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Big Dipper Electronic Nectar Collector Review

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Say hello to tasty concentrates on the go with this one! The Big Dipper electronic nectar collector and vaporizer is made for anyone who enjoys dabbing. The Big Dipper is said to be the perfect, versatile, no-fuss, no-mess, portable dabbing vaporizer. It’s a nice-looking 2-in-1 dab pen and dab straw and should offer a smooth and pleasant tasting hit every time. Keep reading to find out how it performed in our review and what we think about this electronic nectar collector.

As we’ve seen, compact devices like this one completely changed the game. Portability has reached new heights. Whether dabbing at home, at a friends’, or taking a quick hit during a family function, it’s all possible. Devices like this Big Dipper give you the ability to enjoy your concentrates where previously not possible.

Imagine every frustrating and inconvenient aspect of dabbing and then say goodbye to them. Leave the torch at home and forget about packing sticky tools. So, is the Big Dipper electronic nectar collector the way to go?

Overview & First Impressions of the Big Dipper

Fitting in the palm of your hand and available in five different colors (black, silver, blue, red, and pink) this device will complement any style while offering convenience and functionality.

We love the design of the device. It’s sleek, easy on the eyes, and not too complicated. User-friendliness and ease-of-use are important to us and we give the Big Dipper a high grade in that regard.

Out of the box, the device and mouthpiece are detached from each other but are fast and easy to assemble. Other than that, it’s ready to go right away, just remove the plastic cover from the tip. We didn’t need to charge it out of the box.

Charge, Power Up, And Go

When dead, the Big Dipper can be recharged using the micro USB charger. You will know it’s charging when the red light shows up. The battery lasts a while so you won’t need to charge often. After some extensive use, we put it on the charger and came back to use it after twenty minutes for another run of extensive sessions.

The package does include a short USB cable needed to charge the Big Dipper, however, it does not include a wall outlet brick to plug it into a common house outlet. We were able to plug it into a laptop’s USB port and it charged just fine. The charging cable connecting to the device works decent enough, however, we generally prefer charging docks or stands that other similar vaporizers have. They make it easy to sit your device when it’s being charged. They also keep the cable out of the way and from sticking out the side of your device leaving the plug to potentially be damaged or bent.

Your Choice Of Two Tips

You can either pack the quartz crystal atomizer for delicious, thick clouds or use the atomizer tip to dip into your dab with the perfect temperature and dose control. Both options are easy to use without sacrificing the flavor or strength of the hit. Either method should be super easy for anyone. OG Vapes is ahead of the crowd with this device and it’s sure to become a favorite.

Parts and Components

With its minimal parts, the Big Dipper is easy to use and especially easy to maintain. The device consists of the Dipper body which houses the battery and the multi-purpose power button and a couple of other pieces.

The quartz crystal atomizer and the atomizer tip attach to one end of the Dipper body and can be easily switched depending on if you’d like to use it as a dab pen or a dab straw. A reclaiming chamber and glass bubbler mouthpiece are also important components of the vaporizer. Out-of-the-box assembly isn’t difficult and it can be put together in a minute or two at most. Cleaning it is just as easy.

Included in the box:

  • 1 x Big Dipper
  • 2 x Vapor Tips
  • 1 x Glass Bubbler
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Silicone Container
  • 1 x User Manual

Functionality & Ease Of Use

The main body of the device is familiar, with a single button control that feels well constructed and responsive. Although, it’s apparently a fingerprint magnet. That’s not much of a big deal to us, though.

The usual single-button control simplifies its functionality and leaves out the guesswork. This same simple control has been implemented by many other portable vaporizers. It’s simple to use, and that’s likely why. Pressing the button five times will turn the device on or off, also similar to other single-button controls we’ve used.

It’s impressive how fast this electronic nectar collector heats up. Turning it on starts a fifteen-second heating cycle. You can enjoy your concentrate as soon as you can decide whether you want it or not. We appreciate the auto-off feature. To prevent a fire or unknown heating the Big Dipper turns itself off after two minutes of inactivity. If your head is in the clouds after taking the dab, it’s totally ok when you forget to turn it off. Your battery won’t drain and nothing is going to catch on fire.

Ready To Take Your Hit

When you have your concentrate and are ready to use the vaporizer just press the black button five times to power it up. Once powered up, hold the button for a couple of seconds to heat up, then press into your concentrate and take your hit from the glass mouthpiece. We enjoyed the smoking process and how simple it makes taking a quick dab.

Although vaporizers aren’t known for producing dense clouds, we don’t recommend inhaling too hard. A slow draw is all that’s necessary to achieve optimal function and vaporization of your concentrate.

Temperature Adjustment Anyone?

One thing we would have like to see was multiple temperature options, so hopefully, we get to see that in future models. There’s high potential and hope for this device and future renditions.

Being able to choose the optimal temperature for the particular product would be useful. This temperature would be determined considering the general consistency of the concentrate you have. For example; softer concentrates like budder or ice wax might only require low temperature. Medium temperatures are generally best for solvent-less resins or shatter and waste less of your concentrate. High-temperature dabs are sometimes required for more crystalline isolates and when wanting to experience stronger effects.

