sleeping, too! Whether you are a first-time smoker or an advanced smoker, this strain will knock you on your ass, putting you into a sleeping stupor, which is just what you may need.

14. White Cookies (Feminized)

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Here is yet again, an impressive strain of weed. The effects behind this plant range from content to relaxed and is ideal for the most stressful and uptight situations. Ranging on the high end of the THC levels, this plant is also ideal for pain relief and can assist in other ailments as well, including eating disorders and stomach issues. Giving this strain is definitely worth a shot.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Ranging on the high end of the THC level, this strain is great for stress and anxiety relief. If you suffer from high stress or anxiety, taking a puff of this sweet strain will leave you coming back for more. The taste, the euphoric feeling, and the relaxation that you get from this strain is something you will find nowhere else.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 9 Wks | Level Type: Easy-Mid

% of THC: 19.25% | High: Relaxed | Grams: Up to 400

Why We Recommend this Product

This is one of the best weed strains on the market due to its medicinal properties. Behind these medicinal properties, there is a great stress relief that will have you feeling euphoric for hours after smoking. This is one strain that will definitely not disappoint.

15. Crown Royale (Feminized)

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This strain poses as one of the most beautiful strains available to date. The strain goes on to become a beautiful plant that produces some of the most beautiful buds that you will ever see. These buds are packed full of benefits for both medicinal and recreational purposes, promising never to disappoint.

THC/CBD Content

The higher the THC and CBD the better the pain relief. This strain produces a very potent punch of both CBD and THC, delivering phenomenal pain relieving properties. After a long, painful day, come home and enjoy the benefits of this beautiful strain.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 9-10 Wks | Level Type: Mid

% of THC: 21.54% | High: Relaxed | Grams: Up to 500

Why We Recommend this Product

This product is highly recommended for its high THC and CBD content. Not only does this strain produce high-quality buds but it also carries just the right amount of THC and CBD levels to assist with pain relief and other medicinal properties. Calming, this plant is truly for everyone and puts out a high quantity.

16. Sour Diesel (Feminized)

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As one of the greatest and most popular strains in the weed world, this strain is most known for its high levels and high properties. Very well known, this strain is recommended by both beginners and the advanced, as it has gained a high respect for its level of growing and the wonderful potency that it is said to produce.

Fast Acting

If you are looking for one of the best weed strains in the world, then this strain may be for you. This strain is well known for how fast it takes effect and is well liked by smokers and growers of all levels due to this great quality.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 8-9 Wks | Level Type: Mid

% of THC: 18.50% | High: Fast and Relaxed | Grams: Up to 400

Why We Recommend this Product

This strain is great for its fast acting properties and the amazing body buzz that it is bound to give. As one of the best weed strains in the world, we are incredibly impressed by the amount that it can put off as an indoor plant and the THC levels that it contains. If you are looking for fast acting, this is the strain for you.

17. Bubba Kush (Feminized)

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This strain is a great strain if you are looking for a body buzz. As a close member of the kush strain, this strain is well known for its beauty and its full dense buds, that are bound to get you a heavy high. Perfect for those with insomnia, Bubba Kush packs a knockout punch.


This strain is highly liked for its medicinal properties. Being as this strain allows a complete body high, it will relax those tired muscles and put you into a deep sleep pain-free. Great for people with physical ailments, this strain has become an all-time favorite.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 8-9 Wks | Level Type: Easy-Mid

% of THC: 17.79% | High: Relaxed | Grams: Up to 500

Why We Recommend this Product

As one of the best weed strains on the market, we recommend this product for its potent capabilities into relieving pain and stress. Also, this strain helps those with insomnia, so you can get a good, full nights rest. Great strain for night smoking.

18. Green Crack (Feminized)

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This strain is a number one rated strain throughout the world. Highly liked for its easy and quick turn around, this strain produces some of the best buds you’ll ever see. A hearty plant that will produce high quantities is something that everyone is looking for, and here you have found it.


