Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Review 3(1)

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Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Review

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Throughout the years, cannabis consumption methods and technologies have become more varied, sophisticated, and versatile. The variety of available products can be staggering but with trial & error, consumers eventually figure out what works best for them. But, not everyone has time to try out different products.

With help from us, there’s little need for trial and error (when it comes to bongs) because not only have we reviewed the best bongs overall, but we’ve done an in-depth extensive review of the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker as well. Keep reading to find out more.

This Beaker Bong Hits Hard

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Review 7(1)

When using the consumption method of a bong, we recommend starting low and going slow. This applies especially if you are new to using larger beaker bongs as such. Inhaling too much or too hard may have you coughing like you swallowed fire and will get you super high, fast. If big hits and getting lit is your thing, by all means, rip this beaker bong like you mean it.

What Is A Beaker Bong?

A beaker bong is just that, a bong. It’s a filtration device typically utilized for ingesting your herbs which results in a cool filtered smoking session, one bowl at a time. They are generally compared to hookah’s but are more compact, portable, and user-friendly.

A bong is usually comprised of an airtight cylinder, a bowl, and a stem that guides air to the base where the water sits.

If you’re ready to further explore the details of this beaker bong, keep reading and find out how we feel about this Higher Standards product.

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About Higher Standards As A Brand

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Review 1(1)Higher Standards came into fruition with all cannabis users in mind, from long-time to the most common casual user. The brand goal is to offer quality, cost-effective products, and tools for better, more enjoyable smoking sessions. Every time we use a Higher Standard product we notice consistent aspects across all products types offered. No matter which product, whether bong, pipe, rolling papers, rolling trays, and all else, we always get fresh grounds from every grind, clean hits from every rip, and enjoy every session. Just make sure to always use their products with quality buds.

Quality of products, continuous improvement, and consistency is key and Higher Standards continuously deliver.

Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Overview

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Review 3(1)Upon arrival, the attention to detail was apparent. The packaging was slick. It was obviously designed with higher than average aesthetic and presentation standards in mind. The beaker bong itself was no less compelling with its beaker shape and large size, enclosed in a cushioned jet-black foam lining, ice mold, bowl, and long stem included.

We love the fact that the bong is handcrafted in the United States (the quality shows) and is comprised of borosilicate glass, which is well known for being long-lasting. We’ve tipped the bong which always seems to happen at one point or another. Our dogs have knocked over this beaker as well. It’s still holding strong which reinforces the fact that its material make-up is durable enough for any type of smoker, or setting.

What is borosilicate glass?

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Review 14(1)Borosilicate is a glass type that utilizes a combination of silica and boron trioxide as the core components. The advantage of this combination is having a low thermal expansion, which translates to having more resistance to thermal shock than traditional glass. It features exceptional craftmanship and optimal filtration, and an ample stable foundation.

See more from our source, here.


Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Review - cleaning 11The beaker is crafted with slits on the diffused downstem and when drawn, produces a delicate cool mist. This process then allows bubbles to form, which then provides a smooth delivery of smoke vapor. Please note that the downstem’s main purpose is to facilitate a suction pressure that leads the smoke through the mouthpiece when inhaling.

Fill it With Ice!

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Review 8(1)It also includes a custom ice mold to create perfectly shaped ice cubes for effortless chilled rips and a ringed funnel bowl for increased airflow that contributes to an enhanced smoking experience. The overall design is intended to prevent air leaks, optimize water filtration and distribute quality cool smoke on a consistent basis.

Cost Compared to Value

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Review 4(1)The average cost of the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong is just under two hundred USD on most online marketplaces. It is a slightly higher costing bong than some others, but you are receiving superior quality backed by outstanding customer support. We’ll leave it up to our viewers to decide if convenience and quality are worth paying a little bit extra for. We think they are.

Depending on which online merchant you go with, you should be provided helpful customer service when needed, and show they stand behind their inventory and products, with a return policy for further buyer security.

This is provided from the brand’s own website but we also found excellent communication, product advice, knowledge, and all the previously mentioned boxes checked with our friends at VAPOR. That’s value we can stand behind, recommend, and support.

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What’s Included?

