Firefly 2+ Review - Kit

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Firefly 2+ Review

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Vaporizers have been around for a long time and have come a long way. I distinctly recall going to purchase my first vaporizer about a year after they came out on April 20th for a 420 sale all the way back in 2003. It wasn’t the Firefly and it definitely wasn’t up to par with models available today, more specifically the Firefly 2+ we will be reviewing.

Is A Vaporizer for You?

Vape companies have had quite some time to perfect their products and upgrade their efficiency. They have managed to become more efficient and in this case also smaller. “Firefly” exists today because the brand has proven to be a company progressing through the improvement of its products. Along with great merchants such as Vapor, they’re able to bring these top-shelf products to the people who want to use them or don’t yet know they do. firefly 2+ review

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If you’re ready to fly to heights that have been uber upgraded, and for a significant price drop from the previous model, you’re definitely pointed in the right direction. Firefly makes it possible to reach a whole new level with their 3rd product released in this vaporizer product line. We reviewed it. Keep reading to find out what we think and if the Firefly 2+ vaporizer is for you.

What is the Firefly 2+ Vaporizer?

The entire point of a vaporizer is to get the most out of your product in the healthiest way possible, with little to no residue. The Firefly product line is a portable vaporizer, meaning you get all the benefits of a full-blown machine in a handheld, pocket-sized portable device.

firefly 2+ reviewWhen you opt to purchase the Firefly 2+ you are getting an enhanced version of the original Firefly portable vaporizer – but hey – who doesn’t love a better, lighter, and less expensive version of something that is already reliable, begin with?

The Firefly 2+ is a vaporizer that you can use on the go or discreetly at home, it’s rechargeable mechanism makes it ideal for people who like to vape often. Its heating component heats up at just the right speed to make whatever you’re vaping taste like it’s meant to – not burnt. Just be careful when adjusting the temperature. We found that 300 degrees were perfect for vaporizing buds, but there’s also the ability to increase the temperature for vaporizing concentrates.

Price Point of the Firefly 2+

With the price reduction from the previous Firefly, The 2+ is going for just above a couple of hundred USD. Although will cost more than your average bong or pipe, you get what you pay for, a reliable and high-quality vaporizer. There’s nothing cheap or flimsy about this device.

firefly 2+ review

The material feels and looks like that of a high-quality electronic device. It’s easy to see the quality of construction upon visual inspection.

With other smoking products, you cant pack away or travel easily. It’s simple to bring it out without a hassle for a quick, clean puff of herb in the most low-key way possible. It’s as easy as packing a bowl, pressing a button, taking a hit, and packing away. No lighters or other parts are needed. That’s the value of convenience.

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This vaporizer is made from materials that will last; magnesium alloy, borosilicate glass, and even has a removable mouthpiece – now that’s nifty!

You can feel the quality when you hold it. Also, consider that it has a consistent rating as a 5-star product by nearly all of the verified purchasers who reviewed it on Firefly’s website alone. After trying it out for ourselves, we approve as well.

Firely 2+

What We Love About the Firefly 2+

There are a few aspects we’d like to cover about using high-quality vaporizers like the Firefly 2+. Keep in mind, as mentioned before, this vaporizer is well-loved by customers and is now one of our many favorites. Below are some of the biggest health reasons to invest in a vape product and why we fell in love with this specific product.

Benefits to your Lungs

Using a vaporizer is good for those who want to keep their lungs healthy. The vaporizer 2+ works by reducing the product, whether it be dry herb, wax, e-liquids into a fine concentrated gas. It removes any toxic properties and excess plant material in the substance upon doing so.

When the properties you don’t need to inhale to feel the desired effects of your product are removed, well, that’s when thing’s get good. Your lungs will thank you for the extra filtration that the Firefly 2+ provides.

Faster Onset

firefly 2+ review

After a few sessions residue may build up under the cover. Just use the cleaning wiped included.

Experts recommend that you start vaping slowly, beginning with a few draws, and wait 20-30 minutes to see how it feels to you.

The Firefly 2+ ensures that you will be in and out of your draw faster or up to par with any other vaporizer on the market. The onset of your product is heated correctly, quickly, and perfectly. We didn’t have to wait long before the herb heated adequately for getting a perfect hit.

You’ll feel it right away, especially considering vaping is known to produce more THC per hit compared to burning.

The effects can hit within minutes and peak around 10-15 minutes, making this vape concoction quite effective. You should feel the stimulation from one session for roughly 2-3 hours or more but this also depends on the potency of your cannabis.

