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19 Best Adult Movies


Last Updated on January 17, 2022 by Daniel Gonzalez


Last Updated on January 17, 2022 by Daniel Gonzalez

There’s nothing some adult couples enjoy more than slipping into bed for the night to enjoy an entertaining adult film with their significant other. If you enjoy adult movies by yourself, we have some for you as well. There are, however, many types of “adult” movies, ranging from softcore to taboo. These are the movies you don’t want your kids to see. In this list, we’ve gathered together the best adult movies available on any given platform, including streaming services, throughout time, including movies about drugs, sex, and other popular adult topics

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19 Best Adult Movies in 2022

1. Winter’s Bone (R)

best adult movies - Winters Bone

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Based in the Ozark woods in Missouri, a family struggles to keep their home, and their dignity as their “drugged out” father puts their house up as collateral and then skips town. With the struggles of the economy and dealing with day-to-day drug life, Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence), has to hunt her father down to save the house.

Family Secrets

The more Ree digs to find clues to her father’s whereabouts, the more the family hides and refuses to help. Many dark secrets are revealed and the film has heavy violence and very realistic scenes of the drug culture and the dark secrets within this family.

Based on a novel

This movie was based on a novel written by Daniel Woodrell but does not align well with the details of the novel itself. It was also nominated in the dramatic film competition at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.


  • Realistic 
  • Great quality and acting
  • Suspenseful and action-packed


  • Very violent at times, so may not be for someone with a weak stomach
  • Didn’t match up to the novel

2. Showgirls (Fully Exposed Edition)

best adult movies - Showgirls

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Elizabeth Berkley plays a dancer who works her way toward a part in a Las Vegas show, where she does cruel and shady things in order to get her place at the top. She loses herself trying to become the perfect showgirl and sleeps with her boss to get her place in the show. There was only one thing left in her way, the lead dancer, played by Gina Gershon, who she pushes down the stairs. 

Cult Classic

Although this movie did poorly in box offices, once it made it to video, many fans turned this movie into a cult classic. There were many people who could relate to Elizebeth’s character and were able to appreciate the work she put into making herself look less like “Jesse” from Saved by the Bell and more like “Nomi Malone”, the sex symbol.

What makes this an adult movie?

Well, this movie is pretty close to softcore porn. If you are looking for something that shows plenty of body parts while having a decent storyline and a great view of Elizabeth Berkley’s body, this movie is worth the watch. 


  • Get to see sexy characters
  • Maybe get a laugh at some of the cheesy lines
  • Good storyline


  • Low budget acting

3. Two Night Stand (R)

best adult movies - Two Night Stand

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What was meant to be a one-night stand online hook-up turns into being snowed in at a Brooklyn apartment with a person they didn’t want to get to know. These two actors, Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton had great chemistry in this movie and made this situation very real and at times mind-blowing.

Good Quality

This movie had great flow and an even better story. The acting quality from Miles Teller was outstanding, with lots of laughs and sarcasm. If you appreciate a movie that may remind you of your own relationship, this may be a good one for you! 

What goes up, must come down

Although things start out awkward with these two actors, things do get serious. It gets harder and harder being trapped in a small place with someone they had no intention of knowing. Just when things start to mellow out, things get intense.


  • Keeps you guessing
  • Great acting
  • Funny and suspenseful
  • Good chemistry with the lead actors


  • Was a bit drug out, with a weak plot

4. Striptease (Unrated)

best adult movies - Striptease

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This movie was a great one, with Demi Moore as a struggling single mom trying to make ends meet, only to be faced with a child custody battle she can’t afford. So, to her dismay, she starts stripping in a Florida nightclub. Unfortunately, she attracts the wrong person who will go as far as murder in order to keep her all to himself. 

Story goes fast 

This movie is definitely one you have to pay attention to in order to get all of the characters. It moves quickly through the story and leaves out bits and pieces of the story that some may find more important. 

Great acting

Although the story moved quickly, the actors, including Demi Moore and Burt Reynolds, did a great job of really pulling you into the story. There was plenty of action and of course, skin!


  • Good actors
  • Action-packed and leaves you guessing what’s to happen next
  • A movie you can relate to, realistic


  • The movie moves fast, leaving out character names and significance
  • Seems like a musical with strippers at times

5. Disobedience (R)

best adult movies - Disobedience

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This movie was appealing and gripping. The story is about a woman who gets shunned because of her attraction to a female friend. She later reunites with her and discovers the attraction was more than childhood foolery. In fact, it gets intense between the two. Battling between what she believes is right in her faith and what she feels is right in her heart becomes the premise that drags you in. 

The struggle between right and wrong 

The two main characters, Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams struggle between their feelings for one another. Both being from Jewish homes, they are caught in bed with each other, and then one is forced by their rabbi to be banished while he tries to “cure” the other of her impure thoughts. 

