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Best Bongs - intro imageAt first, bongs may seem a bit overkill, and it’s not clear what a quality piece is. However, most bongs are simple to use and quite enjoyable. They remain one of the more popular methods of smoking your herb.

A water bong filters the vapor and smoke so what you inhale doesn’t contain unwanted particles of burnt matter. Whilst smoking still may not be the healthiest choice, using water bongs ensure a cleaner way to enjoy any herbal product as it filters out the tar and impurities. They are also relatively easy to keep clean and if you get a good one, it’ll last a lifetime.

As the movement for smoking continues to become more and more mainstream, bongs remain a popular choice to get the most out of your herbs. To help you decide which bongs are a bang for your buck and which ones are nothing more than vases; We’ve created a list of our top 10 bongs for 2021.

So sit back, enjoy and have a read through!

Top 5

10 Best Bongs in 2022

1. Jumeige Mini Pipe Bong

Jumeige Mini Pipe Bong-best bongs

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A bong with a conscience, Jumiege provides a product made from environmentally friendly materials. Not scrimping on quality, they don’t contain any harmful materials. You can be safe in knowing that you won’t be inhaling any toxins when using this bong.

Ergonomic and Adaptable

Its compact and ergonomic hold allows this product to be used on the go or to travel with. It comes with two adaptors that allow for the use of loose herbs or holding cigarettes. The bong can also hold hot and cold liquids such as tea or cola so you can have a unique taste experience. And it works!

Environmentally friendly, no filter needed

Made of zinc alloy, resin, and leather, these fabrics are all made with no extra chemicals and are kind to the environment. The bong doesn’t need any screens or additional filters either. There’s a gold filter with a silencer that can be removed for cleaning.

Cost and Value

It’s a pretty decent price, somewhere lower on the scale than others and it does have plenty of good features for that. It’s cute and quite quirky and has a lot of versatile use. A great starter for those new to bongs.


  • Small and Portable
  • No filters needed
  • Versatile use


  • Clogs easily
  • Difficult to clean

2. Xyqq Handcrafted 11-inch

Xyqq Handcrafted 11-inch-best bongs

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This is our only bong here that is made of 100% glass. It is a truly unique piece. This product is completely hand-crafted and blown. The XYQQ company pride themselves on all their products being handmade and skillfully handled.

Heart of glass

Obviously, it’s beautifully crafted. This bong is also made out of glass with no other synthetic materials used. They are carefully tempered to make sure these bongs do not get too hot to handle and can withstand long time use.

Strong and weighty

It carries a decent weight and is incredibly sturdy. This is a product that will last a long while and worth the investment. Sitting at eleven inches in length, it is quite thin too so it’s very dainty compared to plenty of other bongs.

Cost and Value

A little bit more pricey, but I believe you get what you paid for. It’s built to last and provides a nice steady hit without getting too hot. A decent size bowl of fourteen millimeters, you can pack plenty and get a decent smoke from it.


  • Natural durable and sturdy
  • Handcrafted and easy to use


  • Very thin
  • Bowl sits too close to the glass

3. SgooYi Easy Grip 11-inch

SgooYi Easy Grip 11-inch-best bongs

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A personal favorite of ours. We love that they create quirky and interesting designs to make their pipes more of a talking point than for just pure usability, however, they are great for that as well. Known for being decorative and elaborate, SgooYi loves to include wacky art on their pipes; great for collecting!

Artistic, Glow in the dark

This bong comes detailed with a paint design out of glow in the dark paint. A useful design feature if used in dark places like parties; your bong can always be found! This keeps them as a great novelty too, and a centerpiece. Ideal for an ice-breaker, it certainly is a collector’s item for those who love smoking paraphilia

Aesthetically pleasing, great craftsmanship

Made of well-tempered and hardened glass, this bong stands around ten inches, so it’s a decent size for everyday use. The paint is well done and doesn’t chip or peel away despite the heat within the pipe. It’s incredibly durable and can withstand being dropped (to a degree) or passed around. A great gift idea for smokers and bong users.

Cost and Value

One of the more expensive bongs on the list, but we think it’s worth splashing out on. It’s fun and quirky. There are also many more designs from this company as well as this one being a genuinely good product.


  • Novelty, great gift
  • High-quality materials


  • Clogs easily
  • Needs to be cleaned every day for good use

4. Uiioty Thick Glass

UIIOTY Thick Glass-best bongs

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Another bong solely made of glass, this is far smaller and traditional looking than some of the others. Keeping true to the traditional water bong, it has no airs or graces but certainly does the job it was intended for.