Simple & User Friendly

Out of the box, one of the atomizer tips will already be attached to the main body of the device. Make sure you remove the atomizers’ protective silicon sleeve before you turn on the device. It powered right on for us, but if the battery is dead just charge it with the included USB cable for fifteen or twenty minutes, then enjoy.

The atomizer tips are for using the Big Dipper like a dab straw. This gives you the ability to control the size of the dab rather than needing to finish the glob of resin that you slapped on your nail. With the Big Dipper, you can vaporize the amount you want and you can stop when you want without the worry of wasting your concentrate.

A Couple Ways To Hit It

To use the device like a dab straw (with the correct atomizer tip), activate it by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds. The atomizer tip will glow red when heated, and then you just have to lightly touch the atomizer tip to the concentrate and inhale slowly through the mouthpiece of your choice. You’re free to enjoy your concentrate without ever removing it from its container. All without the sticky struggle of scooping it up and using a massive torch too. Getting high has never been easier!

It came in handy when we wanted to discreetly take our dabs on the road with us. It’s easy to switch the vapor atomizer tip to the quartz crystal atomizer. You can then use an appropriate scoop to carefully put your concentrate into the top of the atomizer. Taking care not to fill the atomizer too full, as this will only result in a mouth full of concentrate.

Always double-check that each part is clean where it connects with the next piece. This is to ensure a proper seal for the device to function at its best and to also prevent possible damage. When you want to use the Big Dipper like a traditional pack-and-go dab pen, you can. The next time you’re out and can’t pull out all your dab gear just to get a taste, pack the Big Dipper and sneak a hit in seconds.

The Cherries On Top Of This Vape

The detachable glass mouthpiece also acts as a bubbler if you put in a little bit of water and we find it a nice optional feature. Just push the glass bubbler mouthpiece onto the o-ringed end of the vaporizer and push it together tightly but not too hard to prevent breaking. We recommend the glass bubbler for home so you don’t make a mess with the water. That doesn’t have anything to do with how easy it is to add water and turn the rig into a concentrate vaporizing water pipe.

Just fill the glass mouthpiece bubbler attachment when it’s detached from the Dipper body by carefully pouring the water into the top. The bubbler shouldn’t be too full. Too much water will cause it to bubble out the top and into your mouth.

The piece we might appreciate the most is the reclaim chamber. This special little piece fits in between the Dipper body and whichever atomizer you are using. It will collect all the residual leftovers from your vaporized concentrates and will heat it back up again for you to enjoy when you use it next time, allowing you to really optimize your concentrate, using every last bit of it.

Super Easy To Clean

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. One of the most important things for any dabbing or concentrate device is maintenance. That is unless you don’t mind it working poorly after some time of using. Thankfully, OG Vapes had that in mind (and you) when they designed the Big Dipper.

To properly clean this vaporizer you unscrew the pieces from the main body of the device. Then, place the atomizer, mouthpiece, and reclaim chamber in a cup with 90% (70% works too) isopropyl alcohol to fully cover the pieces. Leave them to soak for thirty minutes and then rinse with water. Once all the pieces are rinsed and fully dried, they’re ready to use again. With proper maintenance, you will have consistently impressive vaporization of your concentrates for a long time.

If your vaporizer components aren’t showing heavy resin build-up and aren’t too dirty, then soaking may not be necessary. Simply use q-tips, paper towels, or napkins soaked with isopropyl alcohol and scrub the vaporizer components as necessary until the desired level of cleanliness. Make sure to not damage the main body and battery with liquids. Put it safely to the side, away from your cleaning area.

Battery Power, Longevity & Warrantee

This vaporizer will have your back for a long time and with its 1000mAh battery provide power when you need it. Once fully charged, the battery will last for days before requiring a quick twenty-minute recharge with the included micro USB charger. That means, whenever you want it, it’ll be there for you. And if for some reason, you get that one in a million dud or you just have a skill for breaking the unbreakable, OG Vapes, the maker of this electronic nectar collector, has your back as well with a one year no hassle warranty, and warranty card. If you’re purchasing online make sure to check the warranty policies for the specific merchant you go through.

Price Tag & Is It Worth It

Considering the (few) similar competitors currently available; the simple design, quality feel, portability, and simple fact that this electronic nectar collector just works as needed makes it stand out. OG Vapes is a part of a new product trend that is perfectly suited to today’s dabber and occasional users like some of us here. With a reasonable price tag of just under one hundred USD, we’re not surprised that many people already walk around with one in their pocket, pack, or purse.

In fact; someone’s birthday or event in which gifts are given is always approaching and the Big Dipper’s easy price makes it an excellent (and safe) gift option for your favorite cannabis concentrate using friend(s). Anyone here would love to find one of these electronic nectar collectors with their name on it. If you’re just looking for a new gadget, want to replace your old dabbing methods, or want to impress an important someone with a killer gift; we recommend the Big Dipper.

Our Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Big Dipper Electronic Nectar Collector ReviewThis electronic nectar collector is one of our many favorites. It works well and even with high usage still holds great functionality. However, to maintain that the device will need to be cleaned regularly and maintained. This type of vaporizer won’t be for everyone.

But, if concentrates are your thing and you want the convenience of a relatively small rechargeable device to consume them then you may want to give the Big Dipper a try. We love concentrates as well as flowers, and vaporizers overall and can recommend this concentrate vaporizer for anyone who uses concentrates.



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