As taste is highly sought after for a good smoke, this strain is highly rated for its sweet, yet sour taste. With hints of citrus, the taste alone will have you wanting more and more, time and time again. Don’t pass up this sweet taste.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 9-10 Wks | Level Type: Easy

% of THC: 21.40% | High: Body | Grams: Up to 600

Why We Recommend this Product

As a highly rated strain, we recommend this product due to the fact that it produces mass quantities both indoors and outdoors, with an incredibly high THC content. If you are looking to grow in mass quantities and produce strong strains, this is the strain for you.

19. White Widow (Autoflower)

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This Is a strain that was previously discussed, however, this strain separates from the original White Widow strain because it has the capabilities to be an autoflower. So start this strain and start picking buds right after it sprouts.

The High

This strain puts off an amazing buzz for those looking for a good high. Higher in THC this strain will both relax you and leave you pain-free, with little to no burnout. Not recommended for beginners, this strain is power and loved by all smokers.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 8 Wks | Level Type: Easy

% of THC: 21.10% | High: Hard | Grams: Up to 250

Why We Recommend this Product

This strain is recommended because of its easy grow levels and strong, long lasting high that it gives off. This strain is powerful and not for beginners, but oh so loved by the advanced.

20. Candy Cane (Autoflower)

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Here is a strain that is very well known for its sweet, sweet taste. Both in seed form and plant form, you have the ability to recognize this plant based off of its stinky smell. Once flowered, this plant offers an eye full, as its beauty defines its name. Satisfy your watering taste buds with this sweet strain.


Having a great tasting strain with high THC content is great for beginners. Start with this strain and you won’t be disappointed. Easy to grow and promises of great quantity, this strain will produce enough to get you started.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 7 Wks | Level Type: Easy

% of THC: 17.81% | High: Long Body | Grams: Up to 200

Why We Recommend this Product

This strain is one of the best tasting on the market, which explains its name. If you have a sweet tooth that you are looking to satisfy, this is the strain to go with. What we liked is that it take less than average to flower so you will be on your way to smoking in no time.

21. Northern Lights (Autoflower)

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Easy to grow and lovely to smoke, this popular strain has a lot to offer, especially the beginner. This strain blossoms into a beautifully smelling plant that leaves a low odor, so it is pretty discreet when growing. Also, this strain has the ability to thrive inside or out, leaving dense, beautiful buds.

Low Odor

This great strain is the best for growing indoors as it offers a low smell and is a compact flowering plant. Don’t let the low odor fool you, this strain packs a punch of THC at a massive 15% and up.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 8 Wks | Level Type: Easy

% of THC: 15.80% | High: Chill | Grams: Up to 250

Why We Recommend this Product

This product is highly recommended for many reasons. Being that it is easy to grow and low odor, this is the perfect strain for beginners, getting into growing. This strain is a thick smoke strain and produces an amazing high, leaving the body buzzing, for hours.

22. Revolver (Autoflower)

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Here is a relaxed strain that produces beautiful buds in no time. As one of the best weed strains available to beginners, this strain is simple to grow and produces enough buds to satisfy the consumer.

The High

As a strain that produces a low percentage of THC, this strain still packs a good kick, to get you into a nice body buzz. The THC percentage is a little lower, but the high remains impressive and allows you to think with a clear mind.

Type: Inside or Outside | Flowering: 7 Wks | Level Type: Easy

% of THC: 13.67% | High: Clear Mind | Grams: Up to 250

Why We Recommend this Product

This product is highly recommended for beginners. With its compact size, easy to grow, and a lower THC content, this is a strain that is bound to have anyone coming back for more. Waste no time, start this strain and see for yourself!

23. Early Miss (Autoflower)

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As a great, well-known strain, Early Miss is highly liked for its strong aroma and lovely buzz that it gives off. Easy to flower, this strain will grow, packed full of flavorful buds, looking to be smoked. Once you see the buds, you’ll be drawn into their smell and prize-winning beauty.


As one of the best weed strains available, this one was created with two other plants that focus on pain relief. This strain produces an incredible body buzz that will leave your aching muscles and other ailments behind for the rest of the day.

Type: Inside/Outside | Flowering: 7 Wks | Level Type: Easy-Mid

% of THC: 20.06% | High: Fast and Relaxed | Grams: Up to 200

Why We Recommend this Product

This is a highly recommended strain due to its pain relieving properties. If you suffer from daily aches and pains or have long term health issues, this strain has taken number one in the charts to assist in pain relief.