Thicken glass, simple design

The bong is made entirely of thickened glass which makes it incredibly durable and long-standing. The glass keeps the outside cool enough to be handled and protects fingers from being burnt. The design is simplistic and does exactly what it says on the tin. The only little detailing it does offer is a plant motif on the neck of the bong. It comes with a decent bowl size and remains small enough to be portable.

Lightweight, ideal for beginners

Compared to other glass bongs, this one is very lightweight and comes in simple parts so that it is easy to clean. It makes it a popular choice for new users, as some other bongs on the market can be a little daunting. It does not come with its filtering system so bear that in mind when considering it as a purchase. Filters can be used in this pipe if you so choose. But it’s recommended without; the pipe works just fine as it is.

Cost and Value

Cheap but good quality, I would recommend this sort of bong to first-time users. It would work well as a party pipe too as if it gets damaged (unlikely, but still) it’s not expensive to replace. If you’re not looking for anything fancy pants and just want function over pretty, this is an ideal pipe and will do you well.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Durable
  • Good value


  • Small: not ideal for bigger hits
  • No filtering system

5. Yardie Double Circulation

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A brand that loves to be innovative and fun in their designs, we present this double circulation bong. Certainly iconic, it has a double filtration system to ensure all hits from this little pipe are clean and as smooth as the last.

An apple a day

The design of this is a lot of fun and doesn’t give the immediate look of a pipe. An important factor, for people who like to keep their smoking pleasures more discrete. Made from a resin material, it’s sturdy, even for such a small bong. It looks sleek and very chic compared to other pipes, which makes it appeal to those who like to collect the weird-and-the-wonderful of the bong world. Delicate enough to be displayed on shelves or tables and will be sure to start conversations.

Double circulation, extra smooth

What makes this bong special is that it has a way to circulate the water through twice, ensuring that all product is removed of tar and chemicals. It’s like a little bong heart, passing the water through to ensure it’s as clean as possible. And it works: every hit is smooth and clean and certainly more healthy than other products or options allow. Despite being scientific, it’s very easy to use and clean, which has its appeal.

Cost and Value

Not as expensive as one might think, it’s a definite looker and I think it’s a great option for people who want their smoking to be more discrete. It’s made of resin, so it is pretty sturdy. Not quite as good as glass but if you like being a little more “out there”, this is one for you.


  • Extra filtration
  • Discrete looking
  • Easy to use


  • Not as durable as glass
  • Not ideal for larger hits

6. GoShopster 11.5-Inch

GoShopster - Best Bongs

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This eleven and a half-inch glass bong features printed leaves in vibrant colors, and because of the clear glass, it’s perfect for seeing the chamber fill up with that glorious white cloud. It also makes it easier to clean. The mouthpiece is wide enough to fill with water or ice with ease and allows for a strong draw. Not to mention, it’s 100% handmade!

Shareable and safer experience

Featuring a decent-sized bowl, you can enjoy this bong both alone or with a small group of friends. Your friends will want you to break this out every time they come over! Because it is a water bong, you can rest assured that your smoke is going to be smoother and contains less tar than the smoke unfiltered.


Because this bong is only eleven and a half inches, it is small enough to fit well in the hand but also big enough to pack a real punch. Not to mention, the down stem and bowl piece is both included and easily removable. This means you don’t burn your bud too fast and get to enjoy a better hit using less of your bud. In other words, “more bong for your buck.”


  • Cools your smoke immediately, making it less harsh
  • Filters your smoke
  • Bowl is big enough to share
  • Glass is made of a thin yet durable material


  • It’s a bit tall, so harder to conceal
  • Needs a certain sized downstem so may be harder to replace

7. Unbreakable Silicone Bronto

Unbreakable Silicone Bronto - Best Bongs

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This honey straw water bong is made with food-grade platinum cured silicone with UV sealed seams. It’s non-stick, BPA free, and has a high-temperature resistance (482F).  Don’t be fooled by this cute little dinosaur, he packs a hell of a punch! Although it is a bit difficult to get the water level in it just right at first, once you do it’s worth it! With the reusable straw and glass bowl inserts, you can use this bong for bud and dabs/oils as well!

Easy maintenance and convenient 

Because the silicone brontosaurus is silicone, it is easy to clean and temporarily distort in order to take it on the go. Nothing is better than being able to take your favorite bong with you and not having to worry about breaking it or fitting it in a travel bag.


This little bong is probably worth more than the price you will pay for it. Not only is it adorable, but the non-stick silicone allows for easy cleaning, which means no nasty resin taste to ruin your good bud. Just wash it a couple times before you first use it, and it’s likely to become your favorite one. Being unbreakable means it will last way longer than any of those glass bongs and that’s worth the price in itself. You may prefer glass, plastic or wood, but try out this silicone for a pretty great experience!


