lookah seahorse review

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Lookah Seahorse Review

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This review of the Lookah Seahorse portable dab vaporizer is for anyone who enjoys concentrates. This vaporizer is for you if you’re looking for reliability, simplicity, and optional thick clouds. With this vaporizer, you don’t need a torch or other tools. The original Lookah Seahorse is advertised as a 2-in-1 electronic nectar collector with a universal 510 cartridge battery in one compact device. It’s easy to understand why it won “The Best Paraphernalia award” in the UK with its small, classy design and functionality.

Keep in mind, there are other renditions of this Seahorse concentrate vaporizer such as the pro version which we will also review. In this review, we cover the basic version of the Seahorse.

Take A Closer Look At The Lookah Seahorse Portable Concentrate Vaporizer

What Is The Lookah Seahorse?

lookah seahorse reviewThe Seahorse is possibly one of the smallest dab pens on the market today. Holding it is similar to holding a large marker, and using it is just as easy. Available in a rainbow of colors, the main body is solid. There’s a nice Quartz Seahorse Coil tip that sucks up your concentrates, giving you juicy hits every time. Lookah increases its desirability with the convenient option of using the Seahorse with any 510 thread cartridge, giving you more options than you ever expected from a dab pen.

Focusing on convenience, the designers created this electronic nectar collector with the fewest parts that I’ve seen yet in this kind of device. Switching between using the Seahorse as a nectar collector and a vape pen, is as easy as changing your 510 cart. There’s only one small piece that needs to be disconnected from the body, making the alteration quick and stress-free. Leaving you with more time to actually enjoy your delicious concentrate and less clean up to deal with when the effects kick in.

What’s Included In The Box?

  • 1 x Lookah Seahorse
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x User Manual

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The Details Of The Seahorse

lookah seahorse reviewMeasuring 22mm in length, 19mm in width and 140mm height, the device is compact. Yet Lookah managed to squeeze; a micro USB port, tiny indicator light and an LED-lit single button control all on the Seahorse’s small body. One end has a secured mouthpiece while the other is a 510 thread which the Quartz Seahorse Coil or 510 cartridge screw onto. The only other piece is the plastic cap that fits over the quartz coil after it’s completely cooled and not in use.

Things get a little tricky with the single button control though. But that’s the kind of thing that a regular user of the device, will learn quickly. For the Universal Wax and CBD Mode; you press the power button five times in a row. To start vaping your concentrate, hold the button for three seconds. When in this universal mode, pressing the button two times in a row, will cycle through the three pre-set temperature settings.

lookah seahorse reviewExclusively for the Wax Mode; the device is turned on by pressing the button 3 times quickly. However, once in this mode the Seahorse will keep preheating for 15 seconds with the indicator light flashing and then will automatically stop working for 30 seconds. Unfortunately, after this cycle ends the device will switch back to Universal Mode and you have to press the button three times in a row again to restart the Wax Mode. This is most likely to prevent the device from over-heating.

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Heating & Temperature

lookah seahorse reviewThe Lookah Seahorse is designed primarily for wax concentrates, as its working temperatures only range from 23 degrees F to 104 degrees F. When cycling through the temperature pre-sets, each is indicated by a specific color. The device varies from the norm here, with Blue indicating low heat, Purple indicating medium heat, and White indicating high heat.

Just like any other device like this, the housing will warm up during use. Lookah has programmed the Seahorse with an over-heat protection system where the indicator light on the body will flash a purple colored light, five times in a row suggesting that you turn off the device and give it a break. There’s further temperature protection programmed in the pen, so that if it reaches over 158 degrees F or lower than 5 degrees F the device will no longer output heat. In addition, you’ll find a whole list of pre-programmed safety settings and their corresponding colored light on the indicator light, in the included User Manual. And we always like to have extra safety features and some indication of what’s going on inside the device.

Simplicity, Ease Of Use & Cleaning

lookah seahorse reviewEverything is nicer when it’s easy, and with the Lookah Seahorse it’s certainly easy to enjoy your tasty concentrates on the go. Just turn on your device, whip out your concentrate container and sip away. Gently touching the Quartz Seahorse Coil to the surface of whichever delicious wax you’ve chosen, is all that you need to do to experience robust flavor and pillowy clouds with every hit. While enjoying your favorite 510 cartridge in the Seahorse can be done with just as much ease and will ensure an equally enjoyable vaporization of cannabis oil or CBD oil.

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It’s not advisable that you soak this Quartz Seahorse Coil in alcohol like the others. So maintenance is even easier. Just make sure to completely burn all of the concentrate off the tip after every dab, to ensure a longer life. (So remember to always finish your dab!) When the coil does need to be replaced, it’s easy and cheap to find packs of the tips. Do keep in mind, the tip that comes into contact with the concentrate is easily broken, which we found out when trying to pull dried wax off of it. Be gentle. But again, if you do need a new tip, they’re cheap and easy to find.

lookah seahorse reviewSince the 510 thread cartridges are disposable too, the main body of the Seahorse is the only thing to maintain. Emptying the body of any residue can be done by placing the device in a warm spot. Prop the device on it’s end, with the mouthpiece pointed down, sitting in a sunny spot like a windowsill. Slowly, any leftover concentrates will drain out through the mouthpiece.

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Price, Overall Value & Warranty

We appreciate the brand’s own warranty from their website, but we also can appreciate the fourteen-day refund window from NectarCollectorKit in the case you don’t like it. Plus, at a price point below fifty USD, it’s not going to be that big of a gamble or an investment, but definitely worth it. So stop buying cheap disposable batteries for your carts and give yourself (or a friend) silky smooth dabs on the go, with the Lookah Seahorse. Through our friends at NectarCollectorKit you get phenomenal value with great customer service and support, free shipping to US customers, and a great concentrate vaporizer.

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