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How to use a sex swing in a small space

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The thought of investing in a sex swing is probably already giving you butterflies in your stomach and a witty grin on your face – it’s exciting, to say the least – and it’s genius to say the most.

You might not know where to start when considering buying a sex swing, as many people in this position don’t yet know where to start. There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a sex swing, such as the space you have for it, your budget, and the type of play you’re aiming for when using it.

There’s a lot to consider, and it can seem intimidating, especially when you want to jump in it already with your partner and have the fun it brings. Let me tell you though, it’s always worth it to do your research and buy the correct style of swing that best suits your spatial needs.

In other words – good job – you’re in the right place if you need to know the basics in regards to how much space sex swing’s really take up.

Why should you use a sex swing in the first place?

Sex swings are used for many reasons, and each couple who is shopping for one right now has their own set of reasons. Yet, the most commonly heard reasons for using sex swings most commonly fall within the following set of reasons; better sex, to reach an optimal position during intercourse, to have sex smarter and not harder, to spice up the relationship.

You don’t have to have many reasons for purchasing one, outside of wanting to use one because you’ve heard of their benefits and it seems like kinky fun that you’d like to have! So don’t feel bad for not knowing all about the style or size you might need when shopping for one.

It takes time to figure out the best option of a sex swing for your household, rightfully so.

How to figure out the right size sex swing for your room

Having fun in the bedroom with a sex swing means installing it the right way, it would be embarrassing and can literally result in injury if the swing you purchase isn’t properly installed or doesn’t fit the space available.

Below are the best methods to measure and plan to buy the most appropriate sex swing for your situation;

Measure the space you plan to use the sex swing in

You can either measure the space you plan to install the sex swing in or choose an optimal location in your house that you can set it up with each use – for instance, a door jam sex swing. If you at least have a door jam in your house, you would be ensured that the style of the swing will fit.

That may not always work though, if you don’t like the material or style of a doorjamb swing, you’ll need to figure out another option. Once you figure out the dimensions of the space you’ll be hanging your swing up in, you will be able to compare the measurements to the dimensions that the swing requires for proper installation.

When measuring the dimensions of your space – be sure to write them down – you don’t want to forget the measurements in all of the mumbo-jumbo of shopping for your swing.

If you aren’t completely sure what space you’ll be officially using your sling in, don’t worry, you can go ahead and measure the biggest and smallest space within your home and figure the rest out along the way.

After you’ve measured the space available in your home, you can proceed to look for a sex swing that fits

If you’re a complete beginner to sex swing kink, this might be the new grounds for shopping. It’s best to start with knowing what type or style of swings exists. Below are the most commonly used sex swing styles today.

There are generally 5 types of sex swings to choose from all of which have their benefits and size. Since you have a small space, you will want to choose one that accommodates your body type, abilities, the full space, and your intentions for play.

The standard, traditional, or conventional sex swing

A standard sex swing has the option of being attached to a sex swing stand(which is probably too big for a small space), or by two hooks from the ceiling or the hallway doors(which will work for a small space).

Standard swings will work in a smaller space if you hang the swing from hooks from the ceiling or walls at your desired height. Traditional sex swings fall on the basic side in terms of components, this is because they strictly move back and forth.

That said, standard sex swings can give way to massive fun when it comes to sex swing play – people seem to get very creative with this type of swing – which is what made it the OG of sex swings.

This style of swing contains stirrups for the feet, and a headrest might also be attached depending on the model, it’s also possible for handles to be attached as an additional bonus feature.

How much space traditional sex swings take up?

The neat part about traditional swings is that you can pick any location if it has the right anchoring point and you are going to anchor it from bolts and hooks instead of a sex swing stand(which is quite bulky).

Don’t consider a sex swing stand if you don’t have ample amounts of space – they take up a good 6-7 feet of space for proper usage.

Without a sex swing stand, you will need to attach the hooks from a joist found in your ceiling. If you’re fortunate enough to have a joist or wooden beam peering out of your ceiling, even better! Once you find a joist in your ceiling you’ll be attaching the hooks to you can proceed with purchasing a traditional sex swing.

