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Tank Glass Beaker Bong

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Okay, so when I heard about a glass bong that is supposed to be hard to break, I was extremely skeptical. In fact, I wanted to get my hands on one immediately. Especially after watching some of the videos out there about these bongs. I’ve always been a clumsy person. In fact, I have broken almost every bong and bowl I have ever owned that was made from glass. This is why I needed a bong that would withstand the hell I would be putting it through.

I was intrigued, however, when I heard there was a glass smoking device out there that was going to be hard for me to break and just may last me years. I mean, who else thinks to throw their bong off of a roof or use it as a hammer if the need arises? I had to see this bong for myself! That is why I tried out the Original Tank Beaker!


About Tank Glass

Tank Glass is an innovative glass blowing company out of Los Angeles, California. The company is made up of a team of five guys who are engineers and scientists. These guys wanted to create the world’s first indestructible bong, using their own glass formula. Not only did they create beakers with reinforced bases and super thick glass, but they have also created bongs that will last you a lifetime. Believe me, my cat knocked it off the table, a buddy dropped it on my tiled kitchen floor, and I’ve even put some serious heat to this thing, and this 9mm thick bong is still in one piece.

Pricing & Accessories

The different Tank Glass pieces are actually relatively cheap if you are comparing them based on quality and functionality. Plus, every Tank Glass beaker comes with everything you need and a FREE BONG BAG. Any smoking device worth having is going to cost you a little more, especially if it lasts you years and always remember, you get what you pay for! The Original Tank Beaker is a twelve-inch piece that comes with two four-inch down stems with a six-cut diffuser in each and a fourteen-millimeter bowl equipped with a glass knob to avoid touching it directly during use.

The bowl is made of super thick glass as well and takes a long time to heat up, so no worries about letting it cool down in between smoking sessions. The bag that comes with it is plush and cushioned to protect your glass pieces and made of quality material.

  • Although this classic beauty will run you at about $159.00, it will last you longer than many of those other smoking devices you spent way too much on.
  • You can also choose to go with the mini beaker for $119.00 or even the Max version for $189.00.

No matter which one you choose, it’s worth every penny!


Whether you are a social smoker or one that just keeps to themselves, Tank Glass has a beaker that is the right size for you. From the Tank Mini coming in at eight inches to the lung buster, the Tank Max, that is eighteen inches tall, there is a beaker that will last you a lifetime and you won’t have to be scared to drop or break. There are even bags made just for these pieces to help you protect them and travel with ease. Regardless of whether you pick the Original Tank Beaker like I did, or you choose to go with something a little different, all of Tank Glass is made of the same patent-pending glass formula that can withstand even a roofing nail!

The smoking experience

With the ice catch and a percolator built in the down stem on the Original, this Tank Glass Beaker gives you a smooth and cool smoking experience that anyone would appreciate about a water bong. The smoke always gets hot when it’s not being filtered, so being able to filter that smoke through cool water and ice really allows for bigger hits without all the choking! Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to cough from a bong hit from time to time, but it gets uncomfortable if every hit makes you regret the last. With this bong, you get the smoking experience any veteran smoker appreciates and it’s great for amateurs too! If you are looking to make some serious clouds on cloud 9, the Original Tank Beaker is an awesome choice!

Just because you can. don’t mean you should!

Pros & Cons of the Tank Glass Beaker Bongs

So every bong has the things that make it great and the things that could make it better! Below, I have compiled a list of pros and cons to help you determine if these bongs are right for you!


  • Super Durable
  • Smooth smoking experience
  • The bowl doesn’t get hot too quickly
  • Can be used as a dab rig for concentrates
  • Getting replacement parts are easy
  • Can buy accessories to accompany your new bong
  • Easy to clean
  • Every bong comes with a FREE Bong Bag


  • Very heavy
  • The down stem is angled toward the back of the beaker instead of the middle, making it harder to enjoy the full smoking experience.
  • The bowl and down stem aren’t as durable as the bong itself.
Tank Glass Beaker Bongs- Beaker with Ice

Easy to Clean

One thing I truly love about this device is that it is very easy to clean. There aren’t a lot of little spaces that resin can get into, making it super simple to clean and sterilize. A little salt and 91% alcohol in this smoking device, a few really good shakes, and watch it practically clean itself. It is always important to clean your smoking devices often in order to avoid bacterial growth, especially if you like to share. No one wants to smoke out of something that has been on dirty mouths over and over again. Not to mention, it can be dangerous on your lungs and respiratory system. Being easy to clean is merely one great thing about this bong. It’s heavy-duty too and can withstand a lot of abuse.


Extremely Durable!

Anyone would be skeptical about anything being glass having the ability to be durable. Let alone having the ability to withstand the shock of falls and being used as a tool. That’s right, being used as a tool. When I first heard about these “Indestructible Bongs”, I found videos that everyone was posting, proving the strength of these remarkable glass works of art. Tank Glass themselves even posted videos, testing the strength of their glass. Although some of those videos were a bit over the top, each one proved just how durable these beakers are.


When Tank Glass says they have created a new type of glass that can withstand just about anything you throw at it or use it to throw it at, they truly mean it. Although videos are great evidence, I had to know for myself. The day I received it in the mail, I threw it across the room before even putting it together. In one piece and unharmed, I then tried out the hammer test for myself. That’s right, I used my brand new bong to hammer a roofing nail into a 2 by 4. Personally, I was scared to death because I really wanted to try this new piece out. Again, it remained intact and unharmed.

I didn’t want to push my luck, so I put the long down stem in and the bowl, filled it with a little water and some ice cubes and enjoyed the smooth smoking experience all smokers want from their new glass pieces.

Can be easily used as a Dab Rig

Because Tank Glass uses standard sizing when creating the down stem and bowl pieces, they are easily transformed into great dab rigs that are easy to clean and easy to go back and forth between flower, wax, or shatter. It’s as simple as finding a 14mm male banger that fits your bowl! Then you no longer have to have multiple smoking devices because you have different medias of smoke, but, there is nothing wrong with having more than one!


Whether you are looking for a glass piece that will last you a lifetime, or something that will look good with the rest of your collection, you will definitely not be disappointed with these ones. The glass is durable, easy to clean, and create a fun experience that will have your friends begging you to sell them yours! Believe me, I know from experience! Point them to Tank Glass to get their own and then enjoy yours!

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