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong in Packaging

  • 1 x 7 mm Thick Borosilicate Glass Beaker Water Bong (25” H x 5” W)
  • 1 x Borosilicate Glass Diffused Downstem
  • 1 x Borosilicate Glass Bowl
  • 1 x Custom Silicone Ice Mold
  • 1 x Reusable Collector’s Case

Highlights Of The Heavy Duty Beaker

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Review 18(1)This Heavy Duty Beaker Bong has an array of features and characteristics that can be very appealing to both seasoned and new water bong users.

There is no doubt about its physical quality and delivery of satisfying results. Higher Standards paid very close attention to details as mentioned before and that is reflected in our overall positive opinion after using this piece extensively.

Below, you will find highlights that we think will be important to our viewers as they are to us, and that catch your attention as they caught ours.

It’s A Medical Grade Device!

The Heavy Duty Beaker Bong is constructed with hefty reliable borosilicate glass. Since it’s medical grade, it will give you peace of mind, with it being non-toxic, durable, and crack resistant under extreme temperature fluctuations.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Review - cleaning 13With proper care and maintenance, you can get many years out of this durable glass bong.

Because of its material, cleaning is a breeze as well. We use soapy water or vinegar and baking soda, but there are many ways to clean your bong. If your bong has a lot of built-up residue and is very dirty, just let the solution soak inside the bong for a bit, then rinse and repeat as necessary.

There are commercial cleaning products that can also be used that are available at most online retailers, including our friends at VAPOR.

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Built-In Ice Catcher

As an added functional attribute, the bong incorporates a built-in ice catcher. This very useful feature lets you insert ice cubes down the mouthpiece which get caught in the downward cylinder providing a cold sensation with each hit. We love how the ice allows the smoke to chill before inhalation.

No need to worry about having the correct size of ice cubes. The set includes an ice mold that creates the ideal size to fit into the bong. It’s as easy as freezing, then placing the ice cubes into the beaker bong’s neck, which is held in place by an ice pinch with three prongs. Every session guarantees clean tasting and chilled smoke for your enjoyment. Attention to details like this is one reason this water bong is set apart from others that are similar.

Preserve Your Flower & Herbs

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Review 20(1)This beaker bong is made with a sturdy, abundant structure that supplies robust and flavorful hits continually. Just make sure to use quality herbs for the best taste and smoking experience.

The design provides balanced airflow that prevents burning your buds and is able to consistently be in use due to the heat resistance of the glass. The quality of the herbs being under or overutilized wasn’t a concern. We consistently got rich, fragrant, and smooth hits with every use of the bong to this day.

Just be sure to clean it once in a while so that residual build-up doesn’t hinder the taste of your hits, which we will cover more of later in the review. Build-up can also cause poor airflow which will lead to sub-par hits and a significant waste of your herb as you take each hit.

Functional & Collectable Case

We’re going back to the point made earlier about the overall presentation quality of the packaging and design.

The Heavy Duty Beaker Bong’s top-shelf collectible packaging is a work of art and created for prolonged use. It is reusable and sturdy enough to safely store the bong and all included accessories. The package is comprised of a foam interior for extra cushioning, a solid handle, and crush resistant profile to safely secure the contents.

This is another area in which Higher Standards exudes attention to both detail and quality, and further adds to the value received by the user for this beaker bong.

Airtight & Sealed Tight

This important aspect gives way to more satisfying and profound rips whether you want dragon clouds from your bong or small mellow hits all the same.

The tight seal on the stem components allows the smoke vapors to travel from the air passage to the mouthpiece seamlessly when the user inhales. The absence of excess air elevates the smoking experience by allowing optimal hits with minimum effort. Although I’m not the most eager to take large hits, I do appreciate how the tight seal allows for a proper hit without trying too hard.

Optimal & Effective Water Filtration

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Review 22(1)We love the advanced water filtration design that has become the standard in most quality water bongs available today.

Filtration has been engineered into the Heavy Duty Beaker Bong, which also controls internal liquid splash so there’s no hindrance to the smoking experience. Essentially, the water filtration’s core functions are both to reduce the temperature of the smoke before inhaling and more importantly, to us, to remove any microparticles in the inhaled vapors.