Be sure you know exactly where you’d like to attach prior to making the purchase, the last thing you’d want is to find out you can’t locate a joist or anchor point in an ideal spot and have to return the swing.

You’ll want to have enough space for your swing back and forth while you and your partner are playing with it. Many bedrooms won’t have a center joist located within the ceiling the way a living room would, be sure to double-check where the central joist is inside of your house.

A hammock-style swing commonly called a sex sling

A sex sling is a great option for a small room or apartment, it is quite similar to the traditional sex swing but they usually have more of a hammock look to them rather than a seated upright position.

A sex sling allows the person in the seat to lay all the way back, making it a new experience entirely to try out. Zero gravity sex anybody? Sounds fun, right, and if missionary is your main thing, a sex sling will be the best route to go.

It’s one of the most comfortable ways for couples with physical hindrances, to use a sex swing. Meaning it makes a sex swing functional if physical limitations make certain sex positions uncomfortable or impossible – outside of missionary or doggie style.

How much space does a sex sling take up?

You can use a sex sling in very small places, some have single hooks and others have double hooks, check on that piece to make sure it’s the type you want. Sex slings are a little more work to install, and takedown but worth it in the long run as they are manageable for small spaces.

The fact that they’re usually held up by multiple hooks, makes them extremely sturdy to use. When picking out a sex sling, you can choose from a variety of options; latex, rubber, cloth, leather, and even wood.

The only drawback to this small space sex swing is that it won’t move around in quite as many ways as the traditional sex swing will.

You can place it in a hallway or otherwise small space, intending for it to simply move back and forth.

A wearable or body sex swing

It doesn’t get any more friendly toward limited space than a wearable sex swing, this option is amazing for couples who have been in it for the long haul. This piece is designed to be worn essentially by both partners simultaneously and helps support the weight of the person who won’t have their feet planted on the ground.

The standing partner will put on the sex swing attire, while the person who won’t be standing prepares to install themselves into the swing on their partner’s body.

One piece for two individuals to link in together. This method feels closest to free-standing sex where one partner would hold up the other while penetrating. This method can be brought out and stored away in a matter of minutes, and all you need is a partner willing to wear it and you during intercourse.

You can get creative with this piece by facing one another or having wheelbarrow-style intercourse. You can sit or stand with it depending on your preference likewise. You don’t have to mess with any installation process which can be nice as a beginner.

The only downfall to this method of sex swing, is that one person still has to work to hold their partner’s weight and the straps holding up the thighs seem like they may or may not cut off the circulation after a long session. Be sure to buy a wearable sex swing with thick straps on the thighs.

How much space does a wearable sex swing take up?

Amazingly, a wearable sex swing is truly the most spatial friendly option for couples who have the physical strength to use it, but not the space necessary for a full-blown sex swing stand.

A body sex sling only takes up as much space as it takes for you and your partner body’s to stretch comfortably during sex while wearing it. A body sling can be used standing up which takes even less space.

In other words, all you need is a place to stand and bounce efficiently – which makes it ideal for those who only have their bedroom or a studio apartment. It’s incredibly discreet to store away when you’re all done with it as well.

360-degree rotational sex swing

If you choose to go with a 360-degree sex swing, you can absolutely save on space and have lots of fun with the various options you get for sex positons. The absolute best part of a sex swing that swings in every direction of a full circle, is that you can control which direction want to swing in the moment.

You might want to face the window one day, and the hallway the next. This seems to be the most diverse swing in terms of play – being able to swing your partner in a full circle is really fun to do during sex.

You can reach any part of the body by the touch of a simple turn, making it less predictable of what’s going to happen next during a given play session.

The entire point of a sex swing is to spice up you and your partner’s intimate life – and a fully rotational swing certainly gets the job done. With a swing that rotates to the full degree, the person in the swing has more power over what will happen next too.

If you like to be a more active sex partner, regardless of submitting to your partner taking you on in a sex swing – a rotational swing can be freeing compared to a hammock style of swing that outs you in laying position.

How much space does a 360-degree rotational swing take up?

