Banana Bros Otto Grinder Review

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Banana Bros Otto Grinder Review

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The Otto Grinder is one of the few great automatic grinders. It’s designed to do all the heavy thinking and work for you. Its patented technology gives it the power to perfectly grind dried herb and then directly dispense it into a pre-roll cone. This automatic gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy an expertly rolled joint of their own, regardless of their experience or ability. So save your wrist and your time, while getting the perfect grind; with our review of the Banana Bros Otto Grinder. Not everyone knows how to roll a joint or one that burns perfectly well, but now everyone can.

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Whole Nugs Or Ground Buds?

Banana Bros Otto Grinder ReviewThe classic way to obtain cannabis is as dried flowers. Those flowers can come either whole or pre-milled/pre-rolled. The difference is; the whole, dried flowers are in it’s original form, while pre-milled flowers have already been broken down into tiny pieces. The chemicals that give cannabis its effect evaporate faster when the flowers are broken up.

Obtaining cannabis pre-milled or pre-rolled can mean that it lost a lot of its potency before you get to enjoy it. Whole flowers better preserve all the terpenes and THC for a more flavorful, smoother, and powerful smoking experience. Whole flowers will need to be broken down for smoking though (especially if you’re going to roll it up). Generally, the more consistent the grounded granules are, the more evenly your joint will burn. (this rule applies to vaping as well)

Grinding, Cutting, or Crushing Your Cannabis?

Banana Bros Otto Grinder ReviewFor those that enjoy whole flowers, there are numerous ways to go about breaking your nugs down. Each method comes with its own pros, cons, and really comes down to personal preference. Some like the old-school scissor technique. While others just use their fingers. Many prefer to use a type of grinder, and there are different types to choose from.

Banana Bros have taken the art of grinding one step further with their Otto Grinder. Keep reading to find out more about its smart milling technology that can determine how to achieve the perfect consistency of grind.

What Is The Otto Grinder?

Banana Bros Otto Grinder Review (25)The Otto grinder is an electronic grinder that breaks your dried herb into fine, unified pieces and then directly fills a pre-rolled cone, inserted in the vertical base, that is ready to smoke after pulling out, shaking to pack, and twisting the end. It saves the hassle of manually grinding the nugs so you can finally roll a perfect joint yourself, without effort.

It Grinds It Right, But Not Too Much

The integrated smart milling technology of the Otto senses the density of your dried flower and adjusts the speed, pressure, and direction the machine moves the milling plates. This provides a perfect grind and perfect consistency.

It’s easy to over-grind your herbs to a powder. Ground too much doesn’t burn well and burns fast. This doesn’t make for a pleasant smoking experience. Also, cannabis that has been over-ground and too fine can clog your device. You don’t need to worry about that with Banana Bro’s Otto grinder. It’s given us perfect grinds every time over weeks of use. If you don’t want to roll the joint yourself, clip on the magnetic vertical base with a cone inserted and the Otto will fill the roll for you. Just pack, twist, and go.

It Combines Aesthetics & Functionality

Banana Bros Otto Grinder ReviewNot only is the Otto smart and functional, but it also looks classy too. It comes in a few colors, but our choice was red. The main body of the device opens like a clam with the press of a small release button on the side. Inside both the top and the bottom are the aerospace-engineered aluminum milling plates. The bottom plate is spring-loaded and that’s where the whole flower goes, Gently pushing down the plate as you need to. Snap the top down when you’re ready to grind and get ready to receive the perfectly prepared cannabis out the bottom.

If you’re filling a cone, then that sits in the middle of the included glass O-Tube and base. There’s a nice and strong magnetic connection for snapping it into the bottom of Otto. The grinding body will drop the freshly ground herb directly into the top of the paper cone for a perfect joint. We love the way this works.

Alternatively, If you’re vaping or using a pipe or bong, you can allow it to release the ground herb onto any surface you’d like to scoop it up from.

Banana Bros Otto Grinder Review

What’s Included In The Box?

