How to Grow Marijuana - Cannabis Plant

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How to Grow Marijuana

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Things to Consider Before Growing Your Own Weed

  • In many states, growing your own marijuana is illegal and frowned upon. In fact, some states that are legal, still require a permit before being allowed to grow. 
  • Growing your own marijuana is not as cost-efficient as you might think, especially if you are planning on growing top grade bud and quickly. 
  • Growing your own marijuana takes time and commitment, if you have neither of those, you may consider just buying off of someone who has already done the hard part for you. 
  • You need to consider how you plan on growing your marijuana, whether it be outdoors, indoors, and if it’s going to be with dirt or hydroponics. 
  • Remember that growing your marijuana indoors will raise your utilities, as growing indoors utilizes both electricity and water. 
  • Pros and cons need to be weighed when growing, and they need to be weighed based on your growing freedom. Do you live in a house, free of close neighbors? Do you live near the woods with lots of privacy? These are questions that need to be asked when deciding whether to grow indoors or outside. 
  • Consider the cost differences as well. If you can only afford some plant nutrients, some seeds, and your time, you may want to consider growing outdoors. If you can afford a lighting system, a bump in your utilities, and other important amenities, you may want to consider growing indoors.

Pros for Growing Indoors

  • You can control the environment you are growing in
  • Keeping an eye on your plants will be less of a hassle
  • You can control the growth of your plants based on lighting controls
  • Better security

Cons for Growing Indoors

  • Have limited room to grow in
  • Mold growth needs to be controlled more
  • Makes your indoor area smell like your plants
  • Raises utility bills based on how much water and electricity your grow room requires. 
  • Lose the space in your home

Pros for Growing Outdoors

  • Nature takes most of the work out of growing
  • Don’t have to use utilities
  • Have plenty of space for growth
  • Don’t have to adjust lighting or times

Cons for Growing Outdoors

  • Risk the security of your plants
  • Deal with bugs and mites more often
  • You run the risk of woodland creatures eating at your glorious buds
  • Plants can take much longer to grow based on what kind of seeds or growing environment you may have your plants in. 
  • May have a harder time controlling your plants’ nutrients and needs. 
  • Cannot control pollination, so you run the risk of having females pollinated or turning into hermaphrodites. 

Now that you have read through the things you need to consider when growing indoors and outdoors, what option is going to be best for you?

Growing Outdoors

Growing outdoors is actually pretty easy. In fact, mother nature does most of the work for you! Anytime you are growing weed though, you should pick out the right (female) seeds for you! When seeds are female, they do not produce seeds and are higher in THC than a male plant. No one wants to grow buds full of seeds that you have to smoke multiple grams of to do the job. Perhaps you are unsure of whether or not your seeds are female. This is where germinating and starting your seeds can be very important.

Germinating your seeds

There are many ways to start your seeds, whether you want to fold them in a damp paper towel to start them or you want to use a heated germination station. Depending on how you want to grow your plants, will depend on which germinating system works best. If you use the germination station, there is no need to start your seeds before planting them inside of dirt pods.

The germination station is a great space saver and it controls the humidity in order to help your seeds grow faster and stronger. If you cannot afford something like a heated germination station, there are always jiffy pots that you can plant directly into the ground after your seeds sprout. This helps you avoid any trauma to the roots and allows for the plants roots to be stronger.

What next?

While your plants are germinating, you need to pick a perfect spot outside for your plants. You want a place that has plenty of tree coverage for aerial privacy but also allows plenty of sunlight. Marijuana loves the sunlight, and the more it gets, the better your plants will be. You will want to check the dirt in your growing area in order to ensure that it doesn’t need extra nutrients. Like a garden, dirt that has been aerated and prepared grows better plants. The more love you put into your grow area, the more love your weed will return. Check the moisture, lighting, and pH of your dirt using a 3 in 1 soil test meter or a soil test kit. Make sure to allow plenty of time to get the results of your soil test kit before you plan on planting anything in your selected outdoor area. 

Your Dirt and Seedlings are Ready

Now that you have your place picked and your dirt and seedlings are ready to plant, it’s time to get them in the dirt. Unless you live in a state that allows you to grow marijuana freely, secrecy and liability are key. You will need to make sure that you set up a way to also water and check on your plants without attracting the attention of outsiders. This is why selecting the right spot outside is important to both your plants and you!

When should you water your outdoor plants?

