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It’s 420 Somewhere!

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While it might not be getting to that time of year again, 4/20 is definitely worth talking about and preparing for. Known as the stoners holiday, 4/20 is the annual sweet sweet honey from the nectar that is marijuana, and is a way to celebrate it in its essence- by getting together and smoking up, all the while knowing that hundreds of thousands of others are doing it at the very same time, all over the world.


It is smoking at its purest and takes advantage of the beauty and solidarity that marijuana brings, all the while representing something deeper about imperfections in the legal system pertaining to marijuana and other drugs. There is something beautiful about the fact that every year since the ’70s, people get together to smoke up and chat. And, fittingly with the rise of legal change in marijuana use, nowadays this has taken another level of extreme and you can find events in your local area and even festivals to take your 4/20 activities one step further.

Why is 420 so popular?


What began as something small with the aim of inconspicuously and secretly smoking up, 4/20 has now grown into a worldwide event which aims to celebrate marijuana use- people flock to countries where weed is legal to celebrate in packs. Think of the Area 51 raid as if it continued for absolutely no reason for fifty years and when you arrived there was a thick layer of smoke in the atmosphere lingering about- and there you have 4/20 at its finest and most pronounced. Whether you celebrate in your room, with a group or at an event, you are a part of the history that helps the legend of 4/20 live on.

How did it originate?

If you grew up in the scene, or have a basic understanding of UrbanDictionary, I am sure you will be aware that 4/20 doesn’t have the most classic origin story, or even one. While it is generally debated, the most common story is that of five high school friends in 1971. Taking place in San Rafael, California, the tale of 4/20 takes us back to Steve, Jeffrey, Dave, Larry and Mark who aimed to find a hidden cannabis crop in the local area.


Their time of meeting? 4:20pm. Apparently they did this frequently, all the while searching for the hidden crop. To no avail, they gave up searching but began using 4/20 to refer to any kind of marijuana-based meeting. The catchy name spread like margarine on a hot day, and the rest is history. The notable Benny Bufano statue the boys met before (located at San Rafael High School) frequently gains visitors simply curious to learn of the whereabouts 4/20 developed.

Solidified in Countercultural History


While the San Rafael story is the most popular, I have heard countless variations of the true 4/20 origin, and tales here and there, be it from the internet, the local stoners around the block and of course the serial bullshitters from 8th Grade on the bus. Can we really be sure of the true origin? Probably not, but that’s what makes the 4/20 debauchery all the more fun, its sheer nonsensical past and its evident capabilities of what humans can do out of a unanimous passion for something. Think of 4/20 just as easily consumed and shared as Bad Luck Brian, or any mid-2010’s meme, whereas 4/20 stood the test of time and surpassed the lack of internet and hyperconnectivity which we have today. Regardless of its origins, that’s pretty amazing don’t you think?

What Kept It Going?

Like a fine wine, 4/20 persevered over the years and just kept getting better. As popularity grew, and despite the offhand and outdated protests against it, 4/20 remained strong. But why? It is assumed that 4/20 has prospered over the years from a mixture of a few things- socioeconomic change, political inadequacies about marijuana, and of course, the worldwide love of sweet Mary Jane. Festivals, protests and public events advocating for the legality of weed consumption have remained consistent through the years, utilizing 4/20’s meaning to not just enjoy the day, but advocate for something they feel passionate about. For a lot of people, 4/20 isn’t just a day to kick back and enjoy nature’s finest, it’s a time to take advantage of the public spotlight and media coverage to bring light to a few key issues- and I for one, appreciate those people.


One step further, you also have large groups (particularly notable in Vancouver and other Canadian states in the past) who took the word countercultural to its purest meaning and actively smoked up outside of political buildings in protest. While the protests didn’t necessarily work, there’s no doubt the public opinion and general perception of weed brought it to where it is in Canada today- and the few states in the U.S too. I would like to say I had the balls to do this, but I absolutely do not.

AB 2020 and AUMA


Yes, you heard me correctly. However, if this jumble of nonsense is cracking your nut a bit too much, never fear, I am here to help. AUMA and AB 2020 (Adult Use of Marijuana Act and Assembly Bill 2020) may seem like nonsense, but this hunk of mumbo-jumbo is actually going to be your key to celebrating your next 4/20 in style. The proposed amendment to the 2016 AUMA is all about businesses gaining a temporary license to sell marijuana at events, and if it goes through means you will get to stop hiding blunts in your hair when passing through festival security and will be able to smoke up in peace, outdoors, and most of all- legally. So be prepared for a spicy spring, and start stocking up now!

