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How To Roll A Cross Joint

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Cross joint. Trifecta. Crossbow. Just some of the terms used to describe the awesome and completely unnecessary crafting of a cross-shaped joint. If you are looking for a “How-to” on the most beautifully designed marijuana monument then look no further.

The cross joint isn’t just a British person’s angry ligament, no. A cross joint is the staple of spliff and joint design*.

A bold, elegant and intricate design that when done correctly will give William Paley a run for his money, the cross joint really is the holy grail of a tasty joint or spliff. I could come up with more flattering words than for Beyonce, the cross joint really is a sacrilegious stunner. While essentially pointless, it is incredibly enjoyable to create and enables an ultra-thick, textured smoking experience to add a little oomph to your Saturday night whether alone or with friends.

*The worst pun I have ever made

A genius. An intellect. Pure sexual magnetism. Just some of the words I use to describe someone who has crafted a trifecta before me. Become a master of the craft and impress your friends, and forgive me if this seems hyperbolic, but it absolutely will impress everyone around you and win the heart of the girl you love. Show off the cross joint to your parents in an attempt to display how you really have it all together, or keep it along with your handbag essentials- a voodoo doll and babylips lip balm- to use when the mood strikes.

So join us as we look into how to craft the perfect cross joint, and try alongside our step-by-step tutorial today.

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But why?

There are many benefits to creating the prolific delight that is a weed cross joint. Showcase your rolling skills like a peacock to your potential mate and let her gaze in awe at your crafting abilities.

“He must be good with his hands” she will think.

You could allow your unamused roommates to witness your skill in all its magnitude, and assert dominance solidifying their knowledge that they will never be able to live up to your legacy.

Furthermore you can enjoy an ultra-strong and smooth experience, different from the regulars, and much much more.

Is there really a point to making a cross joint? It depends on what you are going for. While it may seem impressive and requires skill and dedication, a crossbow will also enhance your smoking experience. Ultimately, by creating a three-pointed spliff or joint, you light up three ends, but only inhale one- allowing you to breathe in The Trifecta™️ of smooth ganja prowess in three-times its glory.

Allowing a momma joint and a mini joint to combine together creates a three-end joint, which is ultra-secure and also long-lasting. You can pass round a cross joint at a party easily and let everyone get in on the fun.

How to: Prep For Your Cross Joint

An absolute must-have is tobacco/rolling paper. You might be struck by an innate desire to create your trifecta but if you aren’t prepared then don’t bother. Blunt paper isn’t going to work as well. Nothing else, no alternatives. Be sure to use paper with no glue/adhesive or ink and while you might think about avoiding white/translucent paper, it might be best to go for it, as bleached paper slows down the burn and doesn’t leave an aftertaste. Brown or blunt paper can run faster and (literally) leave a bad taste in your mouth. Even the ink or indents for rolling can have an affect on the general smoke experience, so be sure to check out our best rolling papers review (here) to learn more.

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Safety First

Get a clean, smooth and fire-resistant surface to roll on. Grind your weed there if not already ground, and allow this to be the place you will craft your trifecta. It goes without saying, but be safe and a noble citizen. Don’t do this in front of kiddos and even your pet dog. And check that the fire alarm at your place is working too. “Condescending much?” you’re thinking. I understand. The reason you should be careful when crafting a trifecta is that while it is pretty to look at, it can go south relatively easily.

The part where the two joints or spliffs cross- the intersection- can be a little dangerous, especially when done improperly. Make sure (seen later) that the intersection is securely fastened with other paper, and do not avoid this step altogether. Your shorter spliff can fall out easily and set fire to your carpet quicker than toast- and you will also be with your landlord.

You may also not be used to the ash falling differently- when I tried the trifecta, I was met with the reality that I would have to continue patting the ash away, 3x more than usual, which I completely forgot about and of course, have the burn marks in my jeans to prove it. So just keep that noted, and also be aware that if you are used to smoking blunts, this is going to smoke much slower than you are used to.

Besides the criss-cross security caution, another big warning I have for you before we go on is the mini spliff/joint which you attach to your main joint. While I will get into it later, be aware that if you place it in the wrong area, it could burn faster than your main joint, leaving a big ol’ unlit section before it, which could drop off at any moment. Again, this is a fire hazard so don’t be a moron and try it for the first time over your aunts 60’s era highly-flammable rug that predates regulations. I feel like “don’t be a moron” is the general slogan for this section so keep it in mind, particularly if you aren’t an ace in rolling. Or push your ego aside and hand it to your more experienced friend who has been smoking since he was 14 and never lets you forget about it.

What do I need?

  • Translucent rolling papers (Large for the momma joint)
  • More rolling papers (Small for the mini joint)
  • Finely ground weed
  • Scissors
  • Tobacco (Optional)

You don’t need many supplies. It’s the technique that counts.