Weather is, of course, the first thing to consider when determining when and if you should water your marijuana plants. If you live in a climate that offers a lot of rain, then you won’t need to water your plants very often, in fact, you will be checking on them to ensure they are not drowning and waterlogged. This is another reason location is key when growing outdoors. When you are trying to determine how much and when to give your plant water, you will need to take into account, how much water they get, the strain they are, and in what cycle of growth they are in. If your plants are very large and tall, they will need a lot of water daily. Sometimes, gallons a day for larger plants. If they are seedlings, they will require a lot as well.

Your plants will let you know if they are not getting enough water because they will start to dry out and wilt. Be sure to check the moisture in the soil a few days after you water your plants. If the dirt is dry, you may need to water them more often. It is best to not over water them as well, as they can also wilt and turn colors. The best rule of thumb is to plan on watering your plants once a week, more so if you have them in a dry and sunny area. This will ensure that your plants are getting enough water and are being checked on often as well as getting enough sunlight and mold control. 

Pest and Mite Control

When growing outdoors, you need to keep an eye on mites and other pests. Spider mites along with other pests and creatures are going to want your plants. No matter how much you try, your plants will be a delicious dish to something when they are grown outside. Unless you take the needed measures to keep them away from your plants, you may risk your whole crop on little mites. Using an organic miticide is key, especially if it offers other great pest and fungus control.

GrowSafe Bio-Pesticide organic all-natural is great to use with marijuana because it doesn’t add any unsafe chemicals to your plants and is safe for your plants surrounding areas. Be sure you are careful about what you put on your plants because you do plan on consuming your marijuana and anything you put into the plant will be a part of the end product. You can always add fencing or ultrasonic animal deterrents around the area to keep other creatures away. 

Sexing your plants

This is an important step if you didn’t get pre-sexed seeds. You need to be able to sex your plants in order to remove the male plants away from your female plants before pollination. Once your female plants have been pollinated, they become seedy and lower in THC. Be sure to remove your male plants unless you plan on creating seeds for another crop. It’s worth mentioning, male plants have “balls” on them, where a female has hair-like growth. Of course, there can be a lot more involved in sexing your marijuana plants, but that is for another blog! 

Growing Indoors with Dirt

Growing indoors with dirt is very similar to growing outdoors, as it requires that you germinate the seeds for the best results. When growing indoors, you will need to have large buckets or flower pots to fill with healthy dirt. Make sure that you pick a potting soil that is great for vegetables like tomatoes, as they are high in nitrogen and require a lot of the same nutrients that marijuana plants do. Indoor plants usually need extra plant nutrients, so be sure to have them ready when it’s time to refresh your dirt’s nutrients.


There are many different kinds of lights that you can get for your grow room. Because marijuana plants grow best with different color spectrum during different stages of growth, having lights specifically made for growing plants, usually works better than traditional light bulbs or halogens. Consider getting full spectrum LED Grow lights for the best result.

However, there are many different sciences to which lights work best at which stages of growth. Be sure to do plenty of research when it comes to your lighting, and make sure you can set up a way to adjust the height of your lights. 

Grow Room Setup

You want to make sure that your new room is clean and sanitized. This will ensure that your plants stay healthy and that you don’t risk them getting pollinated. You will want to add reflective coverings to the surrounding areas in order to ensure optimal lighting. You may consider using a highly reflective mylar film to cover the walls. Depending on what lights you choose, you may need to set up a shelf that you can move up and down above your plants. This will hold your lights and allow you to adjust the height of them as your plants grow. You may also want to set up an exhaust or air intake in order to ensure that your plants get fresh air. You can use a 2-in-1 grow tent indoors that will make setting your grow room up much easier, but will limit your space. 

Watering Your Indoor Plants

This is about the same as watering them outdoors. It will depend on how hot your lights get, how much airflow you may have in your grow room, and in what stage and strain your plants are. Make sure to always check the soil before you water your plants. If the dirt is still moist after a few days, wait to water them and adjust accordingly. Unless you set up a hydroponics system, make sure to check your plants at least once a week for water absorption and overall health of your plants. 

Time is money

That saying is very true. The more time you spend on your marijuana plants, the more they will produce and the happier they will be. Plants of any kind need care and lots of love. If you have the time to spend on checking on your plants, adjusting nutrient levels, watching for any mites or discolorations, and adjusting lighting times and height, then you will see that all the work was not done for nothing. Once your marijuana plants get to their optimal growth and it’s time to trim them up and hang them out to dry, it is then you can get excited. The best part though is sitting down, rolling a fatty of your personal finest, and smoking all that hard work up! 

Stay Tuned

Be sure to look for our other blogs that will go into further details about your marijuana and how to trim, dry, and enjoy it in every way! There will also be further details about hydroponics if you decide that growing in dirt is just not something you want to do!

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