  • Cools your smoke, making it less harsh
  • Filters your smoke
  • Unbreakable
  • Portable and easy to clean
  • Includes a glass bowl insert


  • Carb hole is on the right, so may be harder for left-hander
  • Made of a lightweight silicone so may be easier to knock over

8. Kiu Foldable 13.7-Inch

Kiu Foldable - best bongs

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That’s right, a foldable bong! How great is that? Featuring a silicone body and an all-metal bowl and stem, this silicone bong is lightweight, non-stick, and easily folded up and concealed.

Cleaning is a breeze

Although the bong is 13.7 inches tall, because it’s made of silicone, it is capable of handling temperatures as high as 482 Fahrenheit.  It is safe to smoke from and has a surface that is easily cleaned with hot soapy water or alcohol and salt. Make sure to wash this bong a couple of times before its first use in order to ensure that it won’t have the new silicone taste.


Like the brontosaurus silicone water bong, this bong is also worth the price! Being a cheaper bong does not always mean it’s the lesser bong, it just means that it didn’t take as long to make it.  This bong offers a good smoking experience for the lone smoker or even a small group of friends.


  • Easily concealed
  • Lightweight
  • Unbreakable
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Falls over easy
  • The tube closes in on itself if you hit it too hard

9. Black Mini 6-Inch

Black Mini Six Inch - best bongs

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This six-inch water bong is great for many different kinds of smokers. Although it is not so much of a puff, puff, pass, kinda bong since it is a bit smaller, it definitely does not smoke like it’s small!

Dabs or Bud, that is the question?

The Black Mini Bong is a versatile and fun bong for any newbie or even veteran smoker. Whether you want to smoke some concentrated oils or the bud from your stash, this bong is the one for the job! The hardest decision will be whether or not to smoke dabs or bud in it first!


This is a very durable bong and for the price, is truly a steal. As mentioned, whether you need a bong for dabs or for bud, this bong is versatile and fun to use! Worth every dime!


  • Small and easy to hold
  • Chamber is large enough, makes for a bigger hit
  • Can use as a dabs rig or a water bong
  • Thick Durable glass


  • Breakable, as it is glass
  • Smaller so more for personal use

10. Ulimitx Glass Craft Tube

Ulimitx Glass Craft Tube - Best Bongs

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This handmade, non-toxic, fifteen-inch glass water bong is definitely a conversation starter! The crazy glass swirls and loops on the bong help with grip and traction as you hold on to this hefty piece. It comes with everything you need in order to begin your smoking journey, all wrapped in a hand-stitched bag.

Ice Shelf for Fun

Included in the Ulimitx Glass Craft Dual Water Bong design is an ice shelf that can make your smoking experience cooler and show-stopping. Just put some ice on its shelf and enjoy!


This water bong is on the shelf at a great price right now. It is made from a high-quality glass that is thick and durable. The design on the bong is eye-catching and fun to look at too. You can really tell that it was made with care and well worth the price.


  • Cools your smoke immediately, making it less harsh
  • Filters your smoke
  • Shelf for ice
  • Made of a thick durable glass


  • A bit heavy
  • Takes some serious lung power to fill the 15-inch chamber

Sponsored Mention: Tank Glass Original Beaker Bong
best bongs - tank glass original beaker bong

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  • Bag for carrying included (free)
  • American made
  • Nine-millimeter reinforced Glass
  • Integrated ice catching system
  • Durable tank joint
  • twelve inches in height
  • Fourteen-millimeter tank bowl included (free)
  • Downstem – Made of glass (free)

Our Conclusion

There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to picking the right bong for you. Considering such smoking tools are important and we hope that we’ve taken the hard work out of that for you.

What we recommend for new bong users or first-time smokers, going for a more simple design is the best way forward. We would also suggest this for those who are a little more heavy-handed than others! With less moving parts, it’s less likely to be dropped or broken. And no one wants to have to shell out for multiple pipes when they could have had just one.

When you’re buying your first bong or a couple down the line, don’t spend a small fortune on a fancy one that you’ll inevitably break. And trust me, that’s the rule of thumb when it comes to such ownership. This is why we’ve made sure every piece on this list is relatively cheap whilst providing good quality.

There are various types out there and we have tried to be as inclusive to the various types as possible. Have a read further down, and you’ll see the article wrote about all the great things and needs to know about bongs. It’s a must-read if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to owning pipes!

Feel free to pop your comments in and let us know where you agree or disagree with the list. Throw out your own suggestions too, what products you recommend or ones you avoid like the plague!

