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SuperCloset Grow Box Review

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From San Francisco, California, SuperCloset has grown from an at-home garage idea to the #1 best selling grow box company in the world. Creating the best-matched environment for your plants is a tricky game as you attempt to align many factors like airflow, temperature, filtration, nutritional balance, pH levels, the list goes on.

supercloset grow box review - marijuanaA SuperClost grow box takes care of the details so you can take care of planting and harvesting. Customizable preferences and cutting-edge technology come together in each box and exceed expectations. When you make the decision to begin growing your seeds you need to consider how you’re going to accomplish the whole process from start to finish.

You want your overall operation to prove as effective as possible. You will also want to produce yields that are large and worthwhile, and the overall operation to flow. Getting a healthy harvest from your baby seeds is the main goal of your pre-germination, so the setup you create for your growing process has to be well thought out and secure.

Investing in a grow box from SuperCloset can take your at-home growing process from mediocre to successful, 100% of the time. And while there are many boxes for your closet to choose from, we have provided two of the best-selling boxes for your arsenal to take note of and consider for your next at-home grow experience. Leave us a comment and let us know which grow closet would contribute best to your experience! 

SuperBox Smart Grow LED Box

SuperCloset - SuperBox Soil

(Grow closet setup with soil system)

SuperCloset - SuperBox Hyrdo

(Grow closet setup with hydroponics system) 

Available in hydroponic and soil systems, the SuperBox Smart Grow LED Box is a functional, compact full growing box for the SuperCloset arsenal. Tiny but mighty — this box features a smart technology designed to control your grow light settings, or your superponic system, from anywhere. With the compact size and full harvest opportunity, this is a great box for growers with any experience with tight space. The additional feature of the grow lights being LED updates the SuperBox to give off less heat, increase in height, and produce a larger, more high-quality yield. The SuperBox is designed for you to be able to plant and leave, that way you don’t have to move through the growing stages. The SuperBox is a single chamber grow system that allows you to advance from start to finish with total ease. 

Key Features

  • WiFi grow cam included in all systems links to your tablet or mobile device and allows you to check on your plants without disturbing them. The grow cam features night vision, timelapse, and live feed capabilities. 
  • Through the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can set, customize, and control your grow lights from anywhere. The app will also allow you to control your hydroponics water pump system. 
  • To really make the most of your grow experience you can take advantage of the option to upgrade your germination process. With a full germination kit you’re set up for success from seed through to harvest. The package includes a heat mat, heat mat thermostat, humidity dome, a seedling tray, and cubed rock wool medium. 
  • A Total Dissolved Solids Meter (TDS) helps you stay engaged with the natural balance of your water source. Your TDS meter can tell you if your water is suitable for a hydroponics environment and if not, why. Also guiding you in which direction you should be going with your disbursed nutrients. The meter is easy to read with a color-coded chart that equates to the value of water purity. 

Hydroponics System – SuperPonics

The SuperPonics system is designed to accommodate eight small plants, with a 5 gallon reservoir of nutrient dense water. This system is easier to maintain and the watering system is designed to eliminate clogged drippers and leftover loose debris — making this sustainable for busy growers. The SuperPonics system is fully automated to grow plants more efficiently and more rapidly. Included with the hydroponics system: 

  • 8 Plant SuperPonic System 
  • Premium 2 port Air Pump 
  • 132 gallon per hour water pump 
  • Clay grow rocks 

Soil (Traditional) or Substituted Soil Medium

Traditional soil growing is a great introduction to indoor growing and especially for a rookie grower. The soil method system houses up to six one-gallon soil pots, with lower maintenance, watering, and feeding. A huge benefit to soil growing systems is the ability to choose your own soil or a substituted soil medium. Included with the soil system: 

  • Six one-gallon soil buckets
  • Bond moisture meter 

BlueLab Guardian Monitor

With the SuperBox Smart box not being very large in size, it’s easy to feel fearful of how well your plants will do. Is the space right? Is the air okay? The BlueLab Guardian Monitor feature measures all critical parameters to a healthy harvest: pH, temperate, and total conductivity. On one digital screen that’s easy to read, you can view all three components at once. 