This swing is attached by one anchoring point from your ceiling and will need a bit more room than the back and forth style of swing in order to rotate in all directions. You’ll want plenty of room all around the swing, for you and your partner’s body accompanying a circling swing.

It certainly won’t be suitable for a hallway, since the walls can hinder the full rotational abilities. You’ll want to choose a location in your bedroom or even a small living room that offers ample space in the circumference around the seat.

At the least, you’ll need to plan for the swing to have a well-stretched body with more space than what the swing touches while being pulled to the maximum ability in all directions. Because a fully rotational swing has just one anchoring point you will absolutely need to find the correct installation point, which could require more work and knowledge on your part.

When investing in this type of swing, be sure to check the maximum weight capacity to ensure it is suitable.

Door jamb style sex swing

This swing is a perfect option for small spaces, given that you indeed have a door in your small space. It will require that you mount the swing onto the door, like the part that opens or closes, not the door frame.

I love the idea of this method, for its simplicity. It seems to be the second most user-friendly option aside from the wearable body sling. You won’t have any holes to drill or hidden joists to locate.

You will simply hang the hooks on the top of your door, and then close your door to secure it. This option is practical in many aspects – it’s easy to put up or take down, you have your back secure up against a wall so that you don’t have to move around as much.

It gives the penetrating partner a nice solid placement when thrusting or playing, instead of worrying about your partner swinging away in action. Some might find this option limiting while others find it preferable due to the extra stability.

Doorjam sex swings usually have stirrups for your feet and a wide seat. You can utilize this setup in a surprising amount of ways; place your belly on the swing and go for it from behind or lay your back on the swing while the standing partner is against the door.

How much space does a doorjamb sex swing take up?

It’s easy to adjust the height of this swing, making it even better for limited space areas. Plus, no one will know you have it, since there aren’t any permanent hooks, holes, or screws left in your ceiling.

You really just need the space that a door jam takes up to use a door jam sex swing. Most couples who live in apartments or are renting a room feel great about using this type of swing. They get plenty of creative options for sex positions while using the bare minimum of space.

The only downfall about certain styles of a doorjamb swing is what the hooks are made out of. Metal hooks can be aggressive on your door, leaving paint or wood scraped off, and sometimes even dents at the top of the door.

Over time, this can get worse, and be visible from the outside – if you already know your door is made of softwood or painted in a way that easily chips off you may want to opt for leather hooks.

Add a swivel to any single hook sex swing for a 360-degree rotation

Many don’t know this, but you can make any swing that mounts to one ceiling hook a swivel seat. With a swivel hook from Home Depot you can transition your otherwise non-spinning swing into a spinning one.

Deciding purely on a spinning feature isn’t the best thing to do, especially when you can turn your swing into a fully rotational swing.

Opt for a sex chair if you don’t want to mount anything and have a small space

The next best option for a small space would be a sex chair. A chair of this sort will usually put the seated person in a butterfly position, which is hard to achieve on your own. So it gives a big boost to your sex life or relationship.

If you don’t want to fully splurge on a sex swing, or don’t feel you quite have enough space – opt for a chair instead! Sex chairs are easy to assemble, take down, and pack away for another time.

They generally aren’t any bigger than a household chair, and can be inexpensive. Sex chairs come in many styles, so look around to find one suitable for you if a full-sized sex swing seems too much.

In conclusion

The best option for limited space is going to be the wearable sex sling, though, this isn’t preferable for some people who do not have the physical capacity such as strength and stamina to use it.

If you want the weight distributed to the wall or ceiling of your house, you may want to choose another option like the doorjamb sex swing or the 360-degree sex swing. All of the options on this list will work in limited space areas.
A word of advice is to do your research and find all necessary measurements well before you dive into the investment of a sex swing. Sex swings are meant to be fun, even in small areas – and no one can have their cake and eat it too – so just figure out what is the most practical option for your relationship and give it a go!

Don’t worry about the extra features you might miss out on by choosing one style over the other, just focus on how you can optimize your playtime with the one you have decided to purchase. This will make it more fun, and less stressful for you when shopping for a sex swing suitable for a small space.


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