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How to Smoke Weed

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Smoking weed can be a great experience, especially if you are prepared and know what to expect. Now, the odds of this being your first time is pretty good, since most veterans normally don’t look up how to smoke weed, but more like how to change it to make the experience even better. This doesn’t mean that you have to change a perfectly good bud in order to have a great smoking experience. Keep in mind before you continue reading, that everyone has their own personal way of enjoying their weed. I am merely sharing some great ways to try out and see which is best for you. After all, practice makes perfect, right?

Things to Consider Before Smoking Weed

There are some things you should probably consider before you just pack a bowl and choke on some indica. Remember, if you are a first-time smoker, your tolerance is going to be very low. This means, don’t try to overdo it the first time you smoke. Start out small and work your way up. Especially if you are the type that freaks out at the unexpected. This is why reading this will help you better understand what to expect and how to prepare for the best smoking experience possible, as well as how to actually smoke the weed. 

  • First, what kind of high do you want, something with energy, or something that melts you into the couch?
  • What do you have to smoke out of?
  • Do you prefer to roll the weed up and smoke it, or pack a bowl or bong?
  • How is the weed offered, in bud form, dab(wax) form, or oil form?
  • You may also want to consider your lung capacity when it comes to smoking weed, as some ways can require big breaths. If you cough a lot, have COPD, or asthma, you should use caution and care when smoking weed. Please know that there are other forms of weed that are still fun to use and easier on your lungs and health. 
  • The most important thing to ask yourself before smoking weed is, CAN YOU HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR AT LEAST A FEW SECONDS?
  • The last thing to consider is the laws in your state. In some states, it is illegal to smoke or possess weed, so be sure that you understand the risk before partaking. 

Strains and their effects 

There are many important things to know about when deciding to smoke weed. Learning about the different marijuana strains and what they are capable of doing is important when preparing for your high. You don’t want to smoke a bunch of weed that makes you a couch potato, only to have to go to work in a couple of hours. Preparation is an important key when smoking weed. 

Indica Strains

These strains are best known as the body high couch potato strains and are best known for its calming and sedative-like effects. In other words, best for night time. I remember this strain best by saying “In Da Couch” instead of Indica. Some of these strains can take a little more time to do its magic, so smoke indica strains with care. There are a bunch of great websites and books you can read that can let you know what kind of strain your weed is if you already know its name or main qualities.

However, like much of the weed I smoked growing up, there may not be a name for it, thus leading to the experimental high. If you are unsure of what you are smoking, inhale deeply and hold the smoke in for 3 seconds. Do this only once or twice and wait 10 minutes to see how you feel. You can continue to do this until you get the desired effect you want. When you are smoking weed for the first time, remember, you can always smoke more, but you can’t undo what you have already done. 

Sativa Strains

These strains are known to lend an energetic and creative feel to its smokers and are more of a head high. They are the marijuana plant that you see with thinner leaves and are usually much taller. This strain leads to alertness and if smoked in abundance, may cause paranoia and anxiety. Be sure to test your limits with sativa strains in small amounts before taking any bong hits like you’re Willy Nelson. 

Of course, there are hybrids and weed that does a little bit of everything. Use care and be responsible when you smoke weed, and know your limits. Nothing is worse than a bad high where you are paranoid and dizzy. There is such a thing as “too high”!

Bud, Dabs, or Oil: The basics to smoking

Knowing how to smoke your weed is important, especially if you have invested the money into buying some in the first place. You don’t want to waste your bud or wax on smoking it wrong so be sure to follow some basic steps to smoking weed regardless of what form it is in. 

  1. Make sure that your smoking device has the weed of your choosing in it. Be sure, if you are smoking the flower itself, that your bud is dried completely. Otherwise, you will have a hell of a time getting it to light properly. 
  2. You will take a lighter, torch, or push a button to ignite your weed. If you are smoking dabs or wax, torches get hotter than normal lighters and get your glass hot enough to vaporize your wax. Most don’t light the wax directly but the bowl itself. There are also vape pens that you just put your weed inside and push a button to heat up your product. I myself, prefer the classic BIC lighter, but I usually smoke the bud itself, rather than wax or oil. 
  3. Once you have ignited your weed, you will inhale the smoke that comes from the device, sucking it into your mouth in a long, drawn-out drag. Most veteran weed smokers will suck in the smoke until they have no room in their lungs for any more smoke. The trick is, being able to hold that smoke in for a few seconds before exhaling it. 
  4. Once you have held the smoke in the best you can, blow it out and enjoy the aftertaste that your bud has to offer. 
  5. Remember, Puff..Puff…Pass!

Vape, Bowl, Bong, or Blunt: Different ways to smoke weed

Everyone has their own favorite way to get stoned, some prefer to pack a bowl or roll a joint, some prefer to vape oil or dabs. Others, like myself, don’t care which way I smoke, as long as I am getting the effects I want. Being quite the veteran in the marijuana world, I have learned about the many ways people smoke weed, as well as which methods most considered effective. 