  • The Ott0 Device
  • O-Tube & Stand/Base
  • Box of King Size Cones
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide’
  • Accessory Box

Banana Bros Otto Grinder ReviewAccessory Box Includes:

  • Measuring Cup – This can be used to measure the quantity of flower you want for the size of the cone you desire.
  • Adapter Base – goes inside the O-Tube when you want to use a smaller cone.
  • Fresh Seal Tube – a tube for your joint that seals to maintain freshness and keep the odor in.
  • Plastic Multi-Functional Tool – can be used to brush the grinder teeth and tamp down the ground herb inside the cone.
  • O Funnel – attaches to the bottom of Otto when you want to use a different receptacle than the O-Tube.
  • Snap Cap – secures to the bottom of Otto when not in use, to make sure no loose particles of herb spill out.
  • Micro USB Charger – standard USB charging cable that plugs into a USB port.

Note: The Otto is currently available in 4 colors: black, metallic red, metallic blue and metallic gold. If you purchase any of the metallic colors; the handy, protective carrying case is included in the box.

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What Makes The Banana Bros Otto Awesome?

Banana Bros Otto Grinder ReviewUsing its patented smart milling Technology, the Otto senses how hard the device needs to press down and grind, based on how dense the bud is, and how packed. This ensures the herb has a perfect, even ground. This means a more evenly packed cone and provides a smoother burn at a better burn rate. This goes for vaporizing your flower too.

With a consistent grind, your herbs will heat and vaporize more evenly, giving a smoother smoking experience. It’s also more efficient use of your cannabis. The device also has the power to know when to stop grinding, preserving the teeth on the grinding plates, and preventing over-grinding of the herb.

When all is said and done, the cone is filled and it’s ready to pack and twist. The Otto makes it that easy to grind your herb for a bowl or grind and dispense to the fill a cone easily.

Banana Bros Otto Grinder Review (20)Key Features Of The Otto

  • Easy to load, spring-loaded compartment.
  • Aerospace Engineering Aluminum Milling Plates.
  • SMART Milling Technology with AI.
  • Grinder teeth are easy to remove, making them easy to clean.
  • An extra tip that slides right into O-Tube and allows you to fill smaller cones.
  • Strong magnetic connections for all pieces.
  • Cordless with a 45 minute charging time that lasts approximately 20 grinds per charge.

The Ease Of The OttoBanana Bros Otto Grinder Review

There are a lot of cannabis users who are critical about their roll and it’s not easy to get a perfect one. There is a serious learning curve to achieving the right consistency in grounded flowers if you’re breaking up the buds by hand. There is also a learning curve when it comes to rolling the ground buds into the paper as well. A standard grinder means you have to manually twist the device with your hands to grind the buds inside. The Banana Bros Otto is fully automatic from the grinding step to the filling and rolling (because it comes with pre-rolled cones). You just need to pack and seal the joint.

How To Use The Banana Bros Otto Grinder

Banana Bros Otto Grinder ReviewOnce you are ready, follow the below steps.

  • Slide the cone to be filled directly into the glass O-Tube.
  • Load dried flower directly into the Otto, between the two milling plates.
  • Turn the device on with the front button after you fill the top and close it.
  • Snap Otto onto the glass O-Tube that’s holding the cone.

Banana Bros Otto Grinder ReviewNow that you have the grinder loaded it’s time to grind your cannabis.

  • Hold the power button down for 2 seconds.
  • The device will adjust its settings accordingly (based on the material’s density and consistency using AI.
  • Let the device do its thing. (with the device standing vertically on the bottom of the glass tube and stand)
  • When it’s done, the light on the power button will flash.

Banana Bros Otto Grinder Review (18)It’s almost time to enjoy your perfectly packed cone.

  • Pop Otto off the top of the O-Tube.
  • If you used a cone smaller than king size; the top of the glass O-Tube slides up and down, so that you can grab the top of the cone to pull it out.
  • Tamp down the ground flower inside the cone.
  • Grab the open ends of the filled cone, squeeze and shake like a sugar packet to pack it
  • Twist the end of the paper cone that has been filled to seal it and you’re ready to light and smoke.