Open-ended ending

The ending of this movie basically leaves it open for your imagination. If you are not happy with movies that leave things open, this may not be one for you. You are left wondering if they stay together or how the movie should have ended.


  • This shows the struggle that many who are gay deal with
  • Great storyline 
  • Good acting and quality


  • The ending is open so you may feel like you were left hanging
  • A bit dry at the beginning of the movie

6. Cashback (R)

best adult movies - Cashback

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Insomnia can cause many problems, including hallucinations and daydreaming. Both were problems that Ben Willis (Sean Biggerstaff) suffered from after developing insomnia due to a bad breakup. Working late nights in a supermarket with insomnia led Ben to believe that he could stop time and enjoy the view of the female customers that would shop late at night. 

Heartbroken or just horny?

Ben develops insomnia from being dumped by his girlfriend and starts working extra hours to keep his mind off it. Although he eventually aims his attention to one co-worker, he still fantasizes about many women. That being said, it makes me wonder when he starts fantasizing about the women that would come in, is he really heartbroken, or is he just sad that he doesn’t have a sexual outlet

What makes this an adult movie?

This movie is full of naked people and foul language. Meaning, it is not for the kids. If you are looking for a movie that is relatively entertaining and involves nudity, check this one out.


  • Plenty of attractive naked people
  • Good storyline, great imagination
  • Short film and Indie Film versions to choose from


  • Drags out a bit
  • The acting was sub-par 

7. Original Sin (Unrated)

best adult movies - Original Sin

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This movie isn’t one of Angelina Jolie’s best films, but the plot and co-star (Antonio Banderas) are great. Being the mail-order bride of Antonio Banderas, Angelina Jolie takes off with his money only to be hunted down by him to be returned. It offers intense passion and eroticism, keeping you wondering what will happen next.  

Almost softcore porn

This is another movie not to watch with the kids, folks. There are plenty of steamy scenes with nudity and sexual situations. If you are looking for a movie to get things going in your bedroom, this may be a good choice. 

Confusing at times

You have to pay close attention to this movie, as many details are required to understand the plot and characters at times. It was something you might have to watch twice in order to understand the whole movie. 


  • Sexy and sensual
  • Good story and acting wasn’t bad
  • Has bits of action, suspense, and sex all wrapped in one


  • The story jumps around at times, making things a bit hard to understand

8. Sliver (Unrated)

best adult movies - Sliver

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Sliver is a dark thriller that not only keeps you on your toes but has you asking questions, like “Who could have?”, “How did they?”.  A young reporter, Sharon Stone, moves into an apartment where the last tenant jumped to her death from its 20 story window. When she starts snooping around, things reveal the dark secrets of her neighbors. 

 Game of Clue

It reminds me of a more sexual or more perverse version of the game “Clue”. People are jumping out of apartment buildings, neighbors are gossiping, but how does anyone know anything, when it is all supposed to happen behind closed doors?

What makes this an adult movie?

There are a lot of sex scenes in this movie. In fact, some of them are pretty close to being x-rated and porn-like. So if you are looking for a movie that has a good story but is borderline porn, this is the movie for you. 


  • Plenty of suspense and plot twist
  • Lots of nudity and adult situations
  • Sharon Stone does a great job considering her role. 


  • Some of the actors do a poor job
  • Jumped around a lot

9. Taboo 4 (Not Rated)

best adult movies - Taboo 4

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This movie is not for anyone. It’s called Taboo 4 for a reason. The subject matter is incest. Although it’s a controversial subject, the movie itself shares some insights into the minds of those who do choose to be incest or do sexual acts with their family members. 


Taboo 4 is about a psychologist that has different clients who have been traumatized or lived with incest. His wife then cheats on him with his brother and they split up, having to split their two daughters up as well. Later, one of his daughters begins to have a lust for her uncle, while the other begins to be infatuated with the thought of incest. 

Softcore porn with a twist

That’s right, it is basically softcore porn, but with more of a psychological drama feel. Filled with lots of steamy sex scenes and suspense and drama, this film is a bit cheesy but with a tasteful plot. 


  • Plenty of nudity
  • Good storyline
  • Keeps you guessing


  • It’s not a top-quality film, almost looks filmed by an amateur at times

10. Alex DeRenzy’s Babyface

best adult movies - Alex DeRenzys Babyface

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Okay, so this wasn’t my favorite film, but it had pretty good reviews and the story wasn’t a bad one. There is plenty of action and nudity in this movie with plenty of stars. Dan, the deckhand, gets himself in a rough spot and almost loses his life, only to be rescued and put to work. 