There are the french inhalers, or, people who suck the smoke into their mouths but then inhale it in through their nose. This can take some time to master, but once you do, you are passing that THC smoke through your mucous membranes in your nose, thus creating a faster high. 

Then there are the red-faced, eye-popping inhalers, or those who want to hold the smoke in until their eyeballs look like they are going to pop out of their heads. Although doing this may make you feel higher, it is actually the lack of oxygen that is doing that effect, as weed smoke only takes a few seconds to do the job. In fact, any longer would just be cutting valuable oxygen off and any THC your body is going to absorb has already done so in that first few seconds. 

Finally, there are the heavy hitters. These are the folks that try to take the biggest hits possible, as well as filling their bowls or blunts with more weed than really necessary. If you get a good strain, you really don’t need much of it to get you blitzed. No matter how much smoke you get inside of you, your body is going to absorb it the same.  This doesn’t mean you have to smoke less, it just means pacing yourself and enjoying your weed doesn’t mean you have to smoke an 8th of an ounce to get high. 

Vape or Dab Smoking

There are many different types of vaping products available to those who prefer to smoke their weed without having to put a lighter to it. Many people today may prefer this method, as it is more discreet and doesn’t heat the THC so much that it deactivates some of the terpenes. You can simply put your bud, wax (dab) or oil in your vape pen, push a button that will heat up your weed with electricity, thus creating smoke or vapor that gets you high. 

Bong Smoking

This is a more classic way of smoking weed and can be fun for a group of friends or a small smoke circle. Heavy hitters prefer bong smoking because they can pack the bowl and inhale the smoke until they can’t breathe anymore. Some bongs offer ways to cool the smoke off, creating smoother drags and cool smoke effects. If you are an amateur, I don’t recommend smoking out of a bong for your first time. 

Bowl Smoking

This is a great way to smoke when trying out a new strain or smoking for the first time. You can control how much smoke you get and really enjoy the flavors of your bud. You can still be a heavy hitter and enjoy a bowl, but be sure to clean your bowl or bong in between uses in order to avoid any nasty infections or germs. This will also allow for you to taste your bud better and get better draws. Pack it, light it while you are drawing in the smoke through the mouthpiece, and hold for a few seconds. Blow out the smoke and sit back and relax. You may also be interested in checking out these attachable mouthpieces for bongs.

Blunt/Joint/Cone Smoking

When it comes to blunts, joints, or cones, they all have one thing in common, they are rolled or packed and look like a cigar or cigarette. There are many blunt wraps, rolling papers, and cones available today. These methods of smoking are convenient because you don’t have to keep lighting it, and is easy to hold and share. If you decide you want to smoke a joint, getting it pre-rolled or learning to roll for yourself is going to be required. Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming blog on how to roll the perfect joint! You are going to smoke this a lot like you would a cigarette, but instead of quickly blowing out the smoke, you are going to hold it in for a few seconds. 

Remember the better you break down your bud, the better your joint will burn. No one likes when a joint or blunt runs, looking like only the side of it is being burned but the smoke is harder to centralize. This means you wasted precious green unless you decide to put it out and re-roll it or put it in a bong or bowl. Cones are a bit easier, as they only require that you pack in the broken down weed. There is usually a tool that you can use to push the weed into the cone and pack it tightly. The more air pockets you leave, the more likely you are to get a cone that runs or burns too quickly. Pack it before you puff it!

Downsides to Smoking weed

There are a few downsides to smoking weed. However, the positives truly outweigh the negatives to those who are veteran smokers!

  • Burning your weed makes the THC terpenes less effective, as it deactivates some of the THC and makes your weed a little less potent. However, it isn’t by much so smoking weed is still the chosen way to utilize the cannabis plant. 
  • In some states, marijuana is illegal, and there are many drug tests that test for marijuana so you run the risk of losing your job, your court case, or even run the risk of jail time. 
  • If you have issues with your lungs, smoking weed may be more harmful to you and make it harder for you to inhale the smoke long enough to do its job. If you do want to smoke regardless, I recommend using a water bong, as the water cools down the smoke and makes it smoother to inhale. 

Smoking weed can be a great experience for many and offers many medicinal qualities. Whether you have a poor appetite, anxiety, or even sleeping problems, smoking weed is great for helping all of those problems and many more. Smoking isn’t nearly as hard as you may think, and the more you do it, the better you will get. You will learn what works best for you and what strains you like the best. You will also learn about which way you prefer to smoke, whether you are a heavy hitter, a bong smoker, or you prefer to vape oil.

The art to smoking weed is all about trial and error. Believe me, you may find yourself choking on the bong rip you decided to try, but finding out that you love the way the high was! Having some friends around you that know what they are doing is helpful too, but it is easy enough to figure out on your own, especially if you don’t want to embarrass yourself when you decide to try a blunt for the first time and cough until you cry. As with many things though, when it comes to smoking weed, results may vary! 

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