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How To Clean The Otto Grinder

Everyone appreciates when things are easy to clean. The Otto didn’t disappoint us in this regard. We already own quite a few grinders and expected the same amount of required cleaning. Standard Maintenance Cleaning is recommended to be done after every three to four fills to properly care for the device. However, a deep clean is recommended to be done after ten fills or as needed.

Banana Bros Otto Grinder Review (20)For Standard Maintenance:

  • It is not necessary to remove the milling plates to clean the device.
  • Simply use the 4-in-1 Tool to scrape any caked material off the blades with the sharp end of the Tool.
  • Then use the brush end to brush away any loose material.

Handy Tip: make sure to wipe the safety switch clean. (refer to the user manual to locate the safety switch)

Banana Bros Otto Grinder Review (21)For a Deep Clean:

  • Remove the milling plates.
  • Follow the steps for a Standard Maintenance Clean.
  • Dip the bladed side of the milling plates in isopropyl alcohol and scrub with the cleaning brush.
  • Then rinse the plates with cold water and allow them to completely air dry before popping them back in place and using them again.

The Pros & Cons Of The Otto Grinder

Just about everything comes with its own share of good points as well as bad points. What makes a really good product stand out to us is the overall strength of its positive attributes. When it comes to Otto, it wasn’t easy to find anything we particularly disliked enough to say the grinder is not a worthy product for cannabis users.

One thing we’d like to point out is the lack of a kief collector. However, we noticed most of the kief remains with the flower after its ground anyway. Also, keep in mind, you won’t always get a packed cone right out of the machine. There are ways to overcome the packing issue with the tips listed below.

Handy Tip: Banana Bros suggest that to help ensure a properly packed cone; gently tap the bottom of the device on the top of table when Ottostarts to mill to make sure the ground cannabis falls evenly into the cone.

Expert Tip: put half the material into Otto, and mill it. Pause milling to take the top off the tube and use the 4-in-1 tool to tamp the dried, ground herb gently down into the bottom of the cone. Then keep repeating until the cone is filled.

Banana Bros Otto Grinder ReviewPros:

  • Efficient grinding, with very little residual product left in the top of the grinder.
  • Super easy to use, single button function with patented smart milling technology.
  • Less mess on your rolling surface and in your grinder.
  • Perfect for people who don’t know how to roll, or who have limitations that make using a regular grinder and/or rolling challenging.
  • The fastest way to roll a king-size cone, that we have ever seen.
  • The easiest way to get a perfect joint
  • Can use to disperse ground herb for bongs and pipes as well


  • Otto does not contain a kief collector.
  • You need to pack the cone manually by shaking it like a sugar packet for a perfect roll

Why We Love The Otto

Banana Bros Otto Grinder ReviewThis device really is the ultimate tool that every cannabis smoker needs and will appreciate because it makes the task of rolling a joint or packing a cone easy. It’s suitable whether you’re new to the cannabis world and haven’t mastered the art of joint rolling yet or you’re a Cannabis Sommelier. Everyone will appreciate the perfect grind that Otto provides and the ease at which it does it.

Useful & Easy To Use

The Otto is a practical tool, especially for smokers that don’t like rolling themselves or aren’t any good at it. The Otto takes all the manual work out of grinding your buds down and packing a joint. All it takes is to load the device with your nugs of choice, load the cone, and press the button. You’re ready to pull out, light, and hit it.

Cost Compared to Value

If you’re spending on quality cannabis you should invest in quality tools. Top shelf strains aren’t cheap products. They’re deserving of being treated as such so ditch your old hand grinder and try out this automatic option. It works well for us and we recommend it for you too. With a price point roughly under two hundred USD, this is an investment considering other standard grinders are under one hundred USD. However, if you want the best grinding technology out there, you will have to pay for it. The value comes in how much time and effort you save to get your rolled cones, ready to smoke.

This baby is not about to sit on your shelf (or anyone else’s) and go unappreciated. Once you start using Otto, you are definitely going to get hooked and nothing else will suffice again. Don’t take our word for it. Get it yourself and try it out. Here at headquarters, the Otto is so popular it’s being passed around like a joint. Think of that!

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