And remember; be savvy with your purchase and make sure it’s a bong that you’ll love!

More About Bongs

Bongs have been used for many years! In fact, recent studies in Russia show that tribal chiefs once smoked out of golden bongs that aged back more than 2400 years ago.

There are thousands of designs for bongs. Whether it is widely manufactured, or the classic homemade MacGyver type bong, many smokers appreciate anything that makes their smoking experience smoother. Whether it be the classic water bong made of triple blown glass or the gravity bong that requires a little more finesse, every bong has its own story and makes for an interesting centerpiece at any party.

Different Types of Bongs

Of course, nowadays, there are different types of bongs for different types of smoke. Some bongs are made specifically for dabs. Dabs are basically concentrated oils or sticky wax that is from the extracted THC and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. These sticky oils require a hotter flame or heat. The bongs made for dabs have to be made so the oils don’t melt away without the outcome of heavy concentrated smoke.

Other bongs are made so that the flower itself can be smoked, but filtered through water or ice, making for a cleaner and smoother smoking experience. Although there are many kinds of bongs, water bongs, dab bongs or even gravity bongs, finding the right bong that best suits your smoking needs is important. Nothing is worse than setting your bong up and getting a poor smoking experience. Be sure you know how you want to smoke or at least in what form your smoke will be in.

The Bong Wagon

Many bongs today are made of glass and can have some really intricate designs and shapes. Some even have smoke chambers that are so large, the amount of smoke that fills them can be overwhelming! Bob Snodgrass was well known in the glass bong movement, as he created many different glass bongs while traveling with a Grateful Dead tour. He found out how to use silver and gold to color borosilicate glass and made it look more intricate and durable. This is made for fun designs, heavy-duty glass, and a great smoking experience. In the ‘90s, even Tommy Chong jumped on the bong wagon and sold bongs under his own name.

Of course, there are many other well-known people who prefer to use bongs to smoke with rather than rolling or hand pipes. As the water filtration and cooling of the smoke make for a great experience and is safer to use than smoking without a filter of some kind. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to smoke out of a bong to enjoy a safe high, just that it has some great positive outcomes and filters out the tar and resin. This just means that there are more things to smoke out of that can make for an awesome and clean high.

Some bongs aren’t for everyone

That’s right, there are some bongs that aren’t for everyone. If you have a hard time holding your breath or breathing normally, then some bongs may not be for you. This is when you choose to go with a smaller bong. Smaller water bongs that are handheld are more appropriate for smokers that have difficulty breathing. You want to be sure that you pick a bong that matches your lung capacity or you may be stuck with a bong that wastes a lot of your smoke. And no one wants to waste precious green or the smoke that comes from it!

Picking the perfect bong

Picking the perfect bong isn’t as hard as you might think. First, you need to decide what form of product you plan on smoking. Whether it be the flower itself or dabs. Then you need to decide just how big you want your bong to be. Do you need a chamber that is going to hold a lot of smoke or something that your lung capacity can handle? Do you plan on sharing your bong with friends or is it something you plan on using on your own? The next important question is, do you want your bong to hold water, ice, or use the gravity effect to accomplish the job? When you use water and/or ice, your bong is filtered through the water, creating a cooling and smooth smoke. If you prefer a gravity bong, they use water to create a suction effect to pull the smoke from the bowl itself rather than filtering your smoke through the water. Finally, are you buying a bong for looks and/or for its smoking capabilities.

Once you have answered all these questions then you are on the right path to picking the perfect bong for you!

Maintaining your bong

Be sure to always take good care of your bong, and it will last a lifetime! Whether you have a glass bong, silicone bong, or a plastic bong, taking care of them is about the same. Be sure to clean your bong in between uses to ensure the flavor of your bud or dabs doesn’t taste like old resin and ash.

Start by getting a high percentage rubbing alcohol. This breaks through the resin and loosens it from the smoking device. If you soak your bong in the alcohol for a while, and then add table salt and shake around. This will help the salt scrub the insides of your bong and avoid any unwanted damage to the inside. Rinse it with hot water and then let it dry completely.

Remember, if you take care of your bong, it will take care of you!


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Ice is okay but don't put dry ice in a bong and inhale it. That's pure carbon dioxide, the stuff we breath out. very dangerous. I remember someone had suggested it to me before and thought it would be a good mention.

Josh Desair

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Agreed! Thanks for the tip, Steve.


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How can you make a best bong list without even mentioning Freeze Pipe... those guys are making beautiful pieces, and it’s not even that expensive...

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Hi, Thanks for your suggestion. We are currently evaluating the Freeze Pipe as this is being written. :)


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Good options

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