24. Jack Herer (Autoflower)

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Here is an impressive strain to add to your collection. Both easy to grow and potent, this strain will both impress your body and your eyes. As a strain that can be grown both indoors and outdoors, this strain has become highly popular for its compact design and easy to grow capabilities.


If you are looking for a good strain to curl up on the couch with, after a long and stressful day, this is the go-to strain. Knowing for its stress relieving properties, this strain will get you stoned, melt away stress, and leave you happy, happy!

Type: Inside/Outside | Flowering: 9 Wks | Level Type: Easy-Mid

% of THC: 16.25% | High: Chill | Grams: Up to 250

Why We Recommend this Product

This product is highly recommended because it is easy to grow, requires low maintenance, and pushes you into the stress-free zone. If you are looking for something to help keep you more chill in stressful situations, this is the strain for you.

25. Amnesia Haze (Autoflower)

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Quality in quantity is a great way to describe this strain of the best weed seeds available. As a very popular strain, this one is rated high for its ability to boost energy and creativity. Most people enjoy this buzz while they need to be productive. The medicinal properties are also incredible with this strain.


If you have anxiety or a lot of stress and are looking for ways to eliminate these issues, then this is the strain for you. Known for its upbeat high, this strain is incredibly chill and has the right levels to curb your anxiousness.

Type: Inside/Outside | Flowering: 8-9 Wks | Level Type: Easy-Mid

% of THC: 15.50% | High: Chill | Grams: Up to 250

Why We Recommend this Product

This is a highly recommended strain due to its medicinal properties. With more and more of the population turning to marijuana for health issues, this one takes the top of the list. This strain has the ability to curve headaches and anxiety, as well as put stress into the past, with an overall, dreamy taste.

26. Train Wreck (Autoflower)

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This lovely strain of weed grows some of the most beautiful and compact buds on the market. With the ability to grow indoors and outdoors, this strain is incredibly easy to care for and fun to grow. A shorter grow span makes it suitable for indoors and remains hidden amongst your garden. Give this strain a try, you won’t be disappointed.

The High

This strain is perfect for those of you that have a lot going on in life. Made to mask the anxiety and racing thoughts, this strain will keep you stuck to your couch like glue and offer up a high like never before. Not for beginners, this is an advanced smokers favorite strain.

Type: Inside/Outside | Flowering: 8 Wks | Level Type: Easy

% of THC: 16.50% | High: Extreme | Grams: Up to 250

Why We Recommend this Product

The reason why we love this strain so much is that it offers you the ability to forget yesterdays problems and settle into a euphoric state that delivers satisfaction. Nothing is more exciting than a buzz that is this extreme. Sit down, relax, and curl up on the couch with this strain for endless relief of your daily stress.

Our Conclusion

After reading about the best weed strains on the market, you will have learned that there is a strain for almost anyone. With marijuana become readily available in many areas, some are still fighting for it, and some have it for medicinal purposes only.

With the wide variety of strains available, you should ask yourself what you are really looking for. If you are looking for a great strain that produces quantity over quality, maybe auto-flower strains aren’t for you as they produce a lower quantity. With whatever you decide to go with for your strain, know that these are the best strains available on the market and will suit your smoking needs for endless amounts of time.

Factors Used to Evaluate the Best Crop King Seeds

Before I entered the world of “puff, puff, pass” it had never occurred to me that what was being smoked was an actual flower, or that it was grown from a seed – just like any other species. Often, we overlook the logistics of things and just enjoy them as they come to us in whatever form that may be. It wasn’t until I dove into the hours of research on ‘most practical cannabis’ uses that I realized like any other plant, a flourishing flower begins as a healthy seed.

When I realized my green thumb roots could help cultivate my own medicine and/or leisurely relaxation, I decided it was time to step outside of my box and explore. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert gardener, or a rookie houseplant parent – Crop King Seeds delivers a wide variety of seeds and strains to cultivate your own harvest for any occasion.

Crop King Seeds serves as a worldwide market offering the consumer a medicinal or recreational product. Hand-selected, tested, and approved before distribution – Crop King Seeds can elevate your growing experience tenfold with their precision to detail and 24/7 customer service experience. When buying seeds it is important to remember that you get what you pay for.