Wrong place at the right time

Dan gets accused of attacking the town flirt after she is caught with him, leading to a shootout. Just when he thinks he is at a loss, he is rescued by two women who have him work in a brothel exclusive to female clients. 

Sexy women

This is definitely softcore porn with a lot of attractive women with both shaved and bush, making it so men and women of all ages enjoy each hot scene. 


  • Attractive actors with talent 
  • Good storyline
  • Plenty of nudity


  • Poor video quality unless you get the remastered version
  • Looks like it was made in the 1970s

11. Eyes Wide Shut

Best Adult Movies - Eyes Wide Shut

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If you’re a fan of Stanley Kubrick’s work (hello, The Shining?!) and haven’t seen this 1999 classic, you absolutely need to add it to your to-watch list. The film is part erotic film and part psychological and mystery drama.

Secret Societies

Eyes Wide Shut centers on Dr. Bill Harford (Tom Cruise) as he deals with the discovery that his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) considered having an affair the year prior. In response to this discovery, Harford embarks upon an adventure where he infiltrates an orgy held by a mysterious secret society.

Kubrick’s Final Film

Kubrick died six days after showing the final cut of this film to Warner Bros, making Eyes Wide Shut the final film that he would ever direct. There was some controversy surrounding the film because it was still in the final stages of post-production when Kubrick passed. Some die-hard Kubrick fans believe that he would have continued making edits to the film until the last possible moment as he had for many of his previous flicks. Would Kubrick have been proud of the final cut? You’ll have to watch to draw your own conclusions.


  • Thrilling and sexy
  • Aged well
  • Strong lead actors
  • Powerful film


  • A bit drawn out at 2h 39m

12. Fatal Attraction

Best Adult Movies - Fatal Attraction

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Fatal Attraction is a sultry and thrilling film chock full of incredible actors. It was a box-office hit back in 1987 when it was released and was nominated for six Academy Awards.

A Little Bit Mystery, a Little Bit Drama

What do you get with Fatal Attraction? It’s part mystery, part drama, part thriller, all wrapped up in one unforgettable package. The movie follows Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) after having a tryst with his colleague, the seductive Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) when his wife Beth (Anne Archer) and the children are away. Feeling jilted by Dan, Alex stops at nothing to show him he messed with the wrong woman.


Fatal Attraction is one of the American Film Institutes 100 Most Thrilling American Films. It was also nominated for Oscars in the Best Picture, Best Actress in a Leading Role, and Best Director categories, amongst others. It was a nominee at the Golden Globes in four categories, including Best Motion Picture.


  • Amazing lead and supporting cast
  • Great thriller
  • Believable plotline
  • Solid directing


  • Can be predictable at times

13. Unfaithful

Best Adult Movies - Unfaithful

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With a title like Unfaithful, we imagine you can probably guess exactly what this R-rated mystery/drama is about. This steamy thriller is about an all-consuming physical passion with a side dish of obsession and betrayal.

Strong Casting

Edward Sumner (Richard Gere) and his wife Connie (Diane Lane) seem to have a perfectly happy little life together. They share a young son and a beautiful home in the suburbs. Everything in their lives comes undone when Connie has an affair with the handsome Paul Martel (Oliver Martinez). Gere and Lane really shine in their roles for this film and Martinez is a strong supporting character.

Learned From the Best

In order for Diane Lane and Oliver Martinez to nail the sex scenes, the director and producer Adrian Lyne made them watch some of the most iconic sex scenes such as those in Fatal Attraction and Last Tango in Paris.


  • One of Lane’s best performances
  • Fits into many different genres
  • Emotional and thrilling
  • Sensual


  • Most characters are unlikable

14. Anna Karenina

Best Adult Movies - Anna Karenina

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This four-time Academy Award nominee is a must-see for anyone wanting to dabble in a sweet combination of sensual romance and historical high society. Anna Karenina also won an Oscar for Best Achievement in Costume Design so be ready to thrust yourself into an entirely believable 19th-century Russia.

Tolstoy Would Be Proud

Anna Karenina was originally a novel by Leo Tolstoy. It was first published in 1878 and is often thought to be one of the greatest works of literature ever created. There have been many film and television adaptations of this story, but this 2012 version directed by Joe Wright has been one of the most highly-lauded, though it does stray from the original storyline.

High-Society Scandals

The movie focuses on Anna Karenina (Keira Knightley), the wife of imperial minister Alexei (Jude Law). Anna has an affair with a cavalry officer Count Vronsky (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). What will happen when her husband finds out about their tryst?


  • Beautiful set and costumes
  • Strong performances from all cast members
  • Unique presentation
  • Great storytelling


  • Must be viewed as a separate entity from the book

15. Irreversible

Best Adult Movies - Irreversible

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If you’re okay with reading subtitles, you absolutely need to add this French flick to your to-watch list. This psychological drama uses a reverse chronology format to really grab your interest as soon as the movie begins. Grab all your snacks and beverages before the movie starts because you might not be able to leave your seat once it does.