Long Battery Life

firefly 2+ review

Okay, so let’s talk about the battery life of this hand-held portable vaporizer. It takes roughly 45 minutes to charge it fully – meaning when it is %100 drained you will spend 45 minutes before it reaches %100 charged and ready-to-go.

The neat part about the Firefly vape 2+ is that it stays charged much longer than it takes to charge it. In comparison, it takes about 20 minutes to get down to %80 charge left. You can see how that pans out nicely.

The long-lasting battery on this device makes it a great companion while traveling or even on camping trips. We know how well nature and vaping go together, so this piece is great for adventures.

That said, the battery was improved in quality from the original Firefly vaporizer, but this time it comes with one battery instead of two.

Battery Charging Dock: Quick & Efficient

firefly 2+ reviewIncluded in the kit for this product is the portable charging dock – one with a nicer style if you ask me. It’s sleek and black and small – you can charge it anywhere without it being bulky and forcing people to ask what the weird device you’re charging is.

It’s discreet to the point and has a powerful charging capacity(quick charge output). In today’s world, a quick charge is a breaking point. Am I right? You ain’t got time to be wasting your time, aha…

Slow & Steady Draw for Best Results

To get a good hit from the Firefly vape 2+ you’ll need to get used to slow and steady – if you hit it too fast it could compromise the potency of the hit. Try to get in the habit of aiming for those full and robust draws. Trust me, you’ll know the difference when you figure it out.

  • For white smoke after blowing out: To get a good draw where you can see white smoke after you blow it out, simply inhale at a slow steady pace for around 10-20 seconds.
  • For no white smoke upon blowing out: In turn, if you like a hit that you don’t see upon blowing out but you absolutely still feel, you’ll want to inhale slowly and steadily for 5-10 seconds.

firefly 2+ review

You get to take it at your own pace with the Firefly 2+, you won’t run out of time or have it lose heat unexpectedly or even take forever to heat up. You can go from a cold draw to your desired temperature in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, the cool-down time on this vaporizer is almost instantaneous, thing’s have never been so smooth in the vaping world, which is one reason many people love to bring the fly 2+ on lunch breaks.

Temperature Range: 200 – 500 F

firefly 2+ reviewMost people like to vape between the temperature ranges of 248 degrees Fahrenheit up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit – depending on what product you have loaded into the chamber of your firefly 2+. And depending on which product that you choose will determine what temperature you should set it to; for instance, concentrates always are heated to a higher degree than dry herb will be.

Regardless, the chemical compounds in vaping products are activated as the vaporizer cycles upward in temperature, so the rate at which the Fly 2+starts at a cold temperature and heats up – is a very important feature to getting the most out of your product.

firefly 2+ review

A quick guide of the temperature points that activate certain chemical compounds in products that you may vape using the Firefly 2+ is below:

  • THCA products should be set to 248 degrees F
  • Delta-9 THC products should be set to 311 degrees F
  • CBD products should be set to 329 degrees F
  • CBE products should be set to 383 degrees F
  • THCV products should be set to 428 degrees F

The Firefly 2+ reaches a maximum temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the minimum temp is 200 degrees Fahrenheit – the broadest temperature any vaporizer on the market offers today.

The temperature of the heating component will continue to rise to the degree in which you set it as you actively inhale.

Intelligent App

firefly 2+ reviewThe app amongst many good thing’s makes it convenient and possible for you to find the exact temperature you personally enjoy heating your product to overtime. It gives you insight into the specific temperature you have set it to.

However, Apple product users with iPhones and other devices will not be able to download the app. All vaporizer-based content was removed from the Apple store. I had to find out after trying to connect with my iPhone. Thankfully you can still connect with your laptop or computer or any Android device.

We’ve included a link to the support page for the app below.

Connect to your Device (Link)

The app will reveal the following information;

  • Temperature control in real-time
  • Allow you to calibrate your device
  • Check the battery percentage
  • Rename your device
  • Change the setting of your temperature scale to Fahrenheit or Celcius
  • Test the Bluetooth connection
  • Change the activation button settings

firefly 2 plus review - tempurature settingsWhen drawing from your Firefly Vaporizer 2+ you will be able to see in real-time what degree the device has currently reached – this shows you exactly which chemical compounds have been activated with each hit by reaching their activation temperature.