How to Celebrate 420 in Style

With the recent signing of AB 2020, you stoners located in California get to reap all the benefits and be able to be a bit less secretive about the April affair. Gone are the days where 4/20 was celebrated behind closed doors or with just a few friends or alone- now there will be public events dedicated towards 4/20, or simply being able to enjoy smoking up in a public event without suffering the consequences. Make the most of what 4/20 has to offer and read on about how to celebrate it to the maximum.

Bongs & Pipes

Live up to the Wake and Cake slogan and start your day with a lovely cup of hot Joe and smoke up- this FashionCraft coffee cup combines coffee and cake to help you kick off your morning the right way. Smoke the right way with a pipe, but with a little green touch to make it 4/20 friendly with this GooKit honeycomb pipe, which is glass-made, highly rated and incredibly popular. Switch it up and go for a sleek contemporary steel pipe which is easily detachable and best of all, completely green.

Neither of these accessories floats your boat? View our full collection of pipe recommendations here.

Clothing & Attire

man in cannabis leaf clothing - its 420 somewhere

I don’t think it would be 4/20 blog without some carefully curated outfit inspiration. Think of us as the Pinterest of stoners, in that I have been stuck down a rabbit hole online for the past few hours in awe at the 4/20 themed attire there is on display. It’s almost amazing. From 4/20 dedications to simple marijuana patterned, the plethora of weed-themed clothing online needs to be given its respect and utilized to its maximum on the 20th of April. I already have my outfit lined up for 2020 and I would highly recommend you do too. First I would like to begin with my chosen ensemble, a paisley fit and flare dress which works perfectly for spring weather– and is super affordable. Or top off the warm weather with the classic crop top and leggings, draped with marijuana leaves, perfect for warm weather and smoking up. Pair it with these unisex sweatpants to serve ultimate comfort, girl or guy.

Looking to save money? Celebrate your Irish heritage and combine St Patrick’s day and 4/20 with this t-shirt. Or celebrate your 4/20 in style with this totally unnecessary two-piece suit including a tie, to wow the ladies and simultaneously let them know you are 4/20 friendly. I haven’t stopped thinking about this suit for over a week.

What To Watch

If going to the cinema stoned isn’t quite your bag (I feel you, a dark and ominous room filled with people isn’t my port of call when inebriated) then take advantage of some of my favorite stoner movies for inspiration. Decorate your house, invite your friends, light up then simply sit back and enjoy some absolute classics.

It goes without saying that Dude, where’s my car? Is my all-time favorite stoner movie. A slowly-paced early noughties movie about two idiots looking for something after a blackout night? Sign me up!

A very Harold and Kumar Christmas might be seasonal, but it sure will jerk your chicken any time of year if you are looking for something a bit more structured, but still genuinely funny. If you are looking for more inspiration- same context, different execution- these two stoner classics are part of our specially curated watch list found here.

But if you are looking for something a bit less committable and easier to watch, try one of my few favorite comedy specials from this year. Listen to hilarious Chris D’elia (frequently featured on the H3H3 Podcast) while he complains about everyday life, girlfriend problems and current political issues, or join SNL’s Pete Davidson as he talks about marijuana endlessly for two hours but still makes it enjoyable, along with many others. Or maybe catch the Broad City gal’s Abbi and Ilana as hosts. If you are a fan of Broad City you can be assured their special is pretty darn entertaining and adorable.

movie covers - its 420 somewhere

In my classic fashion, I have saved the best until last. It is safe to say that the universe granted me a gift when I came across my two favorite films as a box set. Well, here it is, before your very eyes- both Bill and Ted movies, along with Wayne’s World 1 & 2. Particularly useful if you want to celebrate 4/20 all day by not moving from your couch, this deliciously funny comedy collection takes full advantage of the late eighties and early nineties classics and puts them together like mac and cheese. So kick back, relax, and enjoy four incredible movies from the golden stoner age of cinema in a row.

I Do!

If you recently witnessed a viral McDonald’s wedding in China and went through all the given emotions- confusion, despair, hope, and of course the desire to have one- then you are in luck. In the same essence of virality, there are also plenty of 4/20 themed weddings at your disposal. Whether it’s the day itself or simply a marijuana-friendly wedding, there are many ways you can incorporate the sweet Mary-Jane into your special day (provided you are in a weed-safe state) as the theme or even decorations. Line your tables with freshly decorated hemp or even add some freshly bloomed marijuana to your bouquet, or go all out and have a 4/20 themed wedding on the day itself, complete with themed outfits and all.


There’s no doubt in my mind that I won’t be celebrating 4/2020 with a bit of pizzazz- will you too? Let us know in the comments!


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