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9 Ideas to Try to See if BDSM Is Right For You

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BDSM is not right for everyone. But it could be perfect for you if you know what it entails. There are a few things you can do to see if BDSM is ideal for your sexual exploits.

Ideas to Try to See if BDSM Is Right For You

1. See how well you can respond to different activities outside sex.

BDSM is about creating a situation where someone is dominant, and the other party is submissive. BDSM can be about humiliation, pain, or exhibitionism. Look at whatever situation you might be interested in the most, and see if you can respond well to the sex in question.

Ideas to Try to See if BDSM Is Right For You

2. Look at how well you can switch between dominance and submission.

Some people who engage in BDSM can switch between these two points well. You might prefer one side, but BDSM might be best if you’re comfortable engaging in both positions.

3. Know the risks you’re willing to take.

Ideas to Try to See if BDSM Is Right For You

BDSM is not the dangerous activity you might assume it is. BDSM entails risks and dangers, but the two engaging in BDSM can review the safest solutions and smartest ways to enjoy sex. Look at whatever risks you’re comfortable with, and plan your BDSM efforts surrounding those risks.

4. Flexibility is critical to BDSM. Think about all the things you could do here.

BDSM is one of the most versatile sexual activities around. You can do many things while engaging in BDSM, from traditional foreplay to rough anal action. See how well you can handle many sexual efforts before planning on enjoying BDSM.

Ideas to Try to See if BDSM Is Right For You

5. Note how you can handle different positions while engaging in sex.

BDSM is about enjoying many positions, some of which require special furniture. You can use many things to help you handle the positions you’ll experience here. You can read more on Furnpeak to see sex swings (click for instructions to build your own) and other pieces of furniture that can help you enjoy BDSM the right way.

Ideas to Try to See if BDSM Is Right For You

6. See what you’re willing to do when physically engaging with your partner.

BDSM can be rough at times, but it’s all in good fun and in adding to everyone’s pleasure. You could start by engaging in light spanking or hair pulling. You can move on to restraints after a while. Look at what you’re comfortable with and what limits you wish to establish when looking at BDSM. You can negotiate with your partner over what is and is not acceptable at this point.

Ideas to Try to See if BDSM Is Right For You

7. Look at how comfortable you are with the language you’re using during BDSM.

BDSM language is a little more formal than what you’d expect during sex. BDSM language can entail words like “sir” or “madam” or other high-end terms. These dictate who has the most control or power over the sexual situation. Sex works best when you know how the language you’re planning is working.

Ideas to Try to See if BDSM Is Right For You

8. Whether you’re comfortable with biting can dictate whether BDSM is right for you.

Biting is a part of BDSM, although it’s not something overly violent. It can be about testing one’s threshold for pain. But some people might be into bite marks, while others might not be comfortable with them. Look at what you’re comfortable with when biting to see what fits.

Ideas to Try to See if BDSM Is Right For You

9. See what outside items you’re fine with when engaging in sex.

Sex can entail many things of interest, from whips for an intense activity to melted candle wax that can create a burning sensation. Look at how you’re going to use outside items, and see if you’re okay with some of the things you might utilize in BDSM.

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