The app can help you control the temperature of the vaporizer, but you can manually control the heat settings to a certain extent on the device itself. The device itself has 7 heat settings ranging across the temperatures of 320 – 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Manual Settings Operation

firefly 2+ reviewThe device itself has features built into it that help control temperature without the phone app – many users of the Firefly 2+ find this convenient. If you’re ever outside the range of service or your phone dies, the manual controls on the device itself can help(as long as you have firmware 3.26 or newer).

How to manually operate the heat controls on the Firefly 2+

  1. First: Press and hold the sensor on the right-hand side.
  2. Second: Tap the lefthand sensor 3X quickly, and wait for the LED to blink red showing you that you have entered the temperature change mode.
  3. Third: Continue pressing in the right side sensor and simultaneously tap the left side sensor to set the temperature from low to high. One tap on the left-side sensor will be the lowest setting and 6 taps will be the hottest temperature. You can tap the left-hand sensor anywhere between 1 and 6 taps to set the temperature.

LED Color Codes

firefly 2+ review

  • Blinking Green means that the device is actively warming to the desired temperature.
  • A solid green LED display means that it is ready to be used.
  • A blinking blue display, when it’s connected to the charging port means it is still charging.
  • A solid blue display means it is fully charged.
  • Blinking red off the dock indicates the battery is now low.
  • A solid red LED display while in use means that the device needs to cool down for a few minutes.
  • The LED is really helpful once you get to know it, especially while out and just need to check in on your device.

Loading Concentrates & Dry Herb

firefly 2+ reviewDry herb: Loading dry herb in your Firefly 2+ is actually pretty simple. To prepare the herb all that you need to do is lightly grind or tear apart the herb. After it is lightly ground, you can load it into the chamber for use. To activate hit the side sensors and begin heating your produce to vaporize it. It’s quick and easy.

Concentrates: To load concentrates into your Firefly 2+ you’ll need to ensure that the chamber is thoroughly clean before placing a concentrate pad firmly in the center. Next, you will place a concentrate pad firmly in the center of the glass bowl.

Lastly, you will place a small dab of concentrate onto the concentration pad(just a tad), and then close up the covering – be sure to secure it properly. Begin heating the concentrate by using the side sensors.

Concentrates are better vaped at higher temperatures – between 400 – 500 degrees is best.

Cleaning your Firefly 2+ is easy

firefly 2+ review

One great thing about the Firefly 2+ is just how easy it is to clean, you’re not going to end up with a bigger mess than you started with. Here’s how to clean your Firefly 2+;

  • Remove the cover to allow access to the glass bow.
  • Brush the inside of the glass bowl with the provided brush and the provided toothpick to remove any product residue as necessary.
  • Use an alcohol pad to wipe down all other surface areas(make sure not to pull out the seal gaskets).
  • Ensure that all the alcohol has thoroughly dried before using the device to vape next time.

*If cleaning after heating concentrates, you will use the toothpick to remove the concentrate pad and then wash down the device with an alcohol wipe. Do not clean the concentrate pad to reuse.
Because the Firefly 2+ is so simple to clean, this was one aspect that customers really enjoyed about owning this product. Some smoking devices, especially water bongs can be quite messy to clean and pipes you have to clean or scrape out often – which is pretty messy.

Fantastic flavors and a clean aftertaste

One thing that I love about vaping with the Firefly 2+ is the way it allows me to experience the wonderful robust flavors of my dry herb or concentrates. I am a flavor advocate when it comes to vaporizing – after all – we’re in it for the flavors right.

There is something grounding about the way herbs and concentrates can bring us an earthy feeling. This promotes healing and refocuses the mind on the present. When vaporizing I like to keep the flavor that is meant to be experienced in mind.

The Firefly 2+ was designed to have %33 better airflows from the heating chamber to your taste buds, and down into your lungs. You get to taste the greatness in all its capacity.

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In conclusion

Firefly2+Blue Version

So what is it about the Firefly 2+ that keeps it around as one of the cleanest vaporizers on the market today? Maybe the sleek design or the way it is so fast to heat up and cool down. It doesn’t waste any of your time, or product for that matter.

Or maybe it’s by word of mouth why so many people end up buying this vaporizer, just recently 1,118 people have bought the fly 2+ and are already getting to know their device. So don’t miss out on a great product that can last many years.

There might be a bit of a learning curve depending on how familiar you are with vaporizing, and this one has a completely unique style – yet the learning curve will be well worth your time. Ultimately you’ll end up feeling like your money has been well spent.

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