My favorite rule of thumb is “quality over quantity.” Let’s say you are a rookie, and you want to cultivate for personal recreational use; remember that when you are smoking your new-to-you homegrown flower that if your psychoactive effects are below average, it could be because you didn’t invest in your harvest from the seed stage. However, as we turn the table, maybe you are a gardening pro or a pre-existing master grower, then you know the quality of seed you buy will dictate the quality and quantity of the harvest you receive.

Now, how do you know what seed is best for you? Or what strain of seed to purchase? Let’s chat seeds! You will want to determine what kind of grower you are, what you wish for your final yield, and how you’d like to dispense that yield whether it be medicinal consumer, recreational consumer, or personal needs. And like any plant, you will need to decide if you can grow your harvest indoor or outdoor because a light cycle is crucial (or not if it’s autoflowering) to the quality of your yield.

Autoflower Seeds

The best of both, or all worlds? You decide. Autoflower seeds have the added advantage of being able to grow without the need for light cycles, inside or outside. So if you’re a home-growing rookie, let’s start here. An autoflower seed will grow from seed to flower within its own cycle of 2-4 weeks. When a breeder combines Cannabis ruderalis (a subspecies of cannabis known for shorter stature) genetics to the seed, the seed can now autoflower. Magic. An autoflower ruderalis can be crossed with both, indica and sativa strain seedlings. One of the biggest benefits to the autoflower seed is when grown outdoors, it doesn’t matter how much sunlight they receive. And when grown indoors, you can experience a rapid growth from start to finish in about three months. On the flip side of the coin, the end result may not be what you’re “expecting” as the budding can sometimes be less dense, or even less potent. If you are a curious/rookie gardener, it is always worth a shot to begin somewhere with less need for accessories, or even if you are limited on “time to tend to the garden”. And given the shorter amount of time to harvest, you can always grow more or expand your garden.

Five Star Seeds

  • Northern Lights Autoflower 15% THC content, 70/20 indica/sativa, 10% ruderalis
  • White Widow Autoflower 21.10% THC content, 60/30 indica/sativa, 10% ruderalis
  • Train Wreck Autoflower 16.50% THC content, 30/60 indica/sativa, 10% ruderalis

Feminized Seeds

You’re probably wondering how a seed can be female vs male – and how you can tell by looking. Well.. you can’t just by looking. However, a feminized seed produces the big mama flower we have all come to know and love. The dense, cannabinoid rich nugs you grind and smoke are female. Sorry boys! If you’re not on the “new gardener” end of the spectrum and feel as though you’re ready for mass produced, healthy, harvestable flower, the guarantee is through a feminized seed. Unlike an autoflower seed, feminized seeds do require a light cycle whether they’re being grown indoor or outdoor; 12 hours of light, 12 hours of dark. If you’re growing feminized seeds outside they will naturally receive their lighting needs through sunlight and seasonal shifting. And if you’re growing them inside, you’ll want to ensure you have the capacity to curate a proper lighting method – where you, the gardener, will intervene or set timers on your lamps.

Five Star Seeds

  • Crown Royale feminized 21.50% THC content, 70/30 indica/sativa
  • Blue Cookies feminized 20.29% THC content, 60/40 indica/sativa
  • Bubba Kush feminized 17.79% THC content, 80/20 indica/sativa

Regular Seeds

Now, let’s say you have more gardening experience and have grown seeds previously, but maybe wanted to curate your own arrangement and variety to offer to your consumer. A regular seed would be a 50/50 gamble – male or female. The benefit of this concept is that half of your seeds will be male; meaning you will grow pre-pollen sacs, to discard and/or breed. Why not breed? The other half would be female flowers, giving you a harvest at the end of your grow season to then trim and dispense accordingly.