Unique Filming Techniques

This film is unique not only in its storytelling but also in how it was filmed. The film is comprised of many unbroken shots to keep you on the edge of your seat. These zero-cut scenes are unnerving and add an additional air of mystery to the film.

Interesting Plot

This film features three main characters – Marcus, Pierre, and Alex. Alex is the ex-girlfriend of Pierre and the current girlfriend of Marcus. The men team up to try and find the person who raped Alex.


  • Work of art
  • Thought-provoking
  • Great soundtrack
  • Psychologically thrilling
  • Unique to watch


  • It May be triggering to people who have been victims of sexual assault

16. Body Heat

Best Adult Movies - Body Heat

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Don’t let the age of this film be a turn-off. It was released in 1981, but this erotic thriller is still as fresh today as it was back then. Though it might not be a modern adult film in today’s 21st-century tech age, the plot of Body Heat still holds up after all these years.

Big Name Cast

Though their names might not be as big today as they were in the early ‘80s, this film is chock full of highly sought-after actors. William Hurt plays the lead Ned Racine opposite Kathleen Turner as Matty Walker. The supporting cast includes big names like Ted Danson, Mickey Rourke, and Richard Crenna. The executive producer was George Lucas, another big name we’re sure you recognize.

Threes a Crowd

There seems to be a common thread in a lot of the movies on our list. Like some of the others, Body Heat focuses on an extramarital affair. Ned is having an affair with Matty, the wife of a rich Florida businessman. Rourke plays a bomb-maker who hatches a scheme with Ned to kill Matty’s husband so they can take his money and run away together. Of course, complications arise as do double-crosses, making this crime drama a must-see.


  • Very steamy
  • Interesting conclusion
  • Pure noir
  • Fantastic casting


  • Some contrived dialogue

17. Dangerous Liaisons

Best Adult Movies - Dangerous Liaisons

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Let’s go back to the ‘80s once again with this classic. Dangerous Liaisons is an interesting look at life in 18th-century France. It’s based on a novel from 1782 and is a fun, emotion-filled drama that’s sure to get your heart pumping.


Dangerous Liaisons won three Oscars at the 1989 Academy Awards including Best Writing (Screenplay), Best Art Direction (Set Decoration), and Best Costume Design. One watch through and you’ll see exactly why this film won all these decoration and costume design awards. Everything looks so quintessentially 18th-century, so the designers got it spot on.

Star-Studded Cast

This film is full of big-name actors that you’ll recognize even today. Glenn Close, John Malkovich, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Keanu Reeves are some of the most recognizable names in Hollywood still today.


  • Strong storyline
  • Great characters
  • Bulletproof performances by all cast members
  • Witty and entertaining


  • Some may find it cliche

18. Weekend

Best Adult Movies - Weekend

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Though you may not recognize many (or any) of the actors in this film, it still earns a spot on our list for its interesting take on modern sexuality.

Explores Sex and Intimacy in New Ways

This film centers on Russell (Tom Cullen) as he heads to a gay club after a drunken night out with his straight friends. He picks up Glen (Chris New) at the club and this supposed one-night stand changes his life in very unexpected ways.

Poignant and Elegant

While many of the other movies on our list are about affairs or revenge, Weekend is on the other end of the spectrum. It’s deeply romantic and euphoric but also heartbreaking and tragic. It’s tender and realistic, earning itself a place in our guide.


  • Realistic characters
  • Great acting
  • Emotionally naked film
  • Modern


  • Sloppy camerawork that’s meant to be artsy

19. Thirst

Best Adult Movies - Thirst

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Thirst is something completely different, a perfect pick for anyone searching for a movie that’s a part sexy adult film and part vampire flick. It’s a

Original Storyline

We know that many erotic films and vampire flicks have followed the same format over and over again. Thirst takes it in a different direction with its unique storyline. It centers on a priest whose life gets saved with a blood transfusion. The kicker is that the blood transfusion turns him into an insatiable vampire with an intense thirst for blood and pleasures of the flesh.


It’s rare to find an adult film that’s both mysterious, sexy, and funny, but somehow Thirst manages to pull all of this off.


  • Erotically charged
  • Psychological horror
  • Great acting
  • Unique story


  • May drag on for some folks

Our Conclusion

Whether you want to watch a movie with a great storyline and keeps you in suspense, or you are just looking for something to get the mood going, one of these movies is sure to hit the mark. Our highly researched and reviewed the list of the best adult movies is filled with sex, sensuality, violence, drugs, fantasy, and mystery. Each movie is great for its own set of reasons and is sure to have you on the edge of your seat in one way or another. 


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