When the dry herbs are ignited in the bowl, the smoke vapors travel through the water, creating bubbles. During this process, the cooling effect takes place (especially if you inserted ice in the catcher), then the smoke travels to your lungs.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Review - cleaning 12The added slits on the downstem is another attempt from Higher Standards to elevate the smoking experience. We did notice this helped somewhat in creating more finer bubbles which lead to more effortless rips. It’s quite a pleasant small addition that’s easy to miss.

Does this make taking hits from this beaker bong easier on your lungs compared to other more traditional designs? Although a minor bit, yes. The airflow the additional slits in the stem provide an overall easier hit by allowing the lungs to inhale with less effort.

Additionally, the census among long-time bong smokers is that the water filters the harshness that usually accompanies inhaled smoke by keeping out foreign particle vapors that you don’t want in your lungs. There’s no confirmed data that proves you are exposed to fewer carcinogens when smoking from a bong but at the end of the day we find appreciation in the extra filtration.

Care & Maintenance Products (Sold Separately)

To preserve the integrity of its products, Higher Standards has curated an assortment of maintenance products. For the Heavy Duty Beaker Bong, Higher Standards has products to help your bong look brand new for a prolonged period, such as the following:

Higher Standards Salt Rox

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker - cleaning with salt roxWe like Salt Rox because just like our home remedies, they work. The product consists of course rock salt particles that have been finely granulated. When poured into the Beaker Bong, they spread throughout the surface, effectively targeting even the most difficult to reach areas. We tried our long rough mesh brush but certain angles make scrubbing in hard-to-reach areas extremely difficult.

The main function of the Salt Rox is to act as a mild scrub to remove buildup and residue that you can’t reach. Consistent use of this product will keep your Beaker Bong crystal clear and visually, as well as functionally impeccable.

It is imperative to continuously clean your Beaker Bong to enjoy smooth and clean smoking sessions for the long haul. You also want to avoid any compromise to your health. We clean our bongs regularly which helps in greatly reducing carcinogens entering our lungs when we take hits.

The Salt Rox can be obtained from Higher Standards themselves which we can vouch for, or another merchant we recommend, VAPOR.

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Superior Customer Service

Higher Standards Maintenance SuppliesOne thing that remained consistent was the outstanding customer service provided to the consumers of Higher Standards products by both the brand and some of our favorite online merchants.

You should already know at this point one of these merchants worth mentioning, and who are always super knowledgable about their products is VAPOR. Use this contact page for any questions you may have on any products from them, including the heavy-duty beaker we’ve reviewed here.

Generally, most credible online merchants we’ve encountered over the years respond in a timely manner (with a few exceptions), but few go above and beyond with communication and satisfaction than the aforementioned, and not to mention Higher Standards themselves.

Our Conclusion

Our rating of the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong, compared to other similar water bongs we’ve used recently, is an 8/10. We love the beaker design of the bong and its ability to produce large hits with minimal impact on the lungs. We rate it as suitable for both long-time bong users to casual smokers.

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Would we recommend the Heavy Duty Beaker Bong? Absolutely!

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Review 10(1)With all the rave reviews we had seen, we had to try it ourselves. With our review, we’re suggesting that anyone in the market for a similar bong should give it a shot, or at least one hit. With the undeniable attention to detail and top-quality durable glass, Higher Standards brings a lot of value to the table with this piece.

Why we vouch for the Heavy Duty Beaker Bong

Here are some aspects that easily caught our attention after extensive use:

  • Made of durable, heavy-duty medical grade borosilicate glass
  • Proudly handcrafted in the US
  • Attention to detail and high quality in regards to functionality and design details
  • It easily comes apart for cleaning and maintenance
  • The custom collector’s case is durable, reusable, and ensures you transport your Beaker Bong safely
  • The set includes a custom silicone ice mold, specifically added for even smoother rips
  • It is engineered to rip with maximum filtration, which will elevate your smoking experience
  • To guarantee an airtight seal, it is crafted with a ground glass connection
  • It is ideal to consume your top-grade flower
  • It can withstand temperature variations due to its thermal resistance feature

With all these details and feedback, we hope we were able to give you a better understanding of water bongs and if the High Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong is the right choice for you.

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