Five Star Seeds

  • Blueberry regular 20.33% THC content, 75/25 indica/sativa
  • Afghani regular 19.18% THC content, 70/30 indica/sativa
  • Haze Xtreme regular 22.12% THC content, 30/70 indica/sativa

CBD Seeds

Maybe you’ve had joint pain for the past few years and “nothing seems to work.” Perhaps trying CBD is right for you. CBD seeds are grown without the psychoactive effects. CBD and THC act as brother and sister in a feminized or regular cannabis seed. When THC compounds are not present, you can grow a CBD rich hemp flower. If you’re a medicinal plant grower, I recommend adding CBD to your garden to offer your consumer the non-psychoactive benefits. Anxious tendency reduction, joint pain relief, muscle recovery, are among the many benefits of a CBD flower. The sedative effects delivered through CBD allows the body to adhere to the process of healing by slowing down, and responding to the serotonergic process to create a chemical balance within the body that promotes healing. Which then allows the body to receive full benefits from a medicinal standpoint. CBD seeds can yield great harvest and the flower can be extracted in a variety of ways; hemp flower, oils, creams, drops, etc. providing you the opportunity to offer to your consumer a variety of delivery methods.

Five Star Seeds

  • CB Diesel CBD feminized 20% CBD, .25% THC, 30/70 indica/sativa
  • CB Dutch Treat feminized 8% CBD, 4% THC, 20/80 indica/sativa
  • CB Autoflower Cheese 8% CBD, 8% THC, 75/15 indica/sativa, 10% ruderalis

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis & Seeds

Q: How long for marijuana seeds last?

A: A huge bonus to the seedling process is that the seeds can last upward to ten years. If you purchase them today, and forget about them or run out of the time to plant soon, they won’t be like the chicken in your fridge and go bad in a matter of days. You can purchase your seeds with the intent to plant and grow, and then really take the time to get the other details in order before you plant. You want your seeds to produce a yield, so give yourself the time to learn and build confidence before planting right away.

Q: Where can I buy marijuana seeds?

A: Crop King Seeds offers a multitude of options for your needs/wants when it comes to your growing experience. Accepting online payments you can have your seeds shipped worldwide or to your home. Packaging will vary per country. And the fast and friendly customer experience they offer to you for assistance is 24/7.

Q: What is the best soil for growing cannabis?

A: A green thumb will tell you nutrient-rich soil is the best soil to grow ANYTHING. Since the seed begins its cycle in the soil, choosing a soil is an important step in this process. If you’re choosing to grow outdoor, be mindful of the ground soil your land offers. You may want to have your grow spot tilled prior, so you can beef up the nutritional value of the soil yourself. If you’re growing indoor, a standard potting mix is nutrient ready for planting. Ultimately the climate in which you plant will weigh heavily on the yield.

Q: What are the optimum humidity levels for growing cannabis?

A: Humidity plays a huge part in the seedlings being able to grow strong, healthy roots. Humidity levels of 60-80% are preferred for seedlings as it allows them to take in more water for viable root development.

Q: How long does it take to germinate cannabis seeds?

A: Germination is the first, most important step in the overall production of your yield. Once you have followed the steps of your germination process, your seedlings will split and sprout. That’s when you know they are ready for the next phase. This process can take anywhere from 10-16 hours, depending on seedling and moisture content.

Q: How do you germinate Seeds?

A: Germination is such a crucial step in the growing experience, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Given the seeds need three things: water, heat, and air – the simplest method is the paper towel method. Soak four sheets of paper towel in distilled water, lay the seedlings in half of the soaked paper towel about an inch apart from each other, and then lay the remaining paper towel on the top, like a seedling sandwich. If you feel your paper towel is losing moisture, please add more as the seedlings will need it. You’ll want to create a dome over the seeds so they have a dark warm space to begin the germination process. Check your seeds sporadically as the split and sprout can happen rapidly, or take a few days.

Q: What do marijuana seeds look like?

A: Cannabis seeds are smaller than a pea in size, and bead-like in shape. Handling with care is recommended to avoid losing your precious seedlings. Some color variations will depend on the strain of the seed. You cannot tell sex in seedling form.

Q: How long does it take for marijuana seeds to sprout?

A: The length of split and sprout varies on specific strain. This sprouting depends heavily on the germination stage. Your seedlings can split and sprout anywhere from 10-16 hours after germination, typically. Or if you’ve lost some moisture content it could take a few days. Keep at it until you see the split and sprout occur. And be patient if it doesn’t happen right away. You want a healthy harvest so trust the process and don’t force rush your seedlings if you’re unsure that they’ve sprouted properly.