  • Grow cam included 
  • Solid construction for safety and durability 
  • Odor and aroma controlled with an activated carbon air filtration system 
  • Fits almost anywhere 
  • Video tutorials to assist in beginning growing 


  • Small size may create placement issues (where, lifted or floor level, etc.) 
  • Seeds sold separately 
  • Less harvest produced than other grow boxes 

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SuperStar Smart Grow Box

SuperCloset - SuperStar Hyrdo

(Grow closet setup with hydroponics system)

SuperCloset - SuperStar Soil

(Grow closet set up with soil system) 

The best selling cabinet from SuperCloset, the SuperStar Smart Grow box, combines the perfect balance of compact size with large yields. The compact size of the box allows you to store it comfortably in any room, and is complete with all the growing supplies and tools you may need throughout your process. The cloning chamber in particular delivers 100% of the time. The cloning chamber is powered by a 6500k light making the chamber perfect for seedlings, clones, and even vegetative growth. 

Key Features 

  • The new Kind K3 Led grow light takes this experience to the next level for a hobbyist, home grower. The new LED can enhance the overall quality and potency of your grow with upgraded UV diodes that increase terpene and flavor profiles.
  • The new Lotus Premium Plant Nutrients takes a dense 8-10 part recipe and quickly turns it into a 3 part nutrient line. Lotus was developed by experienced medicinal plant cultivators from Northern California. 
  • CO2 is an essential contributor to light and water to achieve photosynthesis. And while your plants may receive enough CO2 from the air, if you deliberately provide your plants supplemental CO2 they will become consumed and then produce very healthy fruits/flowers. Introducing this CO2 supplement into your system can increase your yields as much as 30%. 
  • The Led lights may serve many practical functions, science has proven that too much exposure at one time can, through time, begin to prohibit you from seeing your plants with their natural color. This can make things challenging when gauging the true condition of your plants. Method 7 Led Growing Glasses provide the “perfect color” with their patent pending technology, Rendition Technology. These glasses and patent were developed to protect eyes and color range for those that work in harsh Led conditions regularly. 

SuperPonics Hydroponics System

SuperStar SuperPonics Hydroponics system combines compactability and gain. This system accommodates up to 16 small plants in the flowering chamber, and up to 14 clones or seedlings in the cloning chamber. The automated SuperPonics system grows plants stronger and faster, and is easy to maintain from seed to harvest. Including in the hydroponics system: 

  • Dual SuperPonic 8 Hydroponic Grow Systems 
  • Premium 2 port Air Pump 
  • 132 gallon per hour water pump 
  • Clay grow rocks 

Traditional Soil or Soil Substitute

Again, the soil being a great beginner’s growing medium, the opportunity to play with the desired medium can produce a unique harvest. The soil system for the SuperStar box houses up to four five-gallon soil pots in the flowering chamber, a seedling tray with a dome, and up to 14 clones or seedlings in the cloning chamber. Included in the soil system: 

  • Four five-gallon soil pots 
  • Bond moisture meter 

Kind LED

Compared to HPS lights, LED grow lights conserve about half the electricity, and produce overall more yield per watt. LED lights offer a lower temperature and allow for no other temperature control aside from the internal circulation fans. The lights can be set to a specific color and proportion, and can then be tailored to the needs of the plant’s growing process. The Kind LED lights save at-home growers energy consumption, keep the setup cooler overall, and see an increase in the quality of the harvest. 


  • Grow cam included 
  • Built for durability and safety 
  • Discrete growing — controlled odor/aroma from an activated carbon filtration system 
  • Dual grow chambers allows perpetual harvest cycles 
  • Grow up to 16 veg/flower plants with the dual SuperSonics 8 system 


  •  Takes up more space than the SuperBox Smart LED 
  • Seeds sold separately 
  • Less harvest produced than the SuperBox 

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Flowering Chamber Attributes

Each box’s vegetation and the flowering chamber are vital to the desired outcomes. Whether you choose a SuperStar Hydroponic system or a SuperBox Soil system, your flowering chamber will look the same and provide strong, safe, and secure growth. Each chamber features Kind LED flower lights, adjustable circulation fans for cross airflow, an activated carbon scrubber for total air filtration, and uses 20% less energy. Maintaining the cleanliness of your grow environment is made easy with SuperCloset’s chamber systems. A thermometer and hygrometer monitor the grow environment to retain a clean appearance. The paneling contributes to the maintenance with anti-mold technology, while also being removable and adjustable. The ability to move or adjust your panels can distribute the lighting effectively throughout the chamber. 

Our Conclusion

There are so many things to think about and choosing your approach for growing at home is imperative to the outcome. You want to grow and have success, and you want to enjoy the experience. SuperCloset allows you to define what your growing experience looks like and provides you with all the bells and whistles you need or want to produce lively harvests. These two grow box options give you a taste of what SuperCloset has to offer for growing cabinets. But these two are the best at what they do. An almost totally customizable experience — hydro or soil, small or large, maintenance and affordability. Every decision has been thought about to ensure these SuperCloset boxes create growing successes