Step 1: Preparation Motherlode

Gather your supplies and find a hard surface to do your crafting. First off, decide what size you want and get your rolling papers accordingly. Also, keep your scissors at hand, and a pin or needle. If your sweet mary jane isn’t already ground up by now, then start to grind it until it is nice and small. Also get any other accessories you use, such as cardboard (some people like to make a butt funnel- no I am not joking)

See our recommended items for the job:

Step 2: Roll the Momma Joint

The momma joint needs to be significantly bigger than the baby joint. Roll the momma joint how you would roll one after you just finished seven twelve-hour shifts at the end of the week. Make the momma joint thicker than Mrs. Incredible because it will be easier to thread the smaller joint through. However, try to “cone it” a bit more than usual- balance preventing fallout while simultaneously creating a nice open end to send a steady flow of oxygen throughout. Be aware that the baby joint will effectively halt the typical oxygen flow, which is made up for with a hole in it in the very center.

So roll a nice thick joint like you usually would and apply a filter.

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Step 3: Roll the Baby Joint

With the smaller rolling papers (or classic tobacco-sized translucent papers) roll a nice thin joint. Do not add a filter, and be sure to put in the finest, purest ground weed you can so it can run smoothly without bursting. Seal it then twist both ends because you will be lighting both ends.

This is a super easy step, but twisting both ends can be a slight pain- try to twist them at the same time but in opposite directions.

Papers we Love for Our Joints:

Step 4: Put a Pin in it

For this step, it’s all about accuracy. Get your pint, needle or unlit matchstick and poke a little hole two-thirds of the way up the joint. You want to be as precise as possible with this step, as marking the wrong place and setting the baby joint too low can ruin the entire spliff.

Get started by marking the very center of your baby joint and marking the momma joint about two-thirds of the way up- imagine the intersection of an actual cross and how it’s not actually halfway up, it’s about two thirds.

The reason you shouldn’t place it halfway or less is because the big joint is going take slightly longer to burn due to its girth, and as mentioned before, if placed too late in the game then like I said before, the smaller one will burn right through the momma joint until it falls off and poof, you’re toast. Placing the shorter joint equidistant from the center as its own diameter means they will burn at the same pace, meaning the trifecta will burn at the same rate, before ultimately fusing slowly into one joint.

Slowly twist whatever hole-poking device you are using into the momma joint until it comes out, and do the same for the smaller joint. The hole in the smaller joint isn’t just a marker to know where is halfway, but it allows a steady flow of oxygen to flow in the bigger joint and also because of the way the little joint is situated, it wouldn’t be able to stay lit. Otherwise, there would be very little burn rate, and the little joint would probably have become a dud by then anyway.

So poke a hole in both- a small step but very important if you want a smooth smoke. I wouldn’t advise using a pen for this step as it might taste funky as the burn travels- and I would definitely say use a pin or tack for the smaller joint, but something thicker for the bigger joint but with a pointy or sharpened end.

You May Need A Lighter. here are some Options:

Step 5: Make the transition

Take the petite joint and start to “thread” it through the hole. It isn’t going to be easy, so a good method is referring to actual sewing- get the thread through the needle (the needle being big momma joint in this instance) by twisting it through which pushing slowly. Try this and you will be surprised at how it genuinely helps.

On a side note, keep the hole in the little joint facing upwards so it isn’t blocked by the sides of the joint (referring to the airflow situation as mentioned earlier.)

If I had absolutely any artistry skills I would draw a diagram, but I don’t so you will have to use your imagination, unfortunately.

Speaking of art, check out some adult coloring books to entertain you while high:

Or activities that will keep your stoned party entertained:

Step 6: Fasten your Seatbelts

Disclaimer: This section is filled with completely intentional innuendos.
With any remaining papers you have, cut off the glue strips/stripes of two or four of them (depending on how secure you want it.) If you can’t see where they are, just have a little tap until you feel something sticky and boom goes the dynamite. If you are using re-purposed cigarette papers from cutting up a straight, you probably won’t be able to do this step as the glue has already been fastened.

Line up your glue strips and give them a lick to get them moist (I’m so sorry,) Place one from the bottom left side to the top right side of the intersection, and around the back, then vice versa.

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Imagine it like a God’s Eye. If you have ever seen one before (two sticks wrapped together with string) you will know that the central junction or crossroads is the epicenter of the structure. So don’t miss this step. It is also safer to secure the cross together to assist with the burn rate, and for fire reasons as I mentioned earlier. It also looks infinitely cooler somehow.

Using the glue strips just makes it extra secure in the center but also makes it as airtight as possible so it can burn properly and in all the right places. The holes you created to push the shorter joint through will restrict the burn rate. While this step is optional, I would highly advise it as it is a game-changer.

That’s it! You have completed your cross joint so congratulations- and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Have you already tried a cross joint and looking to step up a little? Try this amazing Dutch-style tree joint!

With thanks to Earthling, a super useful YouTube account for the hows and whats of joint crafting

So there you have it, a delicious cross joint crafted by your very own self. Cross joints are perfect for social gatherings and passing around between friends. Not only are they fun and long-lasting, but they also look really cool. Let us know if you or anyone you know tried this method if it worked for you and if not then why not? Let us know in the comments!


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