Q: How many marijuana seeds per pot?

A: Like many plants and seeds, they need the room to develop stable, strong roots. And with seedlings specifically, you’ll want to allot an appropriate amount of space for that plant to grow stable. One seed per pot is recommended as too many or multiple within a pot can create a competition for nutrition.

Q: What do female marijuana seeds look like?

A: In seedling form, you cannot tell sex. It won’t be until you’ve germinated and planted your seedlings that you can determine sex. If you’ve purchased regular seeds, you can tell gender by what your seedlings produce: pre-pollen sacs or flowering. If your plant begins to flower, you’ve got a feminized seed. You can also purchase feminized specific seeds and to eliminate the guessing of your yield.

Q: How long are marijuana seeds viable?

A: Seedlings have a longer “shelf life” than one would expect. Upon receiving your seeds you may hang on to them for awhile – even a few years if needed. I would recommend planting sooner rather than later however so that the potency of your flower is more desirable. However, they will not lose viability if you choose to wait. Once germinated you will need to immediately pot in nutrient-rich soil, though. So it’s important that once you start, you are committed.

Q: What are feminized cannabis seeds?

A: Feminized cannabis seeds are the meat and bones of any healthy harvest. A feminized cannabis seed will produce budding to trim and dispense. Opposed to a non-feminized seed, or male seedlings, you will receive pre-pollen sacs.

Q: What are autoflowering cannabis seeds?

A: Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a beginners best friend. Reason being they grow at an accelerated rate, without the need for a manned lighting cycle. When crossed with ruderalis, the seedlings will sprout and bud in as little as 10 weeks. Compared to a photoperiod need seedling, which can take every bit of five months.

Q: What is the ideal parts per million when the lights are on when growing cannabis indoors?

A: PPM refers to the concentration of total dissolved solids in the water content you provide to your plants/soil. It is best to use a water with a lower PPM for nutritional value. For example: distilled water has almost a 0PPM, or tap water can go up to 700PPM which is a very poor water content. The lower the PPM, the higher the nutritional value is. You can purchase a TSD meter if you’d like to monitor your PPM levels. And remember, the lower the PPM, the higher the nutritional value. If you’re a more experienced grower or growing mass quantities I would recommend snagging a TSD as you have much more water to distribute. If you’re a rookie gardener do not stress yourself out on PPM and TSD as you can still grow sticky, dense bud.

Q: What does marijuana look like growing?

A: Like many plants, they are immature babies with little green sprouts in the beginning stages. And as your plant begins to grow taller, it will sprout more offspring on the main root – providing more leafy greens (“five leaf flower”) As the plant matures through time and care, it will begin to go through a “budding” phase where your leafy greens will bundle and store the crystalline and desired nutrition. As it progresses through this budding stage you will have dense, viable nugs to then trim off the main stem.

Q: How long does it take to grow marijuana?

A: Depending on the seedling you’ve decided to purchase, a healthy harvest can take up to five months to be determined ready. If you’ve decided to purchase an autoflower, it can take as little as 10 weeks.

Q: Where does marijuana grow naturally?

A: Without the seedlings being germinated correctly, and then planted in nutrient-rich soil, marijuana cannot just grow. For best natural growth, I would recommend a garden style greenhouse where you can stow the proper supplies needed to tend to your harvest. Given the right amount of lighting cycles, and the desired amount of water and warmth, your seedlings will grow a beautiful harvest as any plant should. Once sprouted an inch or two above the soil level, you can enter “autopilot” with your seedlings and TLC as needed.

Q: How many marijuana plants can you grow in California?

A: To possess and grow your own plants, you must be 21 years of age or older. The maximum plants you may possess, according to state law, states you may have up to six plants at one time. Cities may decide if they allow outdoor growing and can say no, but indoor is allowed, so check your local laws before determining where you’d like to grow. I also recommend growing only within your supervision or property limit so that your harvest can be protected and secured.

Q: Where is it legal to grow marijuana?

