How to Dry Cannabis - Hanging Plants

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How To Dry Cannabis

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When you look down at your blunt, do you really consider all the hard work that went into making it the wonderful smoke that it is? I know when I first started smoking, I just figured it was a plant that people just grew in the wild and plucked from when they needed it. However, cannabis is a bit more complex than that, especially if it is being grown specifically for its certain medicinal purposes. In fact, a cannabis plant can change how it affects its users just by how it is grown and what it is grown in. If there isn’t enough curing or drying time given to a cannabis plant, the bud itself can fail to do its job as well as it should

What you will need

There isn’t a whole lot that is required to dry cannabis. However, you need to consider a few things first. 

  • Where are you drying your cannabis? Is it in a dry place?
  • Do you run the risk of others messing with your drying herb?
  • How much time do you need to dry your cannabis out?
  • Finally, do you have enough space to dry out your weed?

Once you have considered these questions then it is time to get started. Below, you will find a basic list of things you will need to dry out your weed. I made sure to also suggest alternatives! 

  1. Make sure that the space you are planning on drying your cannabis in is big enough and dry enough to give your plants an inch or two between them and allow ample airflow
  2. You can use a drying rack, that allows you to hang your cannabis in one place. You can find a great one here
  3. Scissors or pruning shears.

Alternative: Some fishing line and coat/belt hangers and sewing needle to thread the fishing line through the end of the stalk.

Here is a great drying rack for multiple plants. It allows for a more even drying rate and can hold up to 34 plants at a time!

Time to Cure and Dry your Bud

After all the hard work you went through to get those beautiful plants looking their best, it is time to finally cut them down! Although this may be a sad ending to months of hard work, it is also the most joyous part. After all, this is the reason you went through what you did, to be able to smoke something you can truly be proud of creating. 

Trim Your Buds

First, you need to trim your buds. Recognizing the difference between leaf and bud is most important during this time. If you are unsure of what to trim, it may be best to leave it intact until you have done some further research. It isn’t difficult to spot the difference, as the leaves you are going to be trimming away are the marijuana leaves you are used to seeing everywhere. The bud itself is usually in big balls of a more dense matter. This is what you are used to seeing when you buy weed from somewhere else.

Try using some pruning shears or pointed scissors in order to get around the leaves and close to the bud. You can also save your trimmings and make edibles or other crafts from them!

Using pointed shears can help you cut more precisely and allow for a closer cut.

Leave it On the Stalk 

The easiest way to dry your cannabis plant is by leaving as much of the buds as possible on the stalks themselves. The stalks are what you are going to be tying upside down onto the rack. When you leave your bud on the stalk, it allows for easier curing and drying. This is also because once your buds are cut off of the stalks, they are no longer able to absorb the THC and nutrients that the plant forces through the buds in a last-ditch effort to keep it alive.

If you want the best possible outcome from your weed, curing your plants by hanging them upside down and drying them in this manner, will allow you to get the best out of your cannabis. 

Hang it Upside Down

This is extremely important. When you tie or string your fishing line through the ends of your stalks and hang them upside down, the cannabis plant is using its last effort to push as much nutrients and THC to the ends of its buds as it can in order to survive. By hanging them upside down, those nutrients and THC push out of the bud rather than the stalk, thus curing your weed. This will also allow for your weed to dry more evenly with less risk of mold or smashing your buds. As no one wants their weed smashed, they want to enjoy the hard work they put into it!

Leave it to dry

Here is the hard part. Trust me, it can be a lot harder than you think when you are sitting around the house without any weed and the smell entices you from the drying room! Everyone always wants to rush and smoke their bud as soon as they can. Sadly, if you don’t leave it to dry or cure, then your bud is only going to give you a small percentage of its true power, rather than its full effect. Not to mention, wet weed does not taste nearly as good as the dry stuff! In fact, getting it to light at all is going to be a chore if you didn’t dry your cannabis properly. 

No Rush

There is no rush when it comes to growing, drying, or even smoking cannabis. The growing takes time, the developing takes time, and curing and drying take time. With all good things, patience is truly a virtue. I know you may feel the need to get your cannabis dry, but any other way of drying it will only create a product that isn’t as potent or delicious as it could be. Remember, there are also some ways to dry your cannabis that can actually kill the terpenes in it and deactivate the THC altogether.

For example, some may feel the need to microwave or bake their cannabis until it is dry. However, this can change your weed altogether. In fact, you can have a plant that offers a high percentage of THC, but once microwaved or even baked, it can lose more than half of that percentage. Please don’t put your cannabis in the microwave, trust me, it’s not a good ending to an even worse story!

Here is a drying rack that you can use for multiple stalks of cannabis. If you are someone that grows larger crops, these will come in handy!

Now that you have hung up all of your plants upside down, make sure that your bud gets lots of airflow. This will help you manage them better and ensure that they are drying evenly. It will also help you avoid growing any unwanted mold. Be sure to remember that when cannabis is drying, it will let off a smell, so you are not completely in the clear as far as being discreet goes. Use care when drying your weed and when it feels like there is no moisture when you squeeze a bud, it is ready to go! Be sure to check as you go, as some buds don’t dry as quickly as others.

Humidity packs are great to add to your jars or bags when you want to keep your bud dry and fresh!

After It’s Dry and Trimmed

Once you have all of your dried buds trimmed from your stalks, you can now start to clean them up a bit more and put your finishing product in jars or bags, your choice. See our article on the best airtight containers for storing smaller quantities of buds (here).

Remember, when you store your weed you will still need to make sure that you keep it free from humidity and moisture in order to keep it at its freshest. When your weed is moist, not only do you run the risk of mold forming on your weed, but it makes it difficult to light and harsher to smoke. In order to get a smoother smoke, your bud should be dried completely. You can place humidity packs in each jar or bag and know that your weed won’t get too moist and still be fresh to smoke daily.

If you grow smaller batches of weed, you can always hang your individual buds out in a mesh drying rack in order to finish drying

Finishing it Up

If you are in a state where cannabis is legal, you have no worries but to sit back and watch your beautiful cannabis grow into a magnificent medicine! There are many products out there that can help you control the humidity in your cannabis once it’s trimmed. Be sure to check out this recommended product – stainless steel humidity control container w/ humidity pack!

There are numerous ways you can dry your plants, including the different drying racks available to make your job just a little easier. Although you can go with the cheap and classic wire hanger and fishing wire, there are different racks today that will allow you to dry more plants in smaller areas without the risk of having the plants too close to dry. There are also mesh drying racks that you can use for smaller amounts of cannabis. These are great to put in almost any place and can be hung from the ceiling or a shelf.

Weed is a wonderful plant and great for all kinds of things. If you take care of it, it will take care of you! Patience is key when developing a smoke that you can truly be proud of! So trim it, hang it up, let it dry, and then enjoy all that hard work you put into it!

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