A: To grow marijuana you must be 21 years of age or older. You will want to know your individual state’s law when it comes to cannabis. Is your state legal? Is your state moving towards medicinal legalization or recreational or both? Once you know where your state stands, you can decide if homegrowning is right for you. I wouldn’t suggest growing without knowing your individual states stance on the topic.

Below is a list of states you may currently home grow cannabis.

  • California (increased med)
  • Oregon (increased med)
  • Nevada (increased med)
  • Washington (med only)
  • Montana (med only)
  • Arizona (med only)
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico (med only)
  • Oklahoma (med only)
  • Missouri (med only)
  • Michigan (increased med)
  • Vermont (increased med)
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island (med only)

Q: How tall does marijuana grow?

A: Plants can be as short as your knee, or taller than your home. The end result of your yield varies on many factors; however, as the gardener you have the power to control your grow height. If you’re growing indoors, you control all factors regarding your harvest and can force your plant to grow the way you want. And when grown outdoors, sunlight and overall environment are out of your control, but you may still be able to control height through plant training. Typically an indica will grow shorter, more stalky. And a sativa will grow taller, more lean. Plant training is referred to as the physical manipulation of the plant through bending and securing to allow increased lighting distribution to produce more budding – giving you an increased yield.

How to…

How to germinate marijuana seeds

Germination is the single most important step when it comes to getting started. The simplest way to germinate seeds is the “paper towel” method. Collect four pieces of paper towel, soak them with distilled water, and place yourself seeds about an inch apart in between the paper towel (2 on bottom, 2 on top). Create a dome-like structure to keep the seedlings in a darker environment as they begin to obtain moisture. This process can take 10-16 hours for a split and sprout to occur, or depending on moisture content and strain it could take up a few days.

How to start marijuana seeds

The first step is germination. Getting your seeds kickstarted into their sprout stage to plant into your soil.

How to grow marijuana seeds

Determine your supplies needed, purchase your seeds from Crop King Seeds, and then germinate. Once germinated and your sprouts are planted in your soil, your growing process may not begin.

How to buy marijuana seeds

Purchasing marijuana seeds is as easy as buying something from Amazon. Crop King Seeds offer a full menu of choices for your harvest needs/wants and can be purchased through their website with a credit card and shipped to your home.

How to sprout marijuana seeds

Germination is the only way to sprout your seeds. One the seeds have absorbed enough moisture they will then split, and a sprout will grow. (If it looks like a bean sprout you did it right.)

How to feminize marijuana seeds

By forcing your plant into “thinking” its time is coming to an end, you can get the mother plant to produce more feminized seeds. By purchasing (or making) colloidal silver you can inhibit the female genetics and force your flower to produce male genetics. Using the pollen from these plants, you can pollinate your other female plants and then produce your own feminized seeds. Colloidal silver and the pollination technique guarantees that you will receive hundreds, maybe even thousands of feminized seeds in return.

How to sex marijuana seeds

With a little manipulation to the mother plant and the pollination technique with colloidal silver you can trick your plant into changing its genetics to produce male or female sacs. Once you know what your desired end result is, you can control the colloidal silver and pollination technique to reach a male genetic make or produce feminized seeds.

How to plant marijuana seeds

After germination, ensure that you have a soil that is nutrient-rich and plant your seeds into the soil about a quarter inch deep. Be patient with your new baby sprouts and provide TLC as they form a sprout of a few inches above the soil level.

How to harvest marijuana seeds

About six to eight weeks into flowering, a bud is formed and seed can be popped to pollinate the plant. It is not essential to the plant for the male seed to remain for her to grow healthy yield. You can harvest the seed at the bottom of the bud and use it to breed or continue planting. You can pull the bud and grind it up and the seed will present itself in the loose flower.

How to order marijuana seeds

Ordering seeds is as simple as ordering personal items. Through the Crop King Seeds website you can shop a full menu of seedlings and have them shipped to your home.

How to plant marijuana seeds in soil

Once germinated it is important to remain delicate with your baby seedlings as they are fragile in this stage. Prepare your soil for seedlings and with sterile grips (tweezers work well here) you can carefully place your seedling, sprout down, in the soil. Be timely and gentle when moving your seeding from its dome-like abode as it cannot receive too much light or air in this process. Wish her luck and cover her in a quarter-inch of moisture dense soil. Maintaining the moisture content ensures you don’t stunt the growth of your baby seedling.

How to trim marijuana plants while growing

When it comes to pruning and trimming it is important to remember to be delicate with your plant as it is still growing. Cutting too much or not enough can create confusion for her as she ages and buds. If you are noticing that some of your plant is not receiving the same amount of light or some of your leafy green is “dying” due to lack of light, carefully trim those off so that the overall health of your plant can be maintained. A good rule of thumb for plants is any dying or tail end leaf will suck the nutrients out of the healthy portions to attempt to survive. It’s best to trim those parts out to avoid your plant suffering. If there is a larger branch growing up the middle you can either train it or trim it so that it can receive light in another transplant pot.

How to store marijuana seeds long term

Stowing your seeds correctly can make a huge impact on the overall germination and sprouting of your seedlings. I recommend storing your seedlings in a one-material container, such as glass. Storing them in a dry, dark place is best. The back of your pantry, or closet would be ideal.

How to store cannabis seeds

A glass container with a lid is best for storage. Keeping them away from places where moisture can build up is recommended as you want them to germinate properly to plant. Being mindful of the storage environment can ultimately play a part in the overall health of your harvest.

How to grow marijuana outdoors

When growing outdoors it is imperative to keep in mind the climate in which you reside. If you live in a colder, dry climate it would be beneficial to go ahead and grow indoors. But if you’re in a warm, more humid climate where you experience seasonal shifting then you are in a great location to plant those babies outdoors. Planting outdoors is more cost effective as you use sunlight and environment to do most of your work. Know that heavy storm seasons can cause a great deal of harm to your plants, so consider a secure way to keep them in control (plant training). You can till your soil to achieve desired moisture content and nutritional value. Or you can build boxes/spaces above ground with your own soil content.

How to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds indoors

When growing autoflowering seeds indoors, you can experience a harvestable yield in as little as three months. When growing seeds indoors you control all the factors that make the magic. While the plants still need a warmer climate to mature properly, the light cycles are less controlled as an autoflower can grow without the need of human intervention. You will germinate and plant the seed as any other seed, then provide a stable climate for it to mature.

How to grow hydroponic marijuana

Hydroponic marijuana is instead of growing your seedlings in a nutrient-rich soil, you grow them in a nutrient-rich water source. A benefit to growing hydroponic marijuana is the harvest can be on the more potent end of the spectrum, and can produce an increased yield. Hydroponic growing is more for the expert homegrower – so I wouldn’t advise this method if you’re a rookie. You’ll want to obtain a reservoir fit for hydroponic growing, a grow light, nutrients, and seeds. After germinating your seeds, you’ll place your baby sprout in a Rapid Rooter – sprout down, and place the Rooter in the hydroponic environment you’ve created.

How to grow marijuana indoors

Before you can grow the plant stable and healthy, you need to germinate the seeds. Once your seeds are germinated, you can begin the planting and growing process. First determine if you are in need of a 12/12 light cycle and then ensure the climate of that indoor environment will maintain enough warmth for your plants to thrive. When it’s time to put your sprouted seedlings in the soil, place them a quarter inch deep, sprout down, in the nutrient-rich soil pots you have set up. Maintain the moisture content to ensure they aren’t stunted in growth and watch them babies grow.

How to get a medical cannabis growing license

You must be 21 years of age or older to homegrow marijuana. Determine if your state is eligible to allow homegrow and then follow the states guidelines to obtaining your license. Note that though your state may legally allow you to homegrow, but your city or county may still prohibit the process. If your state is accepting applications you will submit an application as step one, and this process requires a bit of patience as each state controls and determines who is and isn’t eligible. You may also visit a clinic in which a doctor can deem you eligible for X amount of need and that can smooth over the licensing process.

How to get a marijuana growing license

You must be 21 years of age or older to apply for a license. Please refer to your states guidelines to determine if your state is eligible to obtain licensing. Once you understand the laws and regulations for your individual state, you then fill out the application and wait for them to determine if you are licensable or not. Note if you possess a felony of any kind